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In our wash wear department we are showing a pretty
selection of dresses.for little tots, growing girls and mis
ses. They are made in smart designs that embody ser
vice and quality.. The materials-workmanship-stye
-fast colors-together with our reasonable prices, make
them thrifty clothes to buy.
Price Range 98c Up.
Children's socks have been very-difficult to secnre this
season. Beginning Saturday morning we will have a
complete assortment in fancy colored tvops and plain'socks
in all sizes from 4 to 9~1-2. The price will be 25c and
35c per pair.
We are always glad to have parents bring the little
ones to us to be fitted in shoes. We realize the necessity
of having a child's foot correctly encased in a good fit
ting comfortable shoe, that gives them sufficient freedom
to "wiggle their wee toes." Our shoes are designed on
Nature lasts. We never lower our quality ,to kiss price
-but nevertheless our prices are reasonable.
We will thank our out-of-town friends to send us their
.mail orders. Our parcel-post service is prompt and ef
by violence
U C.
_____________________ You cani trust ared-haired woman
P. M. DEES in everytking save temper.
Editor and Publisher
__________________________ A hot tip is the kind you're surest
Entered in the post office at Winns- to get burnt on.
K boro, S. C., as second class mail mat. Any attempt to enact dry iegislation
ter-In Chile Is likely to be hot stuff.
WHAT WILL WINNSBORO BE- IN Caiyhsanwrl ncvrn
TEN YEARS.?a uttueoprzfih.
This is the question whieh shouldbediespotswtJakFs.
be in the mind of every man, woman ______
and child who has the interests of the Onkidoaimlevrwtoe
town at heart.atasaefiistepliclga
The future of Winnsboro dependswo.
upon the answer. The answer de
pends upon you,.odn lo sbetrta odn
Will the merchants be able to meet tebg
the competition of the merchants of________
other towns? Will the manufactur.. rolnspcaitsyspsiit
ers' labor and transportation wantsloetirhr.Ceruorgbad
be supplied ? Will there be plenty of hae
clean and comfortable homes ? Will
there be ample school rooms, play.. htsrkeo pnshgvrmn
grounds and other environments soemlessonsiemre aaa
necessary for the development ofbuies
happy and healthy childhood-the I etn akt acn omly
first prerequisite for the citizenship acmrms ih erahdo h
of the future. Will there be develop- udrle
ed here that Community Spirit and
leadership so vitally necessary in car- Po tafrwoe wulbin
rying forward all the civic and com- te nte ftedutu oso
mercial enterprises of the modern ctznhp
progressive town? Teara oemo trsacn
Winnsboro calls you to her service,.~ m~~ti n h p n on
Serice means faith, co-operation,ofarin.
sacrifice. The past is past and no
useful purpose is served by clinging Tewrdwro eafo h
to old quarrels and misunderstand..ln sabtl wihee h ai
ings of bygone days, Not Winnsboro ______
"was" but Winnsboro "Will be," not OnofteIetbe lmtaf
regrets but hopes, not fear but ?aith wsaei ainsafisi ag
must be the keynote to future great- aon futkn die
. ness.
Towns and cities are built by men, ad'smbypooe.nol
and Winnsboro will grow in greatness txt oae;wt h
only as the men of this town grow lr a.Weni sol ad
in the same direction. N alnamt eiefrwr
Winnsboro will be just what we -vr atnta va ett a
ake it.Christ tha wa nw frced in oei
_________ une conarlkn whks thin geena
Firdaynight"he Geat Rdeem e 54tdgvids ItthrIs noitopping Frot.
er l~ an 30 adisson.SlOes frind ome axpnevers re
Cornng o Ma 27-Foridde FO SALHn ersoncylnderha
Fholding-17 aos betite r a ong
Li bg
WINNSBORO, S. C., APRIL 22, 1921.
Tempest in a tea-cup-Home Brew.
John Bull provided the meat for the "Irish Stew."
Frenchie's idea of reparation is skinning Fritzie.
King Cotton is slowly regaining his strength.
Sall Scroggins was blinded Saturday by the sand storm
on our Dusty Main.
Let's make our town look so.good that every visitor
will become a Booster.
Our square-jawed young-council have some hard prob
lems beford them in making Winnsboro a better town.
Every loyal citizen should give them their sympathy and
Nowadays when a good-fellow says "Have one," you
don't know whether to take a look or a drink.
After all everything evens up in this old world. The
rich have ice in summer-the poor 'get" theirs in the
This is not a time for hot heads and cold feet-it -is
a time for utmost confidence and every shoulder to the
wheel of practical reconstruction.
Store You tear So Much A
ir-jt zeepa on ax. It 15, VO A MS
have to be prepared to prove an alibi
at ay moment. Ti atr n oaega8W
SThe Story of tasttosadshsuesfln
Our States saifcoyrstsan
p ~ VIII.9
* had been p
* made apro
* ~ prietary gov
-~ 80 ernment inReu
_the territory
9extenzding fromn Virginia to Flor-9
SIda was granted by Charles II e
9In 1663to eght gentlemlen asa a
Sreward for their efforts in his e
Sbehalf. The name Carolina
Scomes from the Latin, Carolus,
meaning C~arles. It was not
9really named after Charles II,9
but originaly In honor of Charles
9IX, king of France, by Hugue- 9
nots who built a fort near Beau
9fortin 1562.
SThe fact that the Carolinas 9
9became tater two distinct colo
9nles was due to chance. It hap-9
:pened that the earliest settle
thents located at points far re
moved from each other. The 9
9first permanent settlements in9
South C ar oII in were about W e n s
9 CharIegon, while those In North
9 Carolina were around Albemarle
i sound. The life in the two sec
* tions also was quite different.9
p South Carolina was largely de
* voted to the cultivation of rice
t and indigo and the planters soon
grew very rich with their large
#estates on which the labor was9
:performed by slaves, In fact,
9just before the Revolution the9
population showed twice as many
9blaeks as whItes.9
~ aoia a undtc yIn 12 the government of the
pthe lord proprietors to the king p.
and there was then formed the
etwo separate provinces.9
South Carolina was the eighth ____________
9state to adopt the Constitution,9
Sthe vote of ratification being
9paused In May, 1788. The Pal
*metto state, as South Carolina
SIs sometimes called, extends over
30,989 square miles, and It par-G e raA
ption to the extent of nine ele-9
9 (OWThis pasture and forage grass)w9
9is nfdue9nteUntdSat
VOL. 1: NO. 2
Are a necessity as well as a luxury to every woman
whether of slender, medium or full figure, because it
contributes so much to her style, comfort and health
and adds a charm and beauty to her appearance that
nothing else can supply. -
We sell hese famous Brassieres at.55c up.
Old Sol.will soon slide the heat gear in high? That
means you will have to shuck your coat and vest. Don't
you think this is a good time to go over your shirts- And
see if they will bear inspection? You know they are
not puncture proof-but ours are tub proof. Rub and
scrub them, the colors come up smiling.
Priced $1.50 up.
Now fellows we know that you are busy working and
possibly -we ought to try to sell you Headlight overalls
instead gf real Dress-Up-Togs. But you know you need
a nice looking suit when you accompany the good lady
to church on Sunday. We have some real clothes to show
you. Come-in this week and take a peep.
now become onf w o'or
forage crops. Sown broadcast, en We have the seed'in s
fhesoil ha warhied up in the spring i E DUG .COMPANY
sat the rate of 18. to 20lbs. per acre,
tit yields an abgndant crop and dur- KO0D A KE RS-Correct developng-*~
n ing the season1 furnishes two or three means b~etter pictures. Send your ,.
heavy cuttings, according to weather kodak films to us and get the best.
Sconditions. It is a tall-growing, an Columbia Studio, 1423 Mai Street,
e nual Grass, possessing wonderful Columbia, S. C. Write for price
s food value, and is keenly relished .by list. 6.9
d Mrs. U. R. Fortunate
est thehonor of your presence
at the marriage of
their daughter9
Ima Love I
Mr. I. B. Joyful
[ay evening, eleventh day of May, 2
steen hundred and twenty-one
eight-thirty o'clock
Community Building
tev. 0. B. There,
Officiating Minister.
dmission : . 25 Cents.
nefit Converse Club.

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