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(Continued from Editorial Page.)
SEC. 2. That after the day set un
der section one hereof for the regis
tration by proclamation by the Presi
dent may from time to tinle prescribe,
the President may require that all
male persons, citizens of the United
States, and all male persons residing
in the United States, who have attain-'
ed the age of twenty-one years since
the last preceding date of registration
and on or before the next day set for
the -egistration by proclamation by
the Piesident, except such persons as
are exempt from registratio:: under
the Act of May eighteenth, nineteen.
hundred and seventeen, and any Act
or Acts amendatory thereof, shall be
registered in the same manner and sub
ject to the same repuirements and lia
Lilities as those previously registered
under the terms of said Act: PRO
VIDED, That students who are D-e
paring for the ministry in recognized
theological or divinity schools, and
students who are preparing for the
practice of medicine and surgery in
recognized medical schools at the time
of approval of this Act shall be ex
empt from the selective draft pre
scribed in the Act of May eighteenth,
WHERAS Congress has enacted and
the President has, on the 20th' day of
May, one thousand nine hundred and
eighteen, approved the following Pub
lic Resolutions:
Resolved by the Senate and House
of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assem
bled, That during the present emer
gency, all male persons, citizens of the
United States, and all male persons
residing in the United States, who
have, since the fifth day of June,nine
teen hundred, and on or before the;
day set for the registration by proc
lamation by the President, attained''
the age of twenty one years, shall be
subject to registration in accordance
with regulations to be prescribed by
the President, stating the time and
place of such registration, it shall be
the duty of all such persons; except
those persons as are exempt from
registration under the Act of May
eighteenth, nineteen hundred and sev
enteen, and any Act or acts amenda
tory thereof, to present themselves for
and submit to registration under the
provisions of said Act approved May
eighteenth, nineteen hundred and sev
enteen, and they shall be registered
in the same manner and subject to the
same requirements and liabilities as
those previously registered under the
terms of said Act: PROVIDED, that
upon convicition in the 'district court1
of the United States having jurisdic
tion thereof, be punished by impris
on-ment for not more than one year,
and shall thereupon be 'duly register
ed: Provided, That in the call of the1
docket precedence shall be given, inI
courts trying the same, to the trial of
.-riminal proceedings under this act. I
SEC. 6. That the Presid-nt is here
by authorized to utilize the service of
any or all departments and any .or all
officers or agents of the United States
and of the several States, Territories,
and the District of Columbia, and sub
divisions thereof, in the execution of
this act, and all officers and agents of
the United States and of the several'
States, Territories, and subdivisions1
thereof, and of the District of Colum-1
bia, and all persons designated or ap- i
pointed under the regulations pres
cribed by the President whether such
appointments are made by the Presi
dent himself or by the governor or
other ofy-- 4f -v Sta'te or Territory
to peilormn any duty m~ . e:ucution
.of this act, are hereby required to per
-form such duty as the President shall
-order or direct, and all such officers
-and agents and persons so designated
-or appointed shall hereby have full au
'thority for all acts by them in the ex
'ecution of this act by the direction of
the president. Correspondence in the
execution of this act may be- carried
in penalty envelopes bearing the frank
of the War Department. Any person
r- arged as herein provided with the'
duty of carrying into effect any of the
provision of this act or the regula
tions made or directions given thei'e
under who shall fail or neglect to per
form -such duty; and any person
charged with such duty or having and'
exercising any authority under said
shall knowingly make or be a party
to the making of any false or incorrect
registration, physical examination, ex
emption, enlistment, enrollment, or
muster; and any person who shall~
make or be a party to the making of'
any false statement or certificate as
to the fitness or lia'bility of himself
or any other person for service under'
the provisions of this act, or regula
tions made by the President thereun
der, -or otherwise evades or aids
another to evade the requirements of
this act or of said regulations, or
wvho, in any manner. shall fail or neg
lect fully to perform any duty re
ouired of him in the execution of this
act, shall, if not subject to military;
law, be punished by imprisonment for~
'not more than one year. or, if sub
jec +b miliar aw. shall be tried by
court-martial and suffer such punish
ment as a court-martial may direct.
Now, therefore, I, Woodrow Wilson
President of the United States, do cal
upon the governor of each of the ser
eral States, the Board of Commission
ers of the District of Columbia, anc
all members of Local Boards an(
agents thereof appointed under th<
provisions of said act of Congress ap
proved May 18, 1917, to perform cer
tain duties in the execution of th(
foregoing law, which duties will b(
give notice to every person under th(
communicated to them directly an('
terms of said Public Resolution.
And I do furtehr proclaim and givt
notice to every person subject to reg
istration in the several States. and ir
the District of Columbia, in accord
ance with the above law, that the timE
and place of such registration shall
be between 7 a. m. and 9 p. m. on the
5th day of June, 1918, at the office o
the Local Board having jurisdictior
:f the area wherein he permanently
resides., or at such other place as shall
be designated by public notice by such
Local Board.
All male persons, either citizens of
:he United States or residing in the
;everal States, or in the District of
olumbia, who have, since the 5th day
>f June, 1917, and on or before the
5th day of June, 1918, attained their
,wenty-first birthday, are required to
-egister in accordance with the above
.aw and the regulations prescribed
;hereunder: Provided, however, That
:he following persons are hereby ex
mpted from registration: Officers
nd enlisted men of the Regular Ar
ny, the Navy. the Marine Corps, an.
;he National Guard and Naval Militia
vhile in the service of the United
3tates, and officers in the Officers' Re
erve torps and enlisted mel! in the
nlisted Reserve Corps while in ac
;ive service.
And I do call upon every mayor,
ounty clerk, or township clerk re
:eiving such notification to have a
ist of said places of registration
)osted, and do charge him with the
luty of having all persons making in
uiry informed of the place or places
Lt which they may re gister.
Any person who, on account of sick
Less, will be unable to present him
elf for re-.;zration may apply on or
efore the day of registration at the
office of any Local Board for instruc
ions as to how he' may register by
Any person who expects to be ab
ent or. the day designated for regis
ration from the jurisdiction of the
,oard in which he permanently re
ides may register by mail, but his
~egistration card must reach the Los
al Board having jurisdiction of the
Lrea wherein he permanently resides
>y the day herein named for registra
ion. Any such person should apply
s soon as practicable at the office of
tLocal Board for instructions as to
ow he may register by mail.
Any person who has no permanent
esidence - may register at the place
lesignated for registration by the Lo
:al Board having jurisdiction of the
trea he may be on the day herein
iamed for registration.
Any person who, on acount of ab
ence at sea.,.or on account of absence
vithout the territorial limits of the
Jited States, may be unable to ecorn
>y with the regulations pertaining
o absentees, shalt, within five days
Lter reaching the first United States
>ort, register with his proper Local
3oard or as provided in the regula
inns for other absentees.
'T witness whereof, I have hereunto
aused the seal of the United States
o be affixed.
Done in the District of Columbia
his twentieth day of May in the year
f our Lord one thousand nine hun
[red and eighteen and of the inde
endence of the United States of
merica, the one hundred and forty
By the President:
-Robert Lansing,
Secretary of State.
We have recently enjoyed talks
rom able men, representing the Red
3ross and Anti-Saloon work. Liberal
oollection were taken.
Three of iir boys, Messis Ernest
Rabb, Frank E. Norris and Robert
Eleron, have gone to Camp Jackson
:his week.
Miss Bruce McMeekin and'- Mrs.
Elarry Roberts and children are visit
ig friends and r-elatives here.
Miss Winnie Weimer, of Branch.
ville, spent the week-end with Mrs.
Estelle Rabb's family.
Farmers are very busy in"eed, the
recent rains have delayed their work.
There wvill be a meeting - of the
Longtown Farmers' Association next
Saturday night. June 1, at the usual
meeting place, at 7:30 p. m. All the
members are requested to be preseni
as there is important business to bi
A. W Matheson. Pres.
- Ls
Mrs. J. A. Cox, of Al
derson, W. Va., writes:
"My daughter ... suf
fered terribly. She could
not turn in bed ... the
doctors gave her up, and
we brought her home to
die. She had suffered so
much at ... time. Hay
ing heard of Cardui, we
got it for her."
The Woman's Tonl
"In afew days, she be
alan to improve," Mrs.
x continues, "and had
no trouble at... Cardui
cured her, and we sing
its praises everywhere.'
We receive many thou
sInds of similar letters
eve ar telling of the
g dui has cone for
women who suffer from
complaints sd ccmmon to
theii sex. It should do
you good, too. T /
Cardt& E'9 ~
FOR SALE-Two hundred bushels of
peas. Several pure varieties, bal
ance mixed peas. W. L. Kirkpat
rick. 45-46
The examination for the award of
vacant scholarships in Winthrop Col
lege and for the admission of new
students will be held at the County
Court House on Friday. July 5, at 9
A. M., and also on Saturday, July 3,1
at 9 A. M., for those --;ho wish to make
up by examinations additional units
required for full admission to the
Freshman Class of this institution.
The examination on Saturday, July 6,
will be used only for making admis
If y
ion units. The scholarships will be
warded upon the examination held on'
riday, July 5. Applicants must not:
e less than sixteen years of age.i
Vhen scholarships are vacant after:
uly 5 they will be awarded to those.
aking the highest average at this i
Be Pat
Save co
Cook Si
and asb
perfect ,
flame of
Why co
Made in
and oven
Ask your
Use Alac
Norfolk. Va
Be Independ
portation is our vital nal
l that we convey more s<
Lt we must also quicken <
nion call that sounds thrc
.e automobile.
ur car is a Paige you w
ur car is a Paige, you w
able you to double your
laxation to every meruber
> will have "The Most ]
J.M Jen
examination provided tiey meet the
conditions ioverning the award. Ap
plicants for scholarships should wri-.e
to President Jonhson for scholarshinp
examination blanks. These blanki.
properly filled out by the applicant,
should be filed with President Johr.
@ -
riotic and Com
l and wood by using a New P
:ove and kerosene oil-always a
sive. Escape the work and dirt <
es and soot. Have a cool kitc
cooking of all. kinds-for the c
the New Perfection can be insta
adjusted-like gas-and it stays
0 New Perfections are keeping k
and saving coal, money and lal
n women.
t for you?
1-2-3-4 burner sizes, with or withoi
dealer about the New Perfection Ke
Adin Security Oil-Always available
Baltimore, Md.
.D. C Richmond, Va. Ch
Charlotte, N. C Ch
ant of Mile PC
;ional problem. It is nol
yldiers, food stuffs and supp
>ur stride at home. "Spei
sughout the nation. And
ill be independent of mi
11 have a staunch, sturdy
business efficiency and br
-of your family as well.
Beautiful Car in America
nings. Ag
son by July 1st.
Scholarships are worth $100 and A
free tui-ion. The next session will
open September 18, 1918. For further
information and catalogue, address
President D. B. Johnson, Rock Hil
S. C.
erfection Oil
Nvalable and
f coaL wood
hen and do
lean, intense
ntly and ac
.tchens com
>or for other
it cabinet top
rosene Water
resAA D Va
arleston. S. C.
arlsts!. S.
lies overseas
xd up" is the
Speed means
e posts If
d1ly that will
ing healthful
In addition,

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