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S-lled, Graded Corn Brings Best
Inforna-ion frequently reaches the
Bureau of Markets that farmers in
the Sout-:ens tern state s are having
difficulty in marketing the*.: corn,
and investigation has shown, says F.
L. Harkey, agent in marketing, that
in a great majority of these caseS
the trouble is due to the grain not
being prepared properly for market.
Many farmers apparently desire to
sell their corn on the ear without re
moving the husks. Some corn is
sold in that way, but the demand is
usually. much smaller than the sup
ply. Consequently buyers frequently
obtain corn of this kind# at almost
any price they are willing to pay.
The bulk of the corn trade in this
country is in shelled corn, there be
ing a demand for the grain at prac
tically all times. As a result shelled
corn nearly always sells for better
prices than corn on the ear.
Practically all sales of shelled
corn- are now made on the basis of
the Federal grades established under
the authority of the UT/,ed States
Grain Standards Act, which requires
that these grades must be used for
all intersta:e shipments sold by
grade. This covers the bulk of the
business and evc.i theagh no grade
is mentioned in other transactions,
the buyer usually compares mentally
the quality of the corn offered with
graded corn, and makes his price
accordingly. Where he is offered un
graded corn which he cannot exam
ine before purchasing, he either re
fuses to buy it or makes the price
sufficiently low to avoid chances of
loss. From these facts it can be
seen that it is usually to the advan
tage of the seller to shell his corn
and sell it by grade. This requires
that he be familiar with the Federal
standards. All information regard
ing the Federal standards, grading
demonstrations, etc., may be had by
writing to the agent in marketing,
Extension Service, Clemson College,
South Carolina.
State of South Carolinz,
Coun/y of Fairfield.
Whereas petitions signed by a le
gal number of the qualified electors
and freeholders residing in Lemmon
School district,, No. 23, Fairfield
county, S. C., asking for an election
upon a proposed 2 mill special school
tax, in addition to the 2 mills already
earried, for school purposes, making
a total of 3 mills, have been filed with
the County Board of Education, an
election is hereby ordered upon said
question, said election to be held at
Hill Crest School house, Friday, July
22, 1921, Trustees cf said district be
ing the managers.
Located at Winnsboro, S. C. at the
Loans and Discounts .. .. .. . ..
ond rand sStocks Owned by thleB
Furniture and Fixtures. .. .. ..
Banking House. .. .. . --..-..-..
Other Real Estate Owned .. .. ..
Due from Banks and Bankers ..
Currency .........--.-.----.-.
Gold. . ... --...-..-..--.--..-..--.--.
Silver and Other Minor Coin....
Checks and Gash Items ......
Other Resources ............
Capital Stock Paid In .......
Surplus Fund............. -
Undivided Profits, less current exp
Due to Banks and Bankers .. .. ..
-Dividends unpaid .. .. .. . . ..--.
Individual Deposits Subject to Ch
Savings Deposits .. .. .. .. . ..
Timie Certificates of Deposit . .. .
Certified Checks............
Cashier's Checks............
Notes and Bills Rediscounted . .. .
Bills payable, including Certifica
rowed .................
Beserve Fund Carried on General I
TOTAL .........-..
State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
Bfore me came C. F. Elliott, Ca
who, being duly sworn, says that
ment is a true condition of said I
said bank.
Sworn to and subscribed before
Correct Attest
T. K. Elliott,
Jas. L. Bryson,
WV. D. Douglas,
Those favoring the additional tax
shall vote a ballot containing the
.vord "YES" written or printed there.
)n, and those against the a(lditinal
tax shall vote a ballot containing the
in peas if you haven't a cultivate I
word "NO'" written or .,rin,.:d tbeie.
,n. Polls shall open at the huur of
9 o'clock in the forenoon and shall
remain zpen till the hour >f iv1
o'clock in the afternoon, when they
shall be closed and the ballots
The Trustees shall report the re
sult of the electon to the County
Board wihin ten days thereafter.
By order of the County Board,
J. L. Brice, Co. Supt., Sect'y.
All in the State of Mind.
If you think you're beaten, you are.
If you think you dare not, yo don't.
If you'd like to win, but think You
It's almost a cinch you won't.
If you think you'll lose, you're lost,
For out in the world you'll find
Success begins with. a fellow's will;
It's all in the state of mind.
Full many a race is lost
Ere ever a step is run;
And many a coward fails
Ere ever his work's begun.
Think big and your deeds will grow;
Think small and you'll fall behind;
Think that you can and you will.
It's all in the state of mind.
If you think you're outclassed, you
You've -got to think high to rise,
You've got to be sure of youself be
You can ever win a prize.
Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
Is the fellow who thinks he can.
How Much Salt and Water Used in
Cooking Cereals.
Cereals vary considerably in the
amount of water absorbed as they
are cooking, specialists in the United
States Department of Agriculture
state. This fact accounts for the
thin oatmeal or the too thick grits
which sometimes appear from the
hand of an inexperienced cook. A
cup of hominy grits should be cooked
in twice as much water as a cup
of Scotch oatmeeal, and it requires
twice as much salt as any other cer
eal. .fhe table below gives the pro
portion of salt and water to use in
cooking 1 cup of cereal of the vari
ous kinds:
Cerea. Salt Water.
Teaspoons Cups.
Corn meal........... 1 31-2
Hominy grits........ 4 4
atmeal (Scotch) ....1 2
Oatmeal 'r . 2 1-2.31
Cracked wheat.........1 4
close of business, June 30, 1921.
... .. .. ..... ...$767,157.18
. .. .. .. .. .. . 8,058.00 K
ank. .. .. .. .. .. -.. 87,667.59
... .. .. .. .. ..... 500.00
. .. .. .. .. .. . 17,730.62
41,389.62 1
. .. .. .. .. .. . 5,048.00
. .. .. .. .. .. . 944.00
. .... 5,510.21
.................. 403.60
. . . ... .. .. ...... $942,789.73
.. .... .. .. .. .....$100,000.00
enses and taxes paid 5,471.40
. .. .. .. .. . .. . 692.79
. .. .. .. .. .. . 3.119.00
eck. ..$2.53261.76
. ...... 301,987.57
. . ....84,087.10
. ... . . . 120.50
.... 536.77
. . . ...... . . . . 14,500.00
tes for Money bor-85000
............. 8,000
ndividual or Savings
. .. .. .. .. .. . 4,012.84
... .. .. .. .. ..... $942,789.73
'shier of the above named bank.
the above and foregoing state
iank, as shown by the books of
C. F. Elliott,
me this 9th day of July, 1921.
J. N. Center,
New York City, July 8.-The first
meeting of 'he Sluth Carolina Club
of Columbia University for the sum- s,
mer sessio1 of 1921 was called to or- n
der this atternoon in Hamilton Hall
at five 'clock by zhe . temporary n
Thefollowing officers were elected: Iy
President, Mi. Henry Williams, of ti
Charleston, student in Columbia Law
School; scretary, Miss Kate Meares, a
of Ridgeway, head of the department
of Latin, C-lumbia College; Treas- T
urer, Miss Yarborough, of Columbia
public schools. Miss Marie Jones, of
Longtown, was appointed chairman 6
of the committee on stunts by the A
president. Kate Meares, Sec.
509 W. 122nd street, N. Y. Cit.y.
Statement of the Condition of 2
located at Winnsboro, S. C., at the L
close of business, June 30, 1921.
Loans and discounts. ....$290,586.93
Overdrafts ..............9,651.14 P
Bonds and stocks owned by
the bank.............. 21,764.00 S
Furniture and fixtures.... 900.00
Other real estate owned.. 393.85
Due from banks and bank
ers .................. 9,723.23
Currency ............... 9,723.23
Gold .................... 240.00
Silver and other minor coin 485.44
TOTAL .............$335,661.59
CapiWl st->ck paid in..... $ 50,000.00
Surplus fund............. 30,000.00
Undivided profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid .................. 7,295.99
Due to banks and bankers. 917.27
Dividends unpaid ........ 2,500.00
Individual deposits subject
to check............... 100,504.59
Savings deposits ........ 55,046.93
"ue certificates of depos
it .. .................... 57,223.86
Cashier's checks.......... 174.20
Bills payable, including cer
tificates for money bor
rowed ............... 30,000.00
Reserved for taxes....... 16.73
Reserved for interest..... 1,982.02
TOTAL .............$335,661.59
State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
Before me came Jno. W. Cathcart,
cashier of the above named bank,
who, being duly sworn, says that the
above and foregoing statement is a
true condition of said bank, as
shown by the books of said bank.
Jno. W. Cathcart.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 8th day of July, 1921.
W. M. Quattlebaum.
Notary Pubjic for S. C.
Correct Attest:I
K. R. McMaster,
A~ E. Davis.
T. H. Ketchin.
Directors. '
Statement of the Conbition of
ocated at Shelton,. S. C.,. at the
.close of business, June 30, 1921.
~oans and discounts..$106,680.42
'urniture and fixtures. 2,246.23
anking house.. .. .. .. . . ..1,400.35
Te from banks and bank..
ers ....................5,786.26
silver and other minor coin 31.89
hecks and cash items. . .. 27.05
)ther resources. .. .. .. .. ....230.90
TOTA L.. .. .. ... .. ...119,495.27
lapital stock paid in......$ 25,000.00
urplus fund...............555.00
Undivided profits, less cur
rent expenses and taxes
paid ...................1,39)3.':7
[ndivdual deposita subject
to check............... 10,836.12
'ime certificates of de
posit ................. 24,056.81
ashier's checks............102.32
Motes and bills redis
Bills payable, including cer
tificates for money bor
rowed................. 56,650.70
State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
Before me came D. R. Coleman, Jr.,
President of the above named bank,
who, being duly sworn, says that the
above and foregoing statement is a
rue condition of said bank, as
shown by the bdioks of said bank.
D. R. Coleman, J.
Sworn to and subscribed before me
this 8th day of July, 1921.
J. R. Shelton,
No'tary Public, Shelton, S. C.
Correct Attest:
W. B. Wright,
W. B. Wright, Jr.,
J. R. Shelton,
Splendid Medicine for the Stomach
and Liver.
."Chamberlain's Tablets. for. the
tomach and liver are splendid.. I
ever tire of telling my friends and
eighbors of their qualities," writes
rs. N ilharn Vasimer, Eas.oo.l N.
When billious, constipated or
-oubled with indigestion, give them
trial. They will do you good.
2 Broad st., Charleston, S. C.
;egins its session September
7, 1921. Historic Institution,
ituated in a healthy location.
Advantages of city life, with
Lgee College yard for outdoor
A Well Planned Course of
tudies in a homelike atmos
A Business Caurse open to
enior and Elective Courses
> Juniors and Seniors.
"I was weak and run-down,"
relates Mrs. Eula Burnett, of
Dalton, Ga. "I was thin and
just felt tired, all the time.
I didn't rest welL I wasn't
ever hungry. I knew, by
this, I needed a tonic, and
as there ts none better than
The Woman's Tonic
...I began using Cardui,"
continues Mrs. Barnett.
"After my first bottle, I slept L
better and ate better. I took
four bottles. Now I'm well.
feel just fine, eat and sleep,
my skin is clear sad I have
gained and sure feel that
Cardul is the best tonic ever
Thousands of other women
have found Cardul just as
Mrs. Burnett did. It should
At al druggists.
You'l get son
with a
'that sp
,rnc Abrt i, brimful
.as td e is smokej<
hu-osedi h tonu
top exclusis
idea yo1
pipe! '
of your
for pac
fun roll
Cor erht 12
Sold only
The best f 6
or rough roa
Extra Ply- Heavy
Reduction on all styles
A New Low Pr
Known and Hone%
Shipped fro
Shandle secti
- erected by
Absolutely r
Double wall
Ideas, wIl
size reta
?tpe akin
-\ buil
ra o i t Illn
nd fogtgvrysoexerec
pin inhere! rince lbet ca
mayhestred wyta o
pe tlyothtycnand st!
anfre every smkee-uprienceply
P.iA.had Pruin Albeit willma
dyyuer creitee! -bt'you'lle
n 'em here! Prince Albert ad
P. pArc yscrm tan Bothare put
!Iptne prcs. LoBus a
by dealers
ic tire
and sizes
ce on a
it Product
m factory I1 easy-to
)s. Quickly and easily
Dur simple Instructions.
gid and weather tight.
3 in most designs. En
Delightful to live in.
changed to suit your
hout charge, If general
ned. Sketches supplied
d of house you want to
d and we will send spe
suggestions and free
strated booklet which
as designs, floor plans,
eriptions and money-sav
ning! 'Get a
you ever had
pipe, packed
iy degree of
i't bite your
it out by our
s up any old
an't smoke a
Eave the time
'rince Albert
tuplicate in a
tave a lot of
, it's a cinch

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