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Just arrived this
week, another
car good young.
mules. Call to
see us before
you buy ortrade
Jno. W. Cathcart
and Co.
A lot of nice fresh young mules
that I will sell cheap for cash
or approved paper. Give me a
look before you buy and I am
sure that I can please you.
M. W. Doty
3NeW" Shipment ~f
:::of Mules.
I have in my stable a fresh +~.
**;shipment of good mules.
x They are all well broke and .:
.anxious to find good homes.
Give them a chance to show +:
.their patriotism by helping you
+make better crops.+
..I'll find a home for that old ..
plug. It has DONE it's bit.+
1 W~T. .Krkatic
State of South:Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
(In the Court of Common Pleas.)
Etta B. Scruggs as Executrix of the
Will of Julia M. Fripp, deceased,
Emma Maynor, Virginia Torres, Mar
ion Fripp, The Baptist Church of
Beaufort, S. C.. The Episcopal
Church- of Winnsboro, S. C., defend
By virtue of a decree of the Court
of Common Pleas for Fairfield County,
South Carolina, heretofore made in the
case of Etta B. Scruggs, as executrix
vs Emma Maynor, et al., I, John W.
Lyles, Clerk of Court for Fairfield
County, will sell on Salesday in Jan
uary, 1919, being on the sixth day of
the month, during the usual hours of
sale, before the Court House door, in
the town of Winnsbore, S. C., to the
highest bidder:,
"All that lot of land, lying, being
and situate in the Town of Winnsboro,
in the CountTand State aforesaid, con
taining five-ehtps,ef an acre, more
or less, and .being part of the- lot
known on the plan of said town as lot
number eight, and part of lot known
on said plan as number nine, and
bounded on the north by lot number
seven, owned by the Trustees of the
Baptist Church, on the east by Van
.derhorst Street, south by lot of Mrs.
E. .H Smith, now owned by W. H. Mc
Bryde Smith, and West by tracts for
merly owned by Miss Peggy Berk
ley and by Isaac N. Withers, now
owred by the Fairfield Fair Associa
tion, fronting on said Vanderhorst
Street, a distance of ninety six feet
and eight inches, thence running back
by a straight line on the northern side
parrallel with Washington Street, a
distance of two Hundred and ten feet
to the said Withers lots, thence run
ning Southward by a line at right
angles with the last mentioned line !a
distance of One Hundred and Fifty
two feet and Eight inches, these run
ning Eastward by a line running at
right Angles, with the last mention
ed line a distance of One Hundred
and Fifty Five feet, thence North
wardly by a line at right angles with
the last mentioned line a distance of
Fifty Five Feet, thence Eastwardly
again by a line at a right angle with
the last mentioned line a distance of
One Hundred and Five Feet to the
said Vanderhornt Street.
Terms of Sale: One third of the
purchase money to be paid in cash,
the ,balance in two equal annual in
stalments from the day of sale, with
interest from the day of Salegat Eight
per cent per annum, payable annual
ly, to be secured by the bond of the
purchaser and a mortagage of the
premises sold; the purchaser to have
the option to pay al .lr any of the
redit portion in cash. The purchaser
f the premises to pay for recording
f all papers, stamps, etc.
John W. Lyles, C. C. P.
Winsboro, S-. C., Dec. 9, 1918.
The State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
Court of Common Pleas.
Marion Mobley Means, Robert H.
Means, Beverly Means DuBose,
Martha W. Means, Gabrielle Bondu
rant, Sarah Trotte Curry, Mariah
Means Miller, J. Hagood Means, Sr.,
Robert S. -Latimer, Annie Craig
Gordan, Annie Riissell English, Jo
seph M. English, Harriett E. Gilles
pie, Beverly Means Engish, in his
own right and as Administrator
cum testamento annexo of John G.
Mobley, deceased, and Fannie C.
Means, plaintiffs,
Kate P. Latimner, an infant over four
teen years of age, Butler Hagood,
Tna Dunnvoody Savage, Mary T.
Dunnwoody, Johnson Hagood, Lee
Hagood, Alice Hagood Lee, E. C.
Oakman, Clark Oakman, Eloise
Boulware, Violet Parrish, David C.
Means, Francis A. Means. Fannie
C. Gillespie, J. Hagood Means, Jr.,
Harriett W. Mobley, Bratton Da
vis, defendants.
By virtue of a decree of the Court
of 'Common Pleas for Fairfield County,
South Carolina, heretofore made in the
case of Marion Mobley Means et al,
ys Kate P. Latimer et al, I, John W.
Lyles, Clerk of Court for Fairfield
County, will sell on salesday in Jan
uary, 1919, being on the sixth (lay of
the month. (during the usual hours of
sale, before the court house door in
the town of Winnsboro, S. C.. to the
highest bidder:
"All that plantation of land, situate.
lying, and being in the county of. Fair
feld. 1:3th township, containing about
390 acres, more or less, and hounded
on the north by Feasterville andl(
Winsboro road,. on the east by Colum
b and Chester road. on the south
by landis of WV. H-. Crowder, and on the
the I:;a: HIolmes Pl:'."
fo aein the parcls into which the
soehas been d':ide'd as appears by
. He in with the record in this
action in the office of the Clerk o:
I Court of Fairfield County, and whic
plat shall be exhibited on the day o
sale and thereafter the said premise
as a whole shall be offered for sale
the bid for the said premises as
whole to be accepted in the event th
same is equal to or greater than th
aggregate of the separate bids in th
separate parcels.
Terms of Sale: One third cash, bal
ance in one and two year installment
to be protected by bond of purchase
and mortgage of premises. Deferre
payment to bear interest at the rat
of seven per cent per annum, or a]
cash, at option of purchaser.
The purchaser of the premises i
to pay for recording of all papers ani
revenue stamps, etc.
John W. Lyles,
C. C. C. P.
Winberr S. C,, Dec. 5th, 1918.
Notice isehereby-given thwt I wil
prsuant to an order duly made by.th
Judge of Probate fpr Fairfield .Cous
ty, sell all the goods and .chattel
housthold and kitchen furniture, an
variou articles of personal propert
of the late Julia M. Fripp, deceased
on. the 21st day of December, 191
between the hours of eleven A. M. an
Five P. M. Sale to be made at resi
dence. Terms of sale-CASH.
Etta B. Stcruggs,
The S^.te of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
By W. L. Holley, Probate Judge.
Whereas, Miss Evelyn H. Gant
made suit to me to grant her Letter
of Administration to the Estate an
effects of Joseph S. Gantt.
These are, therefore, to cite and ad
monish. all and singular, the kindre
and Creditors of the said Joseph '
Gantt, deceased, that they be and ar
pear before me, in the Court of Prc
bate, to be held at Winnsboro oh 2
December next, after publication here
of, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, t
show cause, if any they have, why th
said Administration should not b
Given under my hand this 7th da
of December, Anno Domini, 1918.
:W. L. Holley,
Judge of Probate.
1In accordance to law, the tax book
will open on October 1.5th for colleet
ion of taxes, and remain open to Dec
ember 31st without penalty and fo
the month of January one per cent. o:
delinquents; for the month of Febru
ary one per cent. additional on delin
quents and for 15 days in March, 1st t
15th, five per cent, additional on diq
linquents; on a-ll real and persons
property as follows:
State Purposes..............8 1
Ordinary County............5 1-.
Special County ...............1-.
Constitution 3 mill.............
Special tax for schools as follows:
District No. 1...............
- " "2...............
I " " 3 . . . . . . .
" " 6...............
" .8..............
" " 9 .............
" " 10...............
" " 12.............
" " 13...............
" " 135...........
" " 146..............1
- " " 18..............
" " 19....... .....
" " 180.............1
" " 19 .. . . .. . .
" " 20 .. . . . .. .4 1
"* " 21...............
"' " 24................
" " 25.............
" " 29...............
" " .30............
" " .34...............
Aiso one ($1.00) dlollar poll tax or
all male citizens from the age of 21
to 60 years 01(1, and a capitation of 5(
eents on all dogs: and a commutatior
road tax of $2.00 on all citizens be.
tween the ages of 18 andl 53 years. ex
cept duly ordained ministers an<
teachers actually engaged in schoo
work, and payable from Oct. 15th
1918. to March 31st. 1919.
Ofiee will be kept open during leg:(
hours for the collection of same.
A. Lee Scruggs,
Treasurer Fairfield Count
All nersons who are indebted to th<
esate of Frank K. MaTnn, deceased
rereuested to make payment t<
t!-e unrer.wingred. All persons havin;
chlmsY againlst said estate will presen
themfl . the undiiersigned.
Mrs. Eula L. Mann,
Special Notice
I have two Mo
h1line Universal
tractors bought
before the in
crease tn prices.
I These are fbr sale. I can
-save you $115.00 if you
buy before Jan. 1st.
These machines can be
seen at work at any
U. G. DesPortes, Agt.
Emerson Standard
Mowers, Rakes and re
V pair parts.
Deering Mowers.
iChattanooga Plows and repairsA
Emerson Grain Drills
Martin Grading and Ditching
4Just Received-=Car load of
Royster Fertilizer, 8.2.2. forx
4J.F.Davis & Bro.j
~Infl uenza, Coughs and Colds
Relieved by Ironized Paw-Paw
Strength, Vim and Appetite
After your physician has pronoun
ced you out of danger, you need a
tonic to build you up. Y.ou can do no
better than go to the neaiest up-to
~date drug store and obtain a bottle
of Nux-Iron Paw-Paw compound
take it strictly according to directions
-one tablespoonful 3 or 4 times a day.
You wvill quickly find that the wine
basis and ingredients in this remedy
I will materially aid you in restoring
/ T~~ark you to your former activity and
1916~' health. This compound contains no al
cohol or whiskey except the ordinary
strength of the port wine used in its
manufacture. --
All we ask is ,take it according to directions. If you are rundown, nervous,
debilitated or constipated, you will find quick relief and ultimat_e recovery of
In your anxiety to get better quickly, dlont overdo it, as many sufferers do,
arnd take larger doses ofthisstandardremedy. It will not act any faster. and
you will not reiceive the same benefits from its use you otherswise would.
Your druggist probably keeps it. but if he doesn't, it is sold in Winnsboro
by .oh:' II. McMas~ter & Comp:ny.
W Ir0" 7ed I "--Pnw has the'f*rmula on every bottle. If
i T I taken ia r to irections, and not as a beverage. will
be found superior to any tonie. ha.ng a q-:arter of a century's unquialified
indersement from people al Io ver the world, Interstate Drug Com pany, Inc.,
New York.-Advertisemnent.

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