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local and Persona
- ss Irene Stewart las -eturr
ed to her home atjongtown.
Miss Lilla B, Ketchin has r(
turned from Charntte.
Mr. J Morris L:lesspent th
week end in f :1e.
Mr.- and Mrs .. L. Bryso
were in Columbia '; .eZday.
Miss M., E. Q atle.baum
visiting, relatives mi Colu"mbia.
Miss Carrie Cok. of Chester i
the guest of Mr. Jno. S. Cath
Mr. J. E. McDonald left las
night for Washington on profes
sional business.
Miss Lizzie Johnson and Mrs
A. D. Hood spent Monday in Co
luibia shopping.
Mrs. Ross Brown and Maste
RossJr., are guests at the homi
Mr. A. W. Brown.
Mrs. J. M. Douglas is spendin
a while in Columbia with he:
daughter, Mrs. McMeekin.
Miss Elizabeth MeMaster an<
Mrs. U. G. lDesPortes have re
turned from a visit to Concord,
N. C.
&1r. and Mrs. Brodie and chil.
dren of Leesville spent last wee
at the home of Rey. Oliver John:
Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Robinsor
and Miss Kate Trayv;ick motorec
to Columbia for a day's shopping
Mr. Thos. Lyles, sf Strother,
spent several das in town this
week with his brother, Capt.
Jno. W. Lyles.
. Misses Lucille. Gladden and
_Laura Ketchin speit three-days
the first of the week with friends
in Columbia.
Messrs. M. G. McDonald of
Columbia and. A. L. Gaston of
Chester -*ere visiting lawyers in
town Tast Friday.
Miss Nellie -Pearson and
Miss. Maggie - Aiken saw "The
New Henrietta" at the Columbia
Theatre last Saturday.
Miss Maude Robinson returned
on Saturday night from the hos
ptlin Columbia, where she had
an operation on her tonsils.
Rev. W. H. Stevenson, who
preacied in the A: R. P. church
here last Sunday,. and at union
services in the evening, has re
tinnfed to his home at Leslie.
Messrs- James and Carson
Maefie, D., W. McCants, Horace
Rabb, Haynes an William
eenjo a ytaste
n'n.ie at 'Dawkmis, whr
they are camping..
Mrs. Grier Baird of Charlotte
has been spending a few days
here with' her brother Rev.
Oliver Johnson, having been
called by. the illness of their
mother, Mrs. Mary Johnson. We
are glad that Mrs. Johnson is
much improved..
Rev. W. H. Hamilton, a nepliew
of Mrs. S. E. Richmond of this
place, and pastor of the Presby
terian' church at Ninety Six has
been called and accepted the pas
torate of thiat chur,ch at WaV.
Mr. W. E. Wilds, who has
had charge of the Westefn UJnion
office at this place, has been of
fered and accepted the Western
Union office at Newberry.. Mr.
Perry Yandie of Chester will suc
ceed Mr. Wilds as manager.
On last Friday afterndon Mrs.
T. M. Jordan 'entertained the
-parents anid friends of her music
pupils, who gave their mid win*
ter recital. The musical progran
was especially good and great3
enjoyed. Afterwards the hostesi
served dainty refreshments.
'The following laymen and min
isters. attended th-e Laymeni's
Conference in Columbia durmns
Monday' Tuesday and Wednes
day:. Rev. J. B. Traywick, Rev
Oliver Johnson, Rev. 0. J. Frier
Rev. Nathan Matthews; Messrs
W. R. Rabb. A. L. Scruggs, S
D. Ellison. J., M. Jennings, XV
H. Flenniken.
The January meeting of th:
Thomas Wood ward Chapter, D
A. R. was held with Miss Ahec
Walker Monday afternoon oL las
week, and a most delightfu
meeting it provead. Most of th
members v:ere present and th
program for the meeting. was ir
tersting and well rendered
Mesdames A. WV. Hamby ana W
B. Guinmarin of C.olumbia. wh
are members of tis c!naptei
came up for the meetmg;. Dunn
the socialihour after the prograr
a dainty luneheon was serv:ed.
The members of the Cultu
club had their January meetm
with Mrs. J. B. Doty last Frida
afternoon. This meeting was
most enjoyable one, as Mrn
Doty's ;affairs alw' ays are..
well arranged program was iu
terestingly carried out. Tl
subject being "James Russe
Logl," the roll call was a:
swredi by quotations iro h:n
Miss Jane Ketchin read 'T
Vson of Sir Launfaul," and
deghtful extract from "Ti
Bieow Papers" was read 1
Miss Anna McCants. After ti
program the hostess served tern
ing- refreshments.
Miss Maude Holley has return-!
ied from an extended visit to rela
tives and friends at Laurens.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Propst are
moving to their handspme new
cottage, just completed, today.
It is located on the corner West
of the Presbyterian Manse.
e The regular Februarv meeting
of the John Bratton Chapter U. ]
D. C. will be held Friday after
noon at 4 o'clock with Mrs. W.
H. Flenniken. All members are
s expected to attend.
The room formerly occupied by
the millinery department of D.
V. Walker & Co., is being put in I
shape and will be occupied by a
restaurant to be operated by,a
Syrian who is coming here for (
that purpose.
There will be an important
imeeting of the teachers of Fair
field county held here on Sat
I urday 19. A full attendance is
' desired as the program for field
day will be arranged on- this oc- I
The first car of sand~for the
streets 'arrived here yesterday c
and another shipment 'is expect- I
ed today. Mr. W. L. Kirkpatrick
visited different business and pro- h
fessional men yesterdav solicit
ing aid in unloading and dis
tributing this sand- along the g
roads from the cars. He was C
successful in securing about forty
teams or the money of their li
equivalent. Mayor Robinson says IV
he will give the citizens all the
sand that they will handle, so a
the contest is on. k
Have You Paid That Sub- is
We are now offering to all b
those who pay all back dues to
the The News and Herald up to
I January 1st, 1916, the paper for ie
the coming year for $1.00 pro
vided that it is paid in advance.
We are making this liberal offer
that we may able to get the paper
on a cash in advance basis. New
subscribers can also come in
under this' offer. If your neigh
bor does not take his county
taper won't you please call his
attention to this liberal offer and A
get him to subscribe for the w
paper. We need your help in
this work. at
Second Week Jury.
T. E. Smith, C. R. Shirley, W. C
K. Turner, J. D. Boulware, S.i
P. Thomas, W. M. Harvey, Gar
ris Ladd, W. B. Hogan, D. F.
Clark, L. M. Blair, D. C. Wylie, qi
W. J. Jenkins, J. C. Joyner, J. i
R. Dixon; L. .M. ~Boulware, D.Q
SR. Boulware, L. A. Bye, Sr., M.s
S. Brown, John S. Cathcart, D.
R. Dove, .T. E. Burley, J., E.
Shedd, F. H. Dove. J. D. Harden, ~
D. W. Crowder, R. S. Dun bar, t
R. A. Lewis, Ws. G. Smith, B. F.
Crowder, J. B. .Elkin, Ernest
G'iadden, H. C. Colvin, Grady rc
Turner, R. M. Bolicke. i
Pupils of Mrs. Jordan Give a'
The pupils .of Mrs. T. M. Jor- b
dan's music classes gave their A
mid winter recital at Mrs. Jor- b:
dan's residence on last Friday- h1
afternoon. There, was a marked a'
improvement in each of the e
players since their last publhe re- h.
cital, reflecting great credit .on ni
the teacher as well as the pupils.
IThe program was a varied one
and enjoyed from beginning to u
end, the numbers being: t
Solo-Lucile Reaves. . t
Song-Genie McMaster.
Song-Estelle Reaves. v
Solo--Bertha Turner.
Song-Catherine McMaster. a
Solo-Roy Robinson. ,
Solo-Izetta Clarke. n
Solo-Juanita Dunn.~
Duo-Juanita Dunn and Jessie -
Douglas. S
Solo-Kittie Lee Steele.
Solo-Agnes Stevenson.
Solo -Jessie Douglas.
Duo- Etta Lee Scruggs and
Alice Carter.
Solo-Ruth Doty.
Solo-Etta Lee Scruggs. s5
Solo-Hazel Crowson.n
Solo-Elizabeth Coan. -e
Solo-Kathleen Willingham. e
Solo-Alice Carter.
Duo-Elizabeth Coan and Hazel
Crowon. b
The duo "Soldiers' Chorus"
n ade a brilliant and fitting end
-ing for the altogether delightful
program, and the pupils one and
all joined in the chorus, singing
ustily. Quite a number of Mrs.
Jordan's friends, ~among them
the imothers of the papils, en
joed the musical treat.
Teachers MeetingCald
There will be a meeting of the
aTeacher's Association of Fairfield
County Saturday February 19th.
All the teachers of the county -
are urged to be present as the
eprogram for the Field Day Exer
11cises will be completed by that
-time and full discussion and
-unerstan 'ng of the same by
:e all the teacThers is very desirable.
The meeting will be held in
te the Mt. Zion school building at'
y 1 a. m. We hope to have al
e speaker of prominence for thisp
Soccasion. W. W. Turner,
Co. Supt. Educat;ion.
5chool Improvement Associo
tion to Give Party. Per
sonal Items.
Miss Clyde Crowder returne
:o her home at Salem last Satur
lay after spending a month wit
VIr. and Mrs. J. A. F. Coleman.
Miss Mae Allen spent the weel
nd with Miss Edith Coleman.
Mr. W. Y. Coleman was a vis
or in Chester Monday.
Mr. Andy Faucette of th
Jniversity syent the week-em
ith his parents.
Mrs. M-. D. C. Colvin went t<
olumbia Monday and returne(
uesday accompanied by Mis!
va Colvin who has spent sever
1 months in Columbia, Bradhan
nd Jacksoville, Fla., witi
riends and relatives. -
Mr. Richard Wright of Leed.
L F. D., was the guest of Mr.
. Q. Wright Sunday.
Miss Carrie Coleman has ae
epted the vacancy in the Crosb3
Mr. J. L. Hill killed two finE
ogs last week.
Miss Chanie Coleman was thE
est of her brother, Mr. W. Y
oleman several days last wek.
Mr. and Mrs. Rae Coleman and
ttle Albert spent Sunday with
[r. and Mrs. H. M- Owings.
Among the narnes of the guest
: Mrs. D. M. Caldwell's "good
ek party" was Miss Leila
riester instead of Eiss Leila
easter as was in last weeks
A Valentine social will be given
the School Improvement As
ciation of district 30 at the
en school house at Shelton, S.C.,
onday, Fecruary 14. The lad
s have provided a free, supper
id all.are cordially invited.
Bethel News.
Rev. and Mrs. Bledsoe an
>unce the birth of a daughter,
nnie May, on February 4th.
'f?. Tom ~Periy and Miss
gnes Ruff have gone to Green
ood to visit relatives.
Prof. and Mrs. C. H. Fowler
mounce the tbirth of a son,
isper Hariis, on Feb. 4th.
the Woman's Missionary So
ty will hold their regular meet
g on Saturday Feb. 12, with
rs. C. H. Leitner.
Mr. W. R. Ashford has been
iite slek, but we are glad to
tow he is able to be out again.
the regular Epworth League
rvice on Sunday afternoon.
ir League is in quite a prosper
ts condition, and has been a
etor in our neighborhood bet
For the first time in. years our
ads are bad. They need scrap
g, but we are sure some of our
ogressive citizens will have
tis done as soon as they.*are
vare of the numerous holes.
The school children have all
een enthusiastically building
rd houses. Little Margaret
shford won the prize awarded
r Mrs. G. M. Perry for the best
>use, and all are anxiously
aiting the coming of our feath
ed friends, for Prof. Fowler
s offered a prize for the first
st in these houses.
Messrs. Pope Brooks, Charlie
rooks, and Leland Perry of Col
nbia, spent Sunday with rela
yes here.
Mrs. Lowman of Prosperity is
isiting relatives here.
The Young Peoples' Mission
y Society will meet with Miss
ebecca Robinson next Saturday
ight, Feb. 12th.*
cit orders for lubricating oils,
greases and paints. Salary oi
Commission. Address Lin
con Oil Co., Cleveland. 0.
FOR SALE - Wannamakers
torm proof Toole cotton seed,
iedium size boils, prolific, early,
asy to pick, free from dis
ase and lint 38 to 40 per cent.
arefully ginned and bought fron
riginator last year; $1.00 pel
ushel. Mrs. Maggie McNaull,
Vinnsboro, S. C.
Notice Winnsboro Guards.
Company is to be inspeetec
'ebruary -28, therefore all mem
ers are urged to be present at
cieeting to be held in the armor3
ni Tuesday night February' 15.
J1. B. D)oty, Captain.
WANTED) to lend -$3,000 a
even per cent on first mortgag
f real estate.
McCants & McCants,
-0-tf. Attorneys.
O SALE--One 3.000 gallo1
Cypress tank and one 251 foo
steel tower in good condition
Also 2-horse Witle gas engine
Bargain for cash. A. E. Davis
Winnsboro, S. C.
25 head shoats, grade Berb
;hire; weight 40 to 100 pounds
narket price.
Hillcrest Farm.
The French and the (Termans
have been engaged in furious
combat on the sector of the Wes
tern battle front bbtween iLens
and Arras, where recently there.
has been great activity. Berlin
r eports that to the west of the
town of Virny the Germans cap
- tured 'French positions over a
length of SOO yards.
Paris admits that the Germans,
after the explosion of two heavily
charged mines, got a foothold on
portions of a French trench but
I says they were driven out by i
hand grenade attacks.
Southwest of Vimy in the vi
cinity of the road running srom
NeuvillE to Thelus, |the-Gerrn.ans
discharged another mine and then
essayed an infantry attack a
gainst the French which was re
Paris also reports that the
French in a grenade attack drove
the Germans from a small post
between Soissons and Rheims
and that the French batteries
have badly damaged :German or
ganizations in the forst of Appre
mont, southeast of St. Mihiel.
On the Russian front Berlin re
cords the repulse of Russian in
fantry attacks on several point
in the Riga region. A Petrograd;
dispatch says severe fighting is
developing in this district, the
preliminary artillery duels having
changed into bombardments of
great .intensity.
Nothing new has come through
concerning the situation on the
Austro-Italian line, in Belgrum
or in Asia where the Russians
British at various points are en
gaged with the Turks.
Two women and one child have
been injured in a daylight' raid
by two German seaplans which
dropped bombs on the outskirts
Ramsgate and wrecked school
house at Broadstairs in Kent
County, Southeath England. .
Owing to ill-health General Sir
Horace L. Smith-Dorrien has;
given np his command of the
British toroes in East Africa.
He has been succeed by the Boer
Gen Jan Christian Smuts.
FOR SALE-Fine brood sow,
Berkshire beed, about 3 years
old, will weigh 225 pounds; haa.1
14 pigs last year, raised 13; has
been bred to thoroughbred Pol- 1
and China boar, will have pigs
first of June. . R. C. Stevenson.
Citation Notice.
By W. L. Holley. Probate Judge:
WVhara .Th W T.vlac & P__
made suit to me, to grant hinei Letters
of Admiinistration of the Estate andy
effects of Marry Ann Taylor.
These are therefore, to cite and
admonish all and singular the kindred
and Creditors of the said Marry Ann
Taylor deceased. that they be and ap
pear before me. in the Court of Pro-.
bate, to be held at Winnsboro on 28th
Fbruary next, after publicatio.n -here
of. at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to
show cause, if any they,have, why the
said Administration should not be
Given under my hand this 7th day of
February, Anno Domini 1916.
Judge of Probate.
Hastngs Cata!ogue Tells YaAl
Abest Them
No matter whc ber you farm of~ only
plant vegetables or flowers in a small lot
you need Hastings 1916 Catalogue.
It is filled (100 pages) from cover to
1cover with useful farm and garden infor
It tells of seeds of kind and quality that
you can't buy from your merchant or
druggist, seeds that cost no more but
give you real satisfaction and a real gar
It tells how every customer can get ab
solutely free five packets of easily grown,
yet showy and beautifu flowers.
Hastings is both the best and largest
seed f.rm in the South, the only firm that1
you should buy seeds from.
When you plant Hastings Seeds, you
meet "Good Garden Luck" more than
half way. Write today for their big 1916
Catalogue. It is free. A postal card re
quest will bring it. H.G. HASTINGS CO.,
Iwith good oil liniment. That's
I'lthe surest way to stop them. 1
Good for the Ailments of
Horses, Mules, Cattle, Etc.
1(ood for your own A dhes,
tPains, Rheumatism, Sprains,
Cuts, Burns, Etc.
- 25c.50c. $l. AtallDealers.
LOR SALE--50 bushels New
Era neas at $2.00 a bushel. Very
early: raise two crops.
Hillcrest Faim,
Cards inserted uzWr this head from
now until the Demcatic primary, for e
any office ,to be. 3ted for in this Read your
primary, for $5.00'
if you ar(
For Cogress.
Mr. W. F. Stevenin authorizes us tC ECK f<
innounce that he wi be a candidate in
he Democratic -Pinary during the
oming summer forongressman from
he Fifth Congresial District, and to
hank his mady 'frhds for their sub
tantial support in te last primary for
he same position.
A New Shi
Ann i~ces the election of
seeii Vice-President and o
and JE. Coan as Directors;
your continued confide
T. K. Elliott,
T. W. Lauderdale,
1 s+ Vice-President
W. D. Douglas,
2nd. Vice-President
T. K. Elliott, T. W. Tray
J. G. McCants, M. W. Dot;
.J.,L. Bryson, .J. E. Cqan
W. C. Beaty, J. L. Robit
Tota' Resources over
Label on your Papera4
,not paid up send us
r we need the mon
pment Of
- ;.
--- :
. *- -
S ,
E -~S -
*- -~ AF 7 4~
e .~ --1
C. F. Elliott.
M.W. . oulan a
SMes s.t. WCashie
C. F. Elliott,.
[ ORS:
l,T. W. Lauderdale,
G. R. Lauderdale,
W. D. Douglas
soC. F. Elliott.
Hlf Million Dollars W -

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