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Several keasons S
Men Shou!d S
* By Artiu
(hI IA jI .2 E'i 0QR~ It'0 -:-:ir
of "o'v he(rai rus
W~::L houhginae s to1
- eQ-eeceeeee lants his,:,~; h
tui .- .. ld grow it: ( ultir
o hi o a ,carr;'-s it to Th., ar
the mo-tney In hlizspcs m ci
ch td:-,C nian. And so '.iii.
W:tyoung mnau eodnLh
turn hF akuo odMte art
and brcathe the air c? sa. : 'nd i
natu ::!nes? Feeling that ht- is !.C
. r: aised ;n th1: h.
'-Old coa'lry" lhome."
To:n- v.nomen. blessed by tli:
thmlk (-J That He so ordazihC Id itl
The vio!c,_ ardf t~e wetnsof the r
hnot th evil tha't leks aien r-nce ii
-ay o ci ife. And 1hr. is no
don th , quietude and peacef- l Ispiit
try airi-, and there will b. n dsi
Iife in the c:ty. Thr c-rn be as n
with 'ur-. more ease and idasure
are like the sn wfall on the river.
S'om-ti-'ng more~ last2ing, mre~ satisf
and coneLn.t of the county- home.
Tie n-rcsent age has almocst ovreC
hIc. Ma cAdI2Ii vCi roaris and
direct ion. Wec have free dd ivery oi
the news fresh frcm :.he remortst p
here 2r the counties .o go to hu!. u t
the Jec:ric vwires thlat span our coun
by electricity, making the ;.ubbe higi
Yoyqung mian, fors-ak~e rot thei
commune with the silnt ;iits of
dreams. ("Dreams, perhaps. of sonic
Live according to the dict:tes of a
Render unto the ground the riilzer
harve. -Prore ssi; Farmer
..Gd Aa-Mdx
By Dr. U
Professor of Pathology i
HE comu en
can peole by cons
age carning -paci
in the period of un
day. In the elass
day and in th clas:
Wnd may iairlv
ndclass~ was500
tr.. Ln.i an.? the patient reachdu th
ire-d. There are out few wg-a
can wi tsand the pauiperizinig possib:
After careful investigaton an'i st
actnuai loss in earning cai.a4city. Iaside
berculo'si paient~sasfovs: The:
States affdicted with tuberculos~is. I
is safe to say they are safiiering a
(10000 The .,acni .0 r
$45.000'.000 and in thne hd', tehl
who 1:ave los: entir::!yihcironn
u1n of LS90,000,000) .' eeis: os
Ifl cons-decring the1 rec:omic ics
conlsid:-r the ages at der. a of thec
sor- Ber~ti'iion .L stt- that * cent
con-i-A ive in~a't U- Unit-d -t: i-s1
p 'cne i thrty- to.er.Aep
:essr Lambn es'timate: th loss1 of
consaption, echC year, as - fup1 i
that the individual1 is worth to thee
$53.000WO per yem-, ih- pltential et
n.~ k-ss is~ nxan tine' e~er
SGood Sheer
Sy Tai
f AT :: h.i dcg ha3:
- ~ ~ ( i i d,'ke t
nc i -t: hun . e
' - h2.t -' r 'o '-.
-he .stlb r
-P vckeubyMachne
* . .... ~ t'? - ( Th r %.
Of F arm Lif i$
tgg~ s"fcd Why Young
'ay on the Fr
!r D. D~avis.
j! 0.
1) : i l 0,., i o r.,,, in. J
Lc, s:nsru lsil '
and takcs Coe fla% :'~,....L. i'l... ats
Lt1"ia. hat Lnol-. y ho0"st; h'
TM1,,; a an OCCUP.!tiCfl o Of tiGe1 !(A Cc1'
i ,.ad -'readi tlV' 'Z of14 01 c C 'V'"Ak
I purity~ withon~ ffeeliri a sengc ol111
will"' hU-.seif to .-W dipL.""l " a atl_
~t!:~tclc'.gs or he w U2U1" of the
au 5V th : t heL*("-y h wu d - l . i thtU L
4) T'ri1 hae Coua- 1)' s for1 cG'af
'e for eili !1&r Sil" t t'
iuch niney nMl. etrmi- in town I
- 11.'On.'e(C dli-k~.'
,,g tv. the i
I*,-.o( d QI(e 01, ,' theC emmIir
2'b01tt, ~1'~~LWc4 m*t' in :M
in- ii ri-ght a-, our 425(,j. 1'11uS r(EI"
-oenfsc and hav-_! h' attaCLieCtr, T
acts oghf .h .'r'~ Ia 'l 1i,'
ways or ht ij5 ii~~n> -t'-L ; OklUC
other mviho is +~.rrta : i~C
ure heart tind( r.ich shll he. ihly !- a.'
;that aric d: :n(,-f~ .ru:-T. shol iP 'a thy
n Costs
ns to Nation L
'.A Evans. J
r the University of ILnois. t
i2ic l~sinr!h td -0p on the A -.n r- :- ti
I PiOlin is sca"" ol '*4' . lizih Thu 'tvr
LY of cornsuru"'. ,in "der il4.V'sdr-IgJ4on
IM1)aired C'aruijr capeCity was $1.(;5 per'
0. t' -tad li izi;M-'y nothing.a
lscue that' costi oC) Ii;'izr in '11'.
!,-(I~ of: it I
tartling Operations of Fake
harles Whitney Norton A-rested for
.Fradent Action in Connection
W ith Arizona Mining Stock--Ob
tained Shares Under Agreement to
Sell and .tver Returned-eg
tiable Papers to Amount of 8.,000,
000 Found in Es Room.
Chicago. Special-A Federal war
Lnt was served on Charles \% hitncy
orton. who was arrested by the po
ee and who is said by the polie
id postal au1h0rities to be respo
We for exaens:ive swindling opera
r'. whnhe xna- taken to the
mnty jail. He will be arraigned^
_(ore mL Steil!s ('ommissioner
oot soon. T specifi Case
)r w'4ichi Norton! was arrested was in
mr.eetion with Aizona minin stoek
is elaimncd that Nrton has de
n.uded people ,i 11 prts of the
nited S o!es d u, bonds and se
iritips am)ounting 10 $3,00.0000.
I: is claimed by the )nieers that
orto1 Would obtai ;stock from an)
rs-on who would trust him, and
"ree to sell it in the market. . He
icht. the pollee dc. sell the
ok and h:.- miIt retaini it. but tiw
sult to the nero-n owninga the stock
as the same. They vould rveuivr
mon" non Norton, nor would
1. stock be returned to them.
[n his room were found bonds.
ocks. abstracts of land titles. first
Lorues, and. oth er negotiable pa
ers. the grater part of which Is
2lioht to he geniine and worth al
:ost $2,000,000.
Th-e postal antiorities deciare. that
e v have been searching for Norton I
nee Jantury. 1S9-2. when he disap
ared from Detroit. Mieh.. osten
bly to go to London, Eng. About
ro vears later Norton was in El
ira. operating the American Whole
de Brokeraze Conpany. It is also
aimed that he was arrestcd in Trey,
Y.. also in Rutland. Vt.. where he
rved a sentenec of oe year in jail
>r the fraudulent use of the mails.
t is einimed by ihe police that
orton soii: ted stoeks and land
ies of all descriptions to sell. When
reed by eustomers for the stock
trned over to him he informed them
it he would go to London, Eng..
i order to obtain a better market.
itle.; to deeds and lands in Nebras
Kentucky. Tennesee. Virginia
::a other States running into thous
:ads of acres, were iound in Norton's
ssession. One deed deseribint 50,- 1
)J aeres of piae lands in Virginia
d another describing 20.000 acres
.Nebraska, appeared to be genuine.
uthern Railway Machinits Re
turned to Work Mvonday.
Washsinigton, Speial.-The strike
machinists on the Southern Rail
ay which was inauguarated recent
- or an inicrea se in vwages was set-j
ed. An amficable adjustment has
sen reaehed with the ce:amittee of
:ntiniss. under which the strike
i! be dielared olT and t.l:e men: new
1strike will return to their old po
tions Monday morning, Nov. 5.
ithout prejudice ona account of the
ike. The mcn who remained with
e company are to continue at work.
ose who~ have been iemploedsincc
e strike will be relieved from the
tops before Mona morrning, but
ithout prejudice acs to their continu
I tmpoyment by the compnmy in
:her iaces, or as to their future
nloyment in the shops if needed.
8,000,000 For New York Schools.
New York. Special--It was decid
i that the recent app~ropriation by
: board of estimate of $S.000,000
>r new schools in the city will be
rovided by the sale of city bends.
a riuick is the city .e~;teuading~. espee
ly in Brooklyn. that schools haveI
be but in all directions to meet
te requirements.
Merit System for Employes.
Grad Rapiai. Mich.. Special-The
tory & Clark ,Jiano Companiy. of:
rand -Haven anonneed a novel
.ar1 systen f rter employes.
hr ha~ve set1 asd 6:*.0 in cash
ize . hich w.ill be awarded men in
e diioren deartmeP'Os in their
orsI Nvme I. 90. The dte
)rment of thI o their arrival at
Ie shoJ imorni: an s andi their
*ri wi. 6 I.4ege up. anri :
tend cof ti ~n.ar ix :pize.s will
z wared. The~ firt prizes: in: the'
iferent decparnt tts are in moc,'t
ew Navy Paymaster Assumes Office
Washinton, Special.-E'utace B.
ogers, until recently pay director of
Navy. as-umned the otice of pay
atrgeneral and tnok over the du
cs. Mr. Roeiers takes th plce
enriI*rb: who i,..ounced his
rsri : . f retrin mci.-: ntie : o.
i Replace -a Convicted Clergyman.
Aberdeen. S. D. Sp-cial.-Rev. J.
.Hysop. o' Siou.: Falls. S. D., has
c'ept:d a call fro St. Mark's Epis
n ebuneh, of this ei;y. to assume
are. . 'the r h. He. M. F.
.otrm:ry v. po h- bte reetor of
chvurcha-r th' past" *seve~ year-,
sae ve- e Cgeo Lead and
Eadw~od enreh , wah e have bee"
ihout a roe i'r sinice he conviction:
the Rev. G. C. War . c onnection
President Says No Nation Ever Had
Such Prosperity.
Washimton, Special.-The Presi
dent's Thanksgiving Day proclama
inrl wrs made pubic a: the St* DL
partnt. I folow:
"The time of year has come when,
in :accontance v. the wise custom
of our forefaters it becomes my duty
to Set aside a day c, -hanks
1vin and prai to the Almigt
eause -f the blessings r
eeled, nid of praver that these lss
in's my be cont nued. Y'et no"ther
-e. ee -efore in our his-tory o:
la t~e h~wryof any othlernin
hIs a people enjoyed more abouoi. n
-i spurity than is our.. 1
..erity so zreat that it should
aroue . us no spirit of reeke-s
piide. and least of all a spirit of heed
less disregard of our responsibiliLtiS.
hat rather n sober sense or our man
blessinxs and a resolute purpose. ,n
der Providencez. not to -forfeit them
by iny action of our own.
''Material well-being, indispensable
thouAh it i., can never be an:: hing
but the foundation of true nationa
reatness and happiness. If we build
not1hi1ng upon this ifoundation, then
Ir national life will be as meanin
less and empty as a house where only
the oulndation has been laid. Upon
u;Ir material well-beiniz must be built
-uiperstrur:ure of individual and na
tional life lived in acceordance with
laws of the highiest morality, or
else our prosperity itself will in the
lon run turn out a curse instead of
a blessing.
"We should be both rererentiy
thankful for what we have received
and earnestly bent upon turning it
into a means of grace and not of
"Aecordinzly, I hereby set apart
Timursday, the twenty-ninth day of
November next. as a day of thanks
-iving and supplication, on wllieh the
enile shall meet in their homes or
their churches, devoutly to acknowl
edue all that has been given them, and
o pray that ihey may in addition re
>eive the power to use these gifts
"In witness whereof I have here
unto set my hand and caused the seal
of the United States to be afflixed.
Done at the city of Washington, this
22d of October, in the year oa ou;
Lord, 1906. and of the Independence
of the United States, the one hun
dred and thirty-first.
"By the President:
"Secretary .of State."
Governor Receives Letter Fronr Editor
of "Tradesman" On Conference
With President.
Columbia. S. C., Special-Gov. H1ey
ward. as previously announced, v;2l
attend the conference of Southern
goverrnors and other prominent peo
pie of this section to be held in Nash
vil!le early' next month. From let
ters received it is evident that the
"race problem" will be prominent
subjeet at this umeeting and the -:y
ernor is tainggrea interest inth
Shooting in Greenville.
Greeiville." S. C. Speelni.-Hd. Hud
son, a yvrgarer was shot inth
head in a remote setion of Greenv-lie
cunty: late Saturday night. The
crime weas reported to the county' au
thorities and two negroes have
been arrested. It is said, that Hudson
with several others was out huntine
and that they were vest:h about a
fie near the behway when two shots
weie fired from the~ darkness. Hudson
canuot live, physsicians say. The bul
let has bu;ried itself in the brain.
'38.000 Baies of Cotto:1 Shipped.
Wininintrton. N. C., Speceial.-More
than 5.000 bales of cottn, vnined at
over $2,000.000. were exported by
Messrs. Alexainder Spruce & Sons on
three British steamers that clearedl
from the custo.: house. ~Two of the
caragoes go to Liverpool and the third
to Bremen. The ships are the Lord
Curzon, Id,333 bales: the Osecola.
3.303 bales; and the. Hluron.. I0.000l
bales. TFour steamers are left in port
for cotton cargroes and are being lea
ed as fast a~ possible.
News Items.
A fig-ht near Danville, said to have
been over a girl. may result in two
Mr. Hanson 's chnllange to ongre-ss
man Lanbh for a jernt debate may be
d eclined.
Halii ZhI Cooner died in Stafiord
(On tC n.?KI2ene .4 ;x v 1n a a
Seeretary, R~oot conferred with the
President on the colitical sit tion.
Aahama by the Southern. Central d'
Georz:a and other m bi railrad. wer
fld wiWh the Interstate Cuomcre
The Gov-.ernment met def eat in the
frst vote on the Efduention hill in 'em
:inee of :het house of Lords.
JToh:: ReZmnd declared complsion
lvould b necessary to seur'e conli -
nee wiih thep lGnd Art by landlord'.
Dr. Eph W. Foster Shoots Himself.
Union. -S. C.. Specia.-A sensation
was ereated here Monday afternoon,
when Dr. Eph W. Foster, a young
dentist wecll known and popular
throu:hout the State. shot himself
while in the Union Hardware store
on Main street. The bali entered just
above the heart, but missed that vital
organ. Though living, his corndition
is quikc critiesl.
Evidence o~f kg Practice by
Tobacco cc~s
-S'' " - t dac n-y 1-60 r.
r- -'- -' Th-at 17hcy 'r
o'": t n C;.- C ntracti
Pa-iCr 1-ca" it* YJ1ava S.jait I
'ann o n T & aa ictzS.
. L ( 1 Cki 11e Ait.,'
B 'ii'.'''~a3 o r t
* I.Yet i% '' ' . . J'3If.
pubilen"tr-1 ) nam 1'P i i 0I'l3~n l
011 oIan!'
no1'., id wi.i I appen
it for-;~ flor- I), .. 'pi3- 1) L
I whiu te'"-d '.. ss?v z- (: 7NiC'
cor 33 3 ':y.tlo iD( rceiIfv 'ov~ ti,33
I led3'i toaeov trpus (-roll~o
flCI. .3 and an?! ~ J that34~'P
swith I~f dilt: 0;--11 .- I,: I !ez3. 0
Iv0-Ic'll I a~'' j ~ "I11Icu1'
lI I o 11':idV La e tel3? to S. i? ' )%'
that1 scv;Mz?! bifis vffetan- the ii
dC c 3."v t tile c ipi, -iI of t.:1.
(j'ii3rc3.11tl at the la,,t se-ssion of
an '111 1c~~ O~ ( A-.I ,;a I -u-S e 4 t -
i-..iiClv pfjaoe . which arc q
an: [Lvr!lI1n~W pr3.aprieto3rs cl
h~..d ~?.' evdm~foir 'a large sumn
lll f UU3r a C(ec)-..it to Pilb
i h hOp1~S'3i aicd o ia'1-r-tian 10 wveol.?
I f* 'L!i-v t dayv of August lha't
t X at day, for piihiishin S~lun1i.)
iv ha; iefu'.ed to lubl;~ tle
1 am furthera :i30.. at C'
I \oek~1,; i-lcayinc' putl:J('al1(
0 o l' - ils e 'iae in' V; ,)1033i of t s~r
A4 A -l r i n Q! Al c.I r-r. L1
Treasurer Treat's Aninal Report
Shows Excess of Revennes Over
Expenditures Up to End of Old
Fiscal Year and During
a::. Sp:al.-harls H.
Treat. Trcanarer of the Ur~ited States,
Sumitted is -nnual report to thz
e y IfeTrasary, and in ref
crecjc~ tu the :tceahi trnsactiorS
saild in par
--T ee result C the ordinary
revencs and enenditures for the L.s
Cal yar 196 was a surplus of $25.
669."122 as compared with a deficit of
$23,00I.228 for the preceding year.
A ctiation of these favorable con
ditions is reeed in the transae
ions for the flrst quarter of the cur
rent fiscal year. in which the reven
uCs were 5,J1.314 in excess o the
exuen ditures.
The available eash balance on
June 3, 1906. was $1$0.639.354, an
increase of $35,211.8062 as compared
with that of 12 moLths earlier.
. The monetary stock of the coun
try took on a growth during the year
of $186.S66.727. of which $118.050,777
wa.s in gold, $5.450,396 in silver and
$65.392.654 in national bank notes,
while the Trensury notes decreased
$2.027.0;0. The aggregate stock of
mney~ at the close of the year was
$3.069.97G.59I, of which $2.736,446.
623 was in circulation.
The national h;n4 depositaries have
been utilized durinz the year as a
medium through which the excessive
accuuulation of money in the Treas
urv was restored to the channels of
trade. The balance in banks to the
eredit of the general fmiid. May 5.
was $102.70S.123, the Lehest point
reaei:ed during the fiscal year.
"The national bank notes presented
for redemption during the year
amounted to $296.292.SS5, as against
1308.29S,760, in 1.905.
"The treasury holdinzs of gold
continues to attract the attention of
financiers both at home and abroad.
t is apparent from the continued ae
ennmation that a large share of the
produet of the g.-old mines of the
world is brouent to the United States. a
The gold coin and bullion in the
Treasury June 30, 1905. amounted to
;706.592.399 and at the close of the
fiscal year 1906 it had advanced to
$;07.051,690. By October 26, it at
tained a maxinmum at $S77.296.23S.
"The United States vaner currency
issued amounted to $629.396.000 and
the redemptions were $577,445,100. a
net increase in the volume ontstanding
of $52,450,900.
"The pressude from bant-ers and
others for a !arzer and more regular
supply of small denominations of cut
rency continnes unabated, while the
Treasurv is without resources for the
inue of small bills to comply with
their urcent requests. t is to be ex
peeted that Congress will ultimately
enact the legislation that it has un
der consideration, which will brin
full relief from the existing condi
Snit Aagainst Tjasflocked.
Trenton. N. J.r<pecial-Vice Chan
r-ele.r Berge n rade permanent the
nreliminary infeti~ron recnly gran.I
ed restraining R. P. Richarcson, Jr.,
& Compaxny fr*om prosecuting a suit
in North Carolina against the Amceri
eran Tobhaceo Company to have the
company declare a muonopoly. The 'in
'unction is to stand until the New Jer
sev curts have det rmined the owner
chinj of the contrllig interest in th6
Riecardso n comnpanyv. which co1 nro:
:ne :nterest the American Tobacco
Company claims.
News N~otos.
With th~e firing (of a blast of dyna
mite from Grant Peak, the Walker
Lake Indian Reservation. a new Elido
rado, was opened to set tiers.
The San Francisco officials trying to
prosecute grafters were sustained in
ourt and will go ahead.
The lust week of the campaign in
New York started with a great snow
of activity on both sides.
TH. G. Jahckson has beenapitd
:-nm i ne of &eed er South Car
The motion: o the St.a ardt . Oil
C anliany at' Findiay, Oi. fo a newv
tri1! was overruled. but 'me wa- m
kowing for filng exceptions.
Both sid.es in the lirei srac
ompany fight claim vie:.ry.
The ifference between E. H. Harri
!nai and Stuyvesant Frish over' the
lois Central railroad as sai t-" o be
An cieetric train pAIn re ftrona the
ody of er separating Adamie.
's bI t S:tratoga. N. Y., beca usej
hi Woailure to get renominati n.
ricons point to a "new dei
hrebu "i of the politicai iight in
;1 'v-.two states and three terri
rits will hold elections on Tuesday
no:et week.
State Mtill Men Organize.
Charlotte. N. C., Special.-The
orth (Carolirna Cotton Manufactur
rs' Asociation was ti:a name L.vei
o the organization: 'f North Caona
otton mii! men whic wa :s formaed in
tis city. Mr. R. M. Miller. Jr.. late
r~ident of the Aunerican Cotton
Manufacturers' Associatio'n uas co
sen presient; Mrt. S. B. Sargent. Erst
vce president; Mr. Charles iseman, of
Monroe, secone vice resident, and
Mr. S. F. Patte-rson, of Roaanoke
Rapids. third vice president. No one
was named for tha o~ie~ c'; secretary
Late to.s
SIn Brief A
Mrs. Virginia D. You 1ditor of
the Fairla S. C., L*
witer er:~ 'r a l ability -d~L~ S(tUla
A~~~~ V VL S ' t *7l
The an-:m'r. y*1*';ft of the ranin (
+ cP (C -l 1i VCS
the -C Rus i'*- stuio pase quier- L(
drly t in pite ars oe co ray.
hA e. rhn Unvers:
c h to wav stired up the an-Amcni
ean feeling t J u shd
Ti-asurer Treat shows lnt the sui .
of European is bee0. in .old in lie
United States treasurv.
SeCretary Wilson has ismed a num
ber of new meat ispection reguhi
The Panama Can~-l Co(?11mmission C.
tirates that it will requirc au appro
priation of $25.40U.25S for next year'*
A prinof the Som-hern. Railway
,thons at " Maches ter, VaI.. has bet;
':'ricaded in ;rdcr to pro:.et strik,.
rea.ers from the striking machinists.
Governor Swanson commuted to Iit.
Lnrisonmnt the sea-e of Lilli .
Youn '. of Ra*'ippahanIi:ek counity, wh'.
had bcen sentenced to be hanged.
E. A. Taylor and A. L. Peartre.
were arrested in Rhmiond., charged
with obtaining money under false pry
Judge Dayton, at Clarksburg, en
jfinied the sale of the T. M. Jackson
coal lands. which are said to be worth
Timothy Wocdruff wanis President.
Roosevelt to come out and repudiate
the Hearst circular which makes him
anpear as entertainag v'ews on cap
ital similar to those held by the New
York candidate.
The American Stock Breeders' As
sociation is in favor of ' comDelling
candidates for matrimony to pass a
State examination.
Senator Dubois has informed Prc
ident Roosevelt that if Secretary Taft
makes speeches in Idaho against 'ov
ernor Goodiug he will appe In the
attitude o2 defendin ormonism.
that being the only issu . ,
In response to ors-cirenlated.
it is alleged, as a -e-that 'the whites
of Brockhave Miss.. were forming
a Ku Klux man to drive out the ne
groes. the latter have orzanized
Whiteca band, which has already
killed -e man.
Giord Hjooe, the negro coachman
fo 'rerly in the employ of Augustus
Wrtje. the Pittsbure mnililonaire, who~
uias been suing is wife for divorce,
as convited of perjuryI committed
when he swore that Mr-s. Hiartje was
*intimate with him.
'An interview betwee s2. Mary
Bake Eddy and a number of newspan
per trepresentatives was airranged t
President Roosev1't to.ok with him!
to his cotsntry home at Pine Knot.
Va.. his annual r::essage, to which he
will put the finishing touches.
Chairman Griggs prediess that th:
Democrats win zmn 67 members of
the IHouse of Representail:es.
Hereafte: each 'offlec2 and soldier
in the armay is to wear anmbered
aluminum badge that will identiry
him in case of deathi or accident.
The pitiful story of the fcormer
Anne Gould's life since she marriedI
the dissolute and extravag:mut Count
oni Castellante was told in court et
Paris when the divor& ease eame up.
Govevrnor Magroon :as .e lwn the Cu
hans a great :e.rpri 1 by arounauin:
that American ocupninu rill be no:
ptnv adrainistrative. b~ut refnrmative.
Rui~ssia wjil .:t is said'. hid a na-val
station at Ale:adro:sk. on the
Eijht of the identified pr-rticipants
inl he robbery of the custom house
'-:n-hieri in St. Petrsbur ar to be
tken to Croustadt for execution.
Thec progzram of the'1 French1 Cabi
netis aidto hnehthe pubic owner
hip of mines .:.nd ab":.a of the
ava~ih pe-nnlty.
ree ti. set th H-. ust. vll win.
th:: lia::eia and hiness m'en con
r imOP ame::Ue lsu the airnde
Fiv p. r(om v;ere seaed to de-at
yjh uig of t he r o
Dr uian! P. Tihom::s n ode ane
.t ear or h: ast tnear Atlanta, .Ga..
:mdn readyv lost his life.
.Janes H. Haiyes, rthe [lihmornd nc
ro leader. .re cued the* ' Neublica:
mi a spceh.
Judge Jag. E. Cary. v'ho presided
at the trial of the Chica anarchist
hoile~Mated in the Hiaymark'et riots.
is dead.>
The number ofI perso::s ile in th
wreck near Atlantie Ciy( pae
Htearst and Hiughes. the rival can
Udates for Governor of New York.
-om-inded their up-State tour and
vil wind up the campaig: with meet
-s in Manhattan.
C'ol. R. H. Dularny. one of the weal
hiest and. most promitient mec. Sa

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