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0. E. CROWSoW. Editor
One Year.....................50
Six Months,.................
Four Months...................
Communications--We are ahway,
glad to publish news lett-r. or tnost
I)ertaining to matters of pub-c inter.
-st, when accompanied by the nane.
and addresses of the authors. Article
which are defamatory will not b,
We assume no responsibility ;or th.
opinion of correspondents.
Entered at the postoffice in Winns
boor as second class matter.
The threat of a court martio
trial for those members of L!I
Texas State militia who refuse,
to take the mustering oath an(
enter .the federal service wi!
cause many in the future to tak<
the second thought before "jin
ing" military companies in th
future. The National (uard i
no place now for a man who i
not in position to go to the fron
when called on. In former year
the military companies wer
Looked upon as social organiza
tions but not so now. The- ar
supposed to be and supported a
a part or annex of the standini
army and the man who does no
think or realize this should begi
to get his bearings.
First Week Jurors.
The June term of court wi
convene here on Monday. Jun
12. Following are the juror
drawn for the first week:
S. C. Crthcart, D. V. Walker
Jr., J. S. Ketchin, R. A. Meares
J. B. Clowney. F. A. Neil, J. C
Arnette. J. E. Crowder. J. M
Jones, F. E. McEachern. E. M
Mellichamp, A. C. Campbell, T
F. Walker, D. M. Wilson, W. B
Dixon, Jr., J. D. Bolick. L. D
Friday, T. J. Carter, W. T. Mc
Connell, D. C. Green, Wa'te:
Scott, J. F. Beam, J. L. Robin
son. R. S. Spence, W. P. Cleve
land. A. G. Brown, A. C. , Fias
ter, J. D. Palmer, J. W. Edring
ton, Jno. A. Gibsori, R. B. KEist
"ler, J. L. Bryan, W. D. S. Weir
le C. Bouiware, C. S. Ford anc
James Bolick.
ment o Chesterfield Coun
ty~ papers on/county sentimnen1
shown at the tconvention:
* The Chesterfield County Con
vention was notable for its repre
senta'tive attendance, being comn
pbsed of leading men from prac
tically every -club in the county.
It'.was even more notable for its
unity and enthusiasm. especially
ia its action endorsing the candi
* dacy of Hon. W. F. Stevenson
for Congress. Partisan lines
which cut deeply mnto his vote in
this county two years ago have
been obliterated and a united
county is behind him, and the en
thusiasm shown on the subject
on last Mvonday warrants the
prediction that his majority in
this county will be the greatest
ever given a candidate here who
had an opponent." Cheraw
Chroniele, May 4.
"It is said that Chesterfield
~County is united as she has not
been in thirty years before. This
uuity means much for the peace
of the county during the coming
campaign and it may mean much
more. It may mean that Ches
terfield county will furnish the
next representu-ive from the
Fifth Congressional District to
the United States Congress.
"'If the enthusiasm for the
Hon. WV. F. Stevenson manifest
ed at this convention represents
the sentiment of the people of
-the county, Mr. Stevenson ic sure
of every vote to be cast i. this
county next fall---and that wvill
help somne."-Chesterfield Ad
vertiser, May 4.
WANTED-Pupils to roach
during this summer. espe-cially
those who failed to be promoted.
The school officials have agreed
to at-cept work done by piupils in
this way. Can begin work as
soon as school closes. Terms
reasonable. Isabel Hoy. .5-25-3t
FOR SALE-The household
ferniture belonging to the estate
oMrs. Mary Williford deceased.
A bargain for those who are in
need of some good first class
furniture. Will be shown to
prospective purchasers at any
time. Apply to G. N. Ragsdale.
Atty., or ? Eantye Willi;ford.
PEXS FOR SALE-100 bushels
at $1 per bushel. (Guaranteed
90 per cent. sound. H. 8.
Mr. and Mrs.W Wright,
Jr., Miss Mae A11er'a-d H. G.
Wright motored tChester Satur
day for the "Birth of a Nation." ph
Mrs. J. G. Wolling, Jr's.. many F
friends are glad to see she is able,q
to visit around again after being:
confiided to her home for most I
a year. She was the guest of be
her sister. Mrs. E. E. Coleman, ri
on Friday, and her father Mr. S.
S. Coleman on Sunday. th
Miss Mae Allen is visiting her
mother at Shelton.
Invitations to the commence
ment at Winthrop College have fl3
been received f-rom the following
that graduate: Misses Gertrude Is
and Earline Stevenson of Winns- it
boro and Essie Mae Suber of, a
Mr. William Wolling was a
visitor in Union Fricay.
Mrs. Lottie Coleman and little b
son Clarence, and Miss Mabel a
Coleman spent Monday and Tues- ir
day at Strother with Mrs. . S.
J. Suber.
Miss Floride Keller spent few.
days last week with her aunts,
Misses Nannie and .ennie Keller.
.lrs. J1. A. P. Coleman and b
son, Sam. in wxIe Chester Satur- fl
day for The Birth of a Nation, b
Mr. Brown Wright of Chester tl
L was a business visitor in the t
neighborhood Saturday.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. S. E. t
Hill. a daughter, May 27th. r
Mr. G. W. Coleman took in 1
"The Birth of Nation" in Ches- S
ter Saturday. t
L Mrs. E. W.. Coleman, Misses:
i Louise Faucette. Eva and Mary e
Colvin. Messrs. Marsh Gladden'
and John A. F. Coleman, Jr., i
and Henry Colvin motored to
Chester Friday. for "The Birth
of a Nation".
Mr.J. B. Stewart spent the r
week-end with his family. r
Mrs. George Woods of Abbe
ville is the guest of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Traylor.
Misses Kathleeri and Beckie x
Coleman came home from Win- t
throp Wednesday. v
Miss F. Benton Coleman was.
the guest of Mrs. N. F. Shivar a
of Shivar Spring Tuesday and t
The dance last Friday night
was very much enjoyed Those.
vho 'came up from Winnsboyov
for he dance were: Messrs/D.
R. Coleman, John Harden' Sam a
Clowney, George .Crawford. Dick b
Crosby and Al:x Wilhiford. S
Closeiggi xercises of Mt Zion P
Institute. ' _
The closing exercises of Mt.
Zion Institute will be held on
Tuesday night at eight-thirty
o'clock. These exercise will con-:
sist of the reading of the essays I
by the members of the graduat- v
ing~ class, the reading of the c
Class History and Class Will, t
two songs by the school andt
several pieces of instrumental
music by the pupils of Mrs. Jor
dan's music class. On this oc
casion the Honor Roll for the
year will be read and the medals
and certificates will be delivered..
The public is cordially invited to
attend these exerciees.
Deelaimers Contest Monday
night at 8:30 o'clock. L
Music- -Trio-Missses Francesb
Cowney, Jessie Douglas and t
Juanita Dunn.
Prayer by Rev. G. G. Mayes- b
Soldiers' Chorus by School.
Miss Minnie Lee Seigler-Hap
pness and Liberty.
Miss Stroby Robinson-T h et
Lost Word.
Miss Rebecca Phillips-A Plea c
for Cuba.
Miss Priscilla Ketchin-Lasca.a
Music-Sol- Miss Alice Car
Miss Ziza Bruce- Death of
Miss Margaret Jackson -The:
Conquered South. T
Miss Kathleen Lemmon The A
Unknown Speaker. :af
Mus;ie--Solo --Beautiful Moon; h<
light. b.
Mr. Marion Brown - T h e in
~7ounded Soldier. .Ti
Mr. Hugh Wylie-A Vision of;b
War. ar
Mr. Boyd Tennant-An Appeal er
to Arms. de
Musie -Solo-Miss Elizabeth n
Cathcart. to
Mr. Clarence Bruce TI h e ell
Gladiator's Appeal. ur
Mr. JIohn Richardson-The ca
New South. .nc
The decision of the jud.ges 'Pi
will be rendered on Tuesday co
night. One of the medals has th
been given by The Winnsboro PE
Bank and the other by~ the Bank
of Fairfield.
Negro On M. B. Clark's Place ar
Victim of Lightning.
During the storm and rain last ho
Sunday afternoon, Bill Wicker. or
an aged negro on Mr. M. B. gul
Clark's place, was struck and in- se
stantly killed by lightning. He rea
lived near the creek and had just wi
walked out into the yard when ern
the bolt caine. He was seen to to<
fall, but when the witnesses ice
letter Winnsboro Club Notes
WANTED-A good boarding
ice: a pan of milk or baby's
ttle preferred. Address: A
y. ',.Germ Dept., Winnsboro.
The first forward ste) for a
tter and cleaner town is to get
I of the flies.
Let us all work together for
e down fal! of the deadly.
rm laden fly which causes
,000 baby deaths annually.
Have you sge the wonderful
trap which is on exhibition at
r. J. L. Bryson's residence? It
worth going around to see, for
has already proved its value as
fly trap. It is made of a bar
4, both heads of which are re
oved. A yaid wide strip of
ire screen is cut to form a cone
hose base covers the end of the
,rrel hoop, the apex being about
i inch in diameter. This is set
to barrel. apex up. Next the
)p hoop is removed and fitted
ver with the screen, forming a
d snugly fitted, but readily
amoved, for emptying out
les. The barrel is then set upon
board platform, with two inch
locks to raise edges to admit
ies. Bait; sweetened water,
rown sugar, a fish head, any
ing not stick enough to hold
ie flies, is placed on the plat
)rm. Flies swarm to the bait,
nd after feeding or when dis
irbed will attempt to escape by
ising to the light, when they
ass through small hole in top of
creen cone and are trapped. As
e presence of the flies in the
arrel attracts others, it is not
mptied until a day's quantity
re caught, when they are all
illed by pouring boiling water
ver them, and they are dumped
ut by removing the lid and in
erting the barrel. Of all the
iultitude of patented and com
iercial fly killers placed on the
iarket. in the last dozen years,
his is by far the most effective,
nd they are so inexpensive. The
letter Winnsboro club is trying
ard to have a fly-free town, and
7e ask that you make an inspec
ion of this fly trap, and be con
inced that it is what we need.
'ifty or more of them scattered
round town at the back doors of
e grocery stores and at the
tables, would make our town a
mch more comfortable place in
rhich to live. Think it over.
stre 1 ler?
ihat is the use of havin, n
bundence of water if we can't
ave some of it on the dusty
We can't urnderstand why our
ark, which ought to be a thing
f lae.aty. isasecj as a dagnping
lace for all the old tin'ca.ns 'and
nsightly rubbish from back
Clean-up Day? When?
There is a real treat in store
r all lovers of a town beautiful,
hen the Hon. F. H. McMaster
>mes to tell us how to make our
>wn. one of that kind. We are,
Shave him with us early in
ne, the exact date to be an-;
>unceci later.
Social Afairs.
he Thursday AfternoonBridge
ub met last week with Miss
aura Douglas. who has recently
eome a member. The card
bles were placed in the cool,
mdsome reception room, where,
wis of sweet peas added a
easing touch of color. The
imes were merry and interest'
them ran high, until late in
e afternoon, when the cards
ere laid aside and the tables
nerted into daint5 luncheon
ards. when the hostess served,
tempting salad course with
se tea.
The May meeting of the~
iomas Wood ward chapter D.'
R. was held on last Saturday
ternoon with Miss Sue Doty as,
stess. Almost all of the mem
rs were present, and the meet
~proved a most delight ful one.
e regular program and all
siness was dispensed with,
.d the Regent Miss Alice Walk
,very interestingly told the'
tails of her attendance at the'
tional convention in Washing
a last month. The business of
cting officers was postponedl
til a business meeting to be
led later. During the after
on delicious ices and cake in~
ok and white was served. The~
lors were also carried out in
e effective decorations of sweet
Miss Leitha May'es was hos
s on Wednesday morning at
exceedingly pretty little sew
party for her sister, Miss'
ry Mayes, who has just come'
me for the summer. A dozen'
more girls composed the
ests. Everybody brought their
ving bags. The guests wvere
:eived and entertained on the
e. fern decked porch, and ser
d merry busy hours passed all 1
>quickly. Tfhe hostess served
d tea and sandwichesihen i
"Hot Air Will Put Up a Bal
loon. But it Won't Keep it
Up," Says a Noted
Should Value Be Lacking thE
General Public Long Ago
Would Have Lost Faith
in Tanlac.
This is an age of advertising.
and everyone is familiar with th(
popular saying. "It pays to ad
Advertising is a business force
So potent is the charm cast b;
its spell it has been known t<
pertorm marvelous feats and t<
accomplish phenominal results.
It cannot be truly said how
ever, that everyone who adver
tises su,:ceeds for unless ful
value underlays the article adver
tised the advertising would ulti
mately fall of its own weight. Ii
this connection we must not for
get the words of the immorta
Lincoln who said "You can foc
some of the people all the time
you can fool all of the peopli
some of the time, but you canno
fool all of the people all of thi
time," so if there is not behin
every advertisement a dollars an
cents value to the article advei
tised no amount of advertisin(
wlll stimulate the sale on such ai
article beyond a certain point
This applies to every line of busi
ness and the modern busines
man or firm can only succee(
through honest advertising an<
fair dealing.
One of the most successful ad
vertisers in America today is L
T. Cooper. the manufacturer o
the medicine, Tanlac. On on
occasion Mr. Cooper said, "Ho
air will put a balloon up, but i
won't keep it there." When
offered Tanlac to the world some
thing over a year ago I did s(
with the firm conviction that
was offering to the people,th
best and purest proda6t-of it
kind on the Americar-market to
day and I did no I 'sitate to ex
-end'ast sums for advertising
because'K Krew the more th<
people kne' about it the mor<
they would buy it.
The success of the preparatiot
was immediate, and the people
everywhere were quick to recog:
nizeits tenuine merit and woe
derful curative powers. I have
never claimed Tanlac to be
"cure all"~ or that it would per
form unheard of wonders but ]
stated facts-stated them in 2
straight-forward and businese
likegvay and in a manner that
has commanded confidence in the
conservative claims set forth.
Underlying these claims has
been real value not from a dol
lars and cents point alone. but
frpm health as well. The phe
nominal success the preparatiion
has now achieved is familiar tC
everyone. No matter where you
go Tanlac is a household word.
It has brought a new romance tc
the modern business worid. It
is a story of an acceptance and
appreciation of merit never be.
fore obtained by a proprietary
medicine. Conservative busi
ness men to whom the actual
figures of the production of Tan.
la have been presented, have
scouted them untii the prooff was
The production of Tanlac now
stands at the rate of almost 5,
000,0000 bottles per year, or to
be more ccrrect 4, 8000, 000. The
sale of 1,000,000 bottles during
the first nine nmonths probably
exceeded any record ever before
made by a proprietary medicine.
Through the Atlanta office
alone approximately 400.000 bot
ties have been sold and distribut
ed since December 1st, and the
South alone now requires over
1,000,000 battles per year.
These enormous sales mean but
ne thing and that is merit. One
bottle is sold in a neighborhood
through advertising, but ten
more are sold after the first bot
te produces results. People are
always willing to tell about their
ailments, but they are more than
willing to till otters of any medi
:ine that helps them. It is some
thing they can't keep to them
elves, because the impulse to
smpathize \with fellow sufferers
and want to; help thenm is one of
the strongest as wvell as one of
the biggest thmngs in human na
Tanlae, the master medicine,
s sold by Obear Drug Co.,
Xinnsboro: Ridgeway Drug Co.,
Ridgeway: T. A. Ladd. Dawkins:
W. H. Suber, Peak: Blair and
[ong. Blairs: S. F. Castles,
Rockton; Swvgert & Swygert.
enkinsville: T. B. WVillingham,
trother. --Adv.
63', MONEY. to lend on imn
roved farms in Fairfield county.
Payable in 5 years. WV. J. El
iott, :302 Palmetto Bank. Colum
a . C. G-1-4t'
Notice Uf Enrollment Or s
Voters for the Primary
Election. t
In nursuance of the Statute. in
such case made and irovided.
notice is hereby given that books
for the enrollment of the Demo
cratic voters of Fairfield conny
will be opened by the Secretarv
and Registration Committee of
the various clubs of the county'
on or before the 5th day ofRi Je,
1916. The 'Statute requires thlaC
"each applicant for enrollment.
in person, write upon the club
roll his full name and immedia, --. Q
lv thereafter his age, occupation
and post offlee address, and if in
a city or town shall write the,
name of the street and the num
ber of the house in which he re
sides, if such designations exist
in said city or town. If the name'
be illegible, the secretary shall t
write the name bneath the sig
nature of the applicant. In the:
event of the inability of the ap- a
Dlicant to write he may make his
mark upon the' roll, which shall '
be witnessed by the secretary, or'F
other person then having the
custody thereof, and the secre
tary shall fill in the other require- a
ments. ** Thee
rollment book shall be kept in r
the custody of the secretary, oi
at such place as shall be desin
nated by the enrollment com
mittee. The club roll shall be
open to inspection by any mem
ber of the party."
The Statute further provides
that the Club Books of enroll- t
tment shall close on the fourth if
Tuesday of July. and no person n
I shall be enrolled th'ereafter.
J Within three days after the books.
-have closed, the secretary shall
transmit the original roll to the
County Chairman. I call the s
special attention of the various t
secretaries to this requirement,
and will thank them to give it
I their prompt attention.
The following persons have
been appointed by the County
Executive Committee as the En
rollment Committee of the vari-:
ous Clubs of the county, except
as to Mitford and Wateree, neith
er of which clubs was represent-;
ed at the meeting of the Execu
tive Committee:
Albion-J. E. Stevenson, secre
),tary; C. J. Stevenson, R. C.
Blairs-T. 0. Blair, secretary: 0
L. M. Blair, N. C. James.
Centerville--R. W. Sutton,
secretary: J. D. Watts, George
Fairfield Cotton Mills-T. B.
Autrey, secretary: T. H. Hender- <
son, W. L. Dickey.a
Feasterville-W. J1. Ker
secretary; J, A. F. Coleman. J.o
M. Coleman.
wGladden's Grove-W.B. Dixoni
Adapted from
HE story deals with a
Ibetween dodging ali
As a means of relie:
brewer's window, proposes
and Greece and he seizes t]
who does not appeal to him
happens that a young Amne
to hunt big game. On the
to the front as Red Cross n
pondent's last wife; the mil
Arriving in Greece the war
strenuous and resigns his
act as correspondent for hir
understandings and situotio
very end where misunderst
aby the Red Cross nurse, an:
Swife. Despite the fact that
Sis plenty of drama and muc
sets a high standard for thc
Greenbrier --M. Koke. secre
iry: T. W. Lewis. W. G. Smith.
o eb -Henry Gibson. secre
iry: J. M. Steele. Steele Clark.
Jackon Creek-J. G. Weldon.
cretav: I C. BouIware. J. L.
.1.enkInsvie-W. T. Glenn,
eretary: WV. B. Yarborough, C.
. I3ugIas. Sr.
Lon-ztown-T. Howell Jones.
eeretar.: .1. C. Pickett, R. C.
Mitford -The Secretary, Memn
:%r Executive Cnommitteee and
v. T. Rains.
Mori iceoi IC - Dr. J. A. Scott.
ecretar.: F. R. McMeekinl. J.
Riceway C. J. Smitn. seire
ary R.'- S. w:ee .1. 1:. Boy'd.
.. IL. Dove. secre
ary; W A. rom, T. H. Rich
Wtene T',; Slc-retary. Mem
er of Executive Conuonitttee and
A. Ne i1.
W\Vhite Oak-K. H. Patrick,
eeretsrv .i. H. Gibson, J. H.
W17inni,oro -J1. B. Bnrley. see-;
etarv: A. Lee Seruggs, S. D.
o adW. . Patrick
Mee:. A. L.
Ne%v ibooc of enrollment will
e inailed to the Se,retaries of
be Clubs as Soonm as received
ror the State Executive Com-,
I wish 'to impress upon the
arious enrollment committees
ie importance of complyini
trictly with the law in enrolling
'Ie voters in the county.
J. E. McDonald,
Countv Chairman.
Citation Notice.
By W. L. Holley. Probate Judge.
Whereas. Dr.O.Y. Owings, made suit
> me, to grant him Letters of Admin
tration of the estate and effects of
iss Sue J. owings.
These are therefore, to cite and ad-!
onish all and singular the kindred and 1
editors o-.' the said Miss Sue J.
wivs, deceased, that they be and ap
ar before me. in the Court of Probate,
i be held at Winnsboro on the 10th of
.me. next. after publication hereof
: 11 o'clock in the forenoon, to show
.s if any they have, why the said
hninistration should not be granted.
Lvn' unikr my han t'is 2.-th day
Mayv A. D. 191(;.
Judge of'Probate.
'NE 2nd, 191
Reel Comedy Drar
the play of Richard Ha
divorced war-correspondent
mony-hunting divorced wive
fronm his financial troubles
and is accepted. War brea
le opportunity to dodge his
to go out as a war-corresp<
rican millionaire at the same I
same steamer are two charmi
urse. One of them turns out
lioaire immediately falls in
-correspondent finds dodging
osition. The millionaire offei
n. F'rm then on there are a
ns. Scene after scene is a ri<
andings are cleared up, the 1
1 the war-correspondent reui
"THE GALLOPER" is primr
h thrill to it. It is the first
ise to follow.
Cards inserted under this head from
now until the Deno'ratic primary, for
any office to be voted for in' this
primary, for $5.00.
For Congress.
Mr. W. F. Stevenson authorizes us to
announce that he will be a candidate in
the Democratic Primary during the
coming summer for Congressman from
the Fifth Cotigressional District, and to
thank his many friends for their sub
stanti.l support in the last primary for
the same position.
House of Reresentatives
*Many friends of R. A. Meares, recog
nizing his ability and. fitness for the
posion, respectfnlly present him to
the voters of Fairfield County as a can
didate for the House of Representa
tives, subject to the Democratic pri
For Clerk of Court.
I hereby annouace my candidacy for
the office of Clerk of Court for Fair
field County subject to the ruies of the
Democratic primary laws. Should I
be elected 1 promise to discharge the
duties of the office in a courteous and I
hope satisfactory manner to all.
J. G. Wolling.
Subject to the rules governing the
Democratic Primary, I am a canidatde
for Clerk of Court for Fairfield County. V
I hereby respectfully ask that you
consider my. application before casting-,
your vote in the next primary.
I hereby announce myself a cadidate
for reelection to the office of Clerk of
Court for Fairfield county subject to
the rules of the Democratic pri:nary.
For Sheriff.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of Sheriff subject to the rules
of the Democratic primary. All sup
port given me will be appreciated and
if elected will devote my eergy to
the fairthful discharge of the duties of
he office.
I hereby announce myself as a 'can
didate for re-electi.,n to the offi'ce of
sheriff of Fairfield County subject to
the action of the Democratic primary
and should I be elected promise the
faithful performance of all duties im
posed upon me.
I am a candidate for the office of
sheriff of Fairfield county, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary.
Respectfully, -
We, the friends of R. S. Isenhower,
present him as a suitable c3ndidate for
sheriff in the Democratic grimary this
I hereby announce my candidacy for
the office of Sheriff of Fairfield county
subject to the rules of the Democratic
A. C. Hood.
Road Commissioner
The friends of Frank A Neil announce.
his candidacy for Road Commnissionet ?
of Fairfield county.gub
of the Democratic primary laj
'PE R"
eding Davis
who divides his time'
s and various creditors.
he makes love to a
ks out between Turkey
trouble and a fiancee
)dent to Greece. It
ime is sailing for Africa
ing girls who are going
to be the war-corres
love -with the other.
his former wife too
-s to take his name and
.11 sorts of comical mis
>t of laughter up to the
nillionarine is accepted
ited with his former
arily a comedy, there
3old Rooster Play, and

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