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Local and Personal.
Mr. J. L. Bryson spent Tu'es-I
day-in Columbia.
Mr. Ed. White of Chester was
here on Monday night.
Bishop Guerry returned to
Charleston Monday night.
Mrs. Van Wagnerner is the
guest of Mr:,. R. C. Gooding.
Miss My.;a Ruff spent Tuesdayl
night in Chester with Mrs. Love.
Mrs. T. W. Ruff returned from
Chester on Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Dau Heyward of
Columbia were in town on Mon
Mr. J. P. .alkvell has return
ed from a business trip to Green
Mr. S. B. Crawford of Greatl
Falls spent part of last week in
Mr. Preston Rion has returned
from a visit in Spartanburg
Miss Mattie Martin of Colum
bia spent the week end here with
home folks.
Miss Betty Brown of Lancas
ter is the guest of her sister, Mrs
S. W. Heath.
Mr. Mose Mobley of Columbia
was a visitor in Winnsboro one
day last week.
Mr. Hartwell Burley of Harts
ville spent Sunday here with his
Miss Sadie DesPortes of Ridge
way is spending a few days with
relatives here.
Mrs. Nancy Stevenson of Ross-k,
ville is the guest of her son, Mr.
C. A. Stevenson.
Miss Christine Gooding has re
,turned from a visit to Mrs. H.
E. Gooding in Columbia.
Me. W. W. Dixon spent part of
last week at Longtown with his
father, who is sick.
Mrs. T. H. Ketchin and Mr.
G. B. McMaster spent last Sun
day in Columbia.
Rev. W. H. Hamiter of Black
stock was a visitor in Winnsboro
Miss Bruce Crosby was the
guest of her mother, Mrs. Ellen I
Meador the past week end.
Mrs. L. E. McAlpine of fiarts
ville is spending a while here
with her father, Mr. W. W.
Miss Rebecca Walker spent
Friday night y and. Saturday at 1
her hen.Uihere, returninag .to-La4
caster on Saturday night.
Miss Dixie Robertson has gone
to Lake City, S. C., where she
- has accepted a position as milli
rie&f5r-this season.
We were informed yesterday\
by a friend that Mr.J. W. Seigler
has choice melon seed for dis
Miss Causey, a trained hurse
of Chester, is with Mrs. Johnson
who is stil! i!! at the home of her
son, Dr. Oliver Johnson.
Messrs. Bill Doty, Fleming and~
Spencer McMaster and Shaw~
Ketchin motored to Columbia for
the minstrel Thursday night.
Mrs. Jno. W. Lyles left yester
day for Baltimore where she will
spend awhile with Dr. and Mrs.
Boykin Lyles.
Messrs. W. R. Doty and E. P.
Blair attended a dinner party at
the home of Rev, and Mrs. F. D.
Vaughri at Lebanon last Friday
Messrs. J. W. Crowder, of
Strother, andi W. H.9Maefie and
J. H. Gibson, of Winnsboro, are
serving as jurymen at Federal
Co-urt at Rock Hill this week.
We are glad to hear that Miss
Libeile Curlee, who has been ill at
her sister's homei n Prosperity for
the past week, is much better,
and expects to resume her school
duties soon.
Supt. J. H. Thornwell, Prof.
E. W. Yates. Misses Neil and
Isabel Gooding, Winnie McMas-'
ter, Alice Doty. of the Mt. Zion:
faculty went to Columbia today;
to attend the State Teachers':
Miss Nan Neil wvent to Colum
bia today to attend the teachers'
meeting. On Saturday she ex
pects to go to Easley, where she
wi visit for several weeks.
Misses Sara and~ Isabel Kauf-i
man of Chicago. whno are pleas
antly remembered here from a
former visit; ar'e expected to ar
rive here on Saturday for a visit'
to their cousins, the DesPortes.
The family of Mr. C. H. Hunt
arrived here last week and are
occupying rooms in the home of
Mr. A. C: Timmns. Mr. Hunt is
a member of the plumbing firm~
of the Winnsboro Plumbing Co.
Among the relatives who came
for the funeral of M1r. WV. C.
Beaty on Monda were Mr. and
Mrs. Jas. MlcLin and their son
James of Laurens, Mr~. . L.Beaty
of Charlotte. Mr. Roer B eaty
of Lancaster, Mr. Tomn Steven
son of Charleston, . Bob Stev
enson, Mrs. Will F~erguson, Mr.
and Mrs. Museo Bolarea of
Misses Anna and- Elizabeth
Beaty are in Columbia today.
Mrs. McCrorey is visiting Mrs.
Mrs. J. L. McLin at Laurens.
Miss Katharine Ellison return
ed on Tuesday to Winthrop
Laval and DesPortes have sold
an Overland roaster to Dr.
Dobson at Ridgeway.
Miss Laura Ketchin went
yesterday to Union to visit her
sister. Mrs. P.' A. Lowry, whose
baby is very sick.
Mrs. J. C. Buchanan has re
t-irned from the hospital in Col
umbia and we are glad to learn
that she is very much better.
Mrs. Miller, who has been vis
iting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Havnes, returned today to
her home in North Carolina.
The G. A. & R. A. and Sun
beams will have an Easter egg
hunt on Friday, April 21st. The
place and h'our will be announced
The Fairfielc Motor Co., have
sold Ford cars during the past
week to Rev. Hamitei at Wood
ard, and Doctors J. E. Douglas
ind J. S. Beaty of Winnsboro.
Dr. and Mrs. Moore of Cyn
thiana, Ky.; were the guests of
Hr. and Mrs. W. H. Flenniken
ruesday and Wednesday of this
eek. Dr. Moore is the pastor
f the A. R. P. church at Cyn
Rev. J. B. Traywick, Rev. 0.
J. Frier and Mr. Drake formed
committee which inspected the
anitary conditions of the Fair
ield cotton mill village on last
hursday. Prizes had' been of
Eered to the children for collect
ng piles of trash, and there were
iumbers of heaps of tin cans and
ther rubbish to be disposed of.
A suecial call meeting of the
Young Peoples' Missionary so
iety of the Methodist church
xas held with Miss Maude Rob
nson on last Monday.: afternoon.
A. number of business items were
liscussed and attended to. The
2ostess afforded a delightful sur
rise when the meeting had come
:o a close by serving dainty re
Social Affairs.
Mrs. W. H. Willingham threw
vide her hospitable doors to the
nembers of the John Bratton
hapter, U. D. C. last Friday
fternoon for their regular
nonthly reception, with the fol
owing ladies as hostesses, Mes
lames Willingham, F. M. Gads
iei D -VWalker, J. J.' Obear,
ora Rabb, Ellen Meador and
Francis Creight. The program1
Lor the afternoon was exception
dly well carried out as follows:
Tenting on the old c am p
ground" sung by the chapter;
reading by Mrs. O.J.Frier, "Jef
~erson vs. Abraham Lincoln";
'eading by Mrs. J. H. Cathcart,
"Montcalm's Last Letter"; poem
"Backward, Turn Backward",
read by Mrs. R. C. Gooding, and
"Reminiscences of Fairfield
ounty" written by Mrs. R. E.
llison and read by Mrs. W. H.
Wilhngham. When the program
was completed the guests en.loy
d an hour of delightful social
ntercourse, and the hostesses
served a tempting salad course
with coffee.
The Study Club will meet to
norrow afternoon.
Mrs. L. E. McAlpine of Harts
ville was the guest of honor last
aturday morning when Miss
Grey Neil gave a veryldelightful
sewing party. In the bright par
lor where daffodils and violets
breathed of spring that the
weather outside denied, the merry
seamtresses sewed busily for a
couple of short hours. At noon
luncheon tables were drawn out,
and a tempting luncheon was
The members of the Thomas
Woodward chapter, D. A. R.
held their regular monthly meet
ing with Mrs. L. D. Wells as hos
tess at the hospitable home of
Mr. .W. R Rabb last Saturday
afternoon. Miss Alice Walker,
the Regent, presided. At the
conclusion of the regular pro
gram, a number of businesss
items were brought up, and com
mittees apnointed. Reports were
heard from several of the mem
bers who are looking up points
and unmarked spots of historical
interest in the county.
During the social half hour the
hostess served refreshments.
Hurt In Runawy.
Mrs. Laura Timms of the Hick
ory Ridge community suffered a
bad gash across her forehead.and
some painful brL.ses, when-she
was thrown from the buggy last
Friday afternoon. She and her
little daughter were riding by
the freight yard, on their way
home, when the horse became
frightened by a shifting train,
and began to run so wildly that
Mrs. Timms lost control of the
animal. The buggy struck a
telephone pole, and both of the
occupants were hurled to the
gr'und. The little girl escaped
uninjured, but Mrs. Timms was
badly hurt. She is getting along
as well a coul be expected.
Prominent in Business and
Church Affairs.
After an illness of only a few
weeks Mr. W. C. Beaty, a prom
inent merchant and business
man of Winnsboro, passed away
at his home in this place early
last Sunday morning. The fu
neral services were conducted
from Sion Presbyterian church
I on Monday at 11 o'clock and the
interment in the cemetery of
that church. The services were
conducted by his pastor, Rev.
Dr. Mayes, assisted by the other
ministers of the town. The body
was escorted to its last resting
place by the elders and deacons
of his church and representatives
of the local camp-of Confederate
veterans of which he was the
commander at the time of his
death. All business houses of
the town were closed during the
funeral hour as a mark of res
pect to the deceased.
Mr. Beaty was a native of this
county, having been born in the
Gladden's Grove section on De
cember 17, 1842, where he grew
to young manhood on his father's
plantation. In the second year
of the civil war he went to the
front as a member of Company
D., Seventeenth South Carolina
Volunteers, of which company
his brother, James Beaty, was
captain, and served as quarter
master sergeapts.
At the close of the war he. re
turned home and for a short
time clerked for his brother in
the country. He came to Winns
boro about 1870 and entered the
store of John H. Cathcart as ai
salesman. In 1871 his brother
moved to town and he and the
deceased entered the mercantile
business under the firm name of
Beaty Bros., this continued un
t1l the death of his brother in
1883, when he was joined in bus-!
iness by his nephew. Mr. W. A.
Beaty until 1885. After the dis
solution of this firm he continued
in business alone until a few
years ago when the present firm
of Beaty & Wylie was formed.
Mr. Beatv is survived by his
wife, three daughters, Mrs. Cal
vert Thompson, Misses Anna and
Elizabeth Beaty, and one son,
Dr. Jas. S. Beaty. One sister,
Mrs. Nancy Stevenson, also sur
The deceased was of a: quiet
unassuming disposition but kind
hearted and public spiritsd. He
stood at all times ready to assist
any worthy cause in ch4rch or
prvate life, or to give hi fnn
il aid to any business
p that tended to the aldvance
ment of the town or county.
Mrs. Estes Ill.
Mrs. W. M. Estes of Rockton
is in the hospital at Chester,
where she went last Saturday
for an operation. On Sunday she
was desperately ill, but on Mon
day there was a change for the
better, and thcugh she is still
very sick, she is on the road to
A citizen of South Carolina has
donated $10,000 to the Presby
terian college at Clinton, to be
applied to the $25,000 fund to
endow the chair of English Bible.
The Time of the Sprins Gar
den is Here.
Clemson College, Feb. 28.
The season for spring garden
preparations is here and every
thing should be got in readiness
for planting time, which for
vegetables will soon be here.
The information given below is
to be found in fullest form in
bulletin No. 1C6, "Home Garden
ing South Carolina," which is to
be obtained by addressing the
South Carolina experiment sta
tion at Clemson College.
I take-this method of thanking
the kind people for their assist
ance shown to me last Friday
evening when my horse ran
away~ in town. Mrs. Laura
Political Advertising Column.
Mr. Stevenson, in his race for
congress, advocates a rural credit
system. In the South, three
fourths of the people are farm
ers.Thegreat banking law put
throuh bythis administration
made some provision but none
for the man who has to buy his
ladadneeds long credit on it.
Six mnthsis the longest credit
he can get under that law. There
Ishould have been a land credit
Isystem embraced in' it whereby
a man could get a long credit
and low rate of interest on real
estate and enable him to buy,
Ior radeem, a home. Why was it
Inot passed with the balance of
the bill?
Can Get Insurance.
The Pacific Fire Insurance Co.,
of New York org...aized 1851 will
continue in business in Souti
S. E. LYLES, Agent.
The League social given at the
home of Mrs. Edward Mason last
Friday evening was a most.de
lightful affair. The whole lower
floor was thrown together and
tables were set in the library
room for various games. The
big rooms with bright fires, Dot
plants and spring flowers were
not more inviting than the hos
tess herself, and the hours flew
merrily by for both old and
young. A picnic supper was
served late in the evening after
which the Leaguers* departed.
Mrs. Holden of Pacolet is vis
iting her daughter Mrs. Ralph
Messrs. Charlie Brooks, Tom
Scruggs and Miss Brooks of Col
umbia are visiting Mrs. Edward
Miss Brown of Blaney is at the
home of Mrs. George Smith for
a visit.
Mr. Scruggs preached a most
interesting and piofitable sermon
at the Methodist church Sunday
Rev. Henry Yarborough filled
the pulpit at the Baptist church
last Sunday morning.
The Ladies Missionary Society
met with Miss Annie 'Robinson
on Saturday afternoon. A num
ber of visitors were present. The A
subject for the meeting wasE
"Why I Believe in Home Mis-J
sionaries" with a round table
discussion, after which Mrs. R.
G. Hamilton gave a .talk onI'
"Conditions in the Mountain Dis
tricts." After the meeting thei
hostess served deicious fruits.
Miss Ajnes Ruff is visiting&
Mrs. W. C. Ruff near Rockton.
The trustees of the Bethel
school have announced a pablic
meeting at the school house Fri
day evening, March 24, to which
the public is invited. Live topies
will be discussed.
The League meeting on Sun-.
day evening was conducted
Miss Rebecca Robinson. f
Fred H. Dominick of Ne%v
berry,- has resigned as assistant
attorney general of South Co
lina, which post he has held. for
three years. He is a candidate ,
for Congress from the Third dis
Located at Ridgeway, S. C..-at the.elose ofbus.i
ELoans and Discounts.-d.-.----4
Overdrafts---. '-.---.------ .
Furniture and Fixtures--.---..-----:..- ,216.70
Other Real Estate Owned--------...:--- 150.00
Due from Banks and Bankers......--..227.73
Currency........-- -- - -----.------ 27 0
Gold.------- --------------- 130.00
Silver and Other Coin.--- ...----... 70.22
Warehouse..... .- -- 58.52
Trnsit Ites ------.----- .-- 512.711
To,tal---------------------- 36200
Capital Stock Paid In--------.------ $25000.00
Surplus Fund.- ------ ------------- 7400
Undivided Profitse. less Current Ex
penses and Ta:tes Paid ---- -------- 1261.05
Dividends Unpaid----- -- .----- 18.00
Individual Deposits Subject to Check. 1'.607.49
Savings Deposits.----- .--------4.87.17
Cashiers checks-......--.---.-- -..... --- 7037
State of South Carplina. -
County of Fairfield. ,s.
Before me came R. W. Adams, Cashier of the
above named bank..who, being duly sworn, says
that the abov'e'and foregoing statement is a true
condition of said ba'k, as shown. by the books of
said bank.
R. W. ADAMS. Cashier.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 15th
day of March 1916.
Notary Pul+c.
Correct Attest: Ridgeway, S. C.
J. W. TEAM. M. D.,.
W. J. JOHNSON. - Directors.
~ &)meaning
ters. But it ofte
to appreciate the
greatly assist- the
the worth of-the
having him open
with this bank, e
ing him to add to
A single dollar
start an account.
est helps it to gr
And Declamation ~Contests to
Be Held Soon.
The' annual Field Day of the 1
schools of the county will be held I
in Winnsboro on Friday, April
14th. The declamation contests
will be held the night before.
The complete program has been
arranged and will be mailed out
Supervisors of Registration
Governor Manning has named
the following supervisors of reg-,
istration for Fairfield county: C.
B. Rabb, I. F. Stuart and D. H.
FOR SALE-144 egg Chphers
incubator in perfect condition.
C6st $22.00. ,will sell for $12.50.
H. S. Laval.
Located at Winnsboro, S. C., at the close of bu'si
ness March 1, 1915.
ram and discounts----- ---------$17985904
)verdrafts ---------------------------- 14 402 41
Bonds and stocks owned by bank.---. 7 000 00
Furniture and fixtures---...------------ 2 750 00
aiking house------------------------ 9 500 00
)iherreal estate owned.------------- 7000 00
)Ofrom banks and bankers--------- 1400220
rrency ------------------------------ 1206 00
.-.----------------------------- 1050 00
Ovirer and other minor coin------------ 13555
hecks and cash items..-------------.991 84
apital stock paid in----..------------ 5000000
rplusfund--------------------------- 25 00000
individed profits, less current expenses
- and taxes paid----.-------------- 1310659
)ue to banks and bankers..----------- 25397
Xvidends unpaid--------------------- 256 00
5iiidual deposits subject to check -.- 65 79088
avings deposits-------.---------------- 4369948
rime certificates of deposit--------- 2945512
;ertifcate Checks-.----------------- 20 00
isshier's Checks--------------------- 31500
lsPayable, including certificates---.
for money Borrowed.--------------- 1000000
Total.--$237 897 04
tate of South Carolina, tss.
County of Fairfield.
Before me came J. M. Jennings, Cashier of tLe
bove named bank, who, being duly sworn, says
hat the above and foregoing statement is a true
ondition of said bank, as shown by the books of
aid.bank. J. M. JENNINGS.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 16th
lay of Marce, 1916.
Notary Public S. C.
crract Attest:
PR. Y. Turner.
A. B. Cathcart, Directors.
D. V. Walker
cated at Ridgeway, S. C.. at the close of busi
ness March 7, 1916.. .
oans and discounts.-.------.------$144,065.37j
.-... 195.76
~c sowned by the Bank 3,350 00
Purniture and Fixturcs--.--------..-140000
Bankng Hdd- ------ ---- ---- 1,742.91[
Other Real Estate (i%nzed----------- 6,177.70
Due from Banks and BaVters-------.73,3LR
Currency-- ---- --- --~-. - 00-00
Gold---..----------- -- 327.50
Silver and Other Minor Coin.------ -.--348.91
Total---.--- -------------231,630.12
Capital Stock Paid In..------------- S 25,000.00
Surplus Fund--..---------- ---- ---- 50,000.00
Jndivided Profits, less Current Ex
penses and Taxes Paid.---------9,747.55
Dividend Unpaid...----------------- 15.00 -
[ndividual Deposits Subject to Check 109,308.371
Savings Deposits..----------------- 34.80.001
rime Certificates of Deposit..-----.---557.00
Cashier's Checks.---------- -- --------107.20
State of South Carolina, I
Conty of Fairfield. ,ss.
Before me came N. W. Palmer. Cashier of the
above named bank, who, being duly sworn, says
that the above and foregoing statement is a true
ondition of said bank, as shown by the books of
said bank.
N. W. PALMER. Cashier.
Sworn to and subscribed before mue this 14th
day of March. 1916.
Notary Public.
Correct Attest: Ridgewaiy, S. C.
D. W. RUFF, Directors.
uickly grasps the
of above charac
n takes a lifetime
r value. You can
child in learning
ollar. How? By
a savings account
.nd by encourag
is sufficient to
Then our inter
N account ol
now exists
the Insurers of Fai:
if your property is insi
The recent bill passed I
causing a majority of 1
Companies to withdrav
All policies now in fore
turbed until expiration
of your policies I am
your business in one oJ
line companies that h
intention to stillretain
A full stock of Spring'
nery on exhibition. T
shiapes and colors ?-al
to-ws,,IT.arens Ii
Miss Nettie
All that New and I
and Summer Hat
Novelties will
here r
Wednesday at
* March 22=I
You, are most cor
come and s
Miss Lizzie
If so we are prepared I
have had 15 years prac
guarantee all work.
need and we will subm
Winnsboro P1
the confusion that
among Insurance
I wish to state to
efield County that
ired with the
)y the legislature is
;he Fire Insurance
r from the State,
e will not be*
and at expiratiok
prepared to place
three strong ;old
ave declared their'
me as their agent.
TER, Mgr.
=23, 1916
and Summer Mih
tern Hats; R dy..
Eats and Milline
Sit greayesj
Vobby in Spring
s and Millinery
be shown
td Thursday
13, 1916
dially invited to
ee them.
;o do it for you. We
tical experience and
Tell us what you
it estimate.
umbing Co.
LO, S. C.

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