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Mr and Mrs. George Coleman and
son, George, of Montgomery, Ala.
Mr. Roy Coleman, of Jacksonville,
Fla., and Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
Coleman and son, Wallace, of Co
lumbia, are visiting at the home of
Mr and Mrs. J. F. Coleman.
Mrs. Joe McClure, of Chester, is
the guest of Mr and Mrs. W. M.
Miss Dora Stewart, of Great
Falls, is visiting Misses Inez and
Francis Harvey.
Miss Lillie McIlroy came down
from Chester Monday evening to
spend some time at the home of her
father, Mr David Mcflroy.
Ralph Brice, of Charlotte, is vis
iting at the home of his aunt, Mrs.
T. W. Brice.
Michael Brice and Catherin Ladd
Chapters entertained the Confeder
ate veterans and soldiers of -the
world war at a picnic at Blackstock
last Thursday.
Mesdames Macie, Sam, Tom and
Joe Brice spent Thursday at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Brice.
Mr. and Mrs. Claud Kelley, of
Columbia, were the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. S. P. Johnston for the
Thomas Patrick, a member of the
Pig Club, is'at Clemson for the two
weeks' summer school.
Sam Nicholson spent .Friday in
Misses Nannie and Lizzie tjay
McDonald and Ray and Janie N~ay
th'McDonald it Stover.
In honor of Misses Carrie and Ad
die Ruth Sawyer, the guests of
Misses Louise and Lawretce Harri
son, Miss Lila Nicholson entertdined
-t dinner Friday evening. Covers
were laid for fouteen. The evening
was spent in an interesting contest
in which the word "light" was used.
Mrs. Bert Brice assisted Miss Nih
olson in entertaining.
Mrs. Sam Brice entertained at
dinner Monday evening in honor of
Miss Marie Brice, of York, and Misses
Harrison and their guests, Misses
Sawyer, of Salley. The guests, num -
bering sixteen,- were entertained by
an "automobile" contese. Assisting
the hostess were Mesdames Macie I
and Tom Brice.
An interesting ball game was
played on the lawn behind Mr. Pat
rick's store Tuesday afternoon he
rtween the married and unmarried
men, the score standing sixteeen to
five in favor of the unmarried men.
Mrs. Roy Brooks and son are vis
iting relatives in Stone Mountain, Ga.
* Miss Lula Mae Feellers has re
Sturned home after spending a while
with Miss Helen Lyles.
Miss Alice Ashford spenit the past
week-end with Miss Sadie Smith.
Mrs. Geldsmith and Mrs. Mueller
Wright have returned to Lawrence
ville, Ga., after~ spending some time
with Mrs. A. C. Goldsmith.
Mrs. A. M Blair is visiting rel
atives in Anderson.
Quite a crowd enjoyed a moonlight
picnic Saturday evening, given by
Miss Helen Lyles in honor of her
guest Miss Fellers.,
Another one enjoyed by all was
that given by Mrs. W. R. Ashford
Tuesday evening.
Mr. Castles has returned ,to Co
lumbia, after spending several days
with John Peay.
Clex and Dubtrd Leitner, of Lykes.
land spent several days with their
sister recently.
The Greenbrier baseball team went
over and played Jackson Creek Sat
urday afternoon. The score being 18
to 2 in favor of Greenbrier.
Miss Mary Lewis. of Blackstook,
has returnedi home, after spending
son, time with Miss JTulia Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Blair and
Sbaby of Columbia, visited her e this
Mr. J. W. Lewis has returned
home. after visiting relatives at
Bye, Boll Wee'
Quite an enjoyable affair was the
shower given by Mrs. J, N. Fee on
Wednesday, July 6th, in honor of Mr.
and Mrs. C. F. Wilkes, recent bride
and groom. The reception and din
ing rooms were decorated with beau
tiful house plants and ferns. Music
and conversation were enjoyed
throughout the evening. Refresh
mnts of ices and cak were served
by Misses Frances Blair, Louise
Long and Alberta Wilkes. Mr and
Mrs. Wilkes were the recipients of
many useful gifts.
On Thursday, July 7th, the people
of this and neighboring communities
enjoyed a picnic and fish. stew in
the park at Blair.
Miss Bertha - Mae Blair, who has
been on an extended visit to relatives
in Clinton, has returned home.
Messrs. Edward Bl.ir and Fitz
Rutheiford are in Tiger, Ga., taking
a colrse in cotton grading.
Miss Annie B. Adair, who has
been .-on a visit t6 her sister, Mrs.
L. S. Henderson, hag returned to
her horne in 'hnton,
Miss Ida Mc eekin, of Winnsboro,
is the guest oeiMiss Estelle Lyles.
Mrs. Clayton nd little grand-chil
dren, of Shelt4 are the guests of
Mrs. L. L. 'easter and Mrs.
D. B. Crowder,
Miss Florenc Edens, bf Mansfield,
Ga., and Miss Bess Owens, of Blair.
are the guests of Misses Florence
Feaster and Louise dens.
Mrs. J. D. Lyles and Miss Sarah
Lyles, of Newberry county, were
guests for the day of1 Mrs. T. E.
Wilkes. Mrs. Wilkes accompanied
them home.
Mr. and Mrs Graham and children
and Mr. and Mrs. Livingston, of
Pomaria, were week-end guests of
Mrs. C. H. Ragsdale.
Messrs. T. B. Willingham and J.
W. Blair were visitors in Winnsboro
on Wdneesday.
Mrs. M. C. Ragsdale, who has been
on a visit to her sons, C. H. and J.
R. Ragsdaie, has returned to her
home in Greenville.
Master Joe Civil, of Columbia, who
has been on an extended visit to his
aunt, Mrs. T. 0. Blair, and Mrs.
W. E. Suber, has returned home.
Mrs. G. W Broome, of Columbia,
was the week-end guest of .Mrs. C.
H. Ragsdale.
Messrs. W. H. Long and J. N.
Owens were visitors in Chester
Mr. R. H, Lemmon was a business
visitor in Blair ori Monday.
The Longtown ii. D. Club met with
Mrs. Linder Kelly on Monday after
noon. In spite of the rain nine were
present, We suppose the bed roads
and rain kept Mrs. Clowney away,
and the ladies missed their lesson on
marmalades and fruit butters. Mrs.
J. W. A. Sanders, as secretory of the
club, took the canning report.
Mrs. Thos. Wilds gave some'help
ful suggestions on jelly making and
gave a rug making demonstration,
showing how very attractive and
practical rugs can easily be woven
fi'om discarded clothes and hose,
with no cost, only a few nails and
some twine,
Mr. D. M. McEachern, who holds
a government position in Texas, is
at home on a fifteen days' vacation.
Mrs Hemphill Hudson has as her
house guest Miss Hudson, of Chester.
Miss Ada Kelly is at home from
Columbia for the summer.
Mrs. Herbert Smith and little
daughter, Mary, are with Mrs. J. C.
Pickett for several weeks,
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Smith and
children have gone to McCormie!s on
a visit to Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Smith's
The public will be wvell repaid for
attending the musical at Community
Building next Thursday evening.
Admission, 25 and 33 cents,
vil" Picture
Big and little, old and
grave and gay, made up the
which assembled on Tuesday'
beautiful grove surrounding the
of Dr. and Mrs. Le Grande G
The occasion was the annual
of the Sunday school and con
tions of Winnsboro, Rion and
way, the three Fairfield Ep
churches under charge of the
and enthusiastic rector, Rev P
Peyton. The morning's fun e
young folks opened with a..
hunt. The winner was awa a
large box of peanuts, which't -
dren enjoyed throughout the a.
Much excitement was mani in
the girl's baseball game -en
Rion and Rigeway, which resu in
a large score in favor of Rion -
ter a most bountiful dinner,
was served about one o'clock,
soux Palmer gave a reci
"Asleep at the Switch," whip was
followed by two school plays,
senting a proposal in our
mother's time and one at the-p it
day. The talented young acto ,and
actresses taking the leading
were Miss Dorothy Ruff and es
Thomas, and Miss Sarah Tho and
Charles Moore. Various spo
provided for the remainder the
day, for which prizes were g .
those who won, and ice crea d
lemonade.iwere to be had
dance Many thanks are dudu
and Mrs. Guerry for the use
delightful grove, which was el.
spot for the day's pleasurV and
Ridgeway is already looking.fow d
to a future day when our n4ghbrs
and co-workers from Ri i
Winnsboro will motor dwn
esrsp, of Abbeville
spent a part of this week 'with her
mother, Mrs. Monroe Wilson.
Mrs. William DesPortes has re
turned from a visit to her parents in
Joseph Armstrong, Jr., has re
turned to his home in Maxt-m, after
a month's stay with his uncle, S. P.
Mrs. W H. Ruff is visiti-az her
(aughter, Mrs. I. C. Cork, in Darl
ington. Mrs. Ruff made the trip in
her car and was accompanied by
Mrs. W. P. Peyton, of Winnsbor'.
who will visit her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Brunson.
Miss Eleanor Thomas has relurned
from a visit to friends in Charleston.
Miss Tiny Team, of Lugoff, is the
guest of Mrs. James Team.
Miss Bessie Jones, of Lon~~
spening 'the week with her aunt,
Mrs. W. B. Kennedy.
Miss Louise Davis, of Chester, is
with Miss Elm'o Hinnant for a hort
Mrs. Waddell, after a visit to Mrs.
R. A. Meares, has returned to her
home in Wilmington.
Misses Rita Meares. Elizabeth and
Virginia Guerry, of Columbia, came
up for the picnic on Tuesday.
R. C. Thomas is in Charlotte this
Mrs. H. W. DesPortes has re
turned from a visit to her son, Dr.
DesPortes, in Fort Mill.
Miss Jane C. Thomas has gone to
Chimney Rork for ii short stay.
John N. LeMaster, Jr., is spend
ing the week on Pawley's Island, the
guest of his college mate, H. W. Fra.
zer. -
Rev, an Mrs. Meson are guests of
Mrs. Mason's sister. Mrs. Remfort.
Mr. Mason was formerly pastor, of
the Methodist church here and his
many friends are glad to have him
back again.
The Christian Endeavor of Salem
gave a social on last Friday evening
at the church.
The Lebanon Christian Endeavors
were invited guests. Some of
the older folks forgot their years and
enjoyed the games and songs as much
as the younger set, The success of
the social- is due greatly to the asis
tance of Misses Annie and Bettie
Coleman, and Genie Gladney. Free
cream was served to the crowd,
Miss Genie Gladney has returnw '
home from a visit to Chester and
Fort Lawn,
(Conned on seond page)
Community H
- Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Johnston
*aun sons, Amos and Rudolph, motored
to Charlotte last Saturday. Mr.
-Johnston attended a business meet.
ing of the Textile Association.
Mr. Gordon A. Johnston and family
&pe to move this week to their new
home in Winnsboro.
Mr F. L. Candee has gone to the
.eountry in the mountains near Ashe
ville for a much needed rest. We
are hoping that he may be able to
return to us well and strong again.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Rambow have
-returned to our village after a de
lightful vacation of a week spent
with friends and relatives in Ben
-nettsville and Wilmington, ON. C.
The trip was made thru the country
in their car.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Lokey and
family expect to leave next Saturday
for a trip in their car thru the
miountains of North Carolina. They
xpect to camp along the way. Mr.
Lokey is a wise man. He says that
fi will have no post office, tele
phone or telegraph address while
Mrs. G. C. Gibson and little son,
Geo., Jr., returned Saturday after
noon from Columbia, where Geo.,
Jr., has been recuperating from an
operation performed by Dr. Benet
egrly'in the week. They were at the
Baptist hospital.
On last Monday evening the men's
club enjoyed a delightful evening of
Sm ic- and song. A good .program
e or
.w a s i -~ e n d , e d , -,; 9 ,
gether now men ana let's make the
next meting a "hummer too.
On last Sunday Rev. Geo. C. Gib
son, Messrs. W. E. Sentell and A. A.
Jolly, Misses Marjorie Windham, Es.
telle Carraway, Annie Wilson and
Dora Fields attended the annual
Sundav School Association meetinz
of Fairfield county held at the Fair
field Baptist chdrch. A great pro-.
gram was enjoyed and the dinnei
out under the trees was wonderful.
The good people of that co.nmunity
and church certainly know how to
coCK. The bontiful supply did not
make one feel that the boll weevil
was worrying the people of that sec.
tion. Th writer, who was president
of the Association for the past year.
wishes to publicly acknowledge the
Sunday school association's indebt
edss for such royal entertainment.
Rev, and Mrs. Geo. C. Gibson left
Wednesday moining for Atlanta,
Macon and LaGrange, Ga., where
hey will spend a few days' vacatiori
with relatives and fri-ends. They
will make the trip thru the country.
In Mr. Gibson's absence his pulpit
will be supplied. Announcement will
be' made later who will preach next
Sunday. On Sunday, July 31st, Rev,
W. M. Whitesides, Superintendent of
the Baptist hospital in Columbia, will
The past week the members of the
Methodist church have made a cam.
paign for funds with which to
erect a house cf worship. We do
not know just the amount raised,
yet we feel sure that the members
of the Methodist congregation will
be loyal to a point of real sacrafice
for this noble purpose. If. by any
chance, you belong to the Methodist
congregation an4 have been over
looked, let your loyalty and gener
city come to the front with a gift
for the new church.
Mr. L. H. Pritchard has succeeded
Mr. W. S. Thompson as chief me
chanic .and electrical engineer at the
mill. While. regretting to lose Mr.
Thompson, who goes to enter the
electrical business at another place,
we are delighted that Mr. Pritchard
is to be his successor.
Tremendous crowds have been
bathing in the "hot pond" at the mill.
In spite of the name of the pond the
jolly bathers have found it's waters
cool and refreshing. A real retreat
from the terrific heat of the past two
The recent he'avy rains have re
vived everything. Gardens, as well
as flower yards, have taken on a new
lease of life. The lawns are densely
(Cnned on page four)
ouse Tuesday
The weather h.s been fine thi:
week for the weevil to get in som<
goo, work and from close ob-.- a
tion we can see that he has takei
advantage of the wet weather. Quit,
a few square's have been punc
tured this week that show no signs o
boll weevil, but within the next fey
days we will have plenty of yellov
squares to pick. No one should le
up in picking squares now, for i
may cost him his cotton crop.
A good many of the farmers i
the county have some corn for sale
several thousand bushels. Right no6
there is practically no demand fo
corn, but there is still some deman
for meal. Why can't we install som
machinery in different sections of th
county where he farmers can hav
his corn ground and sacked and suI
ply all of our merchants with meal
This can be done, why not do it?
Don't forget about the garde
Your meal is not complete withou
some vegetables. It is a fine time t
plant cucumbers, beans, Irish p<
tatoes, Stowell's evergreen or Cour
try Gentlemen sweet corn, early m
lan and rutabaga turnips.
The corn crop in the county ha
greatly improved. We have sort
as fine corn as we have'ever had ar
a lot of it.
Mr. W. D. Park has twenty-iw
acres of very fine early cotton.
will average waist high and bids fai
to make a fine yield. Mr. Park
keeping close watch on the boll we
vil, having picked all the first pun
tured squares and thus far the wei
vil is doing him very little damag(
Mr. Joe N. Humphries has re
turned to Washington, D. C., aft<
spending some time with Mr. an
Mrs. J. W. Humphries.
Several of the young people al
tended the moonlight picnic at M:
L. D. Lyles' on Saturday night.
delightful time was reported.
Many friends of Claude Lewis ar
:r.'ry to learn he has typhoid fevei
We wish him a speedy reecovery, a
he is missed by all.
Mr. McIntosh and son, Albert, Mi
Maxcy Young and Misses Emmie Ma
and Marie Young attended the Sur
day school association Sunday, tl
17th, at the Fairfield church, a
Hickory Ridge.
Rev. Copeland conducted the se:
vices at the Rion -union chapel Sal
urday and Sunday night,
There will be services at the Rio
union chapel Saturday and Sunda
night by Rev. Fryer.
Misses Marion Thomas, Mildre
Stxrait and her littie brother, Jerr<
Strait, are visiting Miss Mari
Misses "Bully" Blair and Mario
Castles, of Greenbrier, visited th
commun ity recently,
Master Alfred Humphries, of Cc
lumbia, is visiting Mn. and Mm. i
V. Humphries.
The choir of the Episcopal churc
and a number of others attended th
picnic at Ridgeway on Tuesday, Ju
ly 19, wvhich was enjoyed very muc
by all. It would be hard to sa
which was the most exciting game
the peanut race between the youn
men, Mr. Thomas winning the prize
or the baseball game between th
Ridgeway girls and the Rion girh
which ended with a score of 11. to
in favor of Rion. If they did los
the ball game, we must say, the
won in many other ways by showin:
onee and allisuch a good time.Thank
ing you one and all, hoping it won'
be long before we (vill have the plea
sure of meeting again.
Mrs. Odon and children, of Au
gusta, Ga.. are visiting her parents
Mr. and Mrs. Hartin.
A number of young people of dif
ferent communities attended th
moonlight picnic at Mr. and Mrs
Ashford's Tuesday night.
Mrs. John Pleasant and son, Roy
made a flying trip to Winnsborn
A drive is being made by the D
A. R. Chapters in the State for th
erection of buildings for the nei
school. Help your Chapter raise it
Dr. J. D. McMeekin, superintend
ent of the Winnsboro Methodist
Sunday school and member of the
Upper South Carolina - Conference,
- was elected president of the Fair
field County Interdenominational Sun
dav School association at the an
naal county convention held at
t Fairfield Baptist church last week.
The Rev. G. C. Gibson, pastor of
the Winnsboro Second Baptist church
and former president of the county
association, was elected vice president
6 and Miss Nan Neil, of Winnsboro,
r was elected secretary and treasurer.
The convention was pronounced one
B of the best in the history of the
B association. All denominations took
e part and representatives were pres.
- ent from every section of the county.
t Mr. Chas. Thomas, son of Mr. and
o Mrs. R. C. Thomas, of Ridgeway,
- who was a student at Porter Mili.
- tary Academy the past year, was
- awarded the first prize of $10.00 in
told for the best essay on the sub..
s ject of "Charleston During the Pe
e riod of the War Between the
d States." This prize was - offered by
U. D. C. He was also awarded a
certificate of merit for an essay
which h. entered in the contest ar
r ranged by the National Society of
Colonial Daughters at Washington,
The subject in this contest was "The
Pilgrim Fathers and What We Owe
home here last Fniay morning from
-a stroke of apoplexy, after an Hi
ness of only a few days. She was
the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. John
Davis, and was born at Monticello
in 1855. She was a member of the
Presbyterian church.- Mrs. Herron,
is survived by a daughter, Mrs. Ar
thur Owens, of Winnsboro, and one
on. Mr. Robert Herron, of Pensa
cola, Fla. The funeral services were
s c -nducted by her*pastof, the Rev. G,
G. Mayes, and the interment took
place at the old family burying
e ground at Monticello.
Miss Mae Allen is visiting' Miss
Varena "McDaniel at Belton.
Mrs. Bernie Shellhouse and chil-*
dren returned to their home in Mount )
Morenci Friday, after a few weeks'
visit with Mr. and Mrs. W. Y. Cole
Miss Mary Bess Coleman accom
panied Mrs. Shellhouse to her home
for a visit.
BMr. Geo. W. Coleman is visiting
his nephew, Mr. J. F. Coleman, at
a Woodward.
B Misses Annie and Nannie Crowder
are the guests of Mrs. D) M. Dick.
- erson, at Shiver Springs.
. Mrs. S. S. Coleman returned to -
her home Tuesday, after a visit to
1 her sister, Mrs. Busbee, in Monetta.
e Little Miss Eileen Goleman re
.. turned to her home Thursday from
SMountville, and has as her guest,
r little Miss Francis Teague, of Mount
SMrs. Bailey Crowder has been
,staying a while with her father, Mrs.
S. S. Co Coleman.
There was a very interesting game
of ball played between the fat and
lean ladies of the neighborhood
T!ursday afternoon at the Feaster..
Sville school ground. The leans won -
-the game, although the fats did some
good playing. Ice cream was sold
for the benefit of the Methodist
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wright, Jr.,
and Todd Coleman were in Chester
Monday to see Mr. Earl Wright at
the Pryor Hospital. We are glad to
hear that Mr. Wright is steadily im..
-proving, and hope he will soon be atI
IMr. J. E. Wright, of Chester, and
sister. Mrs. Bob Coleman. of Cam
den, were the guests of Mrs. Mary
Beam Sunday.
-Help build the girl's school at Ta
-massee. You can do so by being
present next Thursday at Commu
nity BRnilding.

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