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Federal Government Is Requested to
Enact Uniform Laws to Regulate
Both Marriage and Divorce.
Winona Lake, Ind.-Condemnation
of the "com*g pugilistic mill in Jer
sey City, N. J., July 2," was expressed
in resolution adoited by the 133rd
general assembly of the Presbyterian
church In the United States of Amer
The resolutions, presented by the
assembly's board of temperance and
moral welfare, approving the Volstead
act, expressing regret over the dis
missal of a large number of prohibi
tion enforcement agents, urging a na
tion-wide campaign for federal cen
sorship of moving pictures and fed
eral enactment of uniform marriage
and divorce laws, did not pass until
an amendment regarding the Demp
sey-Carpentier fight had been insert
ed. In addition to expressing con
demnation of the Ight, the amendment
commends the New Jersey ministers
who have opposed the bout.
Peking.--China and Germany have
signed a commercial agreement which
Is considered tantamount to a peace
Seven Killed In Wreck.
Bagneres De Bigorre, France.-Sev.
en persons were killed and thirteen in
jured when a railway train was de-.
railed at Artigues, near here.
Repuleed With Losses.
Athens.-Attacks against Greek
nes in northern Asia Minor by Turk
ish Nationalists have been repulsed
with heavy losses, says an official
statement issued by the war office.
"Shyster" Methods Condemned.
London.--Divorces are increasing
at a great rate here, and so, too, ac
cording to Judge Darling, are the
"shyster methods," as they are some
times termed in America, whereby
some divorces are obtained.
To Distribute State Bonus.
Lansing, Mich.-The Michigan leg
Is lature met In special session to en
ct laws to govern distribution of the
state soldiers' bonus for which a bond
iue of $30,000,000 was voted at the
Apil election.
Lashed on Bare Back.
Dallas, Tex.-J. T. Moore, 30, held;
here in connection with an' attack;
upon a young girl, was taken by a
party of masked men to a secluded
spot near the city and 25 lashes ap
plied to his bare back with a whip.
Starves Self to Death.
Selma, Iowa.-Walter Oliver, son of
a wealthy farmer, died on the sixtieth
day of a self-Imposed fast. Oliver
was a conscientious objector and was
sent to Federal penitentiary when he
* refused to don a uniform at Camp
Dodge.- d
Sims Warmly Greeted.
London.-Newspapers vied in ex
tending warm editorial greetings to
Rear Admiral William S. Sims, com
mander of American naval forces,
who arrived here to receive a degree
of doctor of laws from Cambridge
iUniversity, was described by one
newspaper as "The best friend in
need thiat England found during the
United States WIns SuIt
Philadelphia.-A decision in favor
of the United States government in a
suit brought by the Ehret Magnesia
Manufacturing company, of Philadel
phia, to recover $23,889 alleged over
charge for taxes for 11917, was said to
pave the way for the government to
collect millions of dollars from the
Arms throughout the United States,
which have similar cases pending.
.Postoffice Furniture Provided.
Washington.-The house, without a
dissenting vote, accepted the Item in
the deficiency bill appropriating $23,
000 for the purchase of necessary fur.
niture for the Columbia, S. C., post,
Long Tariff Fight Ia Ended.
Washington. - The long battle in
congress over the emergency tariff
bill was ended when the house by a
Yote of 246 to 97 adopted the confer
emo. report to which the senate has
already agreed..
Ohieetea, West Virginia, Whne,
chosen for the mext general assembly
of the Southern Presbyterian Church,
at the 61st general assembly here.
Sessions will be held in the First
Presbyterian Church there.
Coolidge Wants Law Respected.
New York. - Respect for the law
and opposition to radicalism were urg-i
ed upon Americans by Vice-President
Calvin Coolidge in an address at the
t25th anniversary celebration of the
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Spotless Meat Market.
Notice is hereby given that John
W. Cathcart, administrator of the es.
ate of Mrs. N. A. Dickey, deceased,
ias this day made application unto
ne for a final discharge as such ad
ninistrator; and that the 12th day
)f June, 1921, at 10 o'clock A. M., at
ny office, has been appoisted for the
iearing of said petition.
W. L. Holley,
Judge of Probate, Fairfield Co., S. C.
May 12, 1921.
This is a rheumatism of the mus
les of the back. It comes on sud
enly and is quite painful. Every
m.ovement aggravates the dis use.
Go to bed, keep quiet and have
Chamberlain's Liniment applied and
i, quick recovery may be expected.
Mrs. F. J. Dann, Brockport, N. Y.,
writes: "I can honestly say that
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n my back in bed and could not
turn to the left or right. I had a
bottle of Chamberlain's Liniment in
the house and this was applied to
my back. I promptly drove away
he pains and aches."
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ppendicitis. If you would avoid
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Ihe State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
By W. L. Holley, Probate Judge.
Whereas 0. E. Manigault made
suit to me to grant him Let
ters of Administration of the estate
md effects of John E. Manigault.
These are therefore to cite and ad
nonish all and singular the kindred
md creditors of the said John E.
Manigault, deceased, that they be
md appear before me, in the Court
>f Probate ,to be held at Winnsboro
o 2nd of June next, after' publica
tion hereof, at 11 o'clock in the fore
oon, to show cause, if any they have,
why the said Administration should
not be granted.
Given under my hand this 18th day
of May, Anno Domini 1921.
W. L. Holley,
Judge of Probate.
666 quickly relieves Constipation,
Biliousness, Loss of Appetite and
Heradaches due to Torpid Liver.
In tle pamphlet of Bird, GCam an]
n-onMi,'ratory Fs Laws of So'th
Carolina, published by authority of
W. H. Gibbes, Ciief Game Warden
of South Carolina, in April 1920.
there is a failure to incorporate Act
No. 386, of the Acts of 1918, which
Act, in part, says:
"There shall be a close time in -il
the creeks, streams and inland wat
ers of the State from the setting of
the sun each Saturday until the ris
ing of the sun each Wednesday, i1.
ing which time all seines, nets or any
plan or device for the stoppage or
collecting of fish, which obstructs
any portion of any creek, stream or
inland waters other than a dam for
manufacturing purposes, shall be re
moved from said creek, stream or in
land waters; and any person or per
sons using such seine, net, plan or
device in violation of the provisions
of this Act shall be deemed guilty
of a misdemeanor, and upon convic
tion thereof before any Court of com
petent jurisdiction, shall be fined in
the sum of two hundred dollars, one
half of which shall go to the in
former and the other half to the
Court in which the. case shall be
tried, or be irhprisoned for a period
of not less than three nor more than
six months, or both, in the discretion
of the Court trying the case. Noth
ing herein contained shall apply to
fishing with dip nets used by hand.
And wherever any seine, net, or any
plan or device for the stoppage or
collecting of fish, as above stated,
shall be used, the Chief Game War
den or any Warden shall have the
authority, in the name of the State,
to seize and hold said seine, net or
plan or device for the stoppage or
collecting of fish, and to use the
same as evidence for the purpose of
convicting any person violating the
provisions of this section, and, upon
conviction of the person so using said
seine, net or plan or device for the
stoppage or collecting of fish, the
same shall be forfeited to the State
and sold, the proceeds of said sale
to be transmitted to the credit of
the Game Protection Fund."
"Approved the 12th day of Febru
ary, A. D. 1918."
On May 12, 1921, I took this mat
ter up with the Attorney General
and his opinion is:
"I find no amendment or repealing
Act changing the provisions of this
Section in the respect that it re
iu 'r a 'elose time' in creeks,
3treams and inland water of the
state. In my opinion this- prois
ion is still in effect. (Signed) Sami'l
9. Wolfe, Attorney General."
On account of this law not having
been enforced for the past few years
it is very probable that many people
may be under the impression that
he law has been repealed, and, for
this reason I wish you to publish this
letter in your county papers in order
that the people may be advised.
I hereby advise that you vigorously
enforce the provisions of the above
rentioned laws, after you have pub
ished same in the newspapers.
This is a very important law, and
if properly enforced, will do more
to protect the fish of our State than
any other one law upon the statute
Very truly yours,
A. A. Richardson,
Chief rGame Warden.
Minouri Lady Suffered Until Shze
Tried Cardui-Says "Result
Was Surprising."-Got Along
Fine, Became Nermal
and Healthy.
Springfield Mo.-"My back was so
weak I could hardly stand up, and I
would have bearing-down pains and
was nt well at any time,"ay Mrs.
DV. Wiliaws, wife of a el-known
farmer on Rtoute 4, thi place. "I
kept getting haaches and aving to
go to bed." cntiases Ms.Willams
describing the troubles trmwhich
she obtained relief threugh the se of
Grdi. "My husbad, having heard
et Cardul, prepesed getting It for me.
"I saw after takiing se Cardul
. .that I was vmrYigh raslt
was srprising, fetlike a41ierent
"I*ter I euasd Cae wes's"
nd weak back, aa4 fet SM uma4em.
I did net rest weli at Ut I WMW
evus and ress, gy ushat said
he wald get me emme Cardal, wh
he di. It strestsemed me . . . MR
octor said I got along fine, I was in
good healthy condition. if cannot
sa too much for It."
Thousands of women have suffered
as Mrs. Williams describes, until they
found relie( from the use of Carduk
ince it has helped so many, you
should not hesitate to try Cardul Uf
troubled with womanly ailments.
For sal everywhe. 3
Made of excellent yarn, chem
ically treated. Gathers dust
without scattering it. 60 inch
handle enables you to reach
highest poitr on walls. mol.
ings,, picture fr' *.. -
$1.50 and $2.00.
Thoroughly s
lects and ret
stead of : di
thrbugh the r
ically treated
ed repeatedly
Price 20c and
are made in two styles. One
treated to gather dust. The ot
with Wizard Polish, for cleani
and preserving the floor finish.
cellent yarn; handle adjust
$1.00, $1.25, $1.50, $1.75 and $2
For s
Most fi'
They a'r
the first
and man
T Wheny
once as;
Ride in
y enthusias
Each bu
tion how
But spiri
is achie,
the Glen
Built like a floor brush. Splen
did for all large floor spaces.
Frame is padded to prevent
marring furniture. Yarn mop
is treated with Wizard Polish.
Mop head is 14 inches wide.
Price $2.50.
anitary. Col- Athor
ains dust, in- Polish,
tributing it grime
oom. Is chem- give t]
; can be wash- not cat
without harm bright
40c. attract1
is chemically
her is treated
Have you ever tr
g, polishing pet Clean on the
Made of ex- sweeping? You
vents dust froi
to sweeping. Pri
ale by E. GLADDI
ost Bleutiful Car in.
)istinction With<
-passenger cars are undistinctive and
types instead of original creations. Al
great difference between the New Series
r other cars of the medium priced field
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car with a very distinctive and altoget
ty. Like well groomed people, it is individi
he Glenbrook and your first impressioi
tic convictions. You will sense at once1
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rst of speed, each conquered grad. driv<
ed performance is most appreciated thesc
d without waste and extravag.ace. Ne
rook owner's satisfaction lies in his ni
. M. Jenninu-s
Convenient in shape; made of
excellent yarn; will last in
lefinitely. Can be washed.
Chemically treated for trath
ring du-t. A great improve
mnent over the usual dust
scattering duster.
;1.00, $1.25 and *1.50.
oughly scientific furniture
designed primarily to
the surface of all dust,
and finger marks, and to
ie wood a polish that will
ch dust. The hard, dry,
luster it produces is very
ince bottle .........25c
mce bottle .........50c
t can..........$1.00.
gallon can ....... $1.75
m can ............ $3.00
X Flodr Polish . ... $1.50
ied sprinkling Wizard Car
rugs or carpets before
will find it absolutely pre
n rising. Is a great aid
ce, 30c carton.
id therein lies
recognize it at
:her charming
tal and unique.
i will become
:he power and
y of the road.
:s this convic
days when it
t the least of
odest bills for

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