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of Christian En:.euvor Sunday afti'
noon. Come out, you will be bene
We are needing rain badly, gardens
and grain suffering.
Crops are off badly, no stand of
cotton or corn, much replanting be
ing done
Messrs C. M. Ladd and J. W. Crow
der spent Tuesday evening in Winns.
. Edgar Aiken has returned
ome from a visit to ~uii sister, Mrs.
Miller, of Lugoff.
Mrs. Fanny Martin is visiting her
son, Dr. Dolphus Martin, of Green
Messrs Robt. and Berry Martib
were visitors in Blair Sunday eve
Mrs. D. R. Crawford has been to
see her daughter, Miss Belle Craw
ford, of Columbia.
All the farmer are having to plant
their cot on crops over.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter May, of Co.
lumbia, spent the week-end with Mr.
and Mrs. J. C. Stone.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Harden, of Co
lumbia, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Lemmon.
Mr. abd Mrs. Carroll Turner have
moved into their new home.;
A large crowd from here attended
the pageant at Winthrop College last
Miss Agnes Stone, of Pryor's Hos
pital, spent last week with Mr. and
Mrs. E. L. 'Stevenson.
Misses Margaret ,and Janie Tur
ner, of Winthrop College, pent the
week-end at home.
Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Y. Turner spent
Tuesday in Columbia on business.
Miss Mary Hardin, of Chester, is
visiting Mrs. J. W. Pope, Jr.
Misses Bessie and Wilma Turner
are home for the vacation, after
teaching at Lowryville.
Mr. Hazel Pope, of Smith's, spent
part of last week at home with his
parents, Mr. and'Mrs. John Pope.
Viss Pauline Turner is home after
taching at Sharon.
'Mr. awl Mrs. Carroll Turner spent"
Sunday th.the latter's parents near
Chs54 Mr. opd Mrs. George Preas
Quite en enjoya~ole affair was the
bouse-warming given to'- Mr. and
Mrs. T. E. Wilkes, recent bride and
groom, at their little bungalow at
Blairs on Monday.
The little home was a perfect bow
er of .cut flowers and plants and one
of the most noticeable of the gifts
was a jewel plant in full bloom.
Mrs. Julia Wilkes', grandrpiother of
the bridegroom, and with whom he
has lived, was th'e first to enter. She
wished for the happy couple a long
life of happiness and prosperity. A
sumptuous lunch, provided by the
guests was spread at high noon.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes were. the re
cipients of many and useful pres
IMrs. Milling, of Rock Hill, has
been the guest of Mrs. S. N. Hen..
derson for several days.
Mrs. T. B. Willingham has return.
ed from 'a visit to St. Matthews,
where she has been the guest of her
sister, Mrs. Weeks.
Messrs Lawrence and Andrew
Blair and Richard Wilkes motored
to Union to attend the Henry-Wilkes
Mr. L. M. Blair was a visitor to
Columbia the past week.
Mr. L. S. Henderson was a visitor
in Lockhart on Monday.
Messrs C. S. Lykes and W. N.
Henderson, of Syracuse, N. Y., are
visiting relatives here.
The young people of the commun
ity attended a dance at Shelton on
Saturday evening.
Mr. Andrew Blair was a visitor
\in Newberry on Friday.
Messrs. L. M. and Frazier Blair
were visitors in Winnsboro on Wed..
.Mr. L. B. Fee of Columbia, is vis
iting his parents, Mr. an~d Mrs. L. R.
Mr. L. R. Fee has returned from
Columbia, where he underwent an
operation on his eyes.
Mrs. F. C. Ladd and little grand
son, J. T. Bradley, of Union, have
been on a. visit to his mother, Mrs.
Julia Wilkes.
Mr. L. M, Blair was a business
visitor in Union Monday.
Mr. , and Mrs. Berry, of Clover,
~spent the week-end wth Mrs. Berry's
Uncle, Mr. J. S. Glass.
Mr. Clyde Jackson, 'of Nitrolee,
spent last Sunday with his mother,
Mrs Katie Jackson.
:.-_ J..V. Keistler spent Ist Sun- ;
a:: vth L is son, Mr. W. S. Keis
Ofr. and -Mrs. Quay lollis ani chIi
(ren spent last Sunday with :rs.
Eunee Brown.
.ir. and Mrs. J. R. Ligon and littLe
daughter, Elizabeth, of Rock Creek,
spent last Sunday with -Mrs. Kati'
Miss Margaret Dixon spent one
night last week with Miss Ada Smirr.
Mr. Youn- and Miss Julia Ligon
spent the week-end with their sister,
Mrs. J. H. Lison, near Richburg.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Glass, of Cluver,
spent the week-end in the Mitford
Mr. Edward Ligon left one day last
week to take up work with an Insur
ance Company.
Mr. and Mrs..Hair ,of Great Falls,
spent last Sunday at the home 41 Mr.
W. S. Keistler.
Miss Clara Johnston spent last
Wedneday night with Miss Julia
The Junior Missionary Society will
celebrate their third anniversary on
next Friday night at Mr. Charlton
Mrs. A. E. Young has returned to
her home after visiting her daughter,
in West Virginia.
Mrs. Frank Jennings, of Marion. is
visiting her mother, -Mrs. A. E.
Mrs. Milton Harrison, Mrs. Lena
and Miss Willie Timms spent a day
with Mrs. T. W. Tinkettle, of Book
Miss Marie Lemmon is now at
home for the summer.
With the closing of the school
there will be a basket picnic at the
Ridge school house Friday, May 13th.
Dr. and Mrs. C. T. Brooks, of Co
lumbia, spent Sunday with Mrs. J. C.
Miss Lois Smith has returned from
Rock Hill.
Mr. D. L. Powell spent the wt"
end at home.
Little Miss Victoria Bray has re
turned home after visiting in Colum
Mrs. J; D. Lyles. is visiting her
sister, Mr. Gladden, in Winnsboro.
Mr. - Harold Brooks was a ecent
visitor in the Mossy -Pal, lectigt
We are glad to know that Miss
Jessie Lyles is at home after under
going treatment at the Columbia hos
Mr. and Mrs. S. Y. Castles, Mari -a
Castles and little Miss Nannie Bell
spent Saturday in Columba.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Lyles spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Mrs. Sallie Gladden a'nd Mrs. Er
nest Gladden, of Winnsbro, spent
Tuesday with Mrs. J. D. Lyles.
Mr. and Mrs. H., H. Castles, Er
nest Blair and' Master Lester Rob
inson spent Sunday in Columbia.
Messrs A. M. Blair, G. U. Robin
so and B. E. Lyles motored 'o Co-.
lum ia Sunday afternoon.
We are glad to see that Mr. A. C.
Goldsmith is able to be out again.
This dry weather. is certainly dis
couraging to farmers. ,In spite of it.
though, some folks have had "gyar- fec
den truck" for use. Mr. F. il. Mc- of
Eichern has had new potatoes for. nei
some time, and peas, onions, beets
and greens are old items on our bill Sti
of fare. Chickens are comhig on wa
nicely too, on
We are glad to report that Mrs. F. ani
H.' McEachern is back at home after of
two weeks in the hospital, very much
Mrs. F. E. McEachern and Mrs. an
Cody of Whitmire paid a short visit tee
to our community last week, in
'&r. D. L. Glenn, Sr., spent his I
84th birthday with his sister, Mrs. the
McGee, in Honea Path. wo
Quite a jolly crowd from Parr the
Shoals and some folks fi-om the neigh_ to
borhood enjoyeil a picnic on the lake I
at Wallaceville last Friday. tes
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Glenn have both a2
been quite sick, but are up and able tes
to be about again. foi
Mr. James Perry was a visitor in a
our midst several days since. He
seems to like it mightily. We hope fei
manent resident.w
There will be an election next dei
Tuesday to vote bonds for good roads in
our township. I am sure we are gr
all for it.
All persons holding claimis against
the estate of Jane A. McConnell, de- coi
ceased, are hereby notified to pre- by
sent them within the time prescribed in
by law; and all persons indebted to bal
said estate to make payment. an
A. B. Cathcart, the
6- aExecutor. mn
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Taken by the
Chateau T
Shown by the Loi
Friday an
These Pictures are 4
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Steals the wealth of ti
FIREthe rate of a million d
nly by sound insurance can you
d from losses a fire may cause yC
remium won't break you,. but:
We Pay Money For
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Winnsboro Insurance and
es Robinson Stirling, a Con. And
rte veteran, died at the home
5niece, Mrs. W. M. Harvey, Pres
~Woodward, April. 27th.
~.Stirling was a son of John W. And Coi
ug and Elizabeth Ferguson and
orn May 7, 1842. He was born Eggs
esame plantation where he dis:d Also Wat
here he spent the greater 'wt
slife. Sold here.
mhe war was declared on the
hand that struggle began he we~ Spotes
ihteen year old boy. He .volus
dand served through the war ______
.B, 4th S. C.
~*Stirling had decided to make SUD
ractice of medicine his lif'3
but on account of the war and This pasture
renuous times f.2llowing he had first introduce<
ie up this plan. sseven or eigl
edevoted himself to school was brought:
chng and made for himself quite Egypt. Trials
ttation as a teacher. He was a tal stations h.
hr who never made application satisfactory ri
school, but was never without soon spread fs
hol when he cared to teach. now become<
swas a retiring disposition and fovage crops.
new him initmately. He was the soil has wi
tuent by nature and by habit. He at the rate of
sma inveterate reader, and the it yields an a
hsummons found him with a book ing the season
shand, striving to add to his heavy cutting!
atstore of knowledge. conditions It
!.Stirling wa never married and nual Grass,
dehis home with his niece, Mrs- food value, an
. Harvey. stck of all ki
ehad been for many years a We have ti
sitent member of Concord Pres- OBEAR
eran church and was laid to rest
eConcord cemetery, his grave
d with beautiful floral tributes swered the las
oating over all the banner of ed his many ec
Starry Cross under which he before,
hem.o fu e ars. He has an
1 .War
Signal' Corps of t
my. Actual Battle4
'hie rry
St. Mihiel
:al Post of the American
aunity F
: Saturday, May 1'
tctual and hard to get.
few in the World.
the Boys. Go O.
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lars'a day
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fire might,
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own To-Day
rder your Big Dis
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ntry Produce _______
ius Products* LI
Phone 170
eat Market. .....,........
and forage grass was
Iin the United States
t years ago when it
rom the Sudan in
at various Experimen.I
d such successful and
sult that its fame
erand wide and it has
e of our permanent ' '
Sown broadcast, when
irmed up inthe sprllging ,,
18 to'20 lbs. per acre,
bundant crop and dur
furnishes two or three -
,according to weather __________
is a tall-growing, an
possessing wonderful
I is keenly relished by e
e seed in stock.
t roll call, and has join-.
:mrades who have gone DIXIE HOUISE CWl
.T TB.
he American
Legion at the
and 14
fhere are only ,a
er the Top"
and Wagnsi
Mvacinery and
me and labor.
count. tome :
*nd See.+
haiidle setos. Quickly and easily
erected tby o&simple instructions.
Absolutelyril and weather tight.
KDoud walls in most desfns. En
durilng. Delightful to live in.
11esigns changed to suit your
ideas, without charge, If general
sIge retained. Sketches supplied
Saekind of house you want to
build and we will send ape
cial suggestions and free
-illustrated booklet which
gives designs, floor plans,
descriptions and money-saT
lng prices.'

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