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.gg1116111611 -oeI me v no
0 So are the necessary school supplies for
* the scholars now in-PENCILS, TAB
cial attention given the needs of the
g The kind that takes, because it is the
right kind. Catering to the wants of U
particular correspondents a specialty s
with us.
Jno. H. McMaster & Co., .
I Phone 39. Dr-uggists.
School Supplies
And a Full Line of the
New School Books
For CASH -Only.
Phone No. 9. Under Winnsboro Hotel.
Machinists, Blacksmiths"
and Wood=Workers.
Engines, Boilers, Gins, Gdrist Mills and Fan
ning Machinery overhauled.
Wagon, Buggy and General Repair Work.
Agents for Witte Gasoline Engines. En
gines carried in stock.
Second-Hand Engines and
Still able to do some repairing.
W. 0. McKEOWN & SONS, .
Cornwell, S. C.
*No man ever got rich by trying The wife returns from the sea
to akeothrsbelieve he was shore or mountains, somewha
"tohe oy,"r the only one who Isunburned. The husband settles
Thing. You cannot climb with the hotel, ana is entirely
the ladder ofsuccess by treading skinned.
on others' corn, and don't knock. AnOdnne
You're not the only. There are
others, and they have brains, and To RAISE SUPPLIES FOR TFEE YEAR~
know something as well as you do- CO3IMENCING JA NA RY 1, 190, AND
You can say what you please PatoYIDE FOR ELECTRIC LTGHT
about the way to control the~BNS
price of cottn, but it usually takes BE IT ENACTED and ordained b~
nature to settle the question both the Mayor and Alderman of the town
for the farmer and the specuato. of winnsboro, in council met: That for
the purpose of raising supplies for the
year commencing January 1, 1906 and
Letters o- Ad iisrtio 'ending December, 31, 190o and to raise
Leter ofAd misraona fund topythe semi-annual interest
on $10,000 Eectric Light Bonds of the
Stt f south Carolina, town of Winnsboro and to create
Staty of Fairfield. fISinking Fund to pay the one-fortieti
Countyart of the principal of said electrih
By D A. Broom, E~sq., Probate Judge; lght bonds, a tax for the sums and ir
WhraSam Wright hath made i h manner heremnafter mentionec
Whereaosm to grant him letters of ad- hall be raised and paid into th4
msration of the estate and effects I treasury of the town for the use an!
of John W. Jeffares, deceased: . service thereof, that is to say:
These are, therefore, to cite and ad-l Five Mills ad valoren; upon ever:
monih all and singular the kindred dollar of the value of all real and per.
~.d omsditors of the said John W. sonal property within the incorporati
d r deceased, that they be and limits of tne said town of Winnsboro.
a 'fr me, in the Court of Pro- Two Dollars ($2.00)to be paid b:
appearo ~' held at Fairfield Court every male inhabitant of the town (
Houe, South Carolina, on the 19th Winnsboro between the ages of eigt
dayof, October next, after publca- teen (1) and fifty (50) years in lieu h
day hof, at 11 o'clock in the fore- working the streets of the said town.
non shew cause, if any they have, All taxes assessed and payable und
noon tho said administration should this ordinane shall be paid in the fo
wht gantd :owing kinds of funds and no othe
Genuder my band, this Sth day Giold and silver coin Ujnited Stat'
ofivtoe A. D. 190. currency and national tank notes.
ofOcobrA.-D. A. BROOM, All taxes herein assessed shall I
10o-z Judge of Probate. due and payable between the 1st da
la . , of November, 1906, and the 1st day<
January, 1907, and all ta es remainir
unpaid on the 1st day of Jimuary, 190
K I LTH CO UC H shall be collected by distress or ob
MdD URE HE L NOS wise as now provided by law, togeth
no CU E TH L U CS. vith allilegal costs.
KD .Done in Council this 5th day of C
IT fl tober, A. D). 1906, under t
Dr i Hi~ (L. s ] corporate seal of the sa
New uISCo0Very Attest: T. H. KETCIN,~
OIJHS ad 50c &$1.0 Clerk of Council.
Surest and Quickest Cure for all Election of Dispenser.
sor MONEY BACK. IAn election for Dispenser for Rid
way will be held November 15
-Appliention in proper form must
filed with Board of Control not la
Kadal Dyspepsia 01* than October 25th.
Wednesday, October 10, 1906.
)Miss Lillie Crawford of the
Salem section is now with Mr.
J. 0. Boag.
-Miss Rachel MeMaster has
resumed her studies in a medical
college at Philadelphia.
-Misses Isabelle and Laura
Douglass spent several days in
Columbia the past week.
-Mr. J. E. McDonald, Jr., has
entered the law department of the
University of South Carolina.
-Mr. Frank Habenicht left
Saturday for Jacksonville, where
he will spend some time with
---Rev. W. T. Hall, D. D., will
preach at the Presbptmrian
church next Sabbath morning,
which will be communion day.
-Miss Florence Connell, w0
has speit the summer with her
cousin, Miss Annie Bye, has 're
turned to her home in Philadel
-Mrs. Ben Miller of Trenton
is spending a few day with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. M.
-Mrs. Lizzie Adams returned
Friday night from Kentucky,
where she spent the past month
with relatives at.her old home.
-Mrs. Jas. Q. Davis and Mrs.
L. A. Bye are back from Phila
delphia, where they have been
for the past two weeks.
-Miss T. Hoffman, a trained
nurse, after a stay of several
weeks with relatives here, left
last week for Charleston where
she will practice her profession.
-Mrs. T. K. Elliott and daugh
ters, Misses Carrie and Eloise,
left Monday for Hot Springs,
Ark., where they will spend the
month of October.
-The members of the Ladies
Missionary and Benevolent
Societies of the A. R. P. church
are requested to meet at the
re,sidence o f Mrs. Priscilla
Ketchin Thursday afternoon at
4 o'clock, A full meeting desired.
-Mr. A. F hrlich of Chester is
now running the bottling works
formerly owned by Mackorell
Brothers. Mr. Ehrlich also has
a bottling plant in Chester and
is giving only a part of his time
to the plant here. He has a
good trade on his goods and is
making efforts to increase it in
this section. -
-Who can beat the egg sent to
this office this week by Master
Joe Dixon? The circumference
measured the long way is 7[.
inches, measured around the cen
tre is 6} inches, and the weight
is 34 ounces. Just think of it,
less than five such egga necessary
for a pound cake.
-Miss Mattie Martin, who has
been in the office of McCullough
& McSwain of Greenville for the
past few years, has accepted the
place of steoographer and book
keeper with the Caldwell Dry
Goods Company. Her many
friends here are pleased to know
that she is now in -town.
--Mr. .1. L. Mimnaugh spent
Sunday in town. After a ride
over the town, for the first time
in several years he spoke most
favorably of a number of changes
tat had been made in Winnsboro
the ast few years. Mr. Mimi
naugh is a great believer in the
old Bar" and notes any evidence
of progress with a great deal of
-Rev. J. L. Freeman received
a telegram Saturday morning,
announcing the death the day
before of his sister, Mrs. Green,
of Greenville. She died o f
typhoid fever. Four children
survive all of whom are now down
with this dread disease, which so
lately has taken their mother and
which also took their father away
only a few years ago.
-Miss Virgioia Reynolds has
come in fiom the north and is
now getting everything in read
ness for the opening of t h e
" 'Colonial Inn," the ideal home
.for winter tourists to spend the
cold days. The prospects are
good for this lovely old colonial
mansion to be filled with persons
tfrom the north desiring a quiei
-and beautiful place with home
f like surroundings and healtl
rgiving climate to spend a fev
[- months in the Sunny South.
s nlarri.:d.
Mr. W. P. Ruff sa~d Miss Mau'
SLyles were married Sunday morn
i lg at the Bethel parsonage b;
r-Rev. W. W. Williams. -
idOn Wednesday, October 3rd,
the Beaver Creek parsonage, b
Rev. E. D. Wells, Mr. Tscharn
D. Cunningham and Miss El
Pugh Stone of the Halselivil
neighborhood were united:
* WDrop in at It. W. Philliy
b land see the prettiest range ev
te jbrought to Winnsboro. Aft
yo see it order you a Prince
W hie here on his rece t visi
hir; W. S. Till arranged with th
McMaster Company to handle th
Icandies put up by him. Sine,
moving to Jacksonville, Mr. Til
has built up quite a fine cand;
business and in Florida Ii i:
candies are as well known as ar
Huvior's in the north. You wil
find Till's candies all right.
9irAll visitors to the State
Fair and all fair visitors a r e
expetced to have a new up-to
date photograph taken at Reck
ling & Son's studio.
Real Estate Deals.
Mr. W. R. Rabb has sold his
country home to Mr. C. E.
Strange of Clarendon co'unty aud
has purchased the Rion home
place in Winnsboro. Mr. R. J.
Kolb, a neighbor of Mr. Strange's,
has also leased the Robertson
place near Mr. Rabb's, and Mr.
Gibson, who now occupies it, will
buy a lot in Winnsboro and build.
Winnsboro welcomes M e s s r s
Rabb and Gibson to town and
Fairfield is glad to have Messrs
Strange and Kolb to settle here.
Cotton Ginning Report.
The next cotton ginning report
will include all the cotton ginned
of the crop of 1906 up to Oct. is.
At this report the special agents
will also be required to send a
record of individual bale weights
for at least one half of the cotton
ginned in their respective counties.
The average weight of bales will
therefore be given much earlier
in the season than it has been
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!
We have closed out a big lot
of forced sale shoes and will sell
them out to the retail trade at
wholesale prices, one or a dozen
pairs as you want them. Now
is your time to buy your winter
shoes at a big saving. Come
down and get yours before they
are all gone.
Harmon's Shoe Store,
1725 Main St., Columbia, S. C.
Postoffice Block.
New Store In Town.
Mr. B. Mazursky of Barnwell,
has opened .a store in the R. T.
Matthews store. The name of
the new store is the Bee Hive and
is one of five stores of this kind
owned and operated by him.
This store will be in charge of
Mr. T. D. Creighton of Barnwell
as manager. The Bee Hive
carries a full stock of clothing,
dry goods, notions, hats, shoes,
etc., in fact everything in a store
except groceries and hardware.
They will have a full page adver
tiseent next week telling of the
many bargains~ that they have in
store for- the people of Fairfield
*A Defective Postoff ice.
A postoffice inspector was here
a few days ago and instructed
Postmaster Rion that he must
keep the front door of the office
closed at all tours, when there is
no one in charge, tills a partition
is put above the new box cabinet
recently put in. As both the
postmaster and his assistant go
to supper at the same hour, the
office is closed from 7 to 8 and
there is no opportunity to get any
mail. This is a nuisance and one
that it is to be hoped will soon
be corrected. The people of
Winnsboro are entitled to better
mail facilities than this and they
should not be made to endure
such an inconvenience for even a
day. Postmaster Rion will great~
ly oblige the patrons of the office
by having this condition of things
remedied with all possible speed.
-To Walker's for Millinery.
We have now on exhibition one
of the largest and most complete
stocks of millinery we have .ever
shown, including all that is new
est and most desirable. Our
opening was very successful, anc
we have received new goods
almost daily since that time. Om
line of trimmed goods the besi
and largest assortment ever showr
before. All the newest effects u2
veilings, etc., and everything per
taing to an up-to-date stock.
D. XV. Walker & Co.
TAKEN UP-A strange sette
dog, white with three yello'
spots. Owner can get same b
paying for this advei tisemen
,W.fR. Doty.
WANTED-TO rent a piano f'
7 months ar reasonable rate
Address box 8, R1. F. D. No.
t Winnboro, S. C.
a have fresh fish and oystc
e aturday and will be glad
Sfill your- orders for the sair
Best beef at all times. Jno.
3rr IfWanted: 100 good cec
or posts measuring not less tb
as five inches in diameter. J. Fra
4 Dress Goods! I
Every lady in the county should see our Fall stoe
variety, the NIEWEST WEAVES and the MOST FASII
goods voa see at 25c a yard are pure cotton. We have
hunt over two cities to find them.
Fifty cents a yard is a prieo that we can show yol
Skirtings, 54 inches wide; then you will find all the nicer
You get tho best possible value in these goods.
We offer a fine line of fancy weaves at 75e, also so
At '1.00 the yard we offer a great variety of spec:
Our 50 -inch Broadcioth at this price is the quality usualj
We give special attention to Black Dress Goods, ai
patterns at whatever price you wish to pay.
A special bargain in 36-inch Black Taffeta at 75c:
and $1.25; Faucy Silk for waists and suits, in new colors
the colors will please you, but the quality and price.
When you buy a nice dress you want a bat to mat(
the newest goods; we give the best work and most stylish
we sell you the best quality at low prices.
We want your trade and we offer inducements to g<
ta trade with us. Try it.
CUPald well DrFy
The Be(
has opered
Watch for our fulI=pas
giving a full list of
gains to be found he
to saeT ony trade
Patronize your home dealers and help bui]
cate any price you can get off and perhaps
help you and your neighbor.
If you are hunting game, that levels c
the bull's eye, where your shots will count
you can do effective shooting.
Get in line, get in our linie. We hav<
market, first in ideas, and first in quality.
We are the Old Reliable in thle FUIR
county. The man that does not know t'hi
first principles.
We always maintain quality anid reli
sk imp the quality to meet the price. '
<Our goods are alh.,'ys backed up with a
Swhy our goods are second to none. Qualit
tion. There is nothing else in which qua
FURNITURE. That is why we will not I
12I you are failing to get the value of
1this trouble by making It a point to come
s wvill please yon in price aud quality. We
one smsll article at cost and making it u
-deal from first to last.
ar Undertakinig
an a
Dress Goods! K
. of DRESS GOODS. We offer the greatest
IONABLE COLORS. Nearly all the dress
25e goods that are PAlRT WOOL, and had to
I 1 a wond rful variety at. We have, heavy
goods in either plain patterns or mixtures.
me heavy goods and suiting at this price.
Lily fine goods in plain and fancy patterns.
y sold at $1.25.
id in this lin.e you will find the very best
L yard; very fine and heavy Taffeta at $1.00
and plaids, at 50c, 75c and $1.00. Not only
b. Our Millinery stock is large. We have
trimming, and a very important part is that
t it. You will find it pleasant and profitable
Goods Co.
at the
~e advertisement
the untold bar
re. If you want
d up your town. We can dupli- .
save you a few cents which will
ampetition, are you in range of
If not, get in the range, so
Salways been first. First in
NITURE business in Fairfield.
s is not in shooting distande of
able workmanship. We do not
Ye never sacrifice workmanship.
ruarantee that counts. That is
y should be your first considera
lity couuts for so much as in
andle anything that is not~ thie
your hard-earned money, avoid.
here for your FURiNITURE. We
~iave no shrewd tricks of selling
p on another. Ours is a square
HItion to Re
pair Work

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