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Da .r arbo -o"Jan1
Vol. LXX-\
W. W. 1ixon radEms the -
ernatorial Aspirars ard Dec
cribes their Qualifiatins.
LOWNDS J. :O' ' 0
Mr. Browning as his name
dicates isoh a politican an
poet. He is orty-egh yea
old, has a slender elegant ng g
looking like a fron o
Colonial architecture. .-e
good gray eyes that ;S:m an 1
with optimism, l S. ear
ana ine small fee- f a
The feature that 'm'r c
r'ealsgscaatri m
a c.: l.k :....smea
us~' lea o a Corinthl1.n cu
Svv i ana- apor
Sul. \ ? -
t.oWni .2ths apa.,gn I
willsho tha th ozeare or T
hvpcotereus e oi' therih n
ciofgovernment eal to
n :n
at t -: of r hison ba
and address.
Mr. CIinkscales, quonda
plough boy, and now a noted i
structor at Wofford College lool
as if he were born in ante bellu:
days. There is something in
pressive about his head. TI
forehead is high denotinog intE
lectuality and at the base it
rItuberant indicating great ne
centive powers. His nose
nether Greek nor Romian.' it
altogether Scotch-Irish, for
tips uo to Ben Lomond ar
sreads down to th?e Blarne:
stne here are moments wn(
th e eyes look oo nesace, as
of compu:oryeacatio~n. anac
''oIa b clothed: :n
1. 6 -wearv'g rea s
ab too large, trousers i
wvouk i scorn' a pressinglub, an
ashnough at the 'urgent reques
cf his friends he has discarde
the old time brogans, he has ne
er vet been induced to eneas
his'feet in tan shoes. He wear
the old style Byron co!!iar wir
something like a black shc
string tied arour.d it for a crava
He is tall like a lonesomepi
erect as an inaian ans3 hs cu
enance immobile as Fe nimo
Cooper's Trackless, e:<:eepth
translation of Os.sia:s by r
Pherson. He can tell an ane
dote to perfectio:. ani fe e
equal him as an nmromt4u se
er or debater on publie que
tions of State. You then, h
hearmng him,. will forget allabo
his impossible clothes, and yo
will think only of the speake
himself who interests you the
as the perfect incarnation of ir
tellect. The address over he take
his seat, crosses his legs, fold
his hands, and his face again as
sumes the gloom we feel c
reading the ode on the burialc
John Moore. Unlike many<
the others Mr. Clinkscales has
caus to espouse in the camnaig
- and his lisinterestedness makes
im in a way formidable. He is
always named as one of the Big
_our of possibilities in any con-'L
R. A. COOPER. tr
'r. Cooper is at present soli- S
eitor of the 8th Circuit, looks a
: like a daguereotype of Edgar bi
e! Alen Poe, but does not part his
n ",air in the middle. In truth, he
;as a mass of unruly black hair, e
th i-at frightens even the sharp P(
teeth of a stable horse curry
M. Beneath that hair how- c
cver, theic is much brain, and a "
:z o: _nto his hazel eye assures:
0 * o tat und.2rneath his b'reast
c t- a he-a- th "-at can dare to do
ndG pendant from rn
- ugaal soude l ang* handZas
d,tte Orai
1n the hear: :iil,s. His
e a:fogrmy isoies confidence
er1or. He to is care- n
.earng always a P
n :":m coat and black
ro,1 rus.:: creases in
d wi ge hat tney were
ra aI ot c his salary more I
n or ea go. He has the
In~1 4louchin1ess of ait
Ss:mile is his re
eC deoion fromn the common
anu wheni- a
te oEer his face his insouci- H
Snce la hes i. a if he were a
,L bt.a wido\,r t u6d break
T-1 -a
t on ciclating
S aO~ut ~C- -y years os d
h w;' a len-de r r eed ngurean
feet as flat as a dck's. Yet in
courage this is the Danton of the
present revolution.. He has grey
n earnest eves of truth and sincer
1- ity, expression of purpose which
:s is not contradicted by a stiff, im
n nasto chin. In seeing his gener
i- *al get up you will affirm at once
ie that he could not be seduced C
l- from a nrincile he believed in b<
is for monev, ;referment. flattery, T
r or any other earthly considera- p
3s tion. 'In his public speaking, he'g
I nulls out all the stops to his or- at
t can. uses both pedals and you E
d are treated to fugues, nocturnes, irl
- and a perfect cataclism of reci- l
n tatives, that make wonder I
wh at a Paragon is man!"' Mr.
Irby whnen con vinced c'f any poli- ,.
ev of State is thie most positive r
I ain ~adamateanceature I haVe
e dele..i nur at s:ehf timexs
-ude tha a ein of flesan m
-- e Erst goUL ound an.e-1-8 o r tco
1-2ofth -otes he -,'ll have a tr
teecnd primary, a'
a. iearriQs is .at Iresent si
Railroau tommissioner ana Ir
tnat cr'fiee all the candidates
without dissent wish him to re
main. A great writer has said:
that there is something effemin- he
ate in the structure and organi
zation of all great men, and it is p
tr'ue. We see it in the noble fi
delty of Lee, in the sympathy of h
Lincoln, in the quick intuition of a
Woodrow WVilson, and in the al- 1
most motherly love of Richards
for the producing class of peo- h
pe. But the Major does not b
Ihave the appearance of a beauti- b
fuil woman by a jug full. Look
'i >g at him from behind, he is 0
just tolerable. His front view h
is grotesque and droll, a startling
criosity shop. The appertures s
of the eyes. the ears, and the ac
.mouthi make you think of a col- es
ander. His face sets all the
laws of anatomy at defiance, o
ibone and cartilagenous tissue ap
pear, disappear and reappear in .5
unaccountable confusion. A bove is
~the countenance the nose rises:
sout of it like a monolith above ay
splane. it was this sort of a nose -
that Cervantes must surely have
:described somewhere, which de
nte5 an inborn enthusiasm for
a: all great things. recks not its e
New Grain Uang Urgalzel.
- About si.: eeks ago
County Commissioners decide
to organize an extra chai
gang. This has been done an
the new gang has been supplie
with a complete outfit consistin
of six good mules, large plo
road machine, tents. etc. Whil
only in operation about tw
weeks this gang. under the sur
-ervision of Mr. Robt. Carter. ha
built four miles of good roai
from White Oak to a point bE
yond Farmington and is now a
work near Winnsboro. shapin
up the roads leading from tow
to the Cotton Mill and beyon
the resipence of Mr. R. Y. Turr
er. As soon as this work is don
the "flying gang" will sett
down to -ead- -ork on th
.road leading toKnadsbridg,E
!-ielcl 'Uv _,"2
heac *~ i (:1 0: .
- thi Suervi-er areai: t
an en a n of i -i,e an
a hor.
stead oF buildin- woodeon bridgE
and hereafter.as far as practicab]
t :e4s and shovels will be lai
aie a 'd mules and machiner
zl"ttted in their place.
Death ' Mrs. 1. M. Ederingtei
fter a long and tedious il
ness. J M. Ederintro
diei lat Saturday morning,
r met near Blairs. T!l
c(_o m I nosr m her one 1
al heriei bhor andwsad
Jt :e an oCl th, and sn
on a
e an1d.J Eengn. Wn
e 'zist-r . t ''- * a (
rn or,-, on dagher .!uiene. or
e I r L S. . Gadden <
w an one )-other. M
" Pini,c at Lebanon School.
0 The Lebanon school closed la!
Thursday with a glorious pienii
which was well attended ar
greatly enjoyed. Misses Sai
Coleman and Lucile Griner wei
e the teachers this year, and di
some exceedingly good work.
Not the least of the pleasurf
of the picnic was the bountifi
dinner which was spread und(
d the trees, bearing witness of t
e culinary arts of the ladies of ti
Lebanon community. A ba
3 game between the Lebanon nir
-and Winnsboro's second nine ha
been planned for, but had to b
called off on account of rain.
Mr. Laurie McAipine Found Ur
Last Mondar about one o'co
to the pasture back of Mr. W. ?
Elliott's to repair a fence. A
three o'ciocka negro comin
that way found him lying ur
conscious. It was some tim
after he was taken home bei or
he came to himself. He say
the last thing he remembers wa
fighting a little fire that he ha:
started, to hurn some brus
State Company Sues
Record Compan
The State company. publisher
of The State. brought suit in th
court of common pleas for Rich
land county against The Recor<
Publishing company. publisher
of The Columbia Record, an aft
ernoon newspaper. for damage
sin the sum of 850,000, because o
charges made in The Record tha
the circulation of The State wa
"misrepresented'' in a statemen
,published in The State of May
I have been trying to rais
cantaloupes here for two year
and some insect bores into ther
on the under side of the melon
and ruins them. What can b
done to prevent them?
Mix one pound of lead arsen
ate in 30 gallons of water an<
spray the plants with this a
soon as the fruit sets and repea
t till the melons are half grow:
Sgetting it well under the melons
-Prog-ressive Farmer.
M. Cannon, of Laurens.
Killed by J. G. Sullivai
Gray Court, S. C., May 12. -
hn M. Cannon. an attorney o
iurens, and judge advocate oi
e staff of Governor Blease, wa
day shot and killed in a magiS
ate's court here by Joseph G
illivan, a farmer. A disput<
'ose during the trial of Sullivan'
-other, which led to the killing
Cannon was chairman of th
turens County Democratic Ex
utive committee and one of th,
)itical leaders of this section
The parties walked from th,
urt room in front of the depo
here a dispute arose betwee1
illivan and Cannon. Sullivai
-ew a revolver 11d fire:-d
nes, four shots ftakil fc 1
inons body. Sl':a w
r medFate i:
the Laurens c.( -
dv of .Can on -:a.'a-z
ken to Laurens, verE h f
ral Will be he-lId. Both m-a ar,
0Minentiv co,nneced Uet
this State. Q1. sulivan v:a
feated tw- years a th
ouse of Representati-:es. i
on one of the beS a a
.e State. .Mr. Cannon wa
iairman of the State Democrat
club, a member of G c-:erno
tease's staff, and %vas recenti
)pointed a regent of the Stat
ospital. The killing haz -aUse
profound sensation in Sout
Day Lauderdap Licensr
ore ,njme.' And a nth
ace: 'At the requts of -t
oderator. Dr. R S. Mille
.-sided in the licensingr of
-inn and Mr. Lauderdale of th
minary. This was a solem
rvice. The Presbytery sacrec
set apart these young men t
-each the gospel."
Charlotte Paper Sold.
Charlotte. N. C., May 8--Th
harlotte Evening Chronicle ha
en sold to the Charlotte Newc
he sale conveys to The New
ablishing company the namf
>od will, subscription list an
vertising contracts of Th
vening Chronicle. The Ever
g Chronicle was started in 190
i The Observer company.
Ecaster News.
neraI Ship Came
in Last Sunda
The funeral ship Montana
~aring the bodies of 17 slai:
'rnes and sailors, -who gav,
ir lives to their country in th<
ing of V era Cruz. ancho;red i
e Ne York harbor last Sun
tv The flags on all the vessel
d buldings hung at half mast
ithe thousands o epew
roged~( the snore wvere utteri:
nt, as the death ship came mn
-Divine Worship.
Rev. R. L. Holroyd will not b<
re to preach until Sunda:
ght. He will preach at 8:31
M. in the Methodist Churcl
Enich will be union Servic,
ur, and the Pastor will preael
the regular service Sunda:
a. m.
Rev. J. B. Traywick will fil
s usual appcintment at Green
iar next Sunday at 4 p. m.
Services in all the churche
cept the Episcopal at the usua
ur on Sunday morning.
There were no Sunday schoo
rvices in town last Sunday o1
count of the memorial exercis
Mr. Blanchard. the "Johnn:
the spot" photographer o
>lumbia is here this week. H<
in the scond floor of the Roe]
ilding and will be glad to d<
ur photographic work.
Tomato Plants.
Mrs. Hinnant .is still hea<
arters for tomato plants. Botl
ry and late varieties. 5 centi
Plan of Mediators to Bring
Peace to Mexico.
Washington. May 12.-Elimin
atien of Gen. Huerta and the es
e tablishment of a provisional;
0 government in Mexico in which u
both the Huerta and the consti
S tutionalists factions will be repre- n
sented, is contemplated in a plan n
which the three South American t
t niediators now are working out*
to be proposed for the solution
n of the entire Mexican problem. a
13 This, the first intimation as to'
the details of the mediation s
e plans, became known tonight, ti
e though neither the mediators nor a
e state department ofncials wouldt
-make any statement as to how
e nearly complete is the plan to be'
SubmItLed to Lhe American and al
exican delegates when they
vmeet the South American en-os
% at iragara Falls. next Monda.
,i- w,as learned that the prco
, rht be that the setting up
of a emnorary governnlenL be
undertalken by a comissin c I
l: perIsons, two of them to be
named by Huerta. two by the
e constitutionalists and the fifth I)y
the mediators.
Y While the mediators have with
drawn their invitation to the
constitutionalists to sen1 dele
gates to their conference, it -
erally is believed that informa
tion is being sought as to wh,e-eth
n er the constitutionalists w,ol'lld
't corsent,in case of the elimnIation
e of Huerta. to some formn of tm
orar overnment i me w e
be represented. To
e ive. that some such arr -
that the mediator :
e w-ar between the U'nited Ste, .
and Mexico came from several
l members of -the cabie t
cussed the whole s:tuat: a
official family.
The president decidedly e
a hopeful. He is anxious that no
untoward incidents or indiscreetb
d acts on the part of any of the
-a forces of Mexico should develop
-e to cloud the situation.
d s
Not Acceptable to Carranza.
i El Paso, Texas, May 12. -The t
r plan for the pacification of Mex- 0
ico now being worked out by the
e; South American mediators and c
ll which, it is announced. would
e eliminate Huerta and establish a P
d r>rovisional government in whichB
e ~both the adherents of Huerta u
and the constitutionalists would (1
he renresented will not be ac- e
cepta'ble to the constitutionalist s
officers here.
The constitutionalists will fl
la1rei ao nohisnls s thand the n
ser but is tetres Day. e
Da dtertawl e werea uit vetr a
uleso heitcises in wi
Hderta and this frietnd ar
asolhere ween p c
serics, uda temothers were.
Las reemerda was temniter's 1
Day. it hr er ut
numbe of wht oseslatue:
d ee of Cour Les frien mant
s evcee butpie otherAs ofr
rememlbereld tive them tonister's
C opicer As d maitaegslathoe
Mlrk.B il ofCoLye a ung,
s thei ciashi of the Actate n
te LoregilreC forn a94 conrato
t imsela thog give thead th ala
o'clock and didmsttesnwotg
t wll calhfo nesaem. pace
Sdoth ghivemnsh rof thtae lt
ac forter tha Mnervou conracto
iss Pearson Writes Interest
ingly of the Trip.
Nothing has been left unsaid
7 the newspapers regarding the
stails of the Jacksonville Re
iion. but what we are going to
ention is that those from here
id surrounding places whose
ires appeared on the list got
n up by Capt. W. G. Jordan
ere glad they went, for there
ere many interesting sights
id pleasant experiences to talk
er on the return trip. Jack
mnville was certainly in gala at
re. and in looking at the miles
id miles of beautiful decora
ons, evidences of the city's
itriotism, one marveled as to
here all of the b itn,r nag
id Confed'er-:e plctures :i.cd
i-ve oeen The el'ctri
l isi)'ay a- -i:.rvas oe
ing to rer', L avo. and
lights. the liav at e
nr1 PI o: neau
e 11 a (Iureds of ied white
d bu light'~-si. e olorz be
Sre-ected in prisatic. rays in
then sp af icr n te rs of the
fountainl. The n usical
atures too. ere giand. There
-ere fory bands in all, and in
o nart of the city could one go
-l nlit tlein (inspired bl mar
al music"an be ing s tirred'
the Bonnie Blue Flag. Tent
on the 0ld C amn Ground.
e. a through Georg
ael a resar
.-.nr- v- .-a: .e (iccnc tI S
otel tee and together with
he tivate homuses accomodated
V eigrty thousand visitors.
a some cases the hotel propri
tors could not resist the temp
ition of charging exorbitantly,
ut in majority of instances
rere reasonable. Pickpockets
rere there in all disguises, the
[oth of the clergy being used in
>me instances.
The bureaus of information
rere numerous and very helpful
) strangers, and quite a number
f the representative citizens
ere placed on the information
>mmittee, wearing badges
Ask Me,'' and of these should
articularly be mentioned the
o Scouts who certain':y were
ntiring in answering the many
iestons and in givin g help in
ver .'instance in which they
ny ~it was needed.
Confetti was lavishly used at
iQ-ht, and there was no use not
le good ntred about it, for
1er Ia et fi and son
e it. T hej poicemen were
hwyseatto ' 'ic ally o they
tv an hn Winsboro came
e to face with WXinsboro in
at surging erowd. the greet
gs amounted to almost a hur
The soldier's Camping Ground
worthy of mention, and a vis
to the camp and a talk to the
*mp and talk to the old soldiers
as one of the very interestin.g
eriences not to be forgottenr.
Jacksonville is to be congratu
ted on the success of this
-and Reunion. She left undone
thing for its success and has
on the laurels, for the univers
exression is, that it was the
andest Reunion yet.
N. M.?P.
James A. Summnersett, of Co
mbia, has announced himself
a candidate for comptroller
-Card of Thanks.
I wish to express my gratitude
r the kind services rendered
friends and neighbors during
e recent illness of my wi.vu
d the many expressions of
mpathy in our bereavement.

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