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18'WINNSBORO, S. C., MARCH 31st, 1921
eparty decomposed body of a
wn as found, late Saturday
1ake emar Brow;'
WbW county. Several young
e Ssking- in the lake on Sat..
aftermcon when they saw what
Pe ought was the body of a-a
tIeImatr. They hurried home and
terufsther who returned to
asitbthem and found that it
thp bdyf a white man d
r clothes. The man had been
hot rough the heart, the buiet
clear through the
here was also a bullet h<4e
heek of the neck. His hais
"6#eied together wi wire a2d
Vti was Wired around hineck.
John H. -Gibson, of. Wnns.
*asotified, a: -the 'inqimt
S urlay. The.initials F. M.
mound on his underwear. A
onaning 66 cents and
e efoin in his ppekets. The
Insented the first clue to the
tity as- Fritz Kzrutier,
eig*h bor1ood had dis
Christmas Ye and had
~Or bieardo *uc.Ms
ammomd~ t,* cor.
t$Idthe uian as her
"'mtattoo m an 6m0ti
Hi edwas
o re rtz Xunsboro
native of Gray
-'*Jng in the State for
iarried a Miss Maggie
e ilths small son durvive
esred \ the United State
thW OrId war, and was
tationed at Camp Jack
e seems to point to
Kritzer 'as murdered,
suspected, as he had no
ury was impaneled:
ora, J. M. Jonps,
E.I'H.Vann, T. W.
Clark. They adjourned
r 'erdict. The
aeet again Thursday of'this
dmrther investigation.
e nt Wilson Attacked.
~-Former Prosideat
eed,naacute attack ofi
whb icasee haried s
sasane it wait a4i
ttabe had entirely reeev.
our after the attack.
Coney la Badly tHurt.
.-Lient. W. D). Coney, et
service, received prob
juries when his airplane 4
while he was attempt
a landing near Crowville,
return trans-continental1
Jacksonville, Fla., to San
.laft and Harding Meet.
a*gd. - Former President
a~Wsbington on personal bust
beddin at his old office at
oue and paid his respects
Hirding. TI~e former
t ase to thecaital tod
-letare ad said his call cn
was merely a -iisit ot
-'Mrr er Cent Reduction.
* m.enn Xiss.-Governor Lee K.
ase of Mlsssppi, has issd a
~ciitaieM urging the cotton grow
eu er thestate to reduce their acre
g$ l ted to cotton this year at least I
uwAbandon Communism.
gfo~s-ar, .Russian work
-E~~~itabu(ned commnat=n and
4topted the most extreme form
-dlriduali. ,it is said; in Petre- 4
espe inceived here. 1
-P ne~ which holds tihe
~.vI~a P HOah, hmnsland Chibl
~~eSt. according to Mit~ t
~ sqnatersof the: ltaeain)s
eu~.aiata tona this etv
A small group of Ainerican Legion
members, aided by a comuiittee of
Winnsboro wonen consisting Mrs.
Scruggs, Mrs. -Wolling, Mrs. J s,
Mrs. Crtwright, Mrs. Lucy Whit.
mire, Misses Mamie Burley . and
Hazel Haynes and others - of the
Methodist church, provided a. -ban
quet of perfect quality- and quentity
for- the ex-service tnen of Faiildeld
county Wednesday evening in the
Community House. The treat ud
satisfaction of the evening did not, -
however, eease with the thoro ighly l
appreciative stowing away of he de.
delicious -repast .by the soldir citi
ens, for with foresight, "a feast
proper of reason and- favor of soul,"
had also been prgvided by the iosts,
fired.with enthusiasm for the organi
zation under whose ,auspices the
meeting was called.
Dr. R. G. Hamilton was in -harge
of the program and in selection of
speakers provided men who ,-ave
messages in keeping with the prlat
things which all real Americans know
are the teal fibre of our national
life, namely, lofty ideals put into ae- F.
Mr. G. G. Mayes, the first speaker, tlh
made plain the part.which those left M
er here, whether civilian or soldier, M
had in making possible the service ed
-those sent "over there."
Mr. Wilson Hanaa, showed how X
nuh the - tess of any of our oI
Men t-tereanonfiet *eh
We saw no earer way of their con- p1
:iming serpi4ce than by upholding the is
rposes of the American Legioi, Y4
ramely to fight for God, for country -
d our great Constitution. tM
Mr. J. L. Glenn, Jr., of Chester,
ho was with the Boover - adminis- da
;ration in Begium ri 1914 and laier Of
was in the service as an officer in
e First Division in Frame, gave a
-kear exposition of the purposes of T"
he Legion and why it is destined to he
)e the organization through which
hose who had an actual part in the O
war will find the lmeans to continue t
heir share in the upholding ofthe
deals for which the struggle ,was a
Rev. W.- P. Peyton, repeating a
~ribute. given -by a prominent inbor
eader in England, emphasized the
ought that the thin1ring parts of.
ill the allied groups are unitedl inat
he high, purposes for which they
~ought together, and that ad this rian he
aprssd it, "we are brethers baund F
othe , the blood died on the F
~attleele et Europe."
Wibm Ghmn Ragadale, Wai'llaw
feCans and Randolph -Bratt%a rut
he inishig touches on what might
iave prud a too serious a series of
scourses, and kept the men in roa
f laughter through refernees to - I
idents parallel to th,ose of t4 ir
ddies to whom they were sp k.
In a business session after the ban. Fa
juet the following officers ~ere
. M. Macfie, commander. '
I. B. Crowon, vice comimander. bi
S. R. McMaster, adjutant azl
J. F. Castles, sergeant at arms.
Rev. W. P. Peyton, ch4plain. -.
1 ev. G. G. Mayes, Dr. lO1eJohn- i
on and Mr. Wilson Hnahtan were h
leted honorary mnemue of the or.
At the business aessic it was de.
ded to ask the people f the townf
nd community for dona n either
noney or ;equipmenlt -to be used in
raishing a Post club room. The
fficers will call on the people for
outributons in the' r future.
Ir. GG.Mayes, WI oin charge
the Community -has very ~
enerosly consented t e the use1
f one of .the rooms in -building
or the use of the Post.
- ~A Lccisv Bij~ . to
e trabtb b T
We take this method of not
April"Ist The News and Herald
advatce basis.' And we wish t
that on that date we will cut off
paid up. This is not doe as a r
their intention to pay; it is simply
tinue the expense of sending the
absolute rule and all names, re
not paid up will be taken off. The i
ing of a paper have to be paid
pay them promptly we would be
It is for this reason added to the
partment which require all pap
make this step necessary.
The label on your paper shi
you pay ycur subscr
We are trying to make the Ne
paper and need YOUR ,subscripti
The stork has been good to us this
.ek. At the home of Mr. and Mrs.
.M. Bailey he et a lovely baby
r. Then ta little later to
ehome pf and Mrs. Wade Huff
&n an fet 'a botincing baby boy.
r. a Will Rimer were favor.
wi a -bab and thento
the week,
the' home
are mak
wsant, in swmer thap rhe Wnw"
on the,grvnd;' Three dihet afor
oang Americal
=r. ims, forier overseer of
istng n ur il, now of the Lo
yMils-f Gastonia N. C. spent th
Y in rVillage Monday, the guest
ir; and Mrs. George P. Hall.
Miss Etta Wilson, sister of Mr.
n Wilson, arrived in our village
esday for a visit at the home of
r brother.
Hr. Mack Boyd, of Columbia,
pted the position as plumber
mill. We are glad to welco
. Boyd to our fellowship. He
brother of Mr. W. B. Porter,
the way, seems to be some
tyer too.
fr. Will Seinten, of Augusta,
nt the week-.end with his pa.
.and Mrs. W. E. Sentell., He
ned to AMgusta iMonday.
~Irs. Pearl Saylor, of Winston.
, N.. C., is on a-1. extended pjisit
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D
Ifr. Amos Jobpstone, who has
nding his 'Easter vacation.
parents, Mr. and Mrs.
utone, returned Timesday:
p 4AthqaS, Ga., to w
idies at the tUiversity of
r. G. H. .Iakey motoredI
bia Sunda'y see the
yat the Pni ta '
londay Mr. W. -Ba
. G. H.Lokey m
ils where they s
r. and .Mrs. A. t .
a. N. A Wh1ite motored
d t of
ptn,S ainu and N
Cday, wit1- us
~they made a tour
both the~ old and th~
ey expresselbhem
h the splendid general
our sillage arid miill.
*4 ald, " tell
e has bee~ ery iU
two days& hard
~andSate- 6y on
gang. Bpt I think
all right iii a few
3ob admitted that ke
k and
s d a
.d tw.
ifying 'our sbscribers that after
will be. run n a strictly cash in
) advise,our subscribers further
the list all names which are not
afiection on anyone's credit or od
because we cannot afford to con
paper on credit. This will be ani
,%rdless of-ho it is, which are
naterials which go into the print.
for promptly, and unless we do
unable to get'any more supplies
regulations of the postoffice de
rs to be paid in advance, that
ws the date to which you have
iption betreen now and April 1?
ws and Hefald a representative
n to make it a success.
Baseba_l practice started Monday
slowed up some on Tuesay and waM
stopped m Wednesday-by a belated
kiss of the north winds. 6ner
Robefttwn - Ys that as soon as 'Idi
Sol smiles, gain all haids will be on
deck to sting the horse.bide. Some'
very promn* material is on hand
and unlesOsM,e hitCh comes, ye faM
will see some real games this,sum.
mer. "TuIg" Reese is working of
the "bay .Window" surplus so as to
be able to get into a regular i,an's
sized unifdrm. The cool %.eather
hinders him somevit as he eati
more after #pctice than e can sw*t
off. Loker$ns that ' is the -s&me
old deMon MWth the 'vMw. ie has
a fmaia r4stin the all st the
*rid,basizad. or over the left field
ers head. -4 are going t keepa
cian nr on thed this
a "cat'"
any Sep
hole eturztO r t6 Itik e
after visiting her gins
Mrs. J. W. Pope, Sr
Dr. and Mrs. BR Pope, of U
spent aster with Mf; and
John Pope.
Misi -agae Berths and
Turner, WintopCoIegg
the week.end at barme.
Mr sm&Xrf
r. - Mhe
aft, t r

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