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American Willingness to Give Up
Luxury Demonstrated Na
tion's War Conscience.
By Reducing Consumption People of
the United States Averted a
Famine at Home in Spite
of Low Sup'plie.
The fact that the people of the
United States were able to reduce by
more than one-half million tons their
Jaly, August, September and October
consumption of sugar proves conclu
sively that their war conscience was
thoroughly awakened and, that the
euntry as a whole stood ready to fol
low the injunctions of the Government.
' Our normal consumption of sugar in i
the four-month period beginning with
July has been 400.000 tons per month,
a total of 1,00,000 for the quarter
In July, when our sugar stringency
began to reach its height, consumption
was reduced to 260,000 tons. In Au
gust only 325,000 tons went into dis
tribution and in September only 279,
000 tons. In October the distribution
fell to 230,000 tons.
If the general public had failed to
observe the injunctions of the Food
Administration this country would
have been tin the throes of a sugar
famlne before the end of August. Our
visible supplies were so low as to bring
great anxiety to those familiar with
the sugar situation. They feared that
it would be absolutely impossible to
reduce consumption to a point where
sugar would no longer be a mere lux
ury in the American diet.
Few accomplishments of the Food
Administration willstand forth so pre
dominantly as this reduced consump
tion of sugar. By it we have been able
to bridge over the period of stringency
until the new beet and Louisiana cane
sugar crops were in sight.
Now the nation Is in a position so
that if we choose we may return to
our normal home use of sugar, and
Europe, with the release of ships to go
far afield, can maintain its recent re
stricted rations. If, kgowever, those
nations are to increase their use of
sugar very considerably it must be by
vur continued sharing with them
through limiting our own consump
In tne light of succeeding events It
is interesting to -ecall the confidence
with which the Tnited States Food
Administrator viewved the gloomy out
look in July of 1917, when this coun
-~ try had been in the war for less than
four months and the Germans were
steadily sending the western front
nearer andl nearer to Paris.
"Even though the situation in Eu
rope may be gloomy today," he de
clared in a public sta.ement, "no
American who has knowledge of the
results already obtained in every di
rectio*n need have one atom of fear
that democracy will not defend itself
- in these United States."
Americans without murmuring cut
their sugar allowance from fouir
pounds a month to three and then ais
-long as need be to two pounds for loy
alty's sake.
Food Will Win the World. .
America earned the gratitudle of al
lied nations during war by sharing
food. America under peace may win
the world's good wi.X by saving to
!- "There is no royal roadi to -I
+ food conservat)tio,n. We can only
+ accomuolish this by the voluniary +~
+ action~of our whole people, each -+
Selement in proisor!tion to) its
4needs. It is a matter of equality -?
+- of burden."
+ The truth of this statement,
+- made by the United States Food -+
--Administrator soon after' we en
+i tered the war, kas been borne
+- out by the history of our' ex- T~
+ ports. AutocrPic fred c'ontroi +
+in the lands of our ehnme s
+broken douwn, while democratic -
4- food sharing has maintaitned the
+ health t?nd strengzth off th:ns coal-T
+ u17 and of the Allies.
Increase in American Hogs Will
Help to Meet World Fat
Government Justified in Stimulation
of Pork Production-Sevenfold
Increase Over Pre- t
War Exports.
Through increased production an#
conservation we will be able this yea?
to export seven times our pre-war
average exports of pork products. I
With the heavy demands added in car
ing fOr the millions who have been
freed from GePman oppression, the
Department of Agriculture and the
Food Administratta are justified to
day in our every action of stimulation
of hog production. In the coming year
the greatest world shortage will be in
fats, I - pork will help to save this
situatw.t. The efficacy of the policy
of stimulated production has built up
in this country supplies which will en
able us to supply a very large part of
the fat deficiency of the world. In
beef there must be a shortage in Eu
rope, due largely to limited refrigera
tor ship capacity. All freezer ships
available, however, will be filled by
America, Argentine and Australia.
The contribution made by the pro
ducers of this country to the war pro
gram as applying particularly to ani
mal food products is illustrated by the
I'eports compiled by the U. S. De
partment of Agriculture indicate an
increase In cattle of 10,23S,000 head
and 12,441,000 hogs. These figures
were compiled to January 1 last.
In this period there was a decrease
in sheep of 819,000 head. The indica
tions are that this decrease will show
an increase, according to recent re
Since January 1 unofficial informa
tion Indicates an increase in hogs of
not less than 8 per cent. and not
more than 15 per cent. as compared
with one year ago, with an increase in
the average weight.
Following the request of the U. S.
Food Administration for an increase
in hog production for marketing in the
fall of 191S and the spring of 1919 the
increase may yield not less than1,600,-1
000,000 pounds more of pork products
than were avalable last year. With
out this Increase the shipping program!
arranged by Mr. Hoover regarding an
imal food products would have been
The dressed hog products during the
three months ending September 30,
1917, amounted to 903,172,000 pounds,
while for the corresponding months of
1918 the dressed hog products totaled
1,277,589,000, an increase of over 374,
000,000 pounds for the quarter.
During the same period for 1917 the
records of inspected slaughter of
dressed beef showed 1,2G3,000,000
pounds as against 1,454,000,000 pounds
for the three month period ending :
September 1, this year.
Our fod Gospel
serwve less 1
Waste RiOth'ini
America's Pledge of Food
Gave Heart to the Allies
In Their Darkest Hour
Watever is necessary America willj
send. That was America's pledge to
the interallied food council. And he.
cause the American food army had
hitherto made good the' took heart
and went forward.
Farm enterprise and much soft corn
increased pork supplies, food conser
vation increased exports-total ship.:
mets doubled.
* ~ BY EVENTS. +~
+ I do not believe that drastic 4
force need be applied to main - 4
+ tain economic distribution and 4
+ sane use of supplies by the 4
+ great majority of American peo- 4
+ pe, and I have learned a deep 4
+ and abiding faith in the intelli- 4
+ gence of the average American 4
+ business man, whose aid we an- 4:
+ ticipate and depend on to reme- 4
+ dy the evils developedl by the 4
+ war.-Hlerbert Hobover. August 4
+ 10, 1917. 4
Patriots Plen4y
Buyless -Serve less
Eatonly3meals aday
Waste nothing
Your guests will cheer
fulfy share simple fare
Be Proud to be
[he State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
>y W. L. Holley, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Mrs. Eula L. Mann made
uit to me to grant her Letters of Ad
ninistration to the Estate and Effects
>f F K. Mann.
These are, thereZore, to cite and ad
nonish, all and singular, the kindred
Lnd creditors of said F. K. Mann, de
:eased, that they be and appear before
ne, in the Court of Probate, to be held
Lt Winnsboro, on 7th December, next,
Lfter publication hereof at 11 o'clock
n the forenoon, to show, cause, if any
hey have, why the said Administra
ion should not be granted.
Given under my hand this 23rd day
i Novmber, Anno Domini, 1918.
W. L. Holley,
Judge of Probate.
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