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Missing Any Sales
Cotton has gone down, and so
has the price on my
Entire Stock of Furniture
Profits no longer count. The
goods must go regardless of price.
Am not missing any sales on
account of price. Come and see
how much furniture your money
will buy here.
And it will come too if prices count, for
anything. My entire stock must be re
duced. Now is your opportunity to buy
at bargain prices. A call here will con
vince you that I am overstocked and that
the prices I am selling at will make it to
your interest to buy here now.
Special attention called to my Air
Tight Heaters.
A large quantity of Englishware,
next best to genuine china.
A full stock of Glassware and Agate
Remember I carry everything in
Hardware and Crockery and .can supply
any of your wants for these goods.
At McCarley's.
Everything for Thanksgiving-Cranberries, Cur
rants, Macaroni, etc.
Best Cream Cheese and Finest Fresh Mackerel
None better to be had.
Try a can of Beech Nut Sliced Beef. It is the
finest out.
All the Breakfast Foods and Cereals-Oatmeal,
Cream of Wheat, Force, Egg-o-see, Shredded Wheat,
Grape Nuts, etc. All fresh stock.
No better place for Coffee. Barrignton Hall and
White House can't be beat.
This is the place for Cut Loaf and Pulverized
Sugar for the cakes.
Fresh shipments of Cakes and Crackers every
week. We keep only the best and keep them fresh.
Heinz Pickles, Chow Chows in bottles and in
bulk. Best catsups and olives to be had here.
Kalamzoo Celery anid Fine New Orleans Molasses
to arrive this week. Send in your orders now.
Finest Fruits and Nuts always is stock. Try
our grapes.
Phone us your grocery wants. All orders given
prompt and most careful attention.
They Last
The Shoes sold here last, be=
cause they are made right. For
Shoes that will stand the rough=
est wear come here. For a good
dress shoe come here too.
Clemson Annual Report.
The report of the board 0 1
trustees of Clemson college 1af
been given to the public. The
following is a condensed state.
ment of the financial affairs of
the college for the year ending
July 1st, 1906:
The income of the college from
all sources, except from the privi
lege tax, amounted to $33,207.16.
The inspection tax amounted tc
$164,996.82, and from this *as
deducted for unused tags ke
deemed $6,643.79, leaving a net
amount received from the inspiec.
tion tax of $158,354.03 which,
added to the balance on had,
together with the income from all
other sources, amount to $224,
093.07. From this amount must
be deducted the cost of the 'in
spection and analyses, the amount
paid out for beneficiary schotar
ships, for coast experiment station
for veterinary and entomological
ibspections, farmers' institutes,
and for printing popular bulletins,
a sum of $36,324.23, which leaves
a balance available for college
expenses of $187,768.84. Of this
amount there was expended dur
ing the current year for current
expenses, equipment, repairs etc.,
the sum of $125;434.81, leaving a
balance on hand July 1, 1906, of
$62,334.03, which amount i s
necessary to run the college until
January, 1907, and pay for the
additional barracks and t h e
power plant, It will be observed
by reference to the summing up,
found onr the last page of the
treasurer's condensed report, that
of this $125,433.81, there was
expended $22,866.87 for perman
ent improvements. That is, for
repairs to buildings, equipment,
and buildings. This being de
ducted from the whole amount
leaves $102,567.94, covering the
entire expenses of the college
proper during the year."
Beside the above amount the
college receives $15,000 annually
from the national government for
the maintenanee of a scientific ex
periment station under the direc
tion of the secretary of the treas
ury. Congress at its last session
voted to increase this amount to
$30,000. This increase, however
is to be made gradually. This
sum was not included in the
financial report of the college as
i does not go in any way to the
support of the school. Congress
requires a report to be rendered
every year to the secretary of the
treasury and to the governor of
the State in regard to the ex
penditure of this Hatch or ex
periment station fund.
Tyner's Dyspepsia Remedy--A Uar
anteed Cure.
If you suffer from Dysyepsia or In
digestion in any form, gas, belching,
bitter taste, offensive bad breath, dizzy
spells, sour stomach, heart Ulutter,
nausea, gastritis, loathing of food, pains
or swelling in the stomach, back or side
deep-seated kidney or liver trouble,
then they will disppear in a short
time after taking Tyner's Dyspepsia
Remedy, made especially to c ur e
Dyspepsia, Indigestion and all Stomach
Trouble, even of the worst cases.
Tyner's Dyspepsia Remedy expels the
gases and sweetens the breath. It
eures Sich Headache, Colic and Con
stipation at once. Druggists or by
express 50 cents a bottle. Money
refunded if it fails to cure. Derrick's
Drug Store, Lexington, S. C.
Schoolboy Blunders.
(School Board Journal.)
Here are a few mistakes made
by English school boys in their
examination papers:
Teacher's dictation: -'H i s
choler rose to such a height that
passion well-nigh choked him."
Pupil's reproducton: "His
collar rose to such a height that
fashion well-nigh choked him."
"Political economy is t h e
science which teaches us to get
the greatest benefit with the least
possible amount of honest labor.'
"The sun never se ts on British
possessions because the sun sets
in the west and our colonies are
in the north and east."
"Blood consists of two sorts (2
corkscrews-red corkscrews ar.
white corkscrews."
"A Job's comforter is a thins
you give babies to soothe them.2
"In the Unitedi States peoph~
are put to death by elocution."
Question-"Define the firs
person." Answer-"Adam."
If an article is imitated, the origina
is always best. Think it over, an<
when you go to buy that box of salv
to keep around the house, get DeWitt'
Witch Hazel Salve. It is the origina
and the name is stamped on every box
Good for eczema, tetter, boils, cuts an<
bruises, and especially recomnmende<
for piles. Sold by all druggists.
Poor Pencil Pushers!
The price of lead pencils is t<
be advanced, and this mean
that reporters will have to scratc]
all the harder to get along.
News and Courier.
To-day at the A. 1l. E. Church i n
Winnsboro with Bishop J. S. Cald
well of Philadelphia, presiding.
The Palmetto Conferenes of the
A. M. E. Zion church will convene
with the church in Winnsboro
this morning at 10 o'clock. The
Conference will be presided over
by Bishop J. S. Caldwell of
Philadelphia. Rev. D. C. Cov
ington, D. D., is the presiding
elder of the Columbia District
and Rev. W. C. MdClellan is
pastor of the local church of that
denomination. There will be two
interesting sessions of the con
ference to-day, which will be of
a general nature. After to-day's
session the conference will be
engaged with regular routine.
work. There will be about 100
to 150'ministers and delegates in
attendance and a most interesting
session is promised. The con
ference will probably not adjourn
till next Monday. The program
for to-day is printed in full below.
The public is cordially invited to
attend the sessions of the con
Conference will open at 10 a. m.,
1. Devotinal exercises a n d
Holy Communion. .
2. Election of officers.
3. Calling and correcting the
4. Appointment of committees.
5. The delivery of the Epis
copal address.
6. Settlement of all connec
tional claims.
1. Music by choir.
2. Scripture lesson.
3. Invocation.
4. Music by choir.
5. Welcome address on behalf
of the citizens of' the town, by
Hon. Thomas H. Ketchin, Mayor.
6. Addresses-by Revs. Henry
Stokes, C. E. 'McDonald, a n d
J. L. Freeman.
7. Music.
8. Welcome address on behalf
of the ministen of the town, by
Rev. J. A. Tilluman, of the Pres
byterian church. Addresses by
Revs. W. M. Carter, M. H. Davis
and S. L. Jones.
9. Response, by Prof. R. J.
Crockett, President Clinton Col
10. Welcome address on be
half of Church and Sunday
School, by Miss Lizzie Harris.
11. Welcome address on be
half of the W. H. and F. M.
Society and V. C. Society, by
Mrs. Eliza Irvin.
12. Music.
13. Response, by Rev. J. C Coln.
14. Remarks by the Bishop.
Music and collection.
A Badly Burned Girl
or boy, man or woman, is quickly
out of pain if Bucklen's Arnica
Salve is applied promptly. G. J.
Welch, of Tekonsha. Mich., says:
"I use it in my family for cuts,
sores and all skin injuries, and
find it perfect." Quickest Pile
cure known. Best healing salve
made. 25c at Jno. H. Mc~!aster
& Co.'s drug store.
Commerce and the South.
"Following the lines of least
resistance, the down-hill haul to
the sea," the ever growing com
merce of the country is more and
more seeking an outlet through
donthern ports. Our foreign
commerce, now $3,000,000,000 a
year, will double and quadruple,
as will our coastwise trade, but
the number of our ports c.?n be
very slightly increased, even if
mllions should be expended.
Nature has fired the location of
ur available ports and forever
set the limit upon their number.
As ccmmerce expands Southern
pors must grow ma ope-ulerc anid
popi lation. Great- financial een
ters nx ust naturally follow ana.
Ithe vast commerce, of which we
have seen only the begining, which
will soon flow through the South,
will be a mighty factor in the
building of railroads, the growth
of cities, the immigration of peo
Sple from other counties and sec
tions. There are few countries
on earth whbich have such a
igeographicial relation to t h e
centers of productive energies on
Sthe one side and the world's corn
merce on the other as the South.
The human mind cannot fully
grasp the wonder of the coming
years in this Heaven-favored
section.- Manufacturers Record
True and tried friends of the famnily
-DeWitt's Little Early Ris.rs. Best
Sfor results and best to take. Rosy
2cheeks and siparkling eyes follow the
-use of these dependable little p ills.
riel Ag otm-ine or sicken. Sold by
causes stomach
Its continued use
permanent injury to I
Following the advice o:
scientists, England and
have passed laws prohibi
use in bread making.
American housewives shot
protect their household
against Alum's wrongs by al
ways buying pure Grape
Cream of Tartar Baking
YP u r e Grape Cream of
Tartar Powder is to be had
for the asking
Buy by name
re very'different from those you find
ell as all other goods we carry are ca
uality. We do not handle beds with c
cass beds with
This Splendid All
Iron Bed PL
Very heavy continuous
osts and filling. Tall and
raceful design. Made in Your mail
ither double or single filled at ju
izes. Would be a bargain prices you a
lsewhere at $9.00, but we paby. yoe
ell i forfrom our pri
$6.75. circumstanc
1409 Main~ Streel
um in food
ting its.
ids digestion-adds to
he healthfulness of food.
at most stores. All the metal beds as
refully selected with an eye single to
ast or gray iron locks, but sell you first
(KED Ti euiu
AIN Io e
JRES. Etahaypssa
orders will befiln. Basalaro
st the sameto ofha adfot.
vill have toHevBrsVas.A
isit our store srn say$~
jo not deviateOuPre
ces under anyl
COLtMa heav C.tsa
SAVSlYUlinE. Basrico

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