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Attitu:': c, the French Press Fraught
LI uyd -'A
London. - .l: k G e, the
premierL', im a - ' 'I
ing the Btis- aLOW:d the
Upper Silesian ('J-ti.ou e-:Tr):ed by
him in his recent speech in the House
of Commons.
In the course of the statements, Mr.
Lloyd George said:
"The fate of Upper Silesia must be
decided by the Supreme Council and
not by Korfanty."
"Great Britain cannot consent to
stand by while the treaty her repre
sentatives signed less than two years
ago is being trampled upon."
"With all respect, I would say to
the French press that the habit of
treating every expression of Allied
opinion which does not coincide with
their own as an impertinence is
fraught with mischief. That attitude
of mind, if persisted in, will be fatal
to any Entente."
America Will Take No Part.
Washington.- Poland's request for
American support in the settlement
of the disposition of Upper Silesia
has evoked a formal answer from
Secretary Hughes that the American
representatives abroad would take no
part in the discussions concerning
tme Silesian question.
Population of South Carolina.
Washington.-The negro population
of South Carolina in 1920 numbered
864,719, according to the statlstics
made public by the census bureau.
This was an increase of 3.5 per cent
for the ten years. Whites numbered
818,538, or an increase of 20.5 per cent.
Would Purchase Jamestown.
Washington.-The Island of James
town, the site of the first permanent
English settlement in the western
hemisphere, would be appraised with
a view to purchase by the federal gov
ernment under a resolution introduced
by Senator Willis.
May Standardize Containers.
Washington.-A bill to standardize
containers used in marketing fruits
and vegetables was favorably re
ported by the house weights and meas
ures committee. It is proposed to
eliminate about 30 sIzes in use by
substituting five sizes of stated dimen
Build Jap Ships Here.
New York. - A contract for the
construction in the United .States of
a 20,000-ton, electrically-driven combi
nation fuel supply ship for the Japa
nese navy was signed with the New
York Shipbuilding Corporation.
Death of Chief Justice White.
Washington. - Edward Douglass
White, chief justice of the United
States supreme court, died at a hos
pital here where he submitted ,to an
operation. He was 76 years old.
Wants Camp Lee Retained.
Washington.-Protests against the
war department's plan to abandon
Camp Lee were made before the house
military committee by a delegation
of city officials and business men of
Petersburg, Va.
Navy Bill is Cut One Mi4iiion.
Washington. - One million dollars
was cut from the naval appropriation
bill in the senate on the first roll
call, testing the strength between the
advocates and opponents of increases
in navy appropriationlr
Franklin K. Lane is Dead.
Rochester, Minn.Franklin K. Lane,
former secretary of interior, died at
a hospital here. Death was due to an
attack of angina pectoris.
Mrs. Bergdoll Fined $7,000.
Philadelphia.-Mrs. Emma C. Berg
doll was sentenced to pay a fine of
$7,000 for the part she was convicted
of having taken in the evasion of the
draft laws by her sons, Grover and
Edwin Bergdoll.
Mine Workers Join Forces.
New York.-The anthracite mine
workers will join forces with the bi
tuminous miners in formulating poli
cies which will govern the negotia
tion of wage agreements with the coal
Building Trades Indictments.
Washington.-Other indictments in
New York, Chicago and other cities
are to be expected as a result of the
nation-wide building trades Investiga
tion, Attorney General Daugherty said
in an Interview.
Time LImit for Disarmament.
Berlin-The time limit for disar
mament by Germany Is fixed absolute
ly as June 30 in an allied note pre
sented to the German government. The
note concerns execution of the recent
Relic Intimately Associated With
Great Discoverer Has Recently
Been Brought to America.
Ange). Curras of Corunna, Snin.,
and Gonzales Blanco, noted Spanish
artist, have brought to Brooklyn the
original small altar presented to
Christopher Columbus by Queen isa
bella and used by Columbus on his
first voyage of discovery on the flag
ship Santa Maria. The antique was
obtained by Curras after several years
of endeavor, and is to be delivered
to Pernas, Collado & Co., an export
ing firm. The authenticity of this
altar and a number of other antiques
which Curras brought is certiPed to
by affidavits made before Ralph C.
Busser, American consul at Corunna.
The altar was originally a gift from
Qiwen Isabella to Christopher Colum
bus, according to the account given by
Mr. Curras, and, besides eight carv
ings in bone depicting scenes in the
life of Christ, contains also small por
traits In carved bone of King Ferdi
nand and Queen Isabella. The small
shrine is about sixteen inches high
and fourteen inches wide, and the
hinged cover, in two pieces, folds over
the top, making a compact cabinet.
Each of the doors has a inging
iron knob used to unfold the shrine.
According to the documents in Mr.
Curras' possession, this shrine is one
of a collection of twenty antiques he
is bringing to this country. On in
spection by customs officials, the
shrine was ordered sent to the ap
praisers' stores, that a valuation
might be put on it.
Example of Eternal Triangle Will
Soon Be Presented to Another
Judge and Jury.
Not so very iong ago there lived to
gether in Indiah.apolis a certain man
and woman. They were well past
middle age, and their children were
reared and gone. One evening the
man of the family nervously marked
the passing of time. Sad suspicion 1
gripped the heart of the woman. The
husband explained that he would have
to be away from home that evening
on business. The wife explained that
she did not wish to stay at home alone,
and would go to a neighbor's home.
She left the house first. But she did
not go to the neighbor's home. Instead
she slipped into the rear seat of the
curtained darkness of her husband's
automobile, and covered herself 'with
a robe. After a while he came out
of the house and drove away. He
drove to another house in the city and
drew up in front. He left the car and
entered the 'ouse. The wife also left
the car an4 took a position in the
shadows nearby. After a few minutes'
wait the man came out of the house
with another woman on his arm. The
I ternal triangle was completed, and
the same old thing happened. New
they are getting ready to tell it to the
New Smoke-Burning Device.
A new water-cooled baffle-plate de
vice for installation In th-e firebox of
a conventional up-draft furnace has
the effect of converting it into one
having some of the characteristics of
the down-draft type. It is described
in Populdr Mechanics. Its construc
tion is simple, consisting of two hol
low steel compartments of different
heights, arranged crosswise of the
irebox, at a point somewhat to the
rear of the center, with the higher
one at the back, thus dividing the fire
box into two distinct combustion
zones. As the two chambers are sep
arated by a few inches and the higher
one reaches to the boiler by the
crowsheet, the gases and smoke lib
erated by the forward portion of the
ire are forced to pass over the top
of the low forward section, down be -
tween it and the rear section, under
the latter, and over the hottest part
of the fire, where they are consumed.
Esperanto a School Course.
Esperanto, the artificial interna
tional language, has been ordered In
troduced ass an elective course in the
comLercial schools coatrolled by the
Paris chamber of commerce.
The language was studied by a com
mission, whose members reported
favorably upon It after several tests.
One test was the translation of three
complicated documents into French
and then translation of the French
texts back into Esperanto. It was
found there was no change in the
The introduction of Esperanto in
all scihools was recommended, not as
a substitute for any other language,
Ibut as a means jf communication.
Dogs Vaccinated Now.
Professor Marie Remlinger of the
Pasteur .institute, Paris, who is hav
ing wonderful success with the new
service developed by Professor Balle
of the government veterinary scliwol
at Alfort, promises absolute immunity
for dogs from rabies. This newv vac
cine is a mixture of the old Pasteur
serum for rabies and of the virus of
the disease. It acts quickly, is easily
applied, is inoffensive, and costs little.
It is curative as well as preventative.
Eighteen dogs vaccinated with the new
serum two months ago have been ren
dared absolutely immune.
Used to That.
Mason-Any 'sNtartling new fash
Russell-No. As usual, the only real
shock in. the spring feminine fashions
is administered by the price tag.
ondon Augwara
K 0 D A K E R S-Correct developing
means better pictures. Send your
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iist. 6-9
Everyone knows the story of Cin
derella ard tan' fairy godmother, and
now all Winnsboro may see the sto
ry presented with the lavisi beauty
For which Cecil B. DeMille is fa
rnous as a p.cvLteer. vhen "Forbidden
Fruit" comes to the Community The
tre on May '!7t'.
A story of a mismated marriage
that was tested by the fiame of far
bidden love. A beautiful, high
ou!cd woman tied to a brutal knave.
Here is your opportunity to insure 2
agains embarrassing errors in spelling,
U pronunciation and poor choice of
ii words. Know theineaning of puzin
war terms. Increase your efficiency,
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9 DICTIONARY is an all-know
ing teacher, a universal question i
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cessful men and women the world over.
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s Panama-Pacifio Exposition.
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Pockct Maps if you nama this paper.
Springfield, Mass., U. S. A.
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the Great Human Drama of Modern
Married Life.
Home L
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that you
car. Th
who wil
Then, r
Under t
of the hi
Last, but
turns up
with a ke
But we a
one ride
hidden u
and a lib
rp/efe (lecirk
ight & Power
rost Beautiful Car I
Car With Perso
an air of distinction about the New Se
will find in no other moderate prici
at is why it has been adopted by re
I not tolerate the commonplace.
:member, it not only looks but acts 1
e hood there is a marvelously efE
es from five to twenty five miles 1
Rat. This means giant energy for hi
not least, the "Glenbrook" is a rig
every atom of power from a gallon
surprising mileage on a set of tires.
en sporting personality-a very hard cc
sk you to establish these facts for yo
in the "Glenbrook" and discover i
nder the hood. It will prove a revel
ral education in strictly modern engi
Xaaawm' ?Pg Ma Con md M& rpm&
J. M. Jennins
ight cndi
L IKE all other Dele
this model at $295
valve-in-head, four-c
motor. It is self-crani
only one place to oil.
sene, is economical and
Years of Delco-Ligi
development, together'a
ence gained from over 12
combined to produce ti
represented in all Delco
There are twenty-five
of Delco-Light plants,
need of farms, stores, coi
all those places where ini
plants are a necessity.
Write for catalog or cor
tell you what Delco-IL
you. Delco-Light bet
ditions and pays for itse]
Co., Inc., Dis
Ia, s. C.
ries "Glenbrook"
.d, five passenger
ally smart people
the thoroughbred.
icient motor that
>er hour in nine
L and every test
id Economist. It
of gasoline and
It is a thrift car
Mbination to find.
ien. moate st
hat actually lies
ition, we belivt
rs the f us
~ting. eres
retrengin ern
Ligh Prduts
ight lantsfo
er iingcon- __
.n. hrei

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