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Nursing baby?
It's a heavy strain on mother.
Her system is called upon to supply
nourishment for two.
Some form of nourishment thqt will
be easily taken up by mother's system
is needed.
Scof"f Emulsion contains the
greatest possible amount of nourish- .
ment in easily digested form.
Mother and baby are wonderfully
helped by its use.
Another big Ship
ment just in. Some
Extra Good Bargains
J. O. B O A G.
That is the word
that suggests good
ea ig* 0 0 0
eating. :
That is. the word
that sug g est s
where to get it.
Everything for .niaking easier the
p reparation of the Xmas Dinners.
Not too late to put in your order for
Xmas = Goods!
Xmas Goods!!
X Xmas Goods!!!4
Seeour Line Before
McMaster Co.
(~~Under Winnsborootel.~
Now is the time to buy your
Dry Goods, Shoes, Hats, etc.
If you need anything in my
line give nmea call.
will hand
if you go
store an~d
Any ma
der would
wives, so t
on the can
Powder. A
you) advise you fr
"Tables Turned."
Aplay called the "Tables'
nred" will be given by the
>ils of Mt. Zion on Thursday
~ht, December 20th. The play
for the most part a musical
ertainment. Instead of Santa
aus visiting the children, as he
. in King Winter last year, the
ong people give Santa a pres
. The slumber-land ,scene
m King Winter will be given
.an. The pupils are working
rd and we hope that a good
wd will turn out. The admis
n and characters will be an
unced later.
Two days treatment free- Ring's
spepsia Table for impaired digestion,
ure breats, perfect assimulation of
d, increased appetite. Do not fail to
il yourself of the above offer.
Id by McMaster Drug Co.
Library fleeting.
There will be a meeting of the
nnsboro Library Association
the Commercial" Club parlor
day evening, at 7:30 o'clock.
is very important that there be
fll attendance as arrangements
st be perfected at this meeting
rcarrying on the work of the
rary another year. Let every
mber and every person inter
ed in having a library in
nsboro lend a helping hand
this worthy object by coming
Outwits The Surgeon.
A complication of female trou
s, with catarrh of the stomach
i bowels, had reduced Mrs.
los. S. Austin, oi Leavenworth,
., to such a deplorable condi
n, that her doctor advised an
eration; but her husband fear
g fatal result, postponed this to
y Electric Bitters; and to the
azement of all who knew her,
s medicine completely cured
r. Guaranteed cure for torpid
er, kidney disease, biliousness,
udice, chills and fever, general
bility, nervousness and blood
isoning. Best tonic made.
ice 50c at Jno. H. McMaster
Co.'s drug store. Try it.
Die when I may, I want it said of
ie by those who know me best,
at I always plucked a thistle
d planted a flower when I
ought a flower would grow.
:raham Lincoln.
Pine Salve Carbolized, acts like a
ult ice; highly antiseptic, extensively
ed for eczema. Sold by McMaster
rug Co.
FOR SALF-A good young
ilh cow fresh in milk. Strict
number one. J. R. HARVEY,
Tinnsboro No. 1.
It is a mistake to use a violen t enthar
r to open the bowels. A gentle move
ent will accomplish the same results
-ithout causing (dist ress or serious eon
~euences later. DeW\itt's Little Ear!.
iers are recomnaded. Sold by al
odol Dyspepsa (lure
Wednesday, December 12, 1906.
-Miss Isabel Douglas has je
turned from Columbia.
-Mr. f,x Durham is spending
the week in Greenville with
Mis. J. F. Davis spent last
week in Columbia with Mrs. J.
F. Livingston.
Mrs. E. P. Dwight and MissN
Lill Dwight are home from a visit
-o Columbia.
-Mrs. T. E. Ketchin has re
uined from a pleasant trip to
Northern cities.
-Mrs. Nancy Madden of Great
Falls is spending a few days in
town with relotives.
-Mr. Hugh Obear spent sev
eral days of the past week in Col
ambia on business.
-Miss Kate Mellichamp o f.
Ridgeway is visiting her sister,
Mrs. J. H. McMaster.
-Miss Clara Beaty and Mrs.
S. G. Martin have returned from
a pleasant trip to Florida.
-Mr. K. R. McMaster is visit
ing Mr. Amos Davis, Sr., at Mon
ticello, and is enjoying a few days
-Mr. Ernest Gladden of Great
Falls spend a few days of last
week with his mother, Mrs. S. G.
Miss Maggie Aiken has retnrn
d from Barnwell, where she vis
ited the family of Dr. William
-Miss Eliza Lyles spent sev
ral days of the past week with
rriends at Winthrop College,
Rock Hill, S. C.
-Please bear in mind that the
pupils of Mt. Zion are soon to
ve an entertainment in the
rhespian Hall for the beriefit o'
he School Library.
-Miss Jennie Rosboro a n d
Nirs. N. E. Pressley have been
;pending a few days with rela
ives in town. They leave this
reek for Tampico, Mexico.
-The ladies of St. John's con
regation are all earnestly re
luested to attend an important
neeting at Mrs. W. D. Douglas' .
esidence on Thursday, Dec
13th., at 4 p. m.
-It is with a deal of genuine
pleasure that the people:of town T
an give Rev. Henry Stokes a pt
earty welcome, as he has been ni.
ppointed to succeed himself as is
astor of the Methodist Church. en
-The following were in town C1
this week attending the Davis- di<
'horn wedd'ng: Misses Isabel yc
nd Rhett Buff of Ridgeway, en
iss Mary Heyward of Atlanta, fr<
rs. Fayssoux Pagan and daugh- ag
ter, Miss Mary, of Columbia, ha
essrs. Palmer, Bratton, J. Q. cri
avis, Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Ir- si<
in Pagan of Shelton. n
-The following were in town
this week attending the Davis- De
horn wedding: Misses Isabel and ini
Rhett Ruff of Ridgeway, Miss f
ary Heyward of Atlanta, Mrs. so
ayssoux Pagon and daughter,
iss Mary of Columbia, Messrs.
Palmer, Bratton and J. Q. Davis
Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Pagan
f Shelton, Mrs. J. N. Lemaster, ~
rs. J. S. Edmiunds, of Ridge- at
ElBG A. White's is still Santa a
laus headquarters. That means m
it is the place where you can get
all the toys and fruits rnd can
lies, in fact everything to please
the little folks.
For Greenbrier Church,
That will be a hot supper Fri
day evening at the residence of
Mr S. F. Cassells, for the benefit
f Greenbrier church. The pub- bl.
lic invited,
Millinery Special. I
I want my frieds to know that t
my stock of millinery is kept ?
right up to date all the while. I '
have just received anothor ship- -i
ment. Call to see my millinery a
when you are here for your Christ
mas shopping.h
Mrs. J. L. Richmond. hi
An Explanation.
We have been greatly delayed ~
for the past three weeks in our&
work on account of continuous
trouble with our newspaper press.
This together with the fact that n
we have had some loss of time on tl
the part of our force from sickness a
has necessitated our leaving out tl
some matter this week. Fortun- A
atep we have about succeeded in
getting all our ads changed and
that makes a tempting feast for e
our readers.
Floods the body with warm, glowing
vitality, makes the nerves strong,
q1uickes circulation, restores natural
vigor, makes you feel like one born I
again. Hollmter's Rocky Mountami1
Tea. 353 cents. Jno H. McMaster &
Made from the best Tennessee
hogs. Another shipment ex
pected to day. Best stall-fed
beef. For sausage, beef or
fresh fish phone or send to
J.13. Steivenson. 12-5-4 -
111 4.NO I
A Pow A
Shouse~ ..
e the iabei
, Grape Cream of Tartar
the healthfulness of food.
certain brand of Baking Powder contains
nd us the name and we will (without cost to
ercantile o.
iods, Crockery
)ceries, Hames,
and Saddles.
t Cost to Close.
~gents for,
king Machines
yen Buggies = = = = = = $35.00.
>p Buggies = = = = = = = $41.00
We have a carload of them at these;prices,
it going fast.
Plain Street. COLUMBIA, S. C.
Write for prices on the"following
Couplings Gaue Lubricators 1elt, Gundy
Gauge~ Coc2ks Oil Cuaps Be!t, Rul>ber Drill Press
an~ Oil (:ans B 't, Leather Ejectors llammrers
eathier Packing all kinds, Shfig Collars for shafting and anything
else in iuwchiaery suppnecs.
rbia Supply Co, - a Columbia, S. C. 1
ask for Baking Pow
ker of ALUM Bakin
like to Blindfold th
hat they could not se,
L is an absolutely pure
.ids Digestion-Adds to
.You may want to know-if scm(
ALUM or Phosphate of LIME, se
>m official Lcports.
Dry G<
and Gr<
Wagons a
Victor Tal
The Daylight
Don't pxut off your
Xmas Buying tcooT
long, b uy now
while you can get
your pick. Goods bi
coming every day.
I think I can suit
you, if not, there (
ino harm done,
so come and see
whatlIhave gotim
the shape of : :: .COT
Dolls, Glassware, China,
Pictures, Photo Frames.
Also a few Dry Goods and
Under Wear. sa
Yours for Business,I
_______________________ Lace L
H. LA NG L EY.colu:

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