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The Longtown Farmers Meet
mg Most SuccessfuL
One of the most successful of
all the meetings held in the
county was the one held Tuesday
night of this week at the Long
town school house. Farmers of
both races for miles around came
in great numbers to hear the
speakers on the matter of farm
preparedness. The school build
ing was taxed to its capacity!and
then there was not room enough
for all to find seats and many
remained outside the doors. The
speakers of the evening were
Rev. J. J. Montgomery, Thos. M.
Seawell and R. S. Rutland. Each
of these speakers make a most
impressive presentation of the
conditions before us and of the
plans and relief as mapped out
by the county committee. There
was much evidence on the part
of the-audience that the sugges
tions of the county ~committee
would be carried into effect. Two
other meetings will be held in
this section next Sunday for the
colored farmers. One at White
Oak church at twelve o'clock
and the other at Olivet at three
o'clock. Before the meeting
adjourned a committee consistinx
of Messrs, R. C. Reeves, W. E.
Wilds and J. C. Stewart was ap
pointed to co-operate with the
people of the community in an
effort to see that the suggestion
of the county committee is car
ried out
The Nation's Life
was at Hazard.
See How
treats the World's
Dramatic Epo:)h.
Of Special Importagce to Can
ning Club Girls.
There will no doubt be more
people in Fairfield county in
terested in the matter of canning
fruits and vergetable this year
than ever before. For the infor
mation of the canning club girls
and any one else in the county
who may be interested in the
work ard who may wish to buy
outfits or capping irons and tip
ping steels the following is offer
ed as information. Canning out
fits may be obtained from the
Home Canning Machine Comn
pany, Meridian, Mississippi. The
entire outfit costs $5.75. How
ever if oine does not wish to buy
the entire outfit the two abso
lutely necessary parts .for can
ning in tin, namely, the capping
iron and the.tipping steel, may
be bouaght for 65c and 25c res
[email protected] With these two .parts.
* [email protected] either use -a wash jot or
gal ed' tub as a boilera for
the-Isit or vegetables.
I wish to impress upon the
canning club girls to. order their
outfits at once. It will not be
long before there will be some
thing to can and as canned goods
are bringing such good prices
one may expect to have a nice
sum as the profits from canning
Miss Maggie B. Turner.
On Sunday afternoon on April
the eighth, Miss Eunice Clowney
and Mr. John Bolick were mar
ried at Lebanon church, Rev. F.
D. Vaughan offieiating. Mrs.
Bolick is the charming and ac
complished daughter of Mr. and
Mrs, John Clowney. Mr. Boli'k
is a successful young farmer of
the Salem community. They
have a host of friends who ex
tend to Them their very best
wishes for a long and happy
A marriage that -took their
many friends completely by sur
prise was solemnized Wednesday
morning of this week when Miss
Myrtle Fowler and Mr. Lawrence
Keistler were quietly married at
the Lebanon church~ Manse by
'the Rev. F. D.. Vaughan. Mrs.
Keistler has been the popular
and efficeient teacher of Salem
school during the past year,
having just closed her work
thiere this week. Mr. Keistler is
a prominent merchant and far
mer of the Mitford section of the
county. Mr. and Mrs. Keistler
number their friends by their
acquaintarlees, all of whom ex
tend to them their inost hearty
good wishes.
The Blue and The Gray
The Young and The Gray
will all enjoy
Excursion Rates Via Southern
Raiway System From
Winnsboro, S. C.
Spartanburg, S. C. $3.30.
Account of Music Festival,
Shrine meeting and South
Carolna Fireman's Tournment,
tickets on sale May 14 to 18 final
Ilimit May 2, 1917.
New Orleans, La., $22.80
Account Southern Baptisl
Convention; tickets on sale May
11-16 with final limit May 31st,
1917. Can be extended until
June 15 by paying fee of $1.00,
Washington, D. C. $9.90
Account 27th Annual Reunior
United. Confederate veterans;
tickets on sale June 2 to 6 with
final limit June 21st. May be
extended to July 6 by paying fee
of 50 cents.
Lake Junalaska and Waynesville, N.
C. $5.85.
Account Chautauqua Period,
Sunday School Board, Worker's
Conference,- Board of Missions,
Epworth League, tickets on sale
July 15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25,
August 2. 3, 5, 10. 11, 12, 13, 17,
18 and 19, limited 17 days from
dale of sale.
St. Louis, Mo. $34.25.
Accoudt United Editorial As
sociation; tickets on sale May 13,
14, 15 with final limit May 23,
Rock Htil,S. C. $2.10.
Account Winthrop College
Summer School; tickets on sale
June 18, 19, 22 July 4, 5, 6 final
limit Aug. 6, 1917.
Nashville, Tenn. $15,30.
Account 12th Annual Session
Sunday School Congress (Colo
red.) tickets on sale June 11, 12
and 13 final limit June 21, 1917.
Dallas, Texas. $44:14.
Account General Assembly of
the Presbyterian Church; tickets
on sale May 12,.14, 15 final limit
June 7, 1917.
Nashville, Tenn. $15.30
Account Peabody College Sum
mer School; tickets on sale June
11, 12, 13, 21, 22, July 20 21, 26
final limit 15 days from date of
Charlottesville Va. $10.55.
Account Summer School Uni
versity of Virginia; tickets on
sale Jnne 17 to 25 final limit 15
days from date of sale.
Atlanta, Ga., $7.95.
Account International Asso
ciation of Rotary Clubs, tickets
on sale June 15, 16, and 17; limit
June 25, 1617.
Black Mountain and Ridge
crest, N. C. $5.50
Account various Religious
Assemblies; tickets on .sale May
31,. June 1,- 11, .12, 21, 22,, 27,
28 July5,. 6, 13, 19, 2Q,.- 27,, 30,
*August 3; 6, 10, .14, 17 iinal
limit 17 days from date of sale.
Birmingham, Ala. $17.05.
Accounts General Assembly
Southern Presbyterian Church;
tickets on sale May 14 to 17; final
limit June 1, 1917.
Athens, Ga. $5.85.
Account Summer School Uni
versity of Georgia; tickets ori
sale June 30, July 1. 2. 3, 9, 10,
16. 17, 30 with final limit 15 days
from date of sale.
Proportionally reduced fares
from other points. For other
information apply to local Ticket
Agents or,eommunicate witn S.
H. McLean, Division Passenger
Agent Columbia, S. C.
Examination For Teachers.
There will be held a regular
teachers examination at the Fair
field County Court House Friday,
May the 4th, 1917.
W. W. Turner, Supt.
Dissolution of . Cr
Notice is hereby given that a
meeting of the stockholders of
Winnsboro Mills will be held at
60 Federal Street, Boston,
Massachusetts, on the 1st day of
May 1917, a';10:30 o'clock a. in..
for the purpose of deciding as to
whether or not the corporation
shall go into liquidation and
Winnsboro Mills,
Chas. L Talbert,
FOR SALE-Cleveland Big
Boll Cotton seed,. pure strain and
the best to be had for planting
$1.00 per bushel. T. Boulware.
Winnsboro, S. C.
FOR SALE-Acme, beauty
pondarosa, red rock early Detroit.
tomatoe plants. Price 2 doz. 15c.
IMoultrie Doun las 96-R
FOR SALE-Home grown
cabbage plants of all'varieties.
Leave orders with me early
Friday morning. Will havE
plants at store. C. A. Steven
FOR SALE-My entire flock ol
eighteen head of sheep. SomE
full blooded Shropshires and
others fine grades. C. A. Stev.
WANTED-500 bushels of peas.
Let us know-what you have tc
offer. C. A. Stevenson.
FOR SALE-125 rods of 26. inch
woven wire fencing, buggy and
harness, also good set of singlE
wagon harness. All cheap. C.
A. Stevenson.
We have a limited supply o
Dents golden yellow and whitE
seed corn at $1. 00 per peck. Get
yours before it is all gone.
News and Herald.
FOUND-A pair of gold rimmed
glasses on the road leading
from Winnsboro north, about
five miles out. Owner can get
same by paying for this ad.
News and Herald office.
FOR SALE-To the highest
bidder for cash, Tuesday, April
24, stock of shoes, Dry goods
Hardware and store fixtures.
Invoicing about $1,000. C. A.
Stevenson and Co.
FOR SALE-Pure bred Cor
.nish Indian Game eggs, $1.0c
per setting of 13. Orders filled
in the order they are received.
C. A. Stevenson, Winnsboro, S.
FOR SALE-Let me sell you
cotton seed hulls at ninety
cents per hundred. A. B.
FOR SALE-Tomato plants grown
in open air. Early Michigan,
Stone, -Brimmer Ponderoso
and Prize Bell, 10c doz. Brim.
mer and Ponderoso, 15c. per
doz. R. H. Phillips.
WANTED-50 dozen eggs, 25
pounds of country butter and
sweet potatoes every week. W.
R. Rabb & Co.
For $1.00 per peck, which is
practically at cost, any farmer
can secure pure bred Dent corn
either yelldw or white variety.
Raised especially for seed pur
poses. News and Herald offiee.
WANTED-For a client, $3000.
at 6per cent, for from 3 to 5
years. We consider this a very
desireable loan, and absolutely
safe. The security is first
mortgage on property worth
double the amount. McDonald
and McDonald, attorneys.
FOR SALE-200 .bushels of Im
preted Covington Toole .Cote
ton'Seed.' Send us your ordet
before they are all sold. W.
R. Rabb & Co.
EGGS, EGGS-If you want
winter eggs, a setting of E. B.
Thompson's Imperial "Ring.
let" Rock eggs 13 for $1.00,
1st and 2nd prize at count3
fair. J. E. Bruce.
If you have trouble in securing
early corn seed don't forget tha1
you can get the best to be had
in Dents golden or white varie
ties at the office of the Newt
and Herald. This corn was
grown by 'the most responsibl<
seed men in the country and il
guaranted. Price $1.00 per peck
LISTEN! Fine Bermuda pas
ture on Jackson Creek, hillsid4
and bottoms ready for pasturing
Cattle. 50e; colts, $1.00 a month
L. M. Tolbert, Winnsboro, S. C.
R. F. D.3. 96
FOR SALE-Two good young
mares, broken to ride and work.
One plug mule, fat and reads
for work.
96 W. R. Doty, Jr.
LOST-One yellow and whitE
spotted dehorned cow about 8 oi
9years old, very thin, weighing
about 425 to 450 pounds. Strayet
from my Wateree place abou1
April 10th. Anyone finding hei
will please notify me.Co
bought from Robert English,
colored. M.s\W. Doty.
FOR SALE-S. C. Buff Or.
pingtons Golden Nugget strait
eggs for hatching. For the nex1
30 days we will sell 12 eggs frorr
our fine flock for $1.00 This is
half price. White and Jennings,
Winnsboro. S. C.
FOR SALE-Marlboro Prolific
Seed corn (Coker Pedigreed)
-at $3.00 per bushel, homE
raised Velvet Beans at $2.00
per bushel, genuine Toole Cot
ton Seed at $1.50 per bushel,
reeleaned and graded. M. W.
Summer Clothes
Palm Beach = = $6.00 to $7.50
Kool Kloth = = $8.50 to $10.00
Serges = = $10.00 to $17.50
Boys' Palm Beach and Keep
Kool Clothes = $5.00 and $6.00
Our White Goods and
Dress Goods Departments
are complete.
Moore & Company, Inc.
Winnsboro, S. C.
Corn Selling at $1.72
* a Bushel, Wholesale
When feed your work stock a ration of COTTON\
SEED MEAL with corn. Dr. Tait Butler says
that if you are feeding your mule 14 lbs. of corn
per day, you can take out four pounds and put in
two pounds of cotton seed meal and get better
Four pounds of corn is worth 12 cents today. Two
pounds of cotton seed meal is worth four cents---a saving
of 8 cents per day on each animal fed. In 365 days you
would save $29.20, if you put into practice the advice of
Dr. Butler, who is conceded to be the highest author'ity on
feeds and feeding. It is as necessary to SAVE as it is to
PRODUCE, and "Saving" and "Producing" are the
watchwords of today.
In The Progressive Farmer, of March 24, 1917, -Dr...Butler.
recommends the following ration for work stock when cotton seed
meal is used.
(1) 1 part cotton seed meal by weight to five parts of corn.
(2) 1 part cotton seed meal to 4 parts corn, 4 parts oats.
(3) 1 part cotton seed meal to 10 parts oats.
"To be fed with usual quantities of grass hay, corn, fodder."
* These are war times. Corn is human food.
A pint to a quart of cotton seed meal fed daily will
produce good results.
South Carolina Cotton Seed.
. Crushers' Association
Columbia. S. C.

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