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Newest Broadway styles
for. South Carolina
This store offers the women of South Carolina an unusual
service, it presents the very latest New York styles in
Suits, coats, Dresses and Dress Accessories, pre
sents them, too, within a few days of their initial ap
pearance in the most exclusive metropolitan shops.
With special connection in New York constantly on the
alert for style changes and exclusive fashion modes,
and with the monthly trips of our buyers to New
York we keep in intimate touch with all important
events in the world of fashion and are usually the
first in South Carolina to show the latest creations
in smart apparel for women and misses.
As a result of this exceptional service, well dressed wo
men in every section of South Carolina have learned
to look to us for advice in matters pertaining to dress
and we are daily winninq new friends and patrons.
As a special inducement to out-of-town patrons, who we
aW- especially anxious to serve now while the new
Fall stocks are at their fullest an( best, we are of
fering a
"Th FftDo1toMr.'
"heStore of Courteous Attention"
1513 Main Street Columbia, S. C.
Car Newton Wagons, Emerson
Grain drills, Mowers and
Emerson Grain Drills
Martin Grading and Ditching
Carpenters' Tols
Full Supply Royster's Fertilizers.
J.F.Davis & Bro.
Weare offering a new 15" x 6' South Bend Lathe for $400.00
1. o. b. Columbia. Present price on this lathe is $438.00 f. o. b.
factory, South Bend, Ind. So you can save from $40.00 to $50.00.
Can inspect.same at our store.
Wher you have Valves over head .or high above the ground, un'
der or on a tank, you shold use one of' our Sprocket and Rinm
Chans, which will permit you to stand on the ground and operate
Columbia Supply Company
.823 West Gervais Streef Columbia, S. C
BuY More
But New Securities Offered by Gei
ernment Are Calculated to Go Far
Towarde Ending Their Businese
Farmers are a great deal mor4
- prosperous than they were a fev
years ago. Nobody knows this an
better than th4t suave and oily gei
tieman, the "bunco man." The ftarn
era' prosperity has made him a shiz
Ing mark in these gentry. The fak
security man, the stock company pr
moter and the wily sharper ar
mighty busy persons just now and
great many of them are "working th
.1country,' 'and working it hard.
Do you recall the "miracle wheat
proposition cf a few years ago? Ma)
be not by that name, for It had
good many names. One of its aliase
was 'Jerusalem wheat." Another wa
"Egyptian wheat." However, th
name doesn't matter much for it wa
all the same thing. Most farmers wil
recall it, anyway.
When the farmers- nofal
fer the story any eth ,wTthey were
:told that if tej.wo " 0
Ket they paid forThe seed.
(.' course, some people bought
'paid for the seed. And they wen
ahead and sowed it and waited a yea:
full of trustfulness but the sharpe
who was to take the crop off thei:
hands failed to show up. They found
that they had a very poor grade o
them that they had been stung anc
satung hard and deep.
Right now a good many farmeri
are being offered all sorts of invest
1menta, ol stocks and plsantatioi
stocks and a whole lot of other stocks
Some of these are offered in exchange
~for War Savings Stamps and LIberty
Bonds. Some of them, too, are ius
1,bout oni a par with the "miracli
wheat" that came from Egypt or Pal
'estine. It will pay about such. divi
Ided. It is likely not to pay a ceni
one way 'or another. Tn a few years
it will be valuable oraly as waste
The same United States govern
ment that more than . a year ag<
promised the American farmer $2.fI
for his wheat, and is making goof
every day, Is now offering the farmel
an investment that is just as safe at
the wheat that he grew on his farn
this year after It is stored in his
New Treasury Saving Certificates
simply a development of the familiaa
War Saving. Stamps. can be had
These certilcates are offered in de
nominations of $100 and 51.000 on the
identicaib tms3 of 'th War Savingi
!Xghty-four dollars and twenty
ents invested hn a $100 Certinerat4
will grow into a $100 bill by January
1. 1924. Multiply these figures by te!
and the words will apply to a $.0
certificate. Or the youngsters. o1
the person with limited means to in
vest, may pay $4.21 for a War Savings
Stamp and on Jan'uary 1, i 924. it wil
be a $5 bill. These securtles draq
four pier ~et interest, compounded
-War Savinge Stamps do more thar
add dcllar to dolar. They begin tC
Vitaiise the savinig habit. Buy Wat
Savings Stamps.
Lend money to your government
Bay Thrift and War Savings Stl.mps
Own a par o the U~nited States
government. Euy Thrift and W6
avings Stamps.
IA etznmp .'n time saves dimes. Et,
W. S. S.
l W orSluy W n.c. S tskekn
Fighting Eagle
F. Public Shou4d Now Help Them Ia
Their Efforts To Make Country
Even More Prosperous.
S* By Carter Glass,
Secretary of the Treasury.
y No group of men in the United
-,States measured up to the test of the
.1great war more admirably thau did
the bankers. The success of the Unit
jed StatOa Treasury Department in
. floating over $21,000,000,000 in Liber
ty Bonds and Victory Notes during
a the last two years was due in ne small
measure to the patriotic co-operatiow
of the banks. They too'k a most ac
tive part in each of the loan cam
L They subscribed generously for
themselves, made loans to their -us
tonlers in order that they might buy
bonds, and sold bonds on installments
to accommodate those having small
savings. In other words, the banks
did everything possible to promote the.
sale and distribution of government
The banker can render an equally
great sejvice in reconstruction by; co
_the gqrgrnment lits
t to teahte
- .States the lessons of sound fi
nd wise investment. In pro
mothis cause the banker will aid
his institution and the financial sit
uation in general at the same time.
rNow that' the war is over the pea
pie should be impressed with the wis
dom of holding their government so
curities and als.o of purchasing more,
from time to time. The more gener
1ally the people of the United States
Iabsorb government securities the
-greate-r will be the ability of the corn
mercial banks to devote practically;
all of their resouroes to furnishing
- adequate credit to the commerce '*nd
industry of the country.
Providing short-time credit to corn
merce and industry is their normal
peace-time function. The sale and
-movemerit of farm crops. manufac-:
tured products ad other c-ommrodities,
aswell as the contir.uous and efficient
employmer-t cf labor, in fact, the whole
industrial process will be promoted by
permitting the commercial banks to.
-devote all their resources to this~
The people of the United States
should. therefore, be encouraged to
pay off their installments and borrow
ings on bond collateral as rapidly as
possible. and also to purchase iddt
tional government securities as s
sued from time to time or in the mar
ket. If this is done the people of this
country will be benefitted in a two
fold way. They will free material and
labor for the production of commodi
ties which are now so desperately
need the woi -ove5r. At the same
time they will be strengthening them
selves financially.
Plant a crop. Nothing happees
Nothing that one can see.
Be patient. The seed spr-outs.
The stalk pushes its way through
the earth. Still no sign of fruit.
Be patient. Leaves come out.
Buds open. Berries begin_to form.
Still no harvest-.
Be patient. The fruit fille out.
It ripenE. IL matures
Ilarvest at ]ast-mraemnogely
increased frm a litle handful of
But the War .Savings Stamp
c beats this. There.m no elemnt of
There Is no way to lose. You
must win.
*Your money works for you. It
makes mcre money all the time.
jw&rSaTinen Stamns work bank so
'Columbia's Gift Shop'
Perfect Solitaire and
Cluster Rings
Of Exquisite Design
ilver ware
Sterling and Sheffield
Fall Wedding Gifts
Silver Service
Fruit Bowls
Sugar and Cream sets
Sandwich Plates
Fruit Baskets.
We carry a complete line of hollowrware and
flat ware in Fairfax Patterns.
eSpecializep int gradesAf i~~tcla
1602-1604 Main St. . Columbia, S. C.
~Demand i Best
+ Moline Studebaker
gMowers and Rakes Wagons
.A N - D
$ -- Shingles
.:. Kentucky Golden
Buggi,es Molasses Mills
..Corn,Oats, Cow and Hog Feed
'' Bagging, Ties, and a full line
+ of Hardware.
# K.R. McMaster
Columbia Lumber Manufacturing Co.,
Manufacturers of
Sash, Doors & Blinds, Interior Finish, Pin
press and Oak, Flooring Ceiling Weatherpoa
ing, Moulding, Door and Window Frames.

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