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Southern Power Co. to Develop Two
Additional Powers.
Oficial announcement ha- been
made by the Southern Power
Company of its plans shortly to
commence -wvrk ona two .fresh
power site:, one at the inety
Nine Islands on the Broid river,
siv miles south of Blacksburg,
S. C., and the other at Rocky
Creei, two miles belo'w the Great
Falls station, on the Catawba
ri vr. The development at the
Ninety Nine Islands will produce
16,000 while that at Rocky Creek,
will-,produce 30,000 of electrical
horse power. The total cost of
these two developments will ap
proximate $3,000,000. Both will
be completed by January 1st,
Mention was made a few days
ago of the addition of 82, 500,
000 to the capital of theSouthern
Power Company. That corpora
tion now has the largest capital
of any having head-quarters ;n
Charlotte. It 'owns the water
rights for 110 miles along the
Catawba river and controls the
following named power sites: At
the Catawba falls, near Rock Hill,
S. C., at Mountain 1sland, near
Charlotte, at the Lookout Shoals,
near Hickory; at the Ninety Nine
Islands, near Blacksburg, S. C;
at Great Falls near Fort Lawn,
S. C, and the Wateree power,
near Camden, S. C. The 150,000
of electrical horse.power which
will be generated at three differ
ent points will be transmitted to
cover a territory 150 miles in
length and 100 miles in. width.
This territory stretches from
Taylorsville, on the north, to
Columbia, S. C., on the south; and
Y m Greenville, S. C.. on the
wast yto Darlington, S. C., on the
east. \COtton mills and manu
facturingplants of all kinds do
this sectiod,\to all of which this
power in timeNll be available.
Tynees Dyspepsia Remedy-A Guar
anteed Cure.
If you suffer from Dysyegsia or In
dige'tion in any form, ,as, belching,
bitter taste, offensive bad breath, dizzy
spells, sour stomach, heart flutter,
nausea, gastritt, loathing of rood, pains
or swellin-r in the stomacb, back or side
deep-seated kidney or liver troub!e,1
then they will disappear -i a
tmae after taking Tyner's Dyspepsia
Retiedy, made especially to ;u u r e
Dyspepsia,Indigestion and all Stomach
Trc.:blk, eyen of the worst cases.
Tyners DYsg,epsia Remedy expels the
gses ,nd sweetens the breath. It
cures Sich Headachs, Dolic and Con
tjpationl at once. ?r"gists or by
express 50 cents a botttec. Mloney
refunded if it fails to cure. eas
Drug Store, Lexini,ton, S. C.
ps iaae-o aa Enough for
Professor" J. XJohnson, of the
University of Georgi, says that
$16 per ton is low water mark for
this year's cotton seed crop.
Prof. Johnson figures that each
dollar put on to the sellhag price
of seed means an increase of S5,
500,000 to the farmers . of the
At present prices of cotton oil
and meal the farmer should get at
least $18 for their seed, which a
mount to 85 per ton loss to the
farmers on each ton that be sells
for $13, or a loss of over twenty
five million dollars on the whole
crop of the Son th.
This loss on seed is one season
wouldi purt up enough warehouses
to take care of half the cotton crop
of the whole South.
Our Farmers' U.nion experi
ments last year proved that
ground cotton seed paid nearly
$25 per tons under cotton and
$19 per ton under corn.
~Farmers don't sell your seed
for six or eight doilars per ton
less than the seed is worth for
fertilizer. Farmers must, look
more after the busineas side .of
~their farming for their own in
terest and quit taking the other
man's figmies on everyting.
J. C. Stribling.
A Baiy Burr~ed Girl
or boy, TneA or woman, is qnie Iy
out of pain if Uniak en -4e
Salve is appled ptomopt~ y.. J
Welch, of Tekonsh~a AheuA say s:
"I use it in my famuii'v for cuts,
soies and all skin wyJ'ries , and
find it perfeet." Quickest File
cure knwn Best healing salve
made. 25c at Jno. H. Mc~lasteJ
& Cos drug store.
"What are your liabilities?
askedi the lawy~~r of the bankrup1
pres agent- '.". onled thi
latter, "nay lie-abities are mi'
aets.".-Baltimore American.
ened. vitality. Nattie is beun suorn
(of it beauty and~ bloom. If yo wouli
retain vours, fortify yourii sy'stem wit!
Hollid-r''s Rocky 3Iountaim Tea.
4ents, Tea or Tablets. Jno. H. 31
Rockton Notes.
Mr. R. V. Bray has returned
from a ten days visit to his child
hood hcme, Cartersville, Ga.
Mr. George Bray of Atlanta is
spending this week with his
Mrs. F. M. Gadsden and Mrs.
T. W. Ruff spent Wednesday in
Mr&'Thos. Lewis left last week
for a month's stay with friends
and relatives in Tennesee and
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Myers of
Fornee spent severml days last
week at' Tocalou with Mr. and
Mrs. Gadsden.
Miss Eliz%. Nelson of Spartan
burg came down on Wednesday
tc attend the funeral of her aunt.
A Young Mother at 70.
"My mother has suddenly been
made young at 70. Twenty years
of intense suffering from dyspep
sia had entirely disabled her,
until six months ago, when she
began taking Electric Bitters,
which have completely cured her
ar.d restored the strength and
activity she had in the prime of
life," writes Mrs. W. L. Gilpatrick,
of Danforth,Me. Greatestrestor
ative medicine on the globe. Sets
Stomach, Liver and Kidneys
right, purifies the blood, and cures
Malaria, Biliousness and Weak
nesses. Wonderful Nerve Tonic.
Price 50c. Guaranteed by Jno.
H. McMaster & Co., druggists,
Ltr to B. G. Tennant & Co.
Winoro, S. C.
Dear. Sirs: A pound of good
miat and no bone is worth more
than a half-pound of meat 4nd 4
half-pound of bone; but there are
as you say, a. great many people
who won't pay more than a cer
tain price by the pound. Give
'em bone; that's right; give 'em
plenty of bone!
There are people who won't
pay more than $150 &gallon for
paint; give 'em bone!
There's no better sciol than
experience; cost is high; but the
lesson is never forgotton.
Let a man paint two houses
alike, same sizi-; one Devoe, the
other that $150 paint. He buys
1Q0gllqps of each, and pays $3 a
Ia y IrJabor-$3 a day is $3 a
gallon, eaia: reckoning.
He has to buy two gallons
more of the $1.50, paint; and has
two gallons left of Devoe: 12
gallons $1.50, $18; 8 gallons $1.75;
$14; $4 more for "cheap" paint.
He pays $3 a gallon for paint.
ing~ S gellons $24; 12 gallons
$36; $12 more for painting "cheap''
He'll buy the less-g~allons paint
afer that. If peopl'e are slow
to learn, its because they keep
on buying bone-megt. Qiye 'em
plenty of bone.
Yours truly
y W DnvE & CQ
New York
Jno. H. McMaster & Co. sell
our paint.
If you have lost your boyhood spi rits
courage and confidence of youth, we
offer you new life, fresh courage and
fredom from ill health in Holl ister's
Rocky Mountain Tea. 3.5 cents, Tea
or Tablets. Jno. H. McMaster & Co.
Dlstructlon of Birds.
Ladies who patronize the use
of bird's feathers in millinery
may be interested to know that
certain species of birds a r e
threatened with erxtinction by the
prevailing fasbion. The French
organ, L'Aviculteur, reports that
in one market recently and at one
sle there were disposed of 12,
000 hummin gbirds, 28,000 paro
quets, 15,000 kingfishers, 20,000
aitretts and many thousand other
birds of gorgeous plumage.
Germany sends to London every
year 20U,000,000 feathers to be
worked up into trimmings. The
only hope for the poor birds is
that the day may soon arrive
wlhan to wear the feathers of wild
birds will be deemed bad form,
Nothing else can save them.
'The greater beauty the worse
their impending fate.
Keep the bowels open when voi
h e a gold and use a good remedy t<
a' lay tiie inara~maion of mucoun
mebranes. The best is Kennedy!
Laxative Honov and Tar. It containi
no opiates, meo.-es the bowels, drives
out the cold. Is reliable and tastel
good. Sold by all druggists.
I had rather be right than bf
President.-Henry Cay.
When a horse is o overworkedi
s. down and in other ways declare
i s inability to go further, you woul<
considgit ceiminal to use foroe. Man
a man of hr mne impulses, who w*oui
a&t willinuxlv harm a kitten, is guilt;
-of cruetv -here his own stomach
conerned. Overdriven, overworkec
Swhen what it needs is somnething tha
will aigest the food eaten and helfp th
stomach to recuperate. Somethin
.like Kodol For Dyspepsia that is so]
Catawba Baptist Association.
The Catawba Raptist Associa
tion met in its thiud annu;l ses
sion w: h the Mt. Z n Baptist
church, fairfield conuty, imar the
Pitman place. Each church was
fully represented. The old .fii
cers were All re-elected a- follows:
Rev. A C. Jumper, D. D., of
Camde-n, moderator, Rev. A.
English, of Taxahaw; clert, Rev.
G. W. McGirt of Camden, assist
ant clerk, Rev. Z. B. Stradford of
Camden Treasurer. The meetirg
w.s a ferfect success. The good
people of the Mt. Zion church
spared no pains in taking care of
the delegates, and the whole
peope, irrespective of denomi
nation, liberally responded to the
assis-ance of the pastor in taking
care of the delegates and minis
ters. The financial and spiritual
succecss was good.
S. A. Boyd, Paztor.
Apples ar Salt.
Eat fresh apples and salt after
every meal, advises a physician
who has made a specialty of
stomach and intestinal troubles.
They aid digestion more effec
tiVely than many. drugs, and
people who make them a part of
the daily diet rarely have indiges
I "Take apples, cooked or fresh,
with salt while dining or immedi
ately after and eat them between
times when hungry, he says.
Cultivate the apple habit, and in
stead of eating bonbons andpas
try serve them in some y for
light lunches in the orning.
Eat thein in the sumner even
more than during 'the winter
months, for nothing is better or
more nourishing for the entire
system than this fruit, especially
as it is not heating. ,'The skin,
if properly masticated, is not in
jurious, but the best plan is to
cut it off, for it is usually tough,
as is the outer coat of most fruits.
Apples are an aid to digestion de
spite the crust that is ordinarily
onsidge4 ard to assimilate.
The b iwrme to eat apples is
after".eplay when all the fluids
necessry have been taken into
the stomach; for if milk, coffee, or
water are drunk after taking this
fruit they lessen it powers to help
For Over Sixty Years.
has ben used for over e0 yesa by ril:
lions of mothers for their children
while teethiug, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain; cures wind colic, and
is the best remedy for Diarrhoea. It
will relieve the poor little sufferer im
mediately. Sold by druggists in every
part of the world. T wenty-five cents
a bottle. Be sure and ask for "Mrs
Winsow's Soothing Syrup," and take
an other kind.
I fear the prayers pf John )Enoi,
nore than all the armies or Engr
an.--Mary, Queen of Scots,
An Awfgl Cough Cuved.
"T wo years ago our little girl had a
touch of pueumonia, which left her
with an awful cough. She had spells
of coughing, just like one with the
whooping- cough and some thought she
would not get well at all. We got a
Ibottle of Chamberlain's Cougi' Rem
edy, which acted like a charm. She
stopped coughing and got stout and
fat," wvrites Mrs. Ora Bussard. Bru
baker, Ill. This remedy is for sale by
Obear Drug Co. and all medicine deal
An honest man is the noblest
work of God.-Pope.
Bulbs and Seeds
Each. Doz.
Calla Lily.............. 20c 52 00
Chinese sacred Lily...... 5 1 25
Hyacinths (Roma~n)...05c 60
Hyaciutha~ (Dutch, all.
colors) 10c 65
*Jonuils...................... 20 to 2.5
N r lsus..... .............. 35 to 50
Tulips, all colors...... 30 to 50
Daisy, Hollyhoek, Pansy, Phlox,
Poppy and Sweet Pea Seed 10c
p~er package, prepaid.
d jve Us a 'Trial Order.
Pnose Hill
Office over M. WV. Doty's store.
..I Oftuces: 4 Law Range.
I. ~ Hours: 10 to 3.
FOR RLNT-Five-room housE
with garden, etc. Apply t<
.O. Boag.
Some Mothers, unconsciot
effects of Alum, are daily
Children by the use of
Baking Powder.
What Mother would do so
Alum's Wost Work iS
influence on the child's
Positively Never, should (
years be required to eat it
Secufe your Children
their food.
ROYAL is made from Pur
Cream of Tartar-Aids
K. J.& K. S.
The above letters represent one of ti
and most up-to-date shoe hous
in America, while
W. C. B. Cc
represents the firm that sell their :
For prices, comfort, style and durabilil
them against any line of Shoa
on the market.
We have in stock a Hunting Shoe,
teed to stand the roughest usage; c
able, and as tough as whit-leatl1
Examine our Shoes and get our pric
. buying.
W. C. Beaty
When you step into our Shoe Store to buy y
>w have a complete line of all the new shapes and
fal styles, and they are very snappy and at price
sving to you on every pair you buy from us. W e
nds and prices.
Lister Men's Dress Shoes. ... ... . $ 1.00 ui
" Ladies' Dress Shoes.... .... 1.0 u j
A trial order will convince you.
Farmers' Heavy Work Shoes a specialty.
Remember our motto: SAME SHOES FOR
Harmon's Shoe 5
1725 Main Street. Postof
is of the injurious
giving it to their
so-called Cheap/
if she only knew?
its early harmful
digestive organs.
ihildren of tender
in their food.
against Alum in
BAK.1iG 11o
Refined Grape
ie largest OUR CUSTO
s DEP.
e Men's Suits and
and Boys' Clothing
hoes. at the very lowest j
Ladies' Dress G<
y we pit -in many various s
s prices.
Shoes in abunde
guaran- Winnsboro to buy y
mfort- Hats are a speci
er. without end.
:es before Bargains all the
see for yourself ho
save by buying her<
Co. L. La n
EiD! H|-ar ness,
o I Call and exanmi
Saddles, Robes, &~c
a complete line (f
best quality and al
I you. If you mean
buying, as I will no
our shoes. We
leathers in the H~or'ses, Nlu I
that means a'9
arry all grades,
) to $6 00 always on hand to
to $4 00 ' of horse medicine
"A little higheri
LESS MONEY. Buggy is the best
tore, D.A
ie Block.
Pats, Men's Overcoats
igreat assortment and
os, Cloaks, Skirts, etc.,
les and '"at attractive
:ne. No belter place in
'or shoes.
:y here. Hat bargains
~y through. Come and
much money you can
my stock of Harness,
Jefore buying. I have
=todate goods of the
prices that will please
siness, see me before
e undersold by any one.
eand Buggies
Il or exchange. All kinds
> rice, but" the Rockt%(11

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