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On Saturday morning w(
of ladc' odd lot pumps an
dren's pumps. The styles
leathers are splendid. You
few pairs at the low prices
$1.98 P
In bin No. 1 we have p
chilareii's play oxiords an
leathers. These are good s
$2.48 F
In bin No. 2 we show son
grade kid oxfords, and sp
lasts. These values are ve:
$2.95 F
The styles in bin No. 3 E
medium heels and sensible
ly of good soft kid. You ]
oxfords will appreciate the
$3.98 P
Bin No. 4 will prove a b
girls. Here you will find a
#'with low heels and mediu:
The News and Herald.
Editor and Publisher
Entered in the post office at Winns
boro, S. C., as second class mail mat
It is not wise to make class dis-.
tinctions and poor policy to draw the
line between the old and young in
society. God gives to society both
and has bound them in a social unit
for mutual benefit. It is wise to rece
ognize however the contribution of
each and to evoke the qualities de
manded by the community and place
the responsibility for them where it
belongs. That is what we would do.
This community has a great heri
tage, enjoys prestige and is in many
respects an exceptionally fine com
munity in which to live. Its one
fault, as a friendly critic would
judge, is ultra conservatism. We are
too ready to oppose aij change just
because it is a change. Change be..
longs to all things and people here
below, and if we do not move for
ward our change will be that of de
cay. The present owes it to the
past to make the future better. In
the world's march of progress, if we
do not keep step we will be left be
The situation, as we see it, calls for
the spirit of the initiative action and
aggression. This is the spirit of
youth. Old men for counsel and
young men for action is the teaching
of history. Age is cautious, conserv..
ative and inclined to the status quo.
That is the part age is given to play
but it cannot play the whole game
except to the detriment of the social
whole. To use the phrases of Shakes
peare, "The May-morn of youth rine
for exploits and mighty enterprise,"
must be evoked. History teaches
that whenever a great work is to be
done "the kingly state of youth" was
enlisted to do it. It is the young
men that must lead out in new direc-.
tions and bring new things to pass.
During the war they were sorely
missed among us but then, though
far away they had our hearts with
them. To them we pinned our faith
and in what the would do centered
will place on sale three bins
I oxfords and one :in of chil
are in good taste, and the
will be fortunate to secure a
aced a dandy assortmemL uC
I pumps in black and brown
urdy shoes for boys and girls.
ie real good values in medium
it leathers made on English
-y good.
tre real comfort oxfords with
toes. The leathers are most
adies who desire good utility
se styles.
)on to mothers with growing
plendid assortment of pumps
n toes in patent and brown
our hopes. Now they are onCe again
with us our dependence upon them is
none the less real. It will not do for
them to get the idea that they can
serve only where physical strength
and military powers are called for.
The young man spirit and young men
of spirit are needed today as never
The writer would voice the call for
them to come forward and take their
rightful place. That is not to push
the older men aside and spui-n the
wisdom of age but to get in the lead
and blaze the way to better things,
"Let no man despise the soul of
youth." Let the sole inquiry concern.
ing you be, to use the language of
Jefferson, "Is he honest? Is he cap-.
able ?" These being given the af
firmative answer, lead on with all the
reckless audacity of inexperienced
youth. You will meet discourage-.
mernt and get your rebuffs, but you
will have moved your community for-.
ward for a' that.
Towns have failed to make prog-.
r'ess because the forces which make
for progress have not pulled to
gether. Old traditions, political dis-.
sensions, business and social jeaL.
ousies and short-sightedness in civic
matters have combined to hinder
their growth. All the forces which
seek progress-civic or commercial
must unite in a spirit of unselfish
service for the common good.
Merchants, mill owners, profession..
al men, women, wage-.earners, are all
equally interested in the character of
the city. Clean and comfortable
homes. well kept streets, good schools
and play grounds, ample transporta-.
tion facilities, wholesome opportuni..
ties for recreation, sanitation-sorme
kind of an organization which can
best secure all these things for us
is essential.
A Commercial Club or Chamber of
Comm'erce can do these things. Any
citizen can become a member, regard..
less of religious, social or political
This organization will develop
Community Spirit. It will eliminate
the destructive "knocker." It will
stimulate appreciation of the con
structive citizen. It will develop ef-.
fiint Community Leadership. It
Our road-beds need fresh cov
The See-level of skirts has r(
We suggest that Germany u
deems the Watch on the Rhine
Ad-Hand-painted dolls wit]
we know some that can walk a
Remember our interest in oui
we sell them. The merchandis
we Will.
Wanted-Some fresh paint
fronts in our business district.
Howdy-boy! We are to have
tion with frills and everything.
Clean sport makes clean men.
Our "war, party" created;
cleaned up and while the dust
fling turmoil-But There is No
Store 'You 'Heat
wil furnish a representative organi
zation of citizens whieb will be ef
fective in securing such improve
ments as its members think are need
It will aid the merchant, manufac
turer and professional man in the
solution of their problems. By means
of surveys it can determine the re
sources of the towvn so that they mey9
be organized in the best way to as
sist local enterprises and offer whole
some attractions for new ones. Let ~
our slogan be "Plan your work, then9
work your plan."
The State of South Carolina,9
County of Fairfield.
By W. L. Holley, Probate Judge.
Whereas 0. E. Manigault made
suit to me to grant him Let
ters of Administrar~ion of the estate ~
and effects of John E. Manigault. 9
These are therefore to cite and ad
monish all and singular the kindred
and creditors of the said John E.
Manigault, deceased, that they be
and appear before me, in the Court
of Probate ,to be held at Winnsboro
on 2nd of June next, after' publica
tion hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore
noon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should9
not be granted.
Given under my hand this 18th day
of May, Anno Domini 1921.
W. L. Holley,
This is a rheumatism of the mus
cles of the back. It comes on sud
denly and is quite painful. Every
nr ovement aggravates the dis use.
Go to bed, keep quiet and have
Chamberlain's Liniment applied and ~
a quick recovery may be expected.
Mrs. F. J. Dann, Brockport, N. Y., '
writes: "I can honestly say that
Chamberlain's Liniment cured me9
of lumbago a year ago last summer,
When I began using it I was flat
on my back in bed and could not4
turn to the left or right. I had a
bottle of Chamberlain's Liniment in.
the house and this was applied to
my back. I promptly drove away
he pains and aches."9
AY 20, 1921.
ached high tide
tse an alarm until she re
i movable eyes. Shucks,
nd talk.
goods does not end when
e must make Good-or
signs hung on the store
a real baseball organiza
Back 'em up, homefolks.
a mess that had .to be
is settling there is a tri
Cause for Trepidation.
-'So Much Al
The Story ofl
Our States
Virginia re
volves about
the name of
Capt. J ohn n
rSmith. It was
his ind om- 0
Itable spirit which enabled the
settlement at Jamestown to sur
vive the privations and difficul- o
ties that encompassed it during
those first -years. Tligre in 1607 i
was made the first permanent
English colony in America. The 0
charter given by King James I
to what was known as the Lon-0
don company, under whose aus
pices Jamestown and the later
Virginia settlements were found- p
ed, designgted that this colony
should extdhd 200 miles north 0
and 200 mfles south of Old0
Point Comfort and stretch west-0
ward to the sea. Under the reign
of Charles Il it was considered j
such an important colony that it0
was called the fourth dominien y
of his empire, that is, England.,0
Scotland, Ireland and Virginia. o
From this Yirginia was often
called the Old Dominion. The o
nme Virginia itself means the
virgin land and was so called 0
after Queen Elizabeth, the "Vir
gin Queen." The early govern-0
ment of Virginia is of great in-0
terest. At first communism was
tredl, under which system the 0
land and all property was owned ~
in common and all profits were I
dvided equally. This proved a
disastrous failure. In 1619 the0
first real representative govern-0
met in the colonies was estab-0
lished, called the house of her- p
gesses, whIch continued in force0
under varying fortunes until Vir- 0
ginia joined the Union and be-0
came the tenth state in 1788. o
Much might be written of the
character of the early VirgInian I
settlers and their great influence
on American life. From Virginia
has sprung two other states,0
Kentucky and West Virginia.
Eveni so, the state's present area o
Is 42,627 square miles;. Po'liti
cally the Old Dominion state is 0
etited~ to twelve prosidential
elctris. Trhis is abo ut th 1amver- 0
azr of the' sombhen stat's.
J Rub em -Tub'eo
Then come U
Mothers will be glad to k
Jack Tar Togs in our wash
Marr. The fine materials, we
appeal to mother and son, Si
Priced $3.50 to $4.00
We have a small lot of fine]
wash skirts that are slightly
from 30 to 38 waist. We wil
Saturday at $1.95.
Organdies continue to gair
We have just opened a shipm<
in the wanted shades as green,
and white, 40 inch width at 75
Have you given your spring <
Curtains and hangings reflect
keeper. Well chosen draperies
pleasant atmosphere. We will
your color scheme.
Drapery prices range 25c
Vacation time is drawing n(
eling bags? ,We are showing,
cases, bags and trunks. The t
robe or double tray effects. A
equipped with time saving de
ycar trips.
Statement of the Condition of
Located at Shelton, S. C., at the Close
of Busisess April 28th, 1921.
Loans and discounts .... $110,156.92
Overdrafts........... 2,456.92
Furniture and fixtures ... 2,246.23
Banking house... .... 1,400.35
Due from banks and bank
ers ........ .........' 8,966.96
Currency ................516.00
Gold ............... 17.50
Silver and other minor coin 69.95
Checks asd cash items... 30.00
Other resources...........292.42
TOTAL ..........$126,153.25
Capital Stock paid in .... $ 25,000.00
Surplus fund .............5.00
Undivided profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid ............-.--..1,930.27
Individual deposits subjiect
to check ...........14,649.63
Demand certificates of de
posit..........-----. 25,05681
Cashier's check .... 102.32
Bills payable, including
certificates for money
borrowed .......---....58,859.22
TOTAL ..........$126,153.25
State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
Before me came D. R. Coleman,
Jr., President of the above named
bank, who, being duly sworn, says
that the above and foregoing state
ment is a true condition of said bank
as shown by the books of said bank.
D. R. Coleman, Jr.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 14th day of May, 1921.
J. R. Shelton,
Notary Public.
Corect Attest
D. Roe Coleman,
W. B. Wright, Sr.
J. R. Shelton,
The children of Mrs. R. K. Ten
npdst wish to extend thanks to their
friends for the many kindnesses and
sympathy shown them during the
lon illes and death of their moth
VOL. I, NO. 6.
~Scrub &M
now that they can secure
lepaltment for their little
rkmanship and styles will
zes from 3 to 8.
y tailored white gabardie
stained. The sizes range
1 offer these for quick sale
favor for Summer wear.
knt of lovely crisp organdie
tan, sky, pink, orchid, rose
c the yard.
:urtain problem a thought?
;he good taste of the house
will give your home a cool,
be glad to assist you with
to 75c.
ar. How about your trav
i dandy assortment of suit
runks can be had in ward
Il oui traveling goods are
vices that add pleasure to
- /A
WANTED- -Twen~ive men of good
chara.ter anc. habits, 'having hfgh
chool education (college education~
yeteri to t-tke~ a free coiurise mn life
nfsuanfce sallesmanship at our Home
Office These men wvill then be
turned over to Ge-neral Agent con..
trolling territory in which they live,.
both the Company and General Agent.
helping them get started in a pro-.
fesion that pays, that is growing
nd that requires a.o capital. A great.
pportunity for men twenty-five to
forty-five years old. Address C. W.
Estes, Supt. of Agents,,SoutheasterrL
Life Insurance Company, Greenville,
S. C. 8.
WOOD SAWING-My wood sawing
outfit is now in first class condition,
and I am ready to take orders for.
sawing your wood in any length. J.
H. Gibsoni. 8p.
Now ready for transplanting..
20c per dozen. Mrs. Moses C..
Cathcart. 8-9p9
lights and starter. In first class.
condition. Attractive price. A. M.
Owens. --
PEAS-I want your peas, I have the.
price that satisfies. A. Lee Scruggs.
666 has more imitations that any
oter Fever Tonic on the market, but
no one wants imitations.
Rub-My-Tismf is a great pain kfl
ler. Relieves pain and soreness,
Rheumatism, N'euralgia, Sprains, etc..
Rub-My-Tism is a powerful anti
septic. Cures infected cuts, old
sores, tetter, etc.
We are proud of the confidence
doctors, druggists and the public
have in 666 Chill and Fever Tonic.
666 cures Malaria, Chills and Fev
er, Bilious Fever, Colds and La.
Grippe, or money refunded.

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