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The news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1901-1982, May 25, 1910, MEMORIAL EDITION, Image 8

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Reg. of Reser-:es, ander Car
McLurkin. Transferred to C
K, 1 Cav., in Feb. 186.5, und,
Capt. Augus Brown. Was n
paroled, but marched back
S. C., with arms and equipmer
with intention of joining t
Western Army, but was d
banded at Rock Hill.
Born March 10. 1845,
Chester County. Entered Art
in 1S6:3, Company E. und
Capt. John Hardin.
W\as never wounded. N<
livin.g at Fai rneid Cotton Mille
BLrn 'AJune 1. 18:30, in Madis
County. Ky. Entered Army
1861 in 7th Ken tuc y, Compa
D. unr - Ca't. Tom Colli:
Wonedi Atlanta in July.
I entered WVar in the y<
1;3 H, bu I cannot remember t
exact date. Ente:ed the
nentucky' Reg.~ under Ca
Seragcordia Williams. Recenx
in th~e Batle of Atata a sev'
wound in my head, which
nie er fully recovered.W
sent out at different times
several very perilous scouts a
places of trust." For nma
years w:as one ot F air-ie!
largest land owners.
Born Dec.. 1847. in Xe
berry County. Enter'ed Arn
April 16, 1S62. Co.mpany F
S. C. Reg., under Capt. W.
Neil. WXas priv ate at the cek
of the wxar. WXould not acce
promotions. in engagemer
too numerous to mention.
Born Nov. 2, 1847, Winnsboi
S. C. Atten.ded Mt. Zion ins
tute. Entered Army Nov., 18(
in Company H, 3 Reg., S.
S. T., under Capt. N. C. Robe;
son who was succeeded1
Charles Broom. Promoted
Second Lieut.
Now the en~icient Assista
Cashier of the Winnsboro Ban
0. Born Oct. 12, 1843, nea
,r Henderson's Ferry, Newberr
Dt County. Entered the Army
to 1861, Company B. 3 S. C. Reg.
t, under Capt. S. N. Davidsor
ie who was succeeded by T. W
Wounded at Spottysivania
Va. May, 1864.
in Taught for a number of year
I.; "Particapted in some cF th
er greates battles of the Wa
A w
notably, iD attle of Manassas
Seven Days Battle around Rict
mond, Chancel lersville, Gettys
burg and Chi.kamauga. Knox
ville, Wilderness, Spottsylvani
C. H., where I was wounde
and so disabled that I did not rE
turn to my command, but whe
Sherman in-vaded South Carolin
I attached myself to the 2 Ten
Cavalry as a scout and remaine
in the service until the bitte
end came."
Born Dec. 8,1836, in Lancaste
Graduated at Erskine Colleg
e Joined Company D under Cap
re J N. Shedd. Wounded
as Gaines' Mill.
as "I enlisted at Summervill
n and socn left for Virgini
nd Reached Manssas the day
W? first battle. Reached the batt
r s fiield just in time to see tt
enemy routed, leavi-ng evei
thing on the field. My exper
I fought, bled and died and w
almost buried alive. Thanks 1
an all wise God I am still in t
land of the living, in good healt
and feel as young as ever, an
ready to fight for the sanm
scause, namely States' Rights.'
ptWinnsboro for many years.
ts W. .'. LATHAN.
Born Aoril 18, 1840, nei
Blackstock. Entered army
- 1861 in Company B, under Cap
ti- James Beaty. Was Sergeant i
4. close of the War. Slight]
C. wounded at Fort Steadman,i
ytMarch 1865.
>y "I first volunteered in Cap
to E. C. McLure's company, froi
Chester, which was in the 6t
nt Regiment, under the name .c
k. Chester Blues, and was du~
~E and UNM
charged after the zime of enlist
ment -xpired, and then joined
the abo%-e Company in 1S62."
James A. Kennedy,
Born Dec. .19, 14,3. near
Ridgeway. Entered Army Dec.
28, 1862 in Company C. C Reg.
S. C. Cavalrv, under Capt.
; -1
Peter W. ToodYr. Was never
wounded, buL go hurt in
Ocqt ob er o f -1,3 a nd .%-,-a s p ut o n
light duty n Commissary at
Brigade's headquarters. No"w
mere hancising at Ridgew,vay.
Born Nov. 4. 1S42 in Lexing
ton County. Entered the army
in 1861 in 1st S. C., under Capt.
Moultrie Gibbes: was Sergeant
at close of the War. Wounded
fve times. Now farming near
1 was discharged after three
r months State service, and went
toVri. Tw o th oln.
panies refused to go. Gibbes
le -
Company filled out their places
to fill out the six months.
After being discharged, I
volunteered in Capt. West's*
Company B, and went into
service in August 1861.
Take care of the photograph
as my sweetheart likes to look
.at it sometimes.
kBorn April 27, in the Mitford
dSection of the county. Entered
ethe Army March 1861 in Com
pany B S. C. Cavalry, under
Capt. 0. Barber. Was captured
and confined in Elmira prison in
New York at close of War..
Now farming near place of birth.
-" There were five brothers of
nus, sons of A. F. Lumpkin, who,
.at the beginning of the war
volunteered in the service,
ynamely: William P. Lumpkin zn
and Abram J. Lumpkin in Capt. hi
Mart Gary's Company of Hamp- Ax
ton's Legion while attending
nCokesbury College; myself and 0
Phillips P. Lumpkin and Reuben to
fP. Lumpkin in said Company B, lai
j4th S. C. Cavalry, as above ing
-- ba
The R. L.
1425-id27 MA1N S
We Make
School and C
and Schi
of Every
Office Supplies
Eno-raved or
Engraved Cards
td. Abram Lumpkin was'Cavalry. a
led at Seven Pines, while March 2.
rging the enemy's Fort;
ilip P. Lumpkin was killed
ing a charge at O.old Harbor .A~
Born Dec
east of.V:
* River.' En
1861 in Bue
died in my arms in carrying
nfrom the field, aided by
rew Grant of Chester County
iam P. Lumpkin was in all
he fought battles of Hamp- der Capt. E
s Leigon in Virginia, Mary- ed at First
, Pennyslvania, and includ- Now one
the campaign around Chat- iest planter
~googa (about 42 hard fought an
tes), including numerous
mishes, and was killed in Born Sep
ruary, 1865 while scouting County. E
ar Richmond, Va., a short in Compan:
ie before Lee's surrender. I ment not
5taken prisoner on the 11th Vanlanding
'of June, 1864 at Louisa Famed fi
urt House, near Trevilian able to cool
tion in Virginia, by Sheridan's .meal ever
J. (.' J.s TL.TLEWT.
Bryan Company
1d their Allied Arts
Specialty of
ollege Text Books
>ol Supplies
to FIt All Offices
Printed Wedding
Fifty Beautiful
with plate only $1.00
nd afterwards on ble on all picnic occasions at
LS35 came home on Woodward.
sick parole." 'AMES 1. LO;.
TH1'.)AS L o Bor August 1:3, 1846, near
2:3. 1842, ten miles Mniej.EtrdryFb
nnsboro. on Little rayi6 nCzay .1
ered Army April 11, R .C . ne at .B
kHeadGuards n ais Wouned ocasion Gets
Nowrn gstear,W1846,onea
"Thy18is Company. REimen
Wound-Twas Cmpay Keaw' BRein
. J. Means. ade,MLwsD-iin og
attle of Seven Pines. sre op,R .LesAm
of Fairfield's wealth- NrhVrii,o hc vr
CARROLL LEWIS. thyko ththiwa te
. 8, 18:37 in Chester fgtn e h ol vrpo
ntered Army in 1861,dud"
D (name of Regi
iven) under Capt. BLO .LLS
ham. Br uy1,14,na lis
r and near for beingEneethAryugs184
c the best barbecue
sewdaIdse s aprto-erhws;Bi
unr Crp,t. Joh Leesurkmy
oLdatera is Copanyud, underse
fight.ings Bon.th world never o

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