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Local and Personal
i Mrs. Mamie Jackson is visiting
in Columbia.
Mrs. J. E. McDonald, Jr., is
in Columbia.
Miss Hattie Ketchin is home
for the summer.
Mr. Robert Turner is at home
from the Citadel.
Miss Beck Hanahan is visiting
in Hartsville.
Miss Alethia Mayes went to
Columbia Tuesday.
Mr. Elliott Caldwell spent the
week-end in Marion.
Miss Priscilla Ketchin is visit
ing in Charleston.
Mr. J. C. Leval spent last
Saturday in Columbia.
Mr. George Ruff of Newberry
.,spent Sunday in town.
Mrs M. E. Curlee is spending
awhile in Prosperty.
"Mrs. A. F. Ruff, of Rock Hill,
is 'visiting relatives here.
Mrs. Faison has returned from
the Columbia hos'pital.
Miss Betty Brown, of Lancas
ter, is with Mrs. S. W. Heath.
Master William Stevenson is
visiting his sister in Newberry.
Mr. B. B. Latimore of Shelby,
N. C., was in town on Thursday.
Mr. H. E. Matthews of Colum
bia spent Sunday with his home
Mr. Ernest Ellison of Char
lotte spent Sunday here with his
Mrs. P. A. Lowry and children
of Union are visiting Mr. W. W.
4 Miss Maude Robinson went to
Columbia today to visit friends
for a week.
Misses Mary Seigler and Beck
Jennings went to Columbia for
the day on Monday.
Mrs. R. S. Bollinger of Col
umbia, is the guest of her moth
er, Mrs. Quattlebaum.
Mr. T. W. Ruff and Miss Myra
Ruff left Sunday night for New
York for a ten days stav.
Mr. and Mrs. Higher, of Aiken,
spent the week-end with Rev.
and Mrs. J. B. Traywick.
Miss Jimmie Crawford and
Mrs. McBride Smith spent part
of this week in Columbia.
Mrs. M. A. Wylie and Mrs.
R. L. Jackson of Columbia are
guests of Mrs. John M. Smith.
~: K Miss Virginia Owens. has re
- turned to ier'home in Clinton af
ter a visit to Miss Gene Smith.
Mr. J.:M. Jennings spent three
days of this week in Asheville
attending the Bankers' Associa
Mrs. Haliford has returned to
her home in Timmonsville after
a visit to her daughter, Mrs. J.
S. Center.
Mrs. W. C. Beaty, Mrs. L. D.
Adams and Mr. S. D. Dunn re
turned this week from Chick
Miss Alice Walker is in the
hospital in Columbia, ha.ving had
an operation on her throat. Miss
Beck Walker is wvith her.
Mr. W. S. Fewell, who has re
eently returned to his home in
Rock Hill from California, spent
the week-end in town with
Mr. E. H. Roewell has arrived
here from Wirewood, Fla., and
will open a garage and automo
bile repair shop in the vacant
building near the Methodist
church. Mr. and Mrs. Roewell
will occupy rooms in the home of
Mrs. S. S. Gibson. They will re
ceive a cordial welcome at the
hands of our people.
Misses Mary Lou Fr-azer. of
Mississippi, Katherine Bridge
man, of Virginia, Edith Willing
ham of S. C., Christine Thomas
of Georgia, and Misses John
Blackburn, Chris. Rector and,
Rev. R. Roy Brown comprise a
house party w ho have been visit-;
ing Rev, and Mrs. F. D. Vaugh
an. Several entertainments were
given for them.
A most enjoyalle affair .of
Wednesday afternoon was a pic
nie at the Durham place for
Misses Lucy and Kate Dotv's
house party. A dozen or more
couples went out in automobiles,.
and every body took their bath
ing suits and picnic lunch. After
several hours in the pond the
pienic spread under the trees at
twilight was very tempting.
Rev, and Mrs. F. D. Vaughan
gave an elaborate party at their
home in the Lebanon section on
Wednesday evening, for their
house guests. After being pre
sented to the receiving line, com
posed of the host and hostess and;
the honorees, the half hundred
or more guests were scattered.
over the spacious lawn, where
.Japanese lanterns twinkling
among the numerous trees and
shed a soft light. Cards were
given to every body, and they
were filled out by the girls, leap
year style. Late in the evening
cooling ices were ser7ed by a
bevy of girls.
About Forty Three Men Et
listed and Tender Their
Services to the Country.
Immediately on the call of th
President for:the State militia t
enlist under the law and mob(
lize at Columbia for -service i
the regular army, Capt. J. E
Doty of the local company, wer
to work to see how many men b
could enlist and about forty rec
ponded to the call but the min
mum number required for eac
company being sixty-five th
Winnsboro Guards were not a<
cepted and some other compan
will take the place of Compan
K. in the first regiment. Me
from other places might hav
been secured but the officei
wanted it to be home men an
being a very busy season th
matter was dropped.
Captain, J. B. Doty:1st Lieul
enant, J. E. McDonald, Jr.: 2n
Lieutenant, J. J. Obear.
Privates-E. B. Lewis, Ja,
M. Macfie, Jonh J. Hollis, S. XN
Alexander, Joe Haynes, J. XN
Stevenson, Dunnam McCant
C. W. Bolick, R. A. Roach, C
G. Tennant, G. W. Wheeler, J
J. Joyner, Willie Plax, E. G
Brank, Frank Orr, J. B. Walkez
E. M. Philips, J. M. Douglas, J
S. Batton, J. S. Williford, W. G
Ragsdale, E. P. Burley, H. I
Elliott, Jr., C. D. Orr, Bud. I
Orr, William Reed, J. F. Stem
art. Willie Robertson, Walte
Mattox and R. Boulware. Ther
were ten others who had signi
fied their willingness to join bu
had nA signed the roll.
Summer School for Delin
quent Pupils.
The trustees of Mount Zion In
stitute have established a sum
mer session for a month or pos
sibly six weeks for all scholar
who failed to be promoted las
year or who have any failures a
all in their studies. There wi]
be no charges to those taking ad
vantage of the school. Mis
Isabel Hoy will be in charge o
the school. She will be glad t
answer any inquiries in regar
o the hours, course of study
etc. This is a wise move on th
art of the trustees and they ar
o be commended for their ac
First Cotton Blooms Received
On last Thursday the New
ad i{erald -received a, cottoa
loom from Mr. C. M. Mann, o
Bookman. Mr. Mann sent in th<
first bloom last year. On Frida:
on the farm of E. W. Colemai
& Sons was found severa
Mr. T. L. Johnston has als:
sent in a bloom.
Don't Loaf on Your Dad.
Abbeville Medium: Y o u n
an, your dad has paid your ex
>enses to college the past year
e has worked during the timi
hat you were there. He, wil
robably get ten days' vacatio:
his summer. Do you think tha
ou deserve three months vaca
ion? No, you don't. Then g<
o work even if you only make
mough to pay for the dopes yoi
irink. You'll. feel more like
Washington, June 21.-Report:
hat American and Carranzi
roops had clashed aroused great
?st apprchension here tonigh
or future relations between ft
nited States and the Mexical
e facto Government. alread:
trained almost to the breakinm
Officials decline to prophecy af
to the next step of the Washing
ton Government. They made ni
effort to conceal their anxiety
ut were not ready to abandoi
bope that an official account o
hat happened at Carrizal wouli
emove the more threatenini
elements of the situation.
Mrs. John Wallace of Atlant
s the guest of her sister, Mrs
. Lee Scruggs, while her hus
band, Dr. Wallace is in Ne'
York taking a special course.
Would you like to have sonm
flowers to beautify your yard.
The Better Winnsboro Clu
aas 1,000 plants to give away
Call at the home of Mrs. A. G
uattlebaum any morning an
get as many as you want.
NOTICE-We have added me
Thinery to our mill increasin
the capacity to 50 barrels pe
day. Send your wheat to uw
We guarantee a good turn ot:
and satisfaction. Ask the ma:
who has tried us and he wvi
tell you that he is coming bacd
Prompt service, whether yc
bring or shiplit. J. C. Hardi
Co. Rock Hill, S. C.
LOST-One black and tan hour
named Henry. One houn
with very few black spots nan
ed Ford. Property of Dr.
S. Beaty. Please notify K. I
Mrs. Jordan's Music Recital.
On Thursday afternoon at 5:30
Mrs. Jordan s music class gave a F
recital at Mt. Zion. In spite of
the stormy weather a good audi
ence was present to enjoy the
exceptionally good progam pre
sented. The pupils all showed R
marked improvement, and both s
they and their teacher are to be g
econgratulated -on the result of k
0 the last term. The progam con- h
sisted of the following numbers: G
Duo-Pure as Snow, Missses h
Agnes Stevenson and Kathleen
et Willingham. .
Song-Greeting t o Sprmg,
Class. .i r
Solo-Mayflower Waltz, Miss
h Genie McMaster. e
e Solo-Bonnie and Brave, Miss
Katherine McMaster. d
Y Duo--Roy Robinson and Mrs. d
y Jordan.
n Solo--Tender Flower, Miss T
e Frances Clowney.
-s Song-Playtime Land, Misses!
d Frances Clowney, Jessie Doug- t
e as, Katherine McMaster, Genie d
McMaster, and Roy Robinson. t
Solo - Silver Stream, Miss A
Izetta Clarke. s
Solo-Chimes at Twilight, Miss el
essie Douglas.
Song-Music on the Lake, Miss "
Frances Clowney and Roy Robin-P
Solo- -The Villiage Girls Waltz, I
Miss Agnes Stevenson. t<
Solo-Song Without Words, d
Miss Juanity Dunn.
Duo-In Martial Spirit, Misses
Bertha Turner and Etta Lee
Solo-Kathleen Mavourneen,
Miss Kathleen Willingham.
r ISong-The Two Clocks, Misses
e Eddie Sweet, Eunice Carter,
- Elizabeth Cathcart, Abbie Hana-1V
han, Lucile Kirkpatrick, Marion
Seigler, Jiza Bruce and Clarence
Solo-Woodland Echoes, Miss
Hazel' Crowson.
Solo-Shower of Stars. Miss
Etta Lee Scruggs, C
- Solo-Sublime Sweet Evening 0
- Star, Miss Ruth Doty. I
- Duo-La Czarine, Misses Alice
s Carter and Elizabeth Coan.
t I Trio-La Dame Blanche, Miss- a
t I es Ruth Doty, Agnes Stevenson al
I and Kathleen Willingham. I
- I Solo-Titania, Miss Elizabeth
s Coan. fr
f Solo--Whispering Zephyrs, Miss st
D Kittie Lee Steele. I
I Song-The Merry Zingarellas, p0
, Class.
3 Song- Good night-Class-.h
SDuo-Gipsy Rondo - Misses ye
- Ruth Doty and Elizabeth Coan. la
The song "Merry Zingarelles" in
was rendered by the entire class d4
-in Gipsy costume, which' was t
very picturesque'and attractive.
The "Two Clocks" was especial
ly fine'arid was:grea,tly enjoyed. tr
Where all was good it is hard to
discriminate, but the playing of?
~little Miss Genie McMaster in y p
perfect time and without notes, .
was worthy of mention, as Was a
also the song by Miss Frances v
Clowney and Roy Robinson, Two- a
of the most attractive numbers a
had to be omitted on account of a
the absence of Miss Emelyn st
Macfie. .a
- fc
Salem Items.- st
The farmers have been badly
in need of rain, which came last to
week. 1
-The crops are very good con
sidering the season we have had. O
SWe are glad to have our college th
girls and boys back home with o
Sus. ol
iSeveral of our young people b
attended the dance at Feaster- r
ville Thursday night. They re- fc
ported a nice time. , hi
t Miss Margaret Crowder is h
visiting her sister, Mrs, J. A. F.
1Coleman at Feasterville.
Mr. and Mrs. John Milling of tI
Rock Hill spent a part of last as
week with Mr. and Mrs. S. R. .he
Crawford. y
Mrs. J. WV. Milling and daugh
ter, Helen, who has been visit- Ii'
ing her mother, Mrs. John Clow
fney, near Winnsboro has return- -
3ed home, accompanied by her8.
,:sister, Miss Julia Clowney. ti
Mrs. S. R. Fee of Blairs isd
visiting her daughter, Mrs. W- n
a H. Crowder.h
Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. H.s
Crowder, a daughter. n
~Miss Ruth Ratteree is visitingT
at Myers Mill.
Mr. and Mrs. J. WV. Edrington, ai
eof Winnsboro spent Sunday with d
b her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. R. p
-. Crawford.
. Miss Bettie Coleman has re-g
d turned to her home at Feaster-I
ville after spending a week with jf
- her aunt, Miss Maggie Hampton. i
Miss Essie May Suber of New- a
gberry is the guest of Mrs. Will
r Blair. i
tMr. and Mrs. J. WV. Ladd, Mr.V
raand Mrs. C. M. Ladd and son:
11 Mitchell spent Sunday with Mrs.
.Mary Ladd at Dawkins.I
u A terrible accident happened
n in this community last week.
Mrs. Will Turner and Mrs. Mose .
d Clarke were going to Mrs. Bill
d Propst's when the horre got
-frightened and threw them out
r. of the buggy. Mrs. Clarke's
t shoulder was broken and Mrs.
Turnenr bruied a little.
ecovery of Needed Money Could Not
Be Called Altogether an Act of
Three or four years before he was
iarried he had, in a reckless moment,
>aned to a good friend the trifling
um of $100. A year later he had be
un to throw out gentle hints that he
new of a good dividend-paying stock
e could buy for $100 a share. But
ood Friend didn't come across. When
e was about to buy furniture for his
ew home he plainly told Good Friend
e needed the coin, but that individual
bianged the subject. After he had
Atled down to the hum-drum of mar
ed life he and his wife often would
peak of the many 2iice things they
)uld buy with that $100.
She was a frm believer in Provi
nce, he was somewhat infirm. One
y he lost his job, and the weeks
'ent by, and he didn't find another.
hen his wife took sick; her mother
ime to live with them-things went
'om b. to w., generally, and he talked
shooting himself. His wife told him
> cheer up, to be brive, and not to
espair-the Lord would provide for
Leih. Trust in Providence, she said.
nd the very next day, after that little
xrmon, a letter came to him, with a
ieck for $100 enclosed.
"Di-ln't I tell you?" she cried.
Didn't I tell you? It's the hand of
rovidence, Harry, nothing else!"
"Then I'm Providence," he said, "for
wrote Bill a letter 'tother day and
>ld him if he didn't come up I'd come
wn and take that hundred out of his
4de, with compound interest, even If
went to the pen for it!"
life Had Ceased Eating a-Ad
Suffered Continually.
Mr. J. H. Jonson, of No. 7
harlotte street, Charleston, wife
J. R. Johnson. the well known
igineer on the Seabord Air
ne Railroad, after having re
ived medical advice in Virgin
,North Carolina and Tennessee
different intervals since she
as fifteen years of age, to the
feet that she was suffering
om ulcerated stomach and gall
one, gave a vivid illustration
what. Tanlac is daily accom
ishing for.like sufferers.
She had stomach trouble all
r li.je, was prone to fits of
>miting and was absolutely
eking in appetite. After tak
g only two doses of Tanlac, she
ciares, she ate the first food
eat she ~had eaten in sixteen
"I -suffered from -.stomach
ouble all 11y life" stated Mrs7
hnson. "When I was two
tars oldI.as given up by .my
iysicians to die, and again when'
was fifteen years. I have had,
:cording to eminent medical ad
ce in Virginia, North Carolina
id Tennessee, gall stone and
cerated stomach, and they fin
ly said an obstruction in my
omach- On consulting medical
vice in Charleston, I was in
rmed that it was impossibly to
ate just what the trouble was.
"My most distressing symp
n was v omiting. For sixteen
eeks before I took Tanlac I had
en unable to retain anything
imy stomach-not even medi
ne or raw eggs. I was told
at I would have died for lack
nourishment if I had not been
'stout. I weighed 227 pounds
~fore I took -sick, and I have
ally lived on superfluous flesh
r bodily nourishment. My
isband had given up all hope.
ne evening recently I remarked
>w badly and emaciated I look
L Mr. Johnson burst out cry-'
g, and said 'Lucy, don't say!
tat. Just think! One month
to I thought you would die, I
Id given up all hope, and here
>u are nearly well.'
"It is true. I have taken al
:le over three bottles of Tan
c. After taking only two doses
now, dont-laugh; it is a fact
'ter I had taken two doses I ate
te first food I had eaten in six
en weeks. I consider that won
~rful indeed. I am now eating
~arly everything I want. I
e not vomited since I took my
!cond dose of Tanlac and I am
w feeling much stronger.
"I certainly do recommend
anlac for what it has done for
Le. I had nearly given up hope.
ad Tanlac has done what i
dn't think any medicine or
ysician could do. It is simply
onderful, I cannot say enough
ood things about it."
"Tanlac is certainly a wouder
il medicine, and may God bless
and you. I most surely do re
>mmend it. It has performed
miracle in my case." .
Tanlac, the master medicine,
sold by Obear Drug Co.,
innsboro; Ridgeway Drug Co.,
,idgeway; T. A. Ladd. Dawkins;
. H. Suber, Peak: Blair and
,ong, Blairs; S. F. Castles,
ockton; Swvgert & Swygert,
enkinsville; T. B. Willingham.
J. W. Hanahan
Practice in all Coinrts
Office No. 7. Law Ra ge
Social Affairs.
Miss May Y. Ellison was the
hostess at a dainty party tor the
Thursday Afternoon Bridge club
last week. It is the custom of
this club to give a party for the
member holding the highest score
for year, and so Mrs. J. B. Doty
was the honoree at Miss Ellison's.
The attractive rooms where the
card tables were placed were
bright with flowers. The games
progressed merily until late in
the afternoon, when the hostess
served delicious ices.
An unusually pretty reception
that of Friday evening which
Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Refo gave
for Mr. and Mrs. T.- B. Autrey
who had just returned from their
wedding trip. - The home was
daintily arranged for the occa
sion, and every where among
the flowers candles gleamed,
shedding a soft light. The re
ceiving line was composed of
the host and'hostess the honorees
and the brides and grooms of
the spring, Mr. and Mrs. J. M.
Lyles, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Ellison
and Mr. and Mrs. Mett Wolling.
From an attractive corner of
the porch Misses Bertha Sweet
and Bruce Crosby served punch.
During the evening the guests
were invited into the dining
room by Misses Berta Holley and
Eddie Sweet, and served with
tempting ices and sweets.
Misses Kate and Lucy Doty,
who are entertaining a charming
house party, introduced their
guests to seventy five or more
people at a lovely party on last
Friday evening. Their house
guests are Misses Crosland,
Crouch, White Rowe. On ac
count of the bad weather the
lawn could not be used, but the
lower floor of the beautiful home
and the wide porches were placed
at the disposal of the numerous
merry makers. Bright flowers
added their beauty every where.
All during the evening deliciously
refreshing punch was served,
and at a late hour ices and cake.
Last week Mrs. M. W. Doty's
home was the, scene of an in- I
teresting and very delightful
affair,' when- the Cultus club en
tertained the other clubs of town.
A local talent program had been
arrangeed, and it was found
ost interesting. Poems, prose
and music by local composers
was either read or discussed, and
some fine sketches of the lives of
well know Winnsboro celebrities
were given. During the pleasant
ocial half hour tempting refresh
ents were served.
Under Auspices of the Civic
League Next Friday Night. 0
Insurance Commissioner. Hon. 0
Fitzhugh McMaster. will lecture a
here next Friday night under the
auspices of the Civic Leazue, b
or Better Winnsboro Club. Mr. s
McMaster is a Winnsboro man
and will no doubt have a large n'
attendance at this lecture. We
do not know the subject of his
lecture but it will be along lines
of encouragement for a bigger
and cleaner Winnsboro. Don't a
let anything keep you from hear
ing him. t
132d. Year begins
Entrance examinations at all the
at 9 a. m.
Four-year courses lead to the B.
year pro-madical course is given.
A free tuition scholarship is assig
Spacious buildings and athletic g
tories, unexcelled library facilitics.
Expenses moderate. For terms
We are ready
either a Runabo
Two Used Cars, In Goo
At The Rig
Fairfield I
[r. Editor.-The friends of W- J
[Inson, appreciating his past able
ad efficient services in the two houses'
F the General Assembly desire to -pre-.,
nt his name to the democratie v0ters
F Fairfield County for the State Sen
te, subject to the rules of the primary
lection. This suggestion is. made
'ithout the knowleZie of Mr. Johnson
ut feeling that every patriotic citizen
2ould yield to the demand of . his
nends when his public services are de
red is our authority for the -use of his
Many Friends.
For Coroner.
I hereby announce my candidacy for
ppointment to the office of Coroner 'of
airfield county subject to the rules of
ie Democratic primary.
September 29.
county-seats Friday, June 14,
k. and B. S. degrees A two
ned to.each couty of the State.
rounds, well equipped labor
ind catalogue, address.
N-RANDODPH, President
to show you
t or Touring
Condition For 'Sale
it Prices.
le Co

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