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Local and Personal
Miss Lizzie Cathcart spent the
week-end in town.
Miss Ida MeMeekin is visiting
in Jenkinsville.
Mr. Louie Rosboro of Colum
bia spent Saturday in town.
Miss Lily May Weir spent
Tuesday is Columbia.
Miss Mary Frances Williford
spent Wednesday in Columbia.
Miss Elizabeth MeMaster is
visiting friends in Concord, N.C.
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Huff man of
Columbia were in town Sunday.
Rev. D. L. Lauderdale of Vir
ginia is in town with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Lauderlale.
Mrs. R. V Woodward 's the
guest of Mrs. W. C. Boyd in
Don't forget to see the window
at Gladden's store on Wednesday
before Thanksgiving.
Mrs. J. M. Holladay and little
Miss Eloise of Marion, are visit
ing their many friends in town.
Mr. Earl Turner of Davidson
college spent the week-end with
his mother. Mrs. Lizzie Turner.
Mrs. E. D. Sloan and Miss
Louise Ellison spent Tuesday in
Mr. George Lauderdale, Jr.,
returned Thursday from Green
Dr. David Bryson is visiting
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. P.
Miss Lila Thorn and Mr. Will
Ragsdale spent Sunday in town
with Miss Ella Beaty.
Mrs. Jack McLaurin of Dillon
is visiting her parents Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Ragsdale.
Mrs. John W. Lyles has gone
to Spartanburg to visit the family
of her son, Mr. T. M. Lyles.
Mi-s. Cordan Quattlebaum has
as her guests hEr aunt and uncle
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. R. Ames from
Miss Irene Turner, who is
teaching in York county. spent
the week-end with her mother,
Mrs. Maggie Turner.
Mrs. John R. Shirley and little
son have returned to Rock Hill
after a visit to Miss Christine
Mr. and Mrs. George Smith,
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Matthews and
Mr: Lonie -Propst-of Columbia
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs.
F. E. Propst, Sr.
- Rev. Oliver Johnson and ^Me
srs. T. H. Ketchmn and J. E.
McDonald are attending the
Synod of the A. R. P. Church in
York this week.
Rev. J. B. Tray wick left Tues
day for conferen -e. This is his
fourth and last year on this
charge, much to the ~regret of
his numerous friends here.
Mrs. F. M. Gadsden as regent
and Miss Rebecca Walker as de
legates from the D. A. R., are
attending the convention meeting
in Johnston this week.
The A. M. E. Zion Conference
cf South Carolina is being held
this week in Winnsboro with the
Church of that denomination. A
large number of mreachers and
lay members are in attendance.
The Better Winnsboro Club
will meet in the Rest Room in
The Winnsboro Bank building on
Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Business of importance is to be
transacted and all members are
urged to be present.
Mr. C. L. Wray wa~s a visitor
in our office on Tuesday and we
are glad to know that he has
*not moved from Ridgeway to
Sumter as a correspondent had
it last wet . Mir. Wxr.ay is still
in business in Ridgeway and wvill
remain there.
The m:embers of the young
WVomarn' Missionary Society of
the MTethodist chureb expect to
hold a cake and fancy work sale
on Wed~nesdav before Thanks
giving. Come .to rhe store of
Mr. E. Gladden andI help) your
selves, incidentally, helping them.
Rev. G. G. Mayes is to be in
stalled as pastor of Mt. Olivet
Presbyterian Church next Sun
day. A commision composed of
Rev. Chas. Montgomery. Rev.
W. S. Harden and Elder J1. L.
Smith will have charge of the
installation services. Rev. Mont
gomery will also preach in the
Presbyteian Church here on next
Sunday morning and Mr. Harden
will conduct the union services
that night.
Pav your subscription to
The Nae and Herald.
Stolen Goods.
In a burst of indignation Re
publican Chairman WVilcox says:
'Anybody who intimates that
Charles Evans Hughes would I
permit any man or group of men
to attempt to steal thn Pres,
dency for him is a contemptible
scoundel and knovs it.
Fo!rty years ago Rutherford B.
Haves was a defeated Republi
can candate for the 'residency. i
In point of character. he was the
Equal of Charles Evans Hughes.
No man of more blameless life
ever occupied the White House.
The Republican Chairman at
that time was Zachariah Chand
ler of Michigan, one of the or
ganizers of the Republican Party,
an intensely loyal Unionist, a
successful business man, a mem
ber of Gen. Grant's Cabinet and
for two terms a Senator of the
United States.
In 1876 the first thought of
most men was that anybody who
intimated that Rutherford B.
Haynes would permit Zachariah:
Chandler or anybody else to steal
the Presidency for him must be
a contemptible scoundrel. Yet
Zachariah Chandler and his co
adjutors did steal the Presidency
for Rutherford B Hayes, as
everybody n o w knows, and
Rutherford B. Haydes accepted.
-New York World.
Charleston Engineer Now
Has Strength to Stand
Overtime Work
For Sixteen Years His Trou
bles Defied Treatment
Restored by Tanlac.
"Some times while on the job
I f.elt as if I could hardly keep
going, That was before I took
Tanlac. Today I have worked
sixteen hours and I do not hard
ly feel it, so great was the relief
Tanlac gave me."
These statements were made
by E. R. Bolchoy, a Southern
Railway Conductor, who resides
at 629 King St., Charleston, in
an endorsement he gave Tanlac,
"The National Tonic."
- These statements of Mr. Bol
choy not only describe his case.I
but the same is true in many
~othr cases. There -are yet,
however, many, many men in -
this state who now, like Mr. Bol-.
choy once did, feel as if they
could "hardly keep going." P
"There is a moral in this mad
which is not hard to find. E.
Mr. Bolchoy's statement fol- Han
lows: sale
"I suffered trom chronic nerv- Win
ous indigestion for about fifteen in T
ears previous to taking Tanlac. esta
Dring that time I have been to "
a number of the best physicians trac
and I have taken all kinas of int
medicines. both prescribed and Sou
proprietary medicines, but with- dre
out receiving any permanent re- boui
lief. lan
"I was extremely nervous dur- and
ing the day and I was very rest- sou
less during the night. I had bad long
dreams very freciuently and I by
suffered quite a bit with a severe and
pain in the back of my neck. I Fea
was very weak at times, and trac
sometimes while on the job I felt Jont
as if I could hardly keen going. T3
Really, I was in a very bad con- pur<
dition. the
"A frienL' who kne;w about my cret
ailments urged me to take Tan- inte
la and I took the advice. And to b
the Taniac sure did give me fine chas
results. I rest wvel at nights or a
now, for the Tanlac made me chas
sleep mu.ch better. jNy appetite nece
is good, and my stomach has sam
strengthened so that I digest my com
food now. I am not nearly so Cler
nervous as I wa and I eel bet- et
er in every way. 1hv gained sa
about eight pounds since I began
taig Tanlac. Toay I have
wored sixteen ho2'rs and I o
no hardl feel it. Those pains
away by the Tunlae.
"I can and do reQommend Tan- Tl
lac now, and I do so conscienti
ously, because of the results I
have obtained from Tanlac. I
have recommended it to 20 or 30 suit
people, who are taking it because Ad
of the results I got from its use. feet
Tanlac is a good medicine, and: T
as I just said, I am glad to re- and
commend it." ' wel
Obear Drug Co., Winnsboro. app
Blair & Long Co., B lairsPr
T. A. Ladd. Dawkins
. F. Castles, Rockton tos
Ridgeway D)rug Co., Ridgeway the
R. WV. Sutton, (R. F. D.: 5 miles
East .Ridgeway. of
T. B. Willingham, Strother
I have sold the
Mr. J. C. Caldwell
Master, Manager
surance and Reali
registers and polic
McMaster's charg
will endeavor to
holders the same
will be apprecia
holders continue t]
H. E.(
Clerk's Sale.
irsant to decretal order of sale
i the cause entitled, Catherine
loby, Plaintiff, against Sam Jones
-mod, defendant, I will offer for
bfore the Court House door in
nsoro, S. C., on the First Monday
ember 1916, the following real
uthat certain piece, parcel or
fland lying, being. and situate
hCounty of Fairfield, State of
t arolina, containing One Hun
[00] acres, more or less, and
d as follows: On the North by
. elonging to James P. Caldwell
bMcClure's Creek and on the
>h y Beaver Creek and lands be
gto L. R. Fee and on the West
dleading from Shelton to Blairs
ylands belongin.g to Florence G.
r." the said trac t being the same
f land conveyed to said Sam
sammond by James P. Caldwell.
IRS OF SALE: One third of the
:e money to be paid in cash on
yof sale and the balance on a~
litf1 one and two years. with
etthereon from the day of sale,
ecured by the bond of the p:ur
rand a mortgage of the premises.
iash at the option of the pur
.the purchaser to pay for all
.rya...pers and for recording
e..d if the purchaser fail to,
with the terms of sale, the said
ay re-sell said land at the risk
epurchaser at some subsequent
C. C. C. P. F. C.
C'ounty of Fairfield
. L. Holley. Probate Judge:
eoas. H. E. Caldt.ell made
ome, to grant him Letters of
iistration of the Estate and ef
s fJ.-C. Caldwell.
31S are Therefore, to cite and
onsh all and singular the kindred
editors of the said ,J. C. Cald
deceased, that they be and
rbefore me. in the Court of
at, to be held at Winnsboro on
ovember next, after publication
o.at 11 o'clock in the forenoon,
owcause,.if any they have, why
ai Administration should not be
va under my hand this 4th day
emcber Anno Domini 1916.
Jude of Probate
agency of the late Hi
to Mr. S. R. Mc- the lat
of Winnsboro In- inform
y Company. All attend
les are now in Mr. will tr3
e. Mr. McMaster servicE
render the policy resent
>ld service and it Mr. C
ted if the policy chang<
,leir business with Mr. C
will b(
ro Insurance a
)od Insurance Plus Gc
Solid Comfc
Any time, anywhere, the Pe:
Smokeless Oil Heater means<
insurance. No matter if th
room's so cold you can se
breath-just touch a match
Perfection and it thaws out ti
before you are ready to dress.
For a warrr bathroom, a cozy
fast room, or a comfortable
room at the end of the day':
get the Perfection.
Clean, handsome, durable. Inexpe
buy, inexpensive to use. Ask ai
department store, hardware or
Use Aladdin Security oil-for best.
(New Jersey)
Washington, D. C.Chalte N, C
Richmond, Va. .a: eston, S. C.
Send Your Job Prii
Will D
ring purchased the agency of
e Mr. J. C. Caldwell, I wish
his policy holders that I will
to their renewals and that I
and render them the same
that he did. I expect to rep
the same Companies that
ildwell did. If there is any
desired in policies issued by
ldwell, telephone 133 and I
glad to attend to same.
nd Realty Co.
od Service.
e bed
e your
to the
e chills
-nsive to
y good
iting to Us. And we
o It Right.

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