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FFS77.. -
The Remedy For Worst Places
In Highways.
Plain or Re-enforced Concrete Is No
Doubt the Best Material to Use For
These Small Structures Either In the
Flat Top or Arch Form, Says Kansas
Highway Engineer.
Mu,h as we need im-proved roads we
need permancat culverts more. says
W. S. Gearhart. state highwav engi
neer of Kansas. It is more important
that all tle bridgs :Id cuiverts be inl
g d con?ditIon t h: .' ::t all the ro:as
be kept. in first class re,air. for if the
ro::d is to te used at al! the ulver:s
a,! bridges must be kept up. It is
not ten that a ro:.d so s1i
it is tup:assaibue, tlbut this1 a commou
occurrence ni th-cuiverts aml I :1es.
The obl ford is a 1hin_ of the p::st,. ad
almose!tho1t e-Pticon t wo.rst
plaes rin the road are at the Cuivert
g s. 1Thoy -n-a-y -re fz-oi Li*o
i:.ia to tena invhes: shver be~(WW
ili r:: su. ace a d oftn :1 il-v4 :
I: i e tn 1iher side am i are in
such wre chli conliton we would
gladly drive around them if we could
and often have to do so. And many
of the stone and concrete culverts- are
only covered sufficiently to keep them
in place. They are like a series of bar
rels half buried in the road, no attempt
being made to build approaches to
Different state highway commiissionls
have defined cuIverts as structures
having spaIns of less than four feet
--t~ d..i,wcuss.o - tas
feet are culverts. na* tn
At the presenlt time practicaliy all culi
verts in Kansas are too small to carry
the water tlnt comes to them. Tfhe
zaatter of the required area is one
that has been givren vrery little atten
tion. .:, a rrm
b5-E!od stone laid in cem4~nt mortar is
- rery satisfatctory either in arch or flat
top slab eonstruction for cuiverts. 1f
slabs are used a four foot clear span
would require that the fiagstones
should be twelve inches thick~.. Six
feet is cIose to the safe maximum span
for the flat top stone culvert. Many
m stone abutments are built and a
re-enforced conacrete slab placed on top,
which gives a very satisfactory struce
In the arch construction the baise ot
the fun datih-ns should be suffliintly
- -t- .*2SQesARSI2e
, I ~ --- .amens
;Thicknaes Size of bars We.of bars
Span. Iof floor. 6Bin. c. to c. per it.
leet I Ice.O ceAsg ons
--- r - &--- Sq- r twis.65o
mar.-Bearls: Sque ftwistedor
toher eiaentf mehnicale ond brs'.i
cHeavy idoird one inhe ber oom
[oxe stictlyim bservedii).iltert
bars raised ateds. Tpo lorc
'eore it oe tricao 1::d eenta
mn ota.sidealson fo t e: fils.
,pIi for ~eigt o eeneretC -e isn
crbteagdwwr betwtra toinchse for
.uthesy Michigan strtte ihghway dhepat
bieaus rit eurninuc::.r n oera
ple gnet a sstem aofz lod wtout
ay conside rainr the ead,th ic.
Pi liyo eenforceVdioncreete s no
theb thse besth matetl rid toe fr
tesgleni: strueturen itherunth man
a top oru trheorm.hch husme
wtidI is aes rbet.ubesul a m ud-r
bcausedt is fie oun necStaryS inIe
re.o 1 g et ulicent amoun ol f weiater
thy to- makel a rise ing. the ad, hc
thease of sthe that top bridge the re
qukired watwacne ndbtained.
weheing the an fwimthere misngr
aitl brny cn thneo rwhih inury
wouy stie tf cse rsut nt-md
hos on enhr side of t.Whrte
onfederate Veterans Gather
Yea: in Co'rnbia.
Columbia, May 2.--Special:
conference here today. in wh
en. B. H. Teague, of Aik<
>mmanding the U- C. V.. a
[ayor Gibbes. representing 1
ity of Columbia, took part, At
st 9 and 10, Wednesday a
hursday. were selected as t
ates for the holding of t
nnual Reunion of the .
>diers. As the "Red Shir
onvention is on the 11th ai
2th, those old soldiers w
-ere members of that organz
on wii! be able to attend bot
he Reunion has not been he
i several years.
Gen. Teague visited the 0
oldiers' Home here and w4
leased with the condition
hich it was kept. Aboutsixt
ve old soldiers are in theHom
hich is in charge of Frank 1
Excursion Rates via Souther
Account Atlanta Music F0
al the Southern Raihvay t
Qunces "ery ati ve e\xcur
tes frorn all pints to Atlat
a. and return. ickets will
n sale April 2. 27th and S
ith fi-l limit -ofo to reacfC
:ina. -artir- p:int returni
ot later I'tl midniht of
5t. 1C11.
For information as to 1iE
:c.. apply to ticket agent
J.L.Meek. Asst. Gen.l Pase
er Agent. Atlanta. Ga.. 1
cGee. Division PAss. Agr
harleston, S. C.
For soren. s- of tli znret-s Wn1(l
dued by viol ent exerez -e or itiU
harnberlain's I elient -s exede
hi, linlimen 1--alo hi- I y e.;ten
r t he relief uirs il ses of h
ttim. Ja b all deak -
Seed Coo.
t The News and. ald of
ere is the follow1"tg eed c
ft. Speak Quick for vhat y
1-2-bushel of Mozbystrolifi<
2Bushels Snowflake.
3 Bushels of Cocker 4 n out
20 bushel shipment.:
3 Bushels Huds' Bot
unty corn.
1 Bushel Batts
otifs out of aO 10 h
R SALE-A few a t I<
on DesPortes height. len<
location. Price very n~ nal
Wif4mbe sold at once.
Htgh S. le.
LTE 0r Omo: Cm oF v0TO1
Luca CoicnL SS
ua'NK J. CazxtZY makes ~it he 11 84
ter of the firm of F. J1. ErZ & Co.: d
lne'e in the City of TI(*Counfty and E
reaU. and that said firn will pay the 3ul1
L HUNDRED .DOLLARs for each and e
of CATAnant that canniot'he cured Dy the 11i
wrn to before me and subs ribed In my )rest
t day uf December. A. t,i886
ail's Catarrh cure is taken lntereafly and1
tly upoun the blood and mucots suface 01
em. Send for teustioIl.Irw
dak ba' FamilytPill f or constlpatlQ2.
Partnership Notice.
The unldersiIIned" haive forml at
rtership for the piracttice of
3der the firni-nme of HAN3H.
TRAYLOR. WItt practice iU Si
d Federal Couirt.
.0. BROWN & BRi
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
1730 Main St., COLUMBiA,
ltshorely is good an
its good all the tim'
iSecretary of Agriculture Has Been C
Invited by Dr. Johnson.
President D. B. Johns-n. of
Winthrop College, through Con- a
gre.sman Lever, has extended to I C
U. S. Secretary of Agriculture c
Wilson an invitation to address'N
the State Rural Life Conference, c
which is to be held in Rock Hii u
July 11-13. Mr. Lever strongly I
urged Secretary Wilson to at- d
cept the invitation. The Secr(- a
tarv's answer is withheld for s
the present. C
M1r. Lever himself has accepted -1
an invitation to deliver an ad- v
dress at Winthrop on the same t
occasion-Rock Hill News.
Camp Raines Holds Annual Meeting. S
At a meeting of Cam-jp Raines
Monday. the old officers were re
elected as follows: W. W. iKetch
in. Color G ' W. ". Jord,4r
O r ofVDI no .! y e
1st Lieutenant Commander. S. W
Broom. Ser(geant Major. W. H.
Flennikin. 2n Lieutenant Corn
mander. . H. Robertson. Colo
Sergeant. Tno. J. Neil. Acjutant. v
C. M. Chandler. Vidette.
Messrs. I. S.' Chappel and i. r
H. Robertson were chosen as del
egates to the Little Rock reunion. e
and Messrs. .1. W. Lyles and S. u
W. Broom delegates to the State
reunion in Columbia.
Miss Dixie Robertson was I
chosen as Sponser.
Mr. Jas. B. Stevenson Died
Mr. James B. Stevenson died g
suddenly at his home Tuesday
night, he was 56 years old. and C
the oldest magistrate in Fair
field county in point of service. ir
He is survived by his wife who C
was Mrs. Kenndey of Chester,.'1
and the following children. Mrs.
P. C. Turner. Kennedy, Earl,
Sadie, Patty Ruth, and Bessie
Louise. Mr. Stevenson's re
mains were interred in the ceme
tery of the Lebanon church, t
Thursday, the services being le
conducted by Rev. J. M. Holla
He is also survived tWO
brothers, D. L. and R. C. Steven
son, of Winnsboro and two sis-a
ters, Mrs. Kennedy of Chester
and Mrs. S. B. Stevenson of
Pd gkstock.
'The Long Reception. I
A most enjoyable affair-wasF
the reception and dinner give
by Mr. and Mrs. James I. Lon
at their pretty country home,
"The Oaks", in honor of the
home-coming 'of their son, Mr.
George Long and his attractive -
bride on last Thursday. .-s
~ The parlor, halls and dining
room were most tastefully and
beautifully decorated with bright
flowers and trailing vines and the
happy scene was enhanced by
the bright faces of the friends
who continued to come betweenv
te hours of one and five.
The guests were received by dIr
Mrs. Long, Mrs. J. D. Blair,
Miss Irene Blair and Miss N. G.
Lmg. From one until four a
dinner of "ye olden times" was~
served, consisting of turkey and
all its usual accompaniments,
ham, delicious chicken salads, a
variety of beautiful cakes. fruits, yi
coffee and mints. u
Chosen Over Two Opponents. Al
dermnen Elected.(
Chester. May 2.--Special: In a
hotly contested election to-day
for mayor. John M. Wise, Esq., a
was elected, receiving 186 votes
to 175 for E. H. Hardin, incum
bent. and 103 for Z. V. David
In Ward 1 J. M. Hemphill was N
elected alderman without oppo
sition: in Ward 2 J. M. Coleman
was elected without opposition:
in WVard :3 J. C. Stewart, incum
bent, received 111 to :34 for WV.
H. Murr and 11 for H. F. Rich
ardson, and in Ward 4 R. E.
Sims defeated WV. H. Newboid..
Esq.. by a vote of 77 to 67.
The fly. the fly. the pesky fly.
Will hasten the day for you to
Keep him out, with screen and
These are to be found at
Seigler's Store.
Both From Ohio.
Sartan burg JTournal.
Wherein will Judson Harnmn
e an improvement on presidemt
Taft': It is .iust t h e diti'erent
way they spell their names.
der< I cnidi:o fl! I he , s n;wh, and( 4
,tf an~- be -ued by~ ihe use of Chamb~er-j
lan's Stonmaeb and Liver Tablet- Try,
iCharlotte Observer Thinks Fun Will
Cease As Result Of Rock Hill
Chester Reconcilition
The gaiety of nations has re
ceived a most grievous wound.
bpIt is known of all the quick if
not the dead in this vicinity
that when times bec,)me dall
entertainment can always be had
by merely throwing a brick into
the camp occupied by the pros
perous towns of Chester, Rock
r Hill, Lancaster and Yorkville,
a Civic jealousy has been entirely
0 unknown among them, jealousy
a- being quite too pale a term to
. describe such a torrential emo
d'tion. No beligerently-inclined
citizen was ever disappointed in
Id any of these four communities if
1s he were judicious enough to say
n something nice about the other
. three. Such a remark inevitablv
, meant quarterless battle. Be-]
[ sides keeping ea2h of the four
towns awake about eighteen
hours out of the twenty-four in
order not to be surpassed, the:
nuardrangular bickering has
been af no small value as an en
tertainment fer both Carolinas.
It now appears that this con
)n dition of things is to pass. Mayor
a. Rodde., of Rock Hill, "journeyed
> to Chester the other evenig to
h address some banquete"s and
r- se,zed theopportunity to descant
upon the excellencies of Chester
and the mutual advantages .f a
closer spirit of harmony among
S. the :our towns. No one can
>r possibly excel the Chester folks
in courtesy. After they had re
n- covered from the speeches won
- derment into which Mr. Roddey's
t, remarks sianned them, they has-:
tened to reciprocate the senti
meits of love and brotherly feel
y, ing. Further more, The Chester
it. Latern-can it be believed?
led!for-nally announced its belief
ti. Rock Hill. Lancaster :d
Yorkville, all and several wtfe
v o thy objects of admiratPn.
C.ld the universal peace pr
ce-pa.enda make a more notab le
rncoquest any where upon the
>U broad globe?
We will miss the brilliant ex
change of cutting repartee with
which it has been our custom to
solace ourselves in many a .ted
. ious hour. It is very possible,
Showever, that thi3 wvill be an ad
vantage rather than the reverse.
erThe progress made b'y.the four1
P-sin were
os~7 sde watchIn. If. it
Ssh'all really be that a .offensive
and defensive celliana is formed
~e tedious hours in these parts wil
Sbe few and far between. There
isn't a community in either Caro
lina which would not in such a
case have to look sharply to any
civic laurels it many chance to
thave gathered in the past. On
the whole, we sacrifice the <n
etertaintment thus eliminated
* with great cheerfulnes. -Char
;otte Observe.
Saved Child From Death.
'After our child had suffered
- from severe bronchial trouble
f o r a year.'' Wrote G. T.
Richardson's Mills, Ala., we
feared it had consumption. It
had a bad cough all the time.
We tried many remedies without
n. avail, a n d doctor's medicine
aw seemed as useless. Finally we
~tried Dr. King's New Discovery.
te and are pleased to say that one
bottle effected a complete cure.
)R. and our child is again strong and
healthy.'' For coughs, colds,
__hoarseness, lagrippe, asthma.
crou~p and sore lungs, its the
. most infallible remedy that's
made. Price 50e and $1.00.
Trial bottle free. Guaranteed
,by Jno. H. McMaster & Co.
Boy Horse Memorial.
WVilI make the season at my13 farmi
C and Turner's stable in Winnsboro. He
sfroum the very best strainsof Hambhle
tonian.., Sired~by Mt.. Wilkes, Iby Wi!.
kes Boy, by George Wilkes. by H am
bletoniani. His damn Bessie Wilkes, in
her veins ti1w ed the blood of MamiIno
Pilot. Mamibinol Chief, Pilot Jr., etc
- -This Lorse stancds about 16 hanuds
high, weighs 1000) lbs, is kind and geni
- t le. F.'e $12.50, $2.50) eash and ba:lane
when colt stands and sucks.
G OOD BOY, the Riegistered Ham-i
bletrniani Stallion. will make the sea
on nceain this year :t Ridgeway and
Wimn horo. Servie's fee. $12,50. $2.-1
down andi $10.0l whe colt stand's and
-' (4Q{) 1(Y i- -ired by Ameorian
Hamblet oni:anc in Ame crica : is kint
- and a utle andl' :a hly cnnc nan'lle hn
4-2::m A. D). HOOD.
Otlies: 4 Law Range.
Let us show them you
Prices and terms to suit
Fine Bay Mare for Sale at a Bargain.
with a big stock of Men's and
Boy's Suits, Ladies Dress Goods,
Hats, Shoes, Notions, etc.
A big lot of Laces and Em=
broideries at money saving
Bargains in Window Shades.
For Steam or Gasoline
g Engines, Ginning Ma
* chinery, Water Tanks,
U Pumps, see us.
* If your Auto is giving
e you trouble, bring it to our
* shop and have it adjusted.
," W. O. McKeown &So
* The Machine Shop in the Pines. L
m CORNWELL, - ~- - S. C.
Free Voting Certificate.
This is a separate and distinct vote from the ''Nominating'
and any Contestant or Nominator may collect as many as possib
fir, firs. or Miss..........................................
Name. of ('and idate to be voted for.
This Free Voting Certificate must be in The News and Herald
not later than Wednesday, flay 17th.
In 1-2 and 1-4 Pound Sticks
Avery Corn Planters
Gantt Cotton Planters
Gantt Guano Distributers
Cole Guano Distributers
I All Farm Supplies

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