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Editor and Proprietor.
(c Year....................$.5
Months........................... .75
Wednesday, November 21, 1906.
When one looks at the beaut
ful colt of Mr. R. Y. Turner that
P less than two years old and
1it is now being driven around
t wn, the wonder is that more
people in this section do not show
good horse sense by the raising
of their own horses and mules.
This attractive little animal would
I o-day easily bring more than
double the cost of raising i t.
One hundred per cent is a pretty
good dividend. Besides there is
s itisfaction in having a hors
i uat one has raised himself and
ihen there is another very decided
advantnage,.in that it is already
-elimatized. There is nothing to
bosein the effort to raisp on
ouwn stock at hcme an'l there i,
i he possiblity of great gaii.
Fai field is peculiarly adapted to
the raising of stock and there
ishould be more of it raised here.
The Chester county board of coml
missioners has decided upon the im
provement of the York and Cheater
Iad from the town of Chester to the
York county line. A movement is now
iin order to take up the improvement of
the road from the Chester line to York
ville. Otherwise Chester will soon be
making more extensive inroads into
i ie trade of York county.-Yorkville
In this matter of building bet
- ter roads Chester is right to the
front and her business men in
encouraging the building of bet
ter roads are showiug financial
wisdom of the highest order,
From time to tims we have called
i he attention of the business men
(f Winnboro to the necessity of
doing something worth while to
encourage the building of better
roads leading into town. Better
roads for Fairfield must start
from Winnsboro, the county seat
and the business center of this
section. Build good roads from
Winnsboro for one mile in every
direction and it will be a matter
of a but a very short time before
there will be an additional mile
on each one of these roads and
other miles will follow in quick
succession. There is no invest
m ent that the busines men of
this community could make ' that
would pay them better than the
putting of money into the public
roads leading to town. We want
to sae this effort made on at- least
one road and then see what
other communites will do to fol
low the good example set. Bet
ter roads are the key note to pro
gress in any community. These
can not be had by the limted
funds now -at hand for this pur
pose. There must be private
contributions to supplement the
amount expended by the county.'
Fine Residence Section to be Opened
New Streets and Lots Being L.aid
In another column is published
-a notice of opening of books of
subscription of the Fairfield
Land Company. The corporators
are Jno. H. McMast:r, L. E.
Owens and J. Frank Focshe.
This company has purchased
about 20 acres adjoining Fortune
Park on the east and has already
taken the necessary steps for the
the development of this splendid
property, all of which in within
the corporate limits of Winnsboro
Mr. H. H. White of Rock Hill
arrived Monday and is now en
gaged in making the necessary
survey for the opening this pro.
perty. High Street which it fronts
on the north will be straightened,
thing that is very much needed
for improving the appearanc~e of
that section of town. Several
new streets will be opened also.
Mr. A. S. Douglass has consented
to the opening of a street across
his lot facing on Evans street:
Streets corresponding to an ex
tension of Vanderhorst and Gar
den streets will also be opened.
There will be a street across this
property from the said Vander
horst zetension to Fortune Park,
and another street down by the
Park. As soon as these streets
are opened and the lots are all
laid out, a big auction sale will
be had.
The opening of this fine resi
dence section of town will mean
great things for Winnsboro. It
is just what .Winnsboro has long
needed and is sure to prove a
great stimulus to the bnilding of
more homes, which is only another
way of saying building a greater
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nausea, headache, dizziness and
colic, without griping or discom
fort. 25c. Guaranteed by Jno.
H. MoMatr & Co., driiggists.
Misery Loves Company.
A Greenville fiend of ouis had
a horse named Misery that ran
away on all occasions. There
upon he purchased another that
could not be induced to run and
named it Company, so that now
he has a quiet and well behaved
team. Such is love! - N e w
For Over Sixty Years.
has been used for over 60 years by mil
lions of mothers for their children
while teething, with perfect success.
It soothes the child, softens the gums,
allays all pain; cures wind colic, and
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no other kind.
"What do you think of this
idea of spelling reform?"
"It's all right," auswered
Farmer Corntossel. "I'm glad to
see it. I allus did want some
thin' to happen to take the con
ceit out o' the school teacher tiat
used to lick me fur not doin'
things his way."-Washington
Nothing to Fear.
Mothers need have no hesitancy in
continuing to give Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy to their little ones, as
it contains absolutely nothing injuri
ous. This remedy is not only perfectly
safe to give small children, but is a
medicine of great worth and merit. It
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cures of coughs, colds and croup and
can always be relied upon. For sale
by Obear Drug Co. and all medicine
I fear the prayers of John Knox
more than all the armies or Eng
land.-Mary, Queen of Scots.
Au Awful Cough Cured.
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touch of pueumonia, which left her
with an awful cough. Sbe bad spells
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whooping cough and some thought she
would not get well at all. We got a
bottle of Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy, which acted like a charm. She
stopped coughing and got stout and
fat,' writes Mrs. Ora Bussard, Bru
baker, Ill. This remedy is for sale by
Obear Drug Co. and all medicine deal
Danger from the Plague.
There's grave danger from the
plague of Coughs and Colds that
are so prevalent, unless you take
Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, Coughs and Colds.
Mrs. Geo. Walls, of Forest City,
Me., writes: "It's a Godsend to
people living in climates where
coughs and colds prevail. I find
it quickly ends them. It prevents
Pneumonia, cures LaGrippe, gives
wonderful relief in Asthma and
Hay Fever, and makes weak hungs
strong enough to ward off Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds.
50c and $1.00. Guaranteed by
Jno. H. McMaster & Co., drug
gists. Trial bottle free.
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-have a cold and use a good remedy to
allay the inflammation of mucous
memnbranes. The best is Kennedy's
Laxative Honey and Tar. It contains
no opiates, moves the bowels, drives
out, the cold. Is reliable and tastes
good. Sold by all druggists.
Letters of Administration
State of South Carolina, 1
County of Fairfield. j'
By D AT Broom, Esq., Probate Judge:
Whereas, Jno. M. Gayden hath made
suit to me to grant him letters of ad
ministration of the estate and effects
of E. T. Gayden, deceased:
These are, therefore, to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred
and creditors of the said E. T.
Gayden, deceased, that they be and
appear before me, in the Court of Pro
bate, to be held at Fairfield Court
House, South Carolina, on -the 24th
day of November next, after publica
tion hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore
noon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said admninistration shouhI
not be granted.
Given under my hand. th:s 12th day
of November, A. D. 3906.
D). A. P.R o' '
11-14-2t Judge of Probate.
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L. L a nd
Lot, in town of Winrisboro,
situated on Liberty street, 1 aore,
good community.
Lot, in the town of Winnsboro,
corner of Liberty and Fraser
streets, size 105x510 feet.
House and lot in the town of
Blackstock, 3 rooms, 2 porches,
good well, barn, shade trees, 4,
acres in lot, beautiful location,
easily improved, rents for $5.00
per month. -
Farm, 176 acres, 120 in cultiva
tion, 56 second growth timber,
subsoll, orchai d very fine, en
closed with woven wire, dwelling
in good condition, 5 rooms, 3
porches, well, 2 barns, 5 tenant
houses, 3 brauches, 2 springs, 1t
miles from the corporate limits of
the town of Wfunsboro, rents for
8 bales cotton.
Farm, 1,365 acres, 11 miles
Blackstock, known as the "Hog
Fork" plantation, 350 in cultiva
tion, 25 original pine, 300 second
growth, 200 pasture, land lies
well, sandy, grey and black jack,
several orchards, 2-story dwelling,
6 rooms, 4 wells, 2-story barn, 4
stalls and loft, 13 tenant houses,
good repair, rents for 30 bales
cotton. This property is 5 miles
of Great Falls. Railroad now
being built; will have station 4
miles fromplantation.
Farm, 100 acres, 4. miles of
Blythewood, known as the "An
drew Porry" farm, 15 acres in
cultivation, all can be cultivated,
1 tenant house, Twenty-five Mile
creek runs t brough place.
Farm, 175 acres, 7 miles White
Oak, Fairfield county. 50 acres
cultivation, 20 acres timber, 20
acres fine bottom land, grey, red
clay and black jack, Wateree
creek runs through place, 1
branches, 3 tenant houses, all
under fence and cross wire, unex
celled pasture, rents for 6 bales
Farm, 105 acres, 8 miles Black
stock, Faiafield county, 60 acres
in cultivation, grey soil, rolling,
easily improved, well watered, 3
springs, 3 und 4 room dwelling,
good small barns. Now being
worked on shares.
Farm, 340 acres, 4 miles Black
stock, Fairfield county, 50 acres
in cultivation, 20 acres rich bot
toms, balance in broken land and
timber, 7-room dwelling, barn,
well, 3 springs, 2 branches, rents
for 1,500 lbs. cotton.
Farm, 816 acres, postoffice Flint
Hill, 10 miles Winnsboro, 150
acres in cultivation, 500 acres
large second growth timber, 50
acres enclosed, 25 acres bottoms,
subsoil, 2 springs, 2 branches,
2 2-room and 3 1-room houses.
Fine grazing lands and a good in
vestment for one wanting timber.
T5i IM~its Real Kte Co,,
0. W. McCANTS, Manager,
Winnsboro, S. C.
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e c k e r.
Clerk's Sale.
South Catolina Loan & Trust Company
Winnsboro Granite Company.
By virtue of a decretal order made
in the above entitled case, dated 6th
day of October, 1906, and filed on the
tli day of October, 1906, I shall ofrer
for sale for cash, at public auction, to
the highest bidder, on Monday, the 3rd
day of December, 1906, at eleven o'clock
A. M., in the city of Winnsboro, be
fore the Cour. f Touse for the County of
Fairfield, in the State of South Caro
lina, as an entirety and not in separat'
parcels, all and singular the followin;
property of Winnsboro Granite Com
pany, namely:
Tract of land in Fairfield Count:
containing eighty (.0) 'acres, nore o
less, and conveyed to the Winnsbor
Granite Company by Wi. R. Dot,
and others, by deed dated March 29
1900, and recorded in Book Al, at pag.
30, in the offlee of the Clerk of Cour.
of Fairfield County.
Tract in Fairfield County containin,
twelve hundred and sixty-six and one
half (12661) acres, more or less, con
veyed to the Winnsboro Granite Con
pany by James F. Redding and oth e.
by deed dated April 11, 1893, an
recorded in Book AP, page 8.3.
Tract in Fairfield County containing
one hundred and ninety (190) acres.
more or less, conveyed to the Winns
boro Granite Company by T. K. Elliott.
by deed dated Nov. 29th, 1899, and
recorded in Book AO, page 99.
Tract in Fairfield County containing
four hundred and twenty (420) acres.
more or less, conveyed to the said thi
Winnsboro Granite Company by A- G
Bookman, Trustee, by deed dateO
Sept. 30, 1887, and recorded in Book
AM, page 235.
Tract in Fairfield County containing
fifteen (15) acres, conveyed to theE
Winnsboro Granite Company b x
Sarah A. Crawford, by deed dated
April 14, 1888,: and recorded in Bool
AQ, page.84. .
Tract in Fairfield County containing
ninety-four (94) acres, more or less,
called the I elleney place.
Tract in Fairfield County composed
of the Heath tract, the Arledge tract
the Smith tracts and the Mahone
tract and the Triangular tract, and the
right of way from tne tract of Charlotte.
Columbia & Augusta Railroad to the
Rock City quarry and the Railroad
roadbed and superstructure thereon
Tract in Faifield County containing
fifty-seven 4-10 (574-10) acres, and
represented on a plat by J.- Feaster
Lyles, dated March, 1896.
Strip of land in Fairfield County
conveyed to R. G. Rhett, Trustee of
Winnsboro Granite Company, b y
Rebecca V. Woodward, by deed dated
July 18, 1906, and recorded in Book
AX, page, 253.
Strip of land in Fairfield County
conveyed by -John D. Ddlleney and
others to Winnsboro Granite Company
by deed dated Sept. 13, 1906.
All and singular the rights of way of
every kind and description and where
ever situated now owned or controlled
by the said Winnsboro Granite Com
pany, also the granite and other valua
ble minerals now being within and
upon the tract of land in Fairfield
County containing seventy (70) acres
more or less, together with all the
other rights, powers and privileges
enumerated in a deed from Ralph
Turner, et al to the Winnsboro Granite
Company, dated Nov. 26, 1892, and
recorded in Book AN, page 266, also
the granite and other valuable min
erals now being within and upon the
tract of land in Fairfield County con
taining ninety-eight (98) acres, more
or less, known as the J. B. Glenn land
together with all the rights, powers and
privileges enumerated in a deed to the
said the Winnsboro Granite Company
from J. W. Heath. dated May 9, 1893,
and recorded in Bodk AG, page 386;
also the granite and other valuable
minerals now being within and upon
the tract of land in Fairfield County
containing one'hundred aud seventy
seven (177) acres, more or less. together
with all the rights, powers and privi
leges enumerated in the deed, from
J. D. and Elizabeth Lyles to the said
the Winnsboro Granite Company,
dated Nov. 5th, 1887, and recorded in
Book AM, page 237; also the quarr.ies
of rock, stone and other minerals,
machinery, and other plants used in
and upon the premises hereinbefore
described, rail ways, ways, rights of
way, fixtures, water and fuel stations,
viaducts, culverts, fences and other
structures, station houses, engine
houses, car houses, freight houses, wood
houses, warehouses, machine shops,
work shops, structures, superstructures
and erections, locomotives, engines,
tenders, cars, hand or push cars,
macinery, tools, implements, fuel
supplies and materials, contracts,t
privileges of transit and mining, debts,
ooks, maps, surveys and inventories,t
oiments of title, letters patent, and
ther douaments of the said Winns- 2
oro Granite Company, and also all I
>ther property and franchises of thef
said Company of every kind and de-i
cription now owned by the said Com-1
No bid will be received at said sale
rom any bidder who shall not first
ieposit with the undersigned as a
ledge that such bidder will make
~ood his bid in case he bezomes the
uccessful bidder, the sum of ten thous
md dollars ($10,000.) in money or by h
ertified check, to the order of the j
mdersigned, on some responsi ble ban k. 1
The deposit so received from any s
nsuccessful bidder to be returned to e
im when the property is struck down,
nd the deposit so received from the
uccessful bidder to be applied ton
ceount of the purchase price; or in the
vent that sueh bidder shall fail to
omply with his bid according to the
erms of the Decree, to such loss or
xpense as may be occasioned by such "
For further particulars reference may.
e had to the said Decree of sale on.
le in my office.
C. C. C. P. F. C.
Winnsboro, S. C , Oct. :30, 196 .le
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