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I NfI- 60
Jh y
PULSE - m - -
to parties storing
until the aggrega
Money will be I
cotton at 7 per ce
The Winnst
Want to
I have a few Ne
I will trade for ho
I will buy your m
:you will sell at
Balsam of Myri
D. A. CRA7
Open Buggies = -
Top Buggies = ==
We have a carload of
but going fast.
-rrr7 Plain Street.
H aving just i
the northern n
quest an exami
stock of -goods I
it will be to yoi
do so.
01E0. R. LA
Here is Your E
One 30 I. P.
Tubular Boi
One Watertos
All in fine
W. 0. McKEO
Write for prices <
Hack Saws Oil Cans Be~t L
Cnlumbia Supply Ce, -
-S will be made
cotton with us,
te reaches
oaned on this
tt per annum,
oro Bank.
w Buggies that
rses or mules.
iule or horse, if
summer time
Best Liniment Used
- -----""""
. .* $35.00
them at these prices,
eturned from
iarkets, I re=
nation of my
ef ore buying;
ir interest to
Liorizontal Return
vn Stationary En=
II, S. C.
n the following
s BltiRubber Dil'Pres
rther ijetors jarnn ers
ig Collars for shaftin~g and anythins
iery supplis.
.- -- Columbia, S. C'
Grand Jury Presentment.
To his Honor Geo. E. Prince,
Presiding Judge:
We, the grand jury, hereby
submit our report:
We have passed upon all bills
of indictment presented to us at
this the September term, 1906.
The financial affairs of t h e
county have been recently ex
amined by a commission appoint
ed by his excellency, Governor
Heyward, by authority of a joint
resolution of the General Assem
bly and at our request a duplicate
of the report has been submitted
to us together with the date upon
which it is based. Besides a
loan., made by the sinking fund
commission, for $7,400, for which
this years' taxes have b e e n
pledged for its payment, the legal
indebtedness of the county is
We join with this commission
in their recommendation as to a
change in the statutory law and
call to the attention of our re
presentatives in the General As
sembly to what appears to be a
defect and urge upon them the
importance of such additional
legislation or amendments to the
present acts as may be necessary
to remedy it. It appears that
there is no provision requiring at
regular periods a comprehensive
statement of the financial affairs
of the county.
The county supervisor should
be required to make a report to
the September term of court for
the use of the grand jurv, not
imply an itemized statement of
1l amounts ordered paid by the
board of county commissioners
or the preceding fiscal year, biit
the report should embody all
eaims approved for such preed
g year and for what purpose,
;howing the totals and showing
bow much if anything remains
anaid for such fiscal year, the
amount of funds applicable t o
their payment, or if there be a
urplus, the amount thereof, or
the deficiency for such fiscal year,
s the case may be, as shown by
the treasurer's report, which
should be made at the same time.
We have by special committee
only been able to make a cursory
xamination of public offices.
The treasurer being sick we could
not compare the superintendent of
education vouchers with his to
see what money have been paid
out, but the books seem to be
well kept in the office of the
superintendent of education. By
special committee we have ex
amined poor house and premises
and find about 200 bushels qi old
corn on hand, also 3,000 bundles
of old fodder, and 6,000 bundles
of this year's crop, 21 head of
hogs, 7 head of cattle, 3 mules
in good condition, 1,500 lbs oi
shucks of last year's crop. The
farm contains 70 acres of corn, 6
acres cot ton worked on shares
and 6 acres of corn. 1,880 lbs of
lint cotton have been gathered
from share crop. Inmnates: 4
whites, 7 colore d; all seem to be
stisfid except one Win. Bowe;
he wishes to go to his relatives
in North Carolina. We recom
mend that the county buy him a
ticket and let him go. We find
that the buildings in good repair
andl kept clean and ueat. Tne
buildings are all insured in the
state sinking fund for 81,780.
By special committee we have
examined the jail and find it in
very good order, but would re
commend that the yard be graded
so the water would run from the
building. By special committee
we examined the probate judge's
office and found nothing wrong.
We also examined the county
chain gang and tii.d 12 in number
and in a healthy condition.
Thanking your Honor f o r
courtesies shown us, all is re
spectfully submitted.
Longstr eet Gantt,
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bu'rg, Kan., "just cover it ovel
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the Salve will do the rest." Quick
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Salt Rheum, Chapped Hands
Sore Feet and Sore Eyes. Oni:
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Cynicus-He fell in love wit]
her because of her voice.
Sillicus -Her voicc? Why,sh
doesn't sing.
Cynicus-I know. That's th
reason he fell in love with her.
When two stronig mni comie
blows, even if they ar. wvelli matchet
it is ot ai plaigsg t out if the ma~
who gets the worst of it wvill use D
Witts Witch Hazel Salve, he will lox
Ibetter and feel better in short order. I
sure you get DeWitt's. Good for ever;
,thing a salve is used for, ineludit
ie. Sold by all dru'sisd2
Death atJenkifsville.
Mrs. E. J. Yarborough died a
the home of her daughter, Mr
D. L. Glenn, on last Tuesda:
morning about 12.30 o'clock, an
was buried at Little River church
of which she had been a consis
tent member for many years.
She had been sick for a long
time, and was confined to her bed
for about five months, dying with
a complication of diseases.
Mrs. Yarborough has been one
of the best neighbors, mothers,
grandmothers, besides possessing
many other good qualities, of
which a history of such a worthy
life as this ought to be madc us
an example for her children,
grandchildren and great-grand
children. This can be truthfully
said that her life has been spent
in doing good for all.
Yes, we will miss her more than
we can tell. All of the old dar
kies in the country will miss
"Miss Lizzie," as she was gent
rally called.
She leaves to mourn her loss
many sorrowing friends and rela
tives, besides she leaves five
children, viz.: Messrs B. H. Yar
borough of Jenkinsville, W. B.
Yarborough of Rincon, Ga., Rev.
J. H. Yarborough of Fort Lawn,
Mesdames D. L. Glenn of Wal
laceville, and Kate McDowell of
Winnsboro. Besides these chil
dren missing her, her six grand
children, whom she had taken
and raised, viz: Messrs W. B.
Yarborough, T. J. Yarborough,
Dave Yarborough of Jenkinsville,
Wiley T. Yarborough of Colum
bia, Mrs. J. H. Bushardt of Peak,
Miss Lizzie Yarborough of Jen
kinsville, and twenty-one other
grandchildren and nine great
Mrs. Yarborough would have
been, one monti from the day she
was buried, 78 years of age.
Sept. 22, 1906.
In these days of rush and hurry
couite3y is often forgotten. In the
mad, pell mell rush of our life little
things are done to offend that we rath
er remained undone. A hastily eaten
meal and its resultant headache may
cause us social or financial loss. The
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lieves little ills of this sort by a little
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ich back into shape. Sold by all drug
Orphans' Work Day.
Saturday, Sept. 29, has been'set
aside as work day -for the fol
lowing orphanages: Thornwell at
Clinton, Epworth at Columbia
and Connie Maxwell at Green
wood. The object of this work
day is to give every one the op
portunity of setting aside the
earning of one day for the care of
these fatherless little ones in these
institutions. It is ahappy thought
and one that should meet with a
ready respeonse throughout the
State. -Will you not give your
earnings for that day for this
noble object?
Starving to Deati
Because her stomach was so
weakened by useless drugging that
she could not eat, Mrs. Mary H.
W~talers, of St. Clair St., Colum
bus, 0 , was literally starving to
death. She writes: "My stomach
was so weak from useless drugs
that I cotild not eat, and my
nerves so wrecked that I could
not sleep; end not before I was
given up to die was I induced to
try Electric Bitters, with the
wonderful result that improve
ment followed." Best health
Tonic on earth. 50c. Guaranteed
by Jno.~ H. Mc~laster & Co.,
A Kansas Editor.
The editor of a Kansas country
new. p iper has found a way oi
persuading delinquent subscrib.
Iers to pay up. It was quite acci
dental. It appears that he had
borrowed a ifle and statrted up
the main street of the town te
return the weapon to its ownr
The delinquent subscribers got il
into their heads that he wvas <i
the warpaith, and every one h(
met insisted on paying what he
owed him. One man wiped oui
a debt of ten years' standing. Oi
his retuin to his ofiice be found
Sload of hay,. fiftteen bushels o
corn, ten bushels of potatoes,
load of wood, and a barrel of tur
nips that had been brought ii
All the contry editors are nos
etrying to borrow Winchesters.
No one would buy a1 sailboat wit
sails that could not be reefed. Thier
is always that possibility of a little to
much wind that makes a cautItis ma
Iafraid to go unprovidecd. The thinkin
man, whose stomuach somectne -ot
back on him, provides~ for his stomael(
by keeping a bottle of Kodol For Dy:
pepsia within reach. Koudol diges1
what you eat and restores the stomae
to the condition to properly perfon
I it functions. Sold by all druggists.
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rst and Second Patent
oney saved to those
H ~i RT.and
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