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?A LIHD 1844 WINNSBORO, S. Cp APRIL 15th, 1921 VLXI O
e~Lezz4 guest of
~. ,.~*t
o A'..
~a. business,,
and little
- ( -i.
b.~ Sun~
~Lt~ Per~
la~ been
g vl~i~
..5 9
~Nus 3.
LW. A. Sanders. and family.
Mr: and Mrs. D. W. Ruf, Jr., of
.Ridgeway, have been guests of Mr.
and Mrs6 John P. Jones.
Mr., Ben Mateson, who is residing
here with. is father, Magistrate
Matheson, is quite ill. We hope that
he will. soon be restored to his wonted
health and strength.
The work dn -the road that the
Southern Power Company. is having
constructed from Great Falls to the
lower dam near Camden is progres.
sing splendidly, under the e tge,
supervision of Mr. C aughngan,
iumbia. This r'oad, when' completed,
will be one of the best in the State.
Iksa Coper Walkup, of Winns.
bp spest a short yhile with her
adm, Mr. Geokge E. More, recent
Miss Naomi McEachern,' who has
een atteln anrehool in Winusboro,
iA quite hi here at the home of her
prents, Mr. a nd Mrs.: J. J. Mc
schern. 1Tei jumerous friends
ish ot her .'4eedy and complete
.Mt George 5. moore, who has been
#u% tip .to belower part of the
'Statehas retunid home.
of bodman
--, after yisitigher
-a Mrs imies
q , apnt ld-en sdayin'CO
gWitkriee, of Chester,
~the eldend ,with his aunt,
&ag ' uier.
1. C. 1arborough, of Dar-.
Svisiting her mother, Mrs.
su TurnerTrne
ohjn Wi~iam 'Turner
-S&#-and Chaus: ar.
g~sent last Wrednesday in Co
SIr.Earle Stevenson, Miss Louise
and Mrs. P. 9.. Turner
aturdy in Chester,
Y Turner spent part of
eek in Columbia, on business.
6 and Mrs. J. K. Stevenson gave
shg o'clock dinner Friday in honor
BMas Eula Boulware, bride-elect.
*gests were present.
&frieds of Mrs. Cattie Steven
0m,*esorry to learn that she is~
3. GirofColumbia, is1
Miin.her father, Mr. T. G. Pat.
3 eila *ir., J spent the
is. MwaiKgin,~ of Cheste%,
g -m tvvrrigft tktathe . P.
fu se .ethe. guest oft Krs. U.
W P trick.
'r, Ruth Ratteree, of Myersf ~ill,
i~iigher parents.
Womans Union of the Cataw
h-P teymeets at White Oak
Thr4yof this week. A large
row expected.
Miurs 7. 3. McDowell,, 3. T.
Hedpath and Rev. W. W. Parkin
sn ttnded- the fnneral of Mr. J.
A G6hon's sister, Mrs. Porter, of
s. Nele Holeombe and Bertha
Ma B!ii and Mr. W. H. Long mo
tre oS.hester on a shopping Itrip
on Tiedan.
?. Fe-.zier Wilkes, of Columnbia,
waN eek-end guest in the some
of his mother, Mrs. 3. S. Wilka.
Mr. L.. V. Blair was a business
visitor in Cgelumbia. on Monday..
Mr. 0. D. Adair, of Columbia, was
tIeweeend guest of his sister, Mrs.
. 8.- Henderson.
Mr. T. 0. Blair, of Savannah, is
hee on a visit to his famly~.
Mr. L. S. Henderson was a busi
nesvisitor in Columbia on Mon-lay.
Mr. and' Mrs. J. D. Blair, Misses
L gmained. on, page, aim.)
There was -very little interest taker
in the municipal election Tuesday
when the mayor and six aldermen
and trustees for the city schools an(
school district No, 14 were elected
Only one set of candidates was nom.
inated and therefore the voting was
not spirited. The following is the
count: '
For Mayor..
C. A. Robinson, 79.
For Aldermen
U. G. DesPortes 79, Ernest Glad
den 79, C. G. Tennant 179, W. G.
Ragsdale 79, S. D. Ellison 79, D. V.
Walker, Jr., 78.
Board of Public Works
J. E. McDonald, 80.
Trustee School District No. 14.
F. A. DesPortes, R. Y. Turner,
Horace Traylor.
Mr Editor: As you did not drot
me from your inailing list when yoU
revu.ed your roll, I will have'to try
to get you up some stuff, though ev
ery thing in the community is quiet
at t.is time; but one never know!
when the devil will start up some
thing new'.
Therne:em? to be no clue as vet
to the murderers who shot the mar
found in the Brown's Bridge lake,
notwit.tardint. the coroner-and' his
jury deserve the commendation of all
law abiding citizens for their untir.
ing effort.
, Thisection is very much ii need
of rai' Land that has not been
teoken is very, hard and oat3 are
beuriUL*n to liead low.
Whei -the:washer woman was told
tbat I had monpy she said; "s
y or s got moy the banks opened
thi multitude.
Judging from the Sour George Per.
ry and Beckham hauled by, there
must be some'truth in the old woee
an's statement, for if they 'got any
thing where they are kown .the
doors must have been thrown wide
open and the clerks gone -to dinner.
There is a fihing frolic' set for
next 'Wednesday on the Wateree riv
er. I havd been invited to go but
I am not going to risk any weak
oints. I don't know what that-mob
might do to me away down there.
W. E. Stewart and W. W. Ligon
both told me the other day that they
witnessed a long hard fight between
a rabbit and a crow. The crow ft
nally won the victory and carried
away one of the rabbit's young. Now
some who do ngt know the above
named gentlemen'may believe this
I wish to announce that the muz.
le matter has been amicably settled
between Mr. Bryson and myself. He
Is to use- his. intuene for me with
the~ liiui and I' sur t forever kaep
my mosl neetts to-al that I know
on hm.. Whn he-peple of the
1thed comniy got; rid of Dr
Wasln= aut tool 13r liftes r liis
peet they thouht they were mzal.
in-- goud swap, but' it- seems now
that Estes Is not a great deal better
than Hamilton. However, I do not
believe that either of them would
poison you unless you sent for them.
It has been reported that M. R.
Robertson was going crazy, but I
know that is not true for he was born
just like he is now.
Everybody ought to read the let-.
ter of Claude Leitner, of Boston, in
last week's Southern Christian Advo.
An examination for teachers in the
public schoolsawill be held at the
Court House Saturday, May 7th, be.
ginning at 9 o'clock a. m.
All papers will be forwarded to
Columbia and graded by the State
Board of Examiners for teachers, and
State certificates issued by that board
to all who pass.
All teachers whose certificates ex
pire during the year should take
this examination.
Those who are teaching under
"special permits" should by all means
take this, examination and secure cer
Conmty Snat, of Edueation.
, Miss Lois Irvin will make a talk
to the farmers and business men
at the Court House Tuesday at 11
o'clock. Miss Irvin will speak on
co-operative marketing and cotton
acreage reduction. A large crowd
should be present to'hear Miss Ir
vin as she is a very fine speaker.
Most of the gardens of the village
escaped a killing by the frosts of the
eariy part of this week. Some fine
gardens are growing in our village.
Many have failed, however, to take
advantage of the splendid garden
plots laid out and plowed by the
mill company.
Miss Maude Hawthorne, assisted
by Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Wilson,
chaperoned a crowd of young people
on a fishing trip to Wallaceville last
Saturday. - delicious picnic diandE
was served on the banks of the nkes
at Wallaceville. Quite a numb-r of
fish ire caught. The party riports
a jubilant time.
The junior scouts enjoyed a hike
Tuesday afternoon. . They enjoyed an
afternoon of play and adventure in
the woods. Supper was prepared
around the camp fire and eaten with
q relish as only an open air meal can
The regular monthly meeting of the
men', club wps held Monday evening
in the'halI It was a 1prainess *set
ing primafr. Bowever it was full
f interest and enthustasm The mer
ar r Ielgzali bt a, power the club
is for cratin ghod fefo*ship and
h&ppOeS Iot only. among4tb mem.
bers iN I o syPug the good people
our va Ie members realizd
ing that what they
WD t worth. vtly
keep the club duesiat the'regular rate
an& maintain the high ptanard that
has been set in the past. Every man
i- the village tan easily afford to pay
the dues. Butf, of us who do not
spend more than cents each week
for drinks, cnd cigarettes, gyn
ete.. things which rePy; do -qthing
more for us than satisfy an abnormal
appetite. Whereas, the 50 cents a
inonth put into the club - brings
friendship, understanding, intellec
tal, moral and spiritual benefits
things which are., eternal. Men. be
fore you kick about being able to
pay your club dues, sit down and com
pare values, try to realize what you
a-e getting.
After the business session, Mr.
Tom entel gave 9n oration "A Eulo
gy o ~ter," by George C. Gib
son. The merfsa club is grateful for
this entertaihmeint.
Mr. L. S. Kates and family and Dr.
Bsby and wife, of Greenville, nmotor.
ed from Greenville to Winnsboro Sat.
urday srdt samntth, we at t- a
lnts, has. b lse guest
dya-otMiT. and Mks, C~ EJ eess
Rer. ant )em. Geege C. Gisu
and. little dagt ieaunp
nied by Rev. John Romar; ot fnims
boro, and Mr. McCandless, of Atlan
ta, motored to Columbia Monday.
Mr. Gibson and Mr. Bomar attended
the regular monthly meeting of the
Faifid Ministers' Association, of
which Mr. Gibson is president.
Mr. J. Pennington Gardener, pur
chasing agent for the Lockwood,
Grene & Co., Bostdn, was in oqr
village Sunda1 and Moinday.
Mr. Gordon A. Jobmstone attended
a Chamber of Commerce meeting in
Chester Tuesday eveling. The sub
fet of interest and~ discussion was
the development of South Carolina.
he subject was diseussed from sev
eral points of vIew. The material
development was ably presented. Then
the commbfnity elevelopment, which i
physical, mental, moral and spiritual
was championed by the mayor of
Charlotte, N. C. Mr. Johnstone spoke
of the character and development of
industry. Mr. Thrower, of Colum
bia, spoke concerning the coordinating
and cooperating of all these interests.
Winnboro needs a Chamber of
Comerec or some kind of organiza
tion with a mighty, progressive spir
it to help develop South Carolina in
Fairield county. We have a splendid
chance of being a much larger, bus.
ir town and county than we are. We
a ....nouh from Columbla or
The chairman of the Fairfield coun
ty chapter of the Red Cross has re
ceived a letter from the manager of
the Southern Division from which the
following paragraph is taken:
"750,000 babies and children in Eu.
rope are wearing rags and newspa
pers. some of -thers, born since the
war, have never known a shbe or a
decent garm~ent.;, Nearly- all. Iatst
valk bareoet and in tatersno *A ,
ter hew bitter -the weather. Wete
such a child to stand, wistfuL-eyed,
on your -step tonight you would drop
everything toj succor them. Can you
do less because he happens to be
,000 mules awary?"
The women of Fairfield responded
nobly and generously to all the cals
tat the.. Red Cross mie.durng
the world war, nut only in naink
surgical dressings but asp -in fur
nishing garments for the refugees;
and we feel sresthat this ple& will
not be madei vin phcry of lit
tle ehildiren is alway touching ,es
pecially to. omen, ande w feel-sure
that the *il. be a beary response
to this new cam.
The Southern Diviso has been
asked t8-furnish 1S,0 0garients
and 17,000lsyettp e . Migdtims for
hihend n t 1 boi
Southrn Diision is going to supply
its quota, one member hut of. every
three must make one garmlent, .and
one member out of every 25 one
Fairfield ceunty has been asked to
make one garment to every threE
members, and one, lafette to every
25. During the war Fairfhed alway,
furnished its quota.. Shall Fairfield
now fall behind?
Mrs. J. H. Cathcart has been ap
pointed chairman of Fairfield county
for this volunteer service. On May
6th a number of ladies will be pres
ent at the pommulrity Building in
Winnboro, from 11 to 1 a.i m., and
4 to 6 p. In., to receive garments for
packing and shipping. Every one de
siring to send or bring garments be
fore that time can leave them'in care
of Mrs. A. Lee. Scrugga at the coun
ty treasurer's ofice in the Fairtielid
Bak - ding on Main Street, cr
and directly to Mrs. Cath
cart's home.
The younger se' engwpe s -en
light piil at the- quarry on WM
mduy evening; Min aut~hm .
Stewart and Er, antdr JM LiZ
den Jr;,. chapo d tbei'yeong
Cheter to be a center of great de
velopent. What we need is a litt'le
hustle and a little advertising. So
long as people know more about Co-.
lubia and Chester than they do
about Winnsbpro, just so long will
we have to trail them In businesi and
Excuse an amateur for making
these suggestions, but so long as
orists, travelers, salesmen and oth.
er drive through our city and ex-.
perience the "rough riding" of our
main streets, we shall get a certain
class of advertising that isn't good
for us. Let us arouse ourselves to
a civic pride that will put Winnsboro
on the map. She looksapretty dilap-.
idated as she is. Thislisnot aharsh
criticism, but a painful confession.
The ball team plays its first game
of the season Saturday when it will
go to Columbia to play the Duck
Mills. It is not known yet when the
first game will be played on the lo
cal ground, but we will give the peo
ple of Winnsboro notice.
Mr. Gordon A. Johinstone, left Wed.
nesday afternoon for'Boston, where
he goes to attend a meetig f the Cot
ton esearch Co. r.
The value of an entertaing and ed
ucational program such as that to
be provided by the Radcliffe Chan.
tauqua in Winnsboro next week con.
sists not alone of the help 'and sat
isfaction wbich one gets from such
an occasion. It is the kind of an
event which gives opportunity for
the members of the community t
"get toget~erj4. haveenjmut .and
inspiratioufrom a a
ifting cIss ese o alie-hex
cmmnnn needs ofet vu imi
in which the .vet >
If a large eio auir of t
conmmunity attiend Chmague with
the puirpose of eeklnglfo ihelpfuk
DOss a geat osulm thridgs'
in the entirelocality a sure to be
manifest.' There are membieri of our
community who in helbi for the
.success of the ' nann av hw
4Frady wlngniEks tob Af0 -Seice.
Dr. Wells has given' theO ni -
te in charge ofarangeetsthe
use of hi vacant lk* at a cost only"
neneaay tcrthespeSefsd Ps
it in r
wmnsberomin tbow ga . G
A: Johnstone,:.hspgvdeilA6 uiseaf
five of the By So s
to be ready at aH -ties darfg\the
Chawtauqua sessions to "earry anr
iu any servab way'reqdied of
this group of Young Americans.
Th thing which -every member of
the community can dol'o help t"Up
or ei mind RIGHT 1jOW n tdaih
any of the eventa af thig autaqua
The .uss of the event
will not alone depend on the.talat4
presenting the program All af
these wil be Iuman individuals and
will reflect in wha they give the
community the enthusism Wi t
inspires in them.
Let's every one do our share in
making the community take inteest
inthis good thing the proceds'
which wHi be used' for no other pur-.
pose than enmuiunty betterment.
Go clean "Over the Top!i
Tryil; asearmnkcrreePinssr
Tuesday-Bryant Washburn in
Sx Best Cellars"; also a Fox Sun-.
shine comedy of .two reels, "Girls and
Annes retained his championship of
South Carolina in a bout at the Royal
Cafe. The match commenced fast
nd was hard fougt Both grapplers
were fighting bard. Johnson took a
headlock on Annes, putting him un
onscious for a momeent. MAns was
o dizzy that he +ackle the referee..
After 20 minutes of furiou wrest.
hu Annes pinned Jonsoen's shouLk
ders tote mat, Anae staged afaat
come back and pinned Johnson again
in minutes and 8 secods by a
double 'arm lock.
Annes eballenges any man in the
world of his weight, barring no one.
Next Wednesday night he will
wrestle with ,K. 0. Lawes, the wild.
cat of Columbia.
Critics Not Alwaysa HarmfuL
Ithabee 5Ita
ae p from the .
emn a

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