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The news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1901-1982, May 06, 1911, Image 3

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WaTers . J rs1
L 5w Pkg T ea for.
Gass- D:se... .
. 'Nickel Tea Pots. . .. ...
Call and see other Bar;
~ 11 I
\ r~
Oneofa Chan o 2
Let oriad 1-'ure .
.5e v alu ...... ..e ea e o .
LadesaHse,woth s..0r
Toar iehrly Ta fin li
Ladies and eets'ers Ba
mn t er hnstonmr
mygosbfo.in.R '
an ilbesl ig - i
corda10,000te tomACR n
*ou -iea1arofe m
Oneofa Cai also0
AFewo the t o
PULied hereV . N<* b
t..........a...K e ec
C.ie Hs A.!! RO.O O'i
a i 1i-- to oi toz e v.il
II Z 4, 1_
I,."I 4'
b a treat o you. ior 3 ou
rc::n s e t a!! h e ne-w ides
lin furniiitm -!t s i-r %er .
a y vou will niot e ask
~to puchase
- - - - -
.~ ~ . ~ .. . . . . .
oStores in the South
r ains For You.
. 1p per.. .. . ....... S pai
B ook . . .1. eac
Blu e )~nd F.name
Ware.. .. . . 1 an 15.ic
Pitr & pht frames. .. . . e eahk
Emb.roidery a.. pecialty.
of China and Glassware.
-ret's back and side combs.
s to mention. Wait and see
e goods were bought for cash
not be undersold. Ladies
1 stock. Thanking you for
Yours for bargairs.
hin Mercantile Co.
yent just in.
have the
-a Cabbage
to Rica Molasses
>thino better on
Oliss Jennie Th()mas
RLIgeway is the -uesi 1r r.
E. D. Sloan.
Re. R.2. Johnson has been
attnd'ing zhE copal (jnel
- S rn
nurscavr) o aihala after a
\isit to Mrs. John W. Lyles.
Mr. J. E. MlcDonald returned
Wednesday from Union where
he has been in attendance upon
-Bishop Guerry of Richmond.
Va., will be in town Sunday, and
will preach Sunday night at the*
Episcopal Church.
-Mrs. J. E. Dougla.ss is on a
visit to her daughter, Mrs. Mc
. . Wirhforeinn
of Thie News and Herard office~
is back from a month's visit. to~
relatives in Florida. -=1
-Messrs K. R. McMaster.
U.. G. DesPortes Jr.. Frank'
Shar pe and J. B. Davis went to
Columbia Wednesday to see the .
-Mis Mamie Douglass has re
turned to her school at Waterloo e
after spendcing several days at
home where she was recunerat
ingfro:trecent atc fma
--r.air. Ji.' W. Hornme
sperfl i'' i Or da.v )i )Colmi i:
cuymg a~ ogC sc of aI: Over e
Mrs. ' Jarces H. Aken. of f
Mot~ice!. is at th~ enoe of hi
Mrs. Al-:a Stevenson. on a visit
to her son, Mr. Wade Aiken, who i<
is sick. We are glad to state
that he is rapidly improving. J1
A party consisting of the fol- Y
lowing~ wx e n t to Columbia h
Wednesday night to see "Ther
Chocolate Soldier." Messrs. e
Ernest Gladden. Amos Davis, t
U. G. DesPortes, Jr.. W. R. a
Doty. Jr..b
Bishop Guerry Coming.
Bishop Guerry will make his
visitation to St. John's Episcopal
Church next Sunday night. Mav v
7th. at 8. P. mn., and will preach fl
then. All are cordially invitedrE
to come the service. a
Mrs. Ligon Dead.v
A rnote informs us of the death
of Mrs. C. L. Ligon at her home C
in the Stover Section on the 29th. t
She was 51 years old and is sur- c
vivedi by her hushand and
several children. No further in
tormationi given.
Supt. Thornwell to Deliver Me
maorial Address.
Sunerintenidant James H.1
Thor~nw.ell of the Mt. Zion Insti- t
tute will go to Mooresville. N. C.
on May 10th to deliver the Me
mnorial address. t h e imvriation
having been extended by the
Battle of Ber.tonville Chapter U.'
D. C. Mr. Thorn well is frequent-~
ly in demand for these Memnorial
day addresses, having delivered1
one each year for several year s
.L. M. Howve-il1. a popular d ruggist of]
(v .me.;.ur. Ny.. m.tV"We\ use (Chami
huehobi anri unw it N eiYent.
n~g earli on - s.
i-e ne-:w od.a d :
. T w ave the .ir aran
sui al kinds of wvhi:e goods.
nghazs, Chambray, Gclatea -Cofore
Do 't ForgOt we sell a beautif
Chilrens' nder-ear. also Chide
...... is unes. aiaI
s avbe b.hi time and monc:,.
Our Mi!ne:-:pni :asg0
C. T /~
also have the agency for t
Ids every worid record sine
or a Model 3 Oliver Typew
a special price of $50: $1
rn nt f $5.00 a month.
Fay Allen
Tv>o Merry.go-rounfdo.
era are tv:o me:ry-goc-rouuaS
*vn thiis week. due to a blun
on as part 8: some one.
)UnC a third party causing the.,
pr: One m;achin~ee a im e in is tne plt
~ecsay and is owned by Ba- Oxfords
Da enofiy o'f Lancaster. He/
asthe Stevenson lot and is care-T
1~looking after the little fel- V eTe
e other machine is thiat of everybo
. Napier. who was here last~ the Skr
. and won many friends by
iare jn looking after all who .An. a
. He has set up on the pow
r ouse lot, the concession for Men an
'esame having been granted as
mpJromse to relieve the awk- Pants.
:1 situation arising from the11
luder of the third party. heads
. Thel1
A Destructive Fire...
he home of Jane Woodward 15 on di
asdiscovered on fire Wednes
igt and before the fire corn-A.f
ay could check the flames the.S rind.
jining warehouse of J. O.0
ag was in flames. Both houses A Prei
:ee completely destroyed .to- of $5.04
ethr with all building materials
riBoag's lot. The big water 9
n belonging to the railroad -
onpay was also destroyed.
h assenger station~ was saved asmmm
-ihgreat difficulty, and several
ires during the fire buildings WNH
Sajoinng blocks caught.XXNTR
Jane Woodward carried 83700 SCHOLARSHIP
isrance on her hotise and con- EXAM
nts. Mr. Boag had only S$1000
isrance. his loss being at least The namnth~~
hre times that amount. - vacanat -eCiahTT
Card of hank . n ",dI OU"!.'
Card f Thnks.House (on Fniday
Mr. Editor: Will you please A~plicantoyn~t
ow us a little space to thank teen. year (li :
urkind friends and neighbors ar.c Vuci,fe
orthe kindness shown us.,f m-urg at thi--e:
hesickness and death of wite they1meet thecrn
.n mother. award Apideai
.. - ..ould waite to 1
C. L. Ligon and Children- fe te examina:
-- - examninatou blaul
0R SALE-My restaurant and Neboli1al" "
fxtures, next door to D. V. Titember::h, 1n
ker & Co.. also a good mation1 and catat
uc co. JT, W. Raines D. rB Johnson
d Lies Su tings r " y
H .N
.:..:..'.''..s-J2%""Me..... "...L".| .
it .&.. . F. M -__
Brush --
he Indian Motorcycle, which
e 1902.
riter see me. You can get one
0 down anid a mpnthly pay
see to get Walk-Over Shoes and
carry this celebrated line and
dy knows their merits. Also
mrand other cheaper lines.
p-to-date line of Clo^thing for
d Boys- also nice line of Extra
Hats and Caps for all sizes of
All going at popular prices.
>est work shirt on the market
splay here.
ill line of Dress Goods for
You want to see them!
nium with every cash purchase
Winnsboro, S. C.
and ENRANCE i am-~ n:'w nano i:r. ice. making
makes the? rounds of the towa;
in for th c award o (L resad te
lmisionI of new~ ii
:tt [he (' ii oun t 1 ('OUTt0~TI ateti
~July 7 at 9. a. m. (C Oitceshr n a
be- not le.- thanl ti-'r*- wor of ain
Whe lau cho!ar4sch anips rc-~r-:o
.lulv - ther will ibe
matkin;: the hi:ghest Q -iCpr to.e ha
'resident Johnusoni be- .ST WA
lio fr ei'd~hpehver m8oring . ice afternoan.
wPhone in your nrderseand they
xtwill beogivellprpept_attention.
Get your tickes here and-sav
O~Ue :uire ~ youre. =e:Z a .e- .rr of makin
Rockbook-,ee.iC.. Don't atrgetgteat

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