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John J -
Nov ..
Rev. Mills Lemmon and little
daughter, -Florida, have returned to
Conway, after having spent a while
with Mrs. Agnes Lemmon. We are
glad to know that Mrs. Lemmon is
improving after a recent illness.
Messrs P. B. Roberts and R. H.
Lea=n spent Wednesday in Co
Mrs. M. L. Davis and sons, Ernest
and Reuben, and Miss Kathleen Lem
mon were visitors in Columbia Mon
Misses Mamie, Dill, Cloise and Su
sie Brown spent several days with
their aunt, Mrs. Carrie Steele.
froin this community en.
joyed a -fishing trip to Parr Shoals
last week.
Mrs. W. M. Bunlrick spent Mon
day in Winnsboro.
Dr. J. L Harrison was a business
vsito' in Columbia Wednesday.
Mr.G. B. Hagood spent Tuesday in
Hrs. Carrie Steele and Misses El
ma Steele, Lillie Coskrey and Kath
een Lemmon spent a pleasant week
end in the Hill Crest community.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Steele and
Mrs. M. A. Murray spent Monday
t Mrs. G. G..Steele at Winnsboro.
Mr and MrsS. R. Rutland are
Visiting Mr. Rtiend's- sister, Mrs.
* Brown.'
wiflbe a pierie at the Union
school bunSatrday.
in Winnsboro.
- -clwso Mr. and Mrs.
SWprice and Mr. and Mrs. Chir
Btice went .to Chester Tuesday
t to attend the Chautauqua. .
W. M. Patrick, Roy Lewis,
obert McDroy an- Mr. and Mrs.
ames Brice and family attended the
bell game in Chester between Ers
kine and Davidson.
Mrs. A. W. Brice and Miss Lila
Nicholson spent the week-end in
Spartanburg visiting their sister,
Mrs. Minus.
Miss- Esther Harvey returned to
Darlington yesterday, after a few
days at home with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. M. Harvey. Miss Har
-vey was called home on account of
the. death of her uncle, Mr. Robert
Miss Sarah Patrick went to Chester
to attend Chautauqua and the Ers
-ne-Davidson ball game.
5,A business meeting of Catherine
Ladd Chapter U. .D. C' was held
with Mrs. A. W. Brice Monday eve
j ning.
Mrs. Traylor and Miss Leila Tray..
bor motored to Chester Monday.
Quite a number of Woodward la
dies attended the miscellaneous
shower .given by Mrs. Kennedy at
*her home in. Blackstock, for Miss
Mabel Holder, who is to be married
Mrs. J. C. Stone spent part of last
week in Chester.
Miss Thelma Chappell has return
ed home, after visiting her sister,
Mrs. D. L. Stevenson -is home after
'visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. F.
Castles, at Greenbrier.
Mrs. W. Y. Propst, of Blairs,
spent Tuesday with Mrs. P. C.
Mrs. Floride Turnr is home for
the vacation, after having taught at
A ayes.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mays~, of Co-.
Sambia, spent the week-end with the
latte/s pets, Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Stone.'.
Mrs. John Y. Turner speg Monday
with her sister, Mrs. 3P. B. M4rtin,
at Salem.
Mrs. Tom Boulware and children,
Mrs. P. C. Turner and children, Mr.
.ad Mrs. J. K. Stevenson and chil
dren, Mrs. Cattie Stevenson, Mr.
"W Earl Stevenson ,.and Miss Louise
Stevenson motored to Great Falls
Saturday and spent a pleasant day
isitinig tle plant. They had, a fish
Miss Janie Caztles visited Miss
Lois Smith during the past week.
Misses Ella Smith, Mary Gold
smith and Helen Lyles spent Friday
night with Mrs. J. D. Lyles, Jr.
Mrs. D. L. Stevenson left for
Winnsboro on Thursday to visit rel
atives before returning to Lebanon.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Castles mo.
tored to Columbia on Saturday after
noon to see Mr. W. P. Blair. We are
glad to know that he is improving,
and we hope he will soon be able to
return home.
Mr. and and Mrs. J. F. Castles and
Mrs. J. D. Lyles, Jr., spent Wednes
day afternoon in Winnsboro.
Miss jois Smith leaves this week
for Rock Hill to attend the pageant
at Winthypp.
Mr. D. L. Powell spent the week
end at home.
Mr. T. W. Ruff, of qreat Falls,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Estes.
Dr. and Mrs. J. W. A. Sanders, of
Longtown, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. H. L. Castles.
Sunday school day passed off very
pleasantly at Bethel on the evening
of April 24th, at the usual League
h ur. There was quite a large crowd
present andthe children went through
the exercises ve*?Y creditly.
Mr. Howell Trapp and family, of
Colum * - were visi.
rer home for thpast weekind.
Mr. Ralph- Mas and family lnd
Miss 4nnie Robinson made a trip ;o
Lancaster in their car last week to
viit - Rev. E. R. Mason and family.
Misses Hannah and Mary Leitn -r
and Ethel Mann -recently visited.Miss
Louise Hamilton in Winnsboro.
At the Missionary meeting at Mrs.
Watt Mann's'last Saturday afternoon
there was an interesting progr1n
carried out by Mrs. E. G. Fridav
Among -the' other good things she
had was a little drama acted by four
women, in which "Mrs. Enthusiast".!
converted "Mrs. Grouch" into a bet
ter way of thinking of our mission
ary activities. If all our women who
are in the "grouch" state could have
heard this little story tpey would
have made some new resolutions, too,
Mr. Henry Gibson and family
spent last Sunday in Lykesland.
*Mr. Claude Leitner, of Boston,
worshipped with us at Bethel Sunday
Miss Lillian Leitner, of Columbia
College spent Sunday at her home.1
On May 1st we had a frost-I saw
Some of us over in this section
want to know where on earth the
people of Mossy Dale get, cash to
buy guano.
Will some of the farm demonstra
tors or_ plant doctors tell us what to
do for our -corn and cotton ? The,
corn seems to have yellow .iaundice
and the poor little cotton looks .just
like your mouth feels after eating
green persimmons.
A. Mack and J. M. Park spen't last
Wednesday. with the .Isenhower boys
on Wateree fishing. They had very
good ~luck. But y u need not fish
this week-the m n's wrong.
Sorry to report~ Mrs. A. C. LathanD
is very sick.
Mr. S. L. McQueen motored to Co
umbia Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. B. C. Bye, of Winnsboro,
spent Sunday with Mrs. W. F. Mack.
Mr. Joe Chappel, of Jenkinsville,
spent Sunday in Rion.
We are sorry to report that. Mrs.
Mrs. J. D. D~elleney and Mrs. T. E.
Iklleney are sick.
Mrs Jane Hays is visiting Mrs. J.
D 1)elleney.
IContinued on page six.)
The ball team journeyed to Cam
den last Saturday to help Wateree
Mills celebrate in a May Day festi
val. The Winnsboro Mills team's
part, according to the program of
the Wateree Mills, was to come to
Camden and take a good beating at
the hands of the Wateree team. With
out say whether or not they would
do in Camden as the program read,
our boys went down to Camden and
promptly at three o'clock, as Mr.
Baker, Wateree's -star slabman, be
gan to hurl the old apple over the
platter, they began to smash said
apple all over the lot and also over
the heads and out of reach of Cam
den's players. After the merry-go-,
round of nine innings were over
Camden had an exhausted and
humbled bunch of ball tossers. Said
humbling was done by one Mr. Bar
ney Enloe, who hurled for Winns
boro. Barney had them eating ,
of his hands. Whenever he got in
a tight place he opened up full steam
ahead and made batters whiff the
air until the "umps" would yell "bat
ter out."
W'e have given Enloe first credit
for he bore the brunt of the fight,
yet he was ably assisted by eight
others who were in there fighting all
the team. The team was playing to
saved a home run; But for brilliant
work -ire the out field by the r. m
den cutfit Winnsboro would have
amassed more runs than they did.
Go to it, boys, and play the game
together -in that same fighting spirit
and before the summer of 1921 rolls
by we shall have won some more ball
games. Lose at times, if we must,
but let us lose playing the game. Not
only play the game in baseball, but
in all phases of iife. -
"For when one Grat Scorer comes
To write against your name,
He writes not that you won or lost,
But how you played the game!"
Against a team made up almost
wholly of experienced, muchly touted
ball players, 'an 8 to 3 score shows
that the Winnsboro Mill team played
the game.
Several truck loads, and several
car loads of rooters, boys, girls, men
and women went over to Camden to
-ot for their team. Their lusty yel
ling did much to help bring home
the bacon. All enjoyed the May fes
tival program. The program as car
ried out reflects great credit Tipon
Wateree Mills community.
On last Friday evening at the hall
the Epworth League, an organiza
tion of the Methodist church held jts
first social hour in the hall. Cere
monies were in charge of.Mr. W. B.
Porter. The program consisted in a
viocal duet; an address by Rev. Mr.
Mays of Winnsboro, a comic duet and
a character reading by Miss Maude
Hawthorne. Ice cream and cake
were served after the program. The
young people spent the remainder
~of the evening playing games.
On Saturday the Methodist Sun
day school held a picnic near Mr.
Castles' plaCe south of town. A de..
lightful day was spent by those who
Next Sunday, ,the 8th, is Mothers'
Day. At the Baptist ehurch appro
priate exercises will be held in the
Sunday School. Quite a number will
take part in the program. There will
be some gpecial music.
At the evening service Rev._ Geo.
C. Gibson, the pastor, will speak on
"Mothers." There will be some
special numbers of music at this ser
vice. Everyone in. the village is in
vited to come to tiiese two services
and~ pay tribute to their mothers.
If your mother is dead wear a
white rose or flower. If she is liv..
ing wear a red flower. At the Sun
day school hour the teachers of the
Sunday school will give to each o04
not havingone a t homeann appropri
Rob Stevenson, Jr, winner
of 3 e in .tate Pig Club con
test returned from Char.
leston e the State winners were
etertaiiaed by the Charleston Cham
ber of Commerce. The b9ys were
taken out to .the Isle of Palms where
they sa the Atlantic ocean. They
were ,takm .tother placesoof interesif
including5e navy yard,dry dock and
clud* navy yatd, dry dock and
peanutb Wry. The boys had the
pleasure \ofpecting a submarine
cost ione million dollars.
Wdhe banquet at night,
ee heard some fine
A special Seting of Mount Zion
Society will-%ii held on Monday, May
9th, in the town Hall. at 11 o'clock.
Business of importance will come be.
fore the SWecety and a full meeting
is desired.
By order of.
S. D. Dunn,
T. H. Ketchin, Secretary.
Will Await O .co'ne of Sessions.
Washington.-The next move in the
reparationS controversy, so far as the
American government is concerned,
will await the outcome of the sessions
of the Supremfl Council, which has re
ured its sgpsions at London.
Would Overthrow' British,
Washngton.-The policy of the So
viet government in the Near East and
Central Asia is the overthrow of the
British rule in Indaa, the British gor
einent charges in a letter transmit
ted . by Sir Robert Horne.
Earthqulake, Shock Registered.
Washington. - An earthquate, de
scribed as severe and locatedl proh
ably in Ceeal America, was recorded
on the delsmograoh at Georetownl
university beginning at.12:46 o'clock
The tremors continued Amitil 2 ,a. m.
Early Crops in Cherokee.
Gaffney.-The crops in Cherokee
county are earlier than for many
years past. On every side may be
seen fields of corn and cotton, some
of the cotton being up and growing
and many fields of corn are ready for
first working. A trip through the
county shows that there has been a
light reduction in tjie aereage of cot
ton, -but, not so d1I! as was once
thought. The sales of fertliluers have.
however, been IUght, aid in spite of
the large acreage production wIN be
considerably curtailed.
Liquor RaIl in Florenoe.
Florence.-Three days of raidi
alog the Bi Pee De. river by local
and state ofieers have netted good
results. Stills were captured at the
rat of one a day. They were of 150.
12 and 40 gallon capacIty. Alems
wth the stills the officers destroyed
1,000 gallons of mash, 20 fermenter'
and a quantity of blockade whiskey.
The stills were located on the Marion
ide of the river, but the operators
are theaght to be Florence ~county
men, and are so named In the federal
Avcid Him.
Our iri&a of a c~!vnN- is a men with a
grouch who loves to mak~e (ofu'r fuel
amen ne he does.-iiston Trnn
- Washington. - The United States
government considers the Allies' debt
of ten billion dollars a just obligatioN
of the Allies and deems unacceptable
the suggestion made Jy Germany that
she take it over as part payment o
reparations to France, Great Britain,
Italy and Belgium.
This attitude on the part of the
American government may be form
ally expressed if the United States
ever transmits the recent German
reparktion proposal to the Allies as a
basis for discussion, but inasmuch as
such a step is for the momtat Vn
likely, the chances are that America
will avoid formal comment on the
German proposition as It affects our
foreign loans.
While the Washington government
Is vitally interested in the outcome of
the reparation negotiations, because
of the far-reaching effect that a settle
ment would have on-the world's eco
nomic situation, the official viewpoint
here is that the Allies will be well able,
ultimately to pay their debts to the
United States irrespective of the rep
aration money forthcoming from Ger
many to the Allies.
Newberry Case is Reversed.
Washington.-Conviction' of United
States senator T.uman H.*Newberry
In Fedetal courts in Michigan for
conspiracy to violate the Federal cor
rt. practices act. was set aside by
the Supreme court.
Th convicton of 16. other defend
aSts- atowas set aside. The .court
wt Pu ow-r
court'# d .
vould at once 1ssule- an
Ing the second findictment
Senator Newberry ano his assc tes
Bringing 2,800 Bodies.
Cherbourg, ranc. - The" United
army' transport Wheaton, with 2,800
bodies of American soldiers aboard;
sailed from this port for AntwerP. At
Antwerp the transport *111 receive
1,000 more bodies and then sail for
New York.
No Vatican Representative.
Washington. - Appointment of an
American diplomatic representative to
the Vatican Is not under contempla
tion, said a statement issued at the
White -House In rbsponse to repeated
Inquiries as to the possibility of such
an appointment being made.
Dial lMeasure Approved.
Washington.-The Dial bill, requir
lg federal judges to devote their en
tire time to the de ties of their office,
was reported favorably by the senate
1judiciary committee.
I Gold Rush in Canada.
a Ottawa.-Gold has been struck 'on
a farm 45 miles due north el Otto
way. The first gold rush ln this part
of CanadL followed ahd tigdhy 3,000
acres of land has been staked.
Accompanied by Disorders.
Rome. - Observance of May Day
throughout Italy was accompanied by
disorders in several places, reports
received here Indicating that at least
two persons were killed in riots.
Much Cold Arrives.
New York.-Gold valued at nearly
$2,000,000 arrived 'here from Europe
and Latin-American countries. Of this
amount $2,400,000 came from England
on the Lapland.
Anna Edeon Taylor is Dead.
- Lockport, N. Y.-Anna Edson Tay
lr, the only woman who ever navigat
.d Niagara Falls In a barrel and sur
vived, died In the Niagara county In
irmary. She accomplished the feat
in 194.
One of tlhe mot delightful events
of the seasob was given last Friday
.ening byc Mr.'and Mrs. F. 4. Des
Porteswhen their spacious hbme was
thrown open to their many' friends.
Dancing was enjoyed on the wide
porches and in the living rooms which
were tastefully decorated for the oc
casion. Music wa~s furnished by the
Serenaders Orchestra prom Lancas.
ter, Pa.
Sandwiches and punch were served.
'fAou ltirty couples enjoyed Mr. and
P ,. oes'e hospiiali+v
Blackville.-A case that has been ?
watched with a great deal of Interest
by seed houses, seed dealers and
farmers in general, was that of 0. B.
Brant vs. L. J. Baughman, which was
tried in the court of common pleas
for Barnwell county before Judg
Mauldin. In this action the plain
alleged that he purchased 12 po
of what is known as Excel melon
from L. J. Baughman, a grocer
Blackville; that he blanted the seed
bought on 15 acres of &nd and wh
the vines commenced to fruit, ita
found that the seed Were not p'od
lag melons true to type, but which
turned out to be- Guineas or -runts.
Plaintif claimed damage in the sam
of $4,000.
Mr. Baughman testifed that-he
chased the seed in queition from
well known seed house and gave
guarantee whatsoever as to results.
At the clore of the entire case, th
defendant's attorneys moved for a
rection of verdict upon the ground
that Mr. Baughman was a middl
and not the grower of the seeda.
was, therefore, not responsible for the
results, and upon the further ground
that defendant made no warranty as
to results. The inotion was granted
a verdict being directed in favor
Seorgetown.-The purchase by the
city of the Georgetown Railway
Light plant'has been reported con
pleted as of date March 4191 an
that date the electric 4,
E a MntgmedY,
has been as -missionary -
fve years having beea s'ent -&ere
th A. R. P. board.
Mr. and lirs. Porter Anderson, of
the Richburg section, who have been
Methodit missionaries. in Korea for
thelpaq seven years, will leave that.
country the latter part of this mon(t
for,America for a year's visit.
Florence.-Wtlh 'mpressive ceremo
nies, which incluied the rendition of'
several numbers by Prof. M. C. Bald
win, a master organist, the iandsome
new $8,000 pipe organ of the First
Baptist chu:ch was dedicated. Crowds -
packed the church to the doors.
Spartanburg.-Jud'ge -George W.
Nicholls, .of this city, receivede from
King George, of Great . B'rltain a a~
bronze placque, twelve lnchea In di
smeter, Issued in memory of his son,
Lieutenant William Montague Nich
ols, who was killed in action while
serving with Britsh. fo'rees in Fac
in the summer of 1917. The placque
beas the name of the dead iecten -
with the irds "He died for freeddm
and henor."
Greenvllne.-Women In the Sont
who wear silk stockings and-am
other things will be the object of a
movement launched here to enhac
the value of cotton products.
Strangely enough the South, horne
of cotton, is sadly addicted to the s
of silk. Therefore a movement has
been started urging Southern women,
to wear dresses made of cotton goods
Florence-A score of the boys of
the agricultural classes of the Dillon
county public schools spent a day in
Forence gotag ever the various agri
cultural activities of this section.
Oragebur-Norway has the .dise
tncton of building ther trst comi
nity potato curing house In Orage
burg county, according to g stata
by Farm Demonstration dgmutf ., 3.
Wolfe. .
Following the Girls' Club play af
the Winnsboro Mills RIall last. Thes-,
day evening, members of the Club
gave their president, Miss Grace Buz
zell, a farewell party. They pre
sented 'her a beautiful boudoir lamp
as a token of their esteem. Miss
Buzzell spent the past week with
Mrs. N. A. White before returning to

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