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Drinking of Wat
(BY V. M. PIERCE, M. D.)
The general conclusions of the lat
Medical Scientists proves that dri
ing plenty of I,ure water both betw4
meals and with one's meals is be
ficial to health. It has now been pr
en by means of the X-rays and act
tests upon many healthy young n
that the drinking of large amounts
water with meals is often benefic,
Therefore if you want to keep heall
drink plenty of pure water (not
water) both with your meals and
tween meals. If you ever suffer fr
backache, lumbago, rheumatism, or,,
of the symptoms of kidney troubi
such as deep colored urine, sedim
in urine getting out of bed at night I
quently and other troublesome effe
take a little Anuric before mei
These Anuric Tablets can be obtah
at almost any drug store.
w. L.
$3.C 3.50 $4.00
Save Money by Wearing
shoes. For sale by over904
The Best Known Shoes
. L. Douglas nane and the retail pri
torm of all shoes at the factory. Tf
the wearer procec::d against high prices
:etail prices are the same everywhere. 'I
Francisco than they do in New York. '1
price paid for them.
quality of W. L.Douglas prodw
than 40 Yea experiance in ma-ig
styles are the leaders in the Fashio
They are made in a well-euipped fac
by the highest paid, skilled oemakers,
supervision pf experienced men, all w
determination to make the best shoes fc
can buy.
Ask your shoe dealer for W. L. Dougla
not supply you with the kind you w
make. Write for interesting booklet
get shoes of the highest standard of qz
by return mail, postage free.
LOOK FOI W. L Douglas
name and the retail price
stamped on the bottom.
Anglers Would Have Done Better
Have Read the Other Side of the
Notice Board.
The disciples of Izaak Walton h
found a perfect stream for the exerc,
of their art, and they s ttled the
selves for a day's fishing, underterr
by a n'otice board. The board, whi
had been painted by an amateur, re
"Notiss-These grounds is priv
and y~er carn't fish 'ere. These f
ain't the kind to be tempted
wurms, and there-"
Here space ran out, andi the injui
tion was left uncompleted. For t
hours the anglers sat by the strea
tempting the trout, not with worr
but with the very latest and most
pensive bait."
But nothing happened. Then si
denly app)eared the owner of t
grounds and the author <-f the not
"HI. you two! 'Ave yer read ti
- "Well, yes, we did. But - er -
thought you wouldn't mind, and
couldln't find your house, or we wvol
"Oh. It don't matte"! I on'y thoug
seein' yer afishin' there, that .y
'adn't read both sides of the board.
you 'ave, of course, go on amusi
yourselves !"
A hasty glance at the other side
the board showed that it continuedt
exhortation begun on the front.
"ain't no fish."-London Answe
How It Is Done.
A man. engagedl in buying a neck
for himself, turned the pile over a
over and at last put aside two as
worthy of further consideration. 'I
salesman placed the rejected ties
a separate box. The man asked whe
er they had been placed by mistr
with those he had been examining.
"Oh, no," was the polite responm
"but we have orders when five or:
men turn down a tie to take it<
and put it aside."
"What become~s of them?"
"We sell them to women who co:
in here to buy ties for men."
Ordinarily a young man takes a gih
band before asking for it.
Think of It
People cut out tea or coi
beverages interfere with
drink freely of them, stra
at whatever time of day
caffeine, in tea and coff
More and rnore people
the drug-free, nourishin
Raeford, N. Car.-"It is with grest
pleasure that I indorse most unreserv
edly Dr. Pierce's Anuric Tablets. I
est suffered with kidney trouble for about
1k- ten years. After taking 'he first box
.en of Anuric I was so much improved that
ae- I would not want to be without them.
Dv- I shall highly recommend them to my
jal friends, for they are truly grand."
en MRS. A. D. LEACH.
of Lenoir, N. C.-"Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery is a great medicine
for me in building me up when I feel
run-down in health. It gives me
ice strength and flesh. I have been using:
be- it at different times for thirty years
)m or more. I began its use for catarrh.
.ny with a liquid preparation that Dr.
Pierce prepared for me, for use in the
nt nose, and It greatly relievr-d me. I
re- can heartily recommend the 'Discov
ts, ery' as a blood med:clne."-MRS.
Ls. LUCY BEACH. "No. 1.
Led Send Dr. V. M. Pierce, Buffalo. N. Y.,
10c. for trial package of tablets.-Adv.
$4.5 & $3.00 AN OMEN
W. L. Douglas
) shoe dealers.
in the World.
*e is stamped on the bot
e value is guaranteed and
for inferi:>r shoes. The
hey cost no more in San
hey are always worth the
t is guaranteed by more
fine shoes. The smart
2 Centres of America. (
:ory at Brockton, Mass.,
under the directior, and 4
:rkim with an honest 4&1,
r th-: price that money
s shoes. If he can
ant, take no other
explaining how to - BEWARE O7
ality for the price,
Boys' Shoes
Best in the World
President $300 $250 &$2.00
W. L. Douglas Shoe Co., Brockton. Mass.
%wr DVader bas &ham. or if not he shonUd.
Ask bim or writo us -giving his na.
If some men would work more and
hope less they would get along better.
Dr. Peery's "Dead Sho*" not only exp 's
Worms or Tapeworm but cleans out the
mucus in which they breed and ton,s up
the digestion. One dose suffclent. Adv.
ad Knows Her Own Wants.
se "Mother. many I h:.ve soile mi1ore
M- pie?" said Lucy.
ed "-No dear, you have had one piece.
cl and that is enougi."
ad "Now, mother, you think you know
et, all about my stomach, and you don't
sh at all, for it wants another piece of
by pie."
-Not as Advertised.
vo An English lord was visiting friends
n, in Scotland. One evening while at-.
s, tending a dinner given in his honor he
I- met the little daughter of his host,
who, though too well-bred to stare,
id- eyed him, covertly as theO occasion
he presented itself, .finally v-enturing a
ce remark-:
"And you are really and truly an
at English Lord?"
"Yes," he answeredl pleasantly,
ve "really anid truly."
e "I have often thought I would like
id to see an English lor<d," she went
on, 'and-and-'
hit, "And now you are satisfied," he In
ou terrupted, laughing.
If "N-no," the little miss replied truth
ng fully, "I'm not satisfied, I'm a good
deal disappointed.-Courntry Gentle
of man.
as Why Labor is Scarce.
Here is one reason which you may
rs. have overlooked why labor is growing
scarcer every (lay in the United States:
We have now in Pennsylvania alone
tie 225,000 automobiles. One-third of them
nd are pleasure cars driven by chauf
Lot feurs, an army of 75.000 able-bodied
he men removed entirely from produc
in tive work.
th- The army of pleasure car chauffeurs
ke in the whole country must exceed hal!
a raillion men-all nonproducers. In
e; (deed, there Is another great big army
lx of muen building pleasure cars to be
ut operated by these other nonproducers
of essentials.
They used to complain in Germany
ne that every taxpayer had to carry a so!
dier on his back. We vary It it. the
United States by carrying a chauffemi
l's jon our backs, says "Girard" in the
Philadelphi Ledger.
fee before retiring when these
sleep. In the morning they
ngely overlooking the fact that
the cup is drunk the drug,
e is irrntatmng to the nerves.
are turning to
g, comforting cereal drink.
a Reason" -
'N st:
(By E. 0. SELLERS, Acting Director of !
Sunday School Course, Moody Bible In- to
stitute. Chicago.) U1
(Copyright, 1916. Western Newspaper Union.) in
-- st
LESSON TEXT-Acts 2S:11-31.
GOLDEN TEXT-I am not ashamed 0
the gospel; for it is the power of God un
to salvation to everyone that believeth.- gr
Rom. 1:16. K
In ihis lesson we see somewnat of m
the human side of Paul's character.
No man appreciated fellowship more
than he. Look up Acts 17:15; 18:5; I
Cor. 7:G; I Thess. 3:1, 2; II Tim. 4:21.
I. The Sea Journey (vv. 11-14).
Paul left Melita (Malta) probably Feb- te
ruary, A. D. 00. From there to Syra- th
cusa was a distanct. of between 80 and
101 miles. From tne island of Syra- Sl
cu.e (now a part of Italy) to Rhegium ni
was one day's sail. From Rliegiui to le
Puteoli was 1,0 miles. Puteoli (mod
ern Pozzuoli) is in the Bay of Naples, s
eight miles from the modern city of hE
Naples. Paul and his band who had
done so much for the Maltese were
specially honored with many honors.
(v. 10.) - C
In these verses wu have a picture of I fc
Paul seeking out his brethren wherever
he went, thanking God and taking SJ
courage as they came to meet with i1
him and converse with him. It is a C]
picture upon which we ought to ponder
deeply and be grateful that it reveals
to us a side of Paul little known and
appreciated. ti(
11. The Land Journey (vv. 14, 15). av
At Puteoli, Paul and his companions
began their march to 140 miles to the sa
city of Rome. After a march of 60
miles they reached the famous Appii J'l
Forum, i. e., "The market of Appius." to
Here Paul is met by the first dele
gation from fhe church at Rome, who T
were waiting to welcome him and
Luke and escort them to the capital i
city. A second delegation met them at I
the Throe Taverns, or "The Three w)
Shops." as we would call stores in the pi
modern sense. These Christians had Q
come at no small cost, as they had to Q
walk 46 miles to the Appii Forum and bt
33 to the Three Taverns, and then
walk the same distance back to the
city. Thus it was that the sight of
these friends cheered Paul and he
thanked God. We can well imagine
the joy of those souls, the communion
enjoyed by those pilgrims as they
journeyed toward the imperial city.
We can see in the letters which Paul
wrote from Rome plain signs of his
longing for sympathetic friends and can
imagine how he must have felt upon,
being thus greeted on his journey. We -
can also imagine something of the
blessing and inspiration which must
have come to those Christians who met
this famous soldier of the cross and
had the privilege of escorting him to
the city.
Ill. In Rome (vv. 16-29). Having
entered into the city the centurion Ju
lius, who had become a friend of Paul,
delivered the prisoners to the captain
of the guard. This officer we are told
was a liberal-minded man, one of the
few good people in the corrupt life of
the city. Paul was probably first taken
to the forum, which was the center of
imperial power and magnificence and
near which was the "house of Caesar."
(PhIl. 4:22.) Paul was not sent to
prison for it was against the law to
put a Roman into prison without a
trial. but he was permitted to dwell
by himself ila "his own hired house."
Of course, there was a soldier who
guarded him. This was the city where
Paul had so long desired to preach the
Gospel. (Rom. 1 :14-16.) As In other
places, he first turned to the Jews, for
he loved his own people no matter how
much he had suffered at their hands.
He got them together that he might
preach unto them Jesus and sought to
conciliate them.
In Paul's preaching he always em
phasized that a Messiah was risen
from the dead as a guaranty of all
other resurrections. In his day, as in
this present one, there were those
who spoke against this, and yet that
resurrection was to conquer the world
and to save It from moral ruin. Those
present had had no word out of Judea.
(v. 21.) At a later and a public meet
ing (v. 23) there came unto him, that
Is, into his lodgings, great numbers to
whom Paul sounded the Gospel of the
kingdom and gave his personal testi
mony. He proved out of the law of
Mr 3 and out of the prophets, com
mon ground for them all, that the Mes
siah had truly come, the prophecIes of
the kingdom of God had been fulfilled.
and that Jesus by his life and death
and teaching had shown the Jews how
perfectly the latter were fulfilled. This
Paul did from morning till evening,
following the same line as in his
speech before Agrippa and In otherI
places where he had been testifyIng.
All of his explanations and testimon
mIs centered In Jesus. It was no ab
stract mental theory for an improved
order of society but a definite reign of
a definite person. Jesus of Nazareth.
'aul is a great example for any Bible
:udent to follow.
As on so many other occasions,
laul's preach ing caused a division. (v.
And again he turns to the Gentiles.
(v. 2S.)
Paul told them plainly what lay at
the root of their unbelief (v. 27). and
though they refused the salv<s
There is only one medicine that really
&nds out pre-eminent as a remedy for
seases of the kidneys, liver and bladder.
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands the
ghest for the reason that it has proven
be just the remedy needed in thousands
ion thousands of even the most distress
g pases. Swamp-Root, a physician's pre
riktion for special diseases, makes friende
dckly because its mild and immediate ef.
et is soon realized in most cases. It is
gentle, healing vegetable compound.
Start treatment at once. Sold at all drug
res in bottles of two sizes-fifty cents
d one dollar.
However, if you wish first to test this
eat preparation send ten cents to Dr.
ilmer & Co., Binghamton, N. Y., for a
mple bottle. When writing be sure and
ehtion this paper.-Adv.
Hard to Explain.
"Mother, how do they hang people?"
ked Wallace.
"I don't know, dear, and I should not
11 you if I did know. Don't let your
oughts run on such awful things."
"But, mother, the boys say that
ieriff Jackson does it, annd he's a f-enl
ce man. I w-as going to ask him to
t me see him do it some day."
"Oh, these terrible ma.!-ehildr-n,,"
Id mother, as she put her fingers in
r ears.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
kSTORIA, that famous old remedy
r infants and children, and see that it
Bears the . -O
gnature of
'Use for Over 30 Years.
aildren Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
All Settled.
"Papa," said the sweet girl, affec
mately, "you wo,ildn't like me to go
ray and leave you, would you?"
"Indeed I would not, my dearest,"
Id the wealthy father, fondly.
"rm so glad," sighed the girl. "Now
I marry Mr. Poorchap. He's willing
live here."
3 Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
ake the Old Standard GROVE'S
A.STELESS chill TONIC. You know
bat you are taking, as the formula is
inted on every label, showing it is
ainine and Iron in a tasteless form. The
ainine drives out malaria, the Iron
tildl up the system. So cents.
A woman never fails to boast of her
tuition every time she makes a good 1
One mistal
Y uknow how hard itis i
satisfies you. You know h<
coffee which has the sam~
every morning! It can be
when you buy coffee, you
the mistakes so many wor
periences below-you youi
one or both of them.
Beware of I
Are you buying coffee whit
hasn't been protected by a seal,
Are you afraid that it isn't
Are you often disappointed in i1
It isn't the grocer's fault
sure that it is the same kind he
the riskx of getting different coffi
And even if the coffee itse
kept "loose" without losing its
In packages
You can do away with ever
byordering thecoffeewhichover
Arbuckles' Coffee is such
the sixties, when all other coffe
and unprotected, Arbuckle Br<
packages. This sealed package
and guards it from moisture and
of all, it makes it easy for you t
the sam'e good coffee every ti:
The second mista
Old coffee wit
Are you continually being o:
new naes ? Under all sorts<
Did you ever stop to thin
which ccane and go on the marl
tried to Wnrn women away fromr
Arbackles' is the coffee whi
under its own name, never disgt
on the wo~nderful value it gave.
a coffee m~ust be to do this agaii
other coffees in America!l
Used in a m
- Settle, for all time, your cc
family the only coffee which
proved to have the real coffee ts
When you get Arbuckles' (
ferent coffee. No other coffee gc
-in no other coffee can you ge
result of the care Arbuckle Bra
roasting and in packaging it, gi
coffee from any other on the ma
Order it from your grocer ti
Whole Bean or the new Groun<
far the most popular coffee in a
11- Ch2 Water St. New York
Straighten Up! Don't Lose a Do
Liver and Bowels With
Ugh! Calomel makes you sick. Take
a dose of the vile, dangerous drug to
night and tomorrow you may lose a
day's work.
Calomel is mercury or quicksilver
which causes necrosis of the bones.
Calomel, when it comes into contact
with sour bile crashes into it, break
ing it up. This is when you feel that
awful nausea and cramping. If you
feel sluggish and "all knocked out," if
your liver is torpid and bowels consti
pated or you have headache, dizziness.
coated tongue, if breath is bad or
stomach sour, just try a spoonful of
iarmless Dodson's Liver Tone.
Here's my guarantee-Go to any
rug store or dealer and get a 50-cent
bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone. Take
a spoonful tonight and if it doesn't
Sound Advice. '
"Now, looky yur. Coonrod:" said
Ir. ap Johnson of Rumpus Ridge,
krk.. addressing one of his sons.
'There's a time to fight and a time
iot to fight, just the same as there's a
:ime to sing and a time to dance. and
' don't want you to get 'em mixed.
)on't be too proud to fight when it is;
:ime to fight. but don't be too dad
:jurned anxious. 'Be sure you're right.
hen let 'er rip !' as the poet got (off.
lut not only be sure you're right. but
)e certain you're sure, and then hop
:o it like bagging wildcats. You can't
mnblack a feller's eyes or unbust his
ose, after you've blacked 'em or
)usted it."-Kansas City Star.
Would Seem So.
Madeline - Was Jack's sickn-ss
Kathleen-I guess so, he died.
)range Peel.
Talk is cheap, but like other cheap!
:hings it is apt to prove expensive in
he end.
ke many wor
buying coffe
o g'et a coffee which really 7
)W seldom you can find a a
e fine taste and strength 3
~done. You can do it if, a
are carefu2l not to make
nen make. Read the ex
self have undoubtedly had
oose coffee
:h you get loose, coffee which
ed package ?
clear ? Has it lost its aroma?
s etrength?
With loose coffee he can't be R.'
got before. You always run
~e every time you buy. ArJ
af! were the same, it can't be ~
strength and flavor. a11
y one of these disappointments C
one millionctherfamilies drink.
good coffeetat way back in
es on the market were loose
s. protected theirs in sealed -
Skeeps the coffee's strength,
istore odors. Most important
> be sure that you are getting
ne you buy.
ke women make
I new names
'ered the same old coffee under
>f new blends ?
k of the hundreds of coffees|
ret? And that all of these have
SArbuckles' Coffee ?
c:h has gone right out, always
sed, and held its users simply
You know what good value _
ist the competition of all the
ilion homes
fee problem, by giving your [u1
sver a million families have
ste they want.4
offee you get an entirely dif
es through the same process
t the same good flavor. The
others take in selecting it, in
zes you an entirely different
2day. He has it, in either the
1. Try it. See why it is by
imneriea Arbuckle Brothers.
Ly's Work! Clean Your Sluggish
Dodson's Liver Tone."
straighten you right up and make you
feel fine and vigorous by. morning I
want you to go back to the store and
get your money. Dodson's Liver Tone
is destroying the sale of calomel be
cause it is real liver medicine; entire
ly vegetable, therefore it cannot sal
rate or make you sick.
I guarantee that one spoonful of
Dodson's Liver Tone will put your slug
gish liver to work and, clean your bow
els of that sour bile and constipated
waste which is clogging your system
and making you feel miserable. I guar
antee that a bottle of Dodson's Liver
Tone will keep your entire family feel
ing fine for months. Give it to your
::hildren. It is harmless; doesn't gripe
and they like its pleasant taste.-Adv.
Sold for 47 yea. For
Malaria,Chills & Fever.
Also a Fine General
i gStrengthening Tonic,
50c and $1.OO at al
Drug Stores.
Outclassed His Owner.
Vice President Marshall says that
for subtle humor he believes the fun
niest story he knows i,s the one about
Mark Twain meeting the man who
,wied a dachshund.
As a matter of fact. the man was
extrt-mely proud of the dog because it
was a lit of an oddity in appearance,
besides being intelligent and highborn.
Twain, however, studiously avoided -
looking at it.
Somebody asked him why he acted
as if he didn't see the dog.
"Bec;,iuse." replied Twain, "I was
afraid the owner might be sensitive
about having it."
Not Knocking, of Course.
Jinks-What Is the limit In this
Rink.-The food.-Judge.
Sore Eyes, Blood-Shot Eyes, Watery Eye6
Sticky Eyes, all healed promptly with night
ly applications of Roman Eye Balsam. AdT.
Two-thirds of the so-called society
'40O" are ciphers.
nen make
//s asot
The wrona ve
The vight ww
1 Obckles*
The wrgn wae

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