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Bathing Su
Ou- bathing suits for r
local censor, who pronou
wear at our bathing resi
designed by the famous.
The materials are all wo
are fadeless.
Water-wings that will
up to 250 pounds are on
These wings are made of I
Pretty rubber bathing
absolutely dry can be ha
come in a variety of very
If you desire to make
a surf satin in good blacl
sire to brighten up the su
this satin in gold, rose ai
Take the kiddies in fo:
and see for yourself hom
have suits for the little
terial at $1.25 and $2.00
Raincoats make a goo(
and keep the car seats dr
with a good water-proof
The News and Herald.
Editor and Publisher'
Entered in the post office at Winns
boro, S. C., as second class mail mat
(Continued from page one.)
'Miss Annie Coleman spent several
days with Mrs. C. H. Coleman.
Miss Clyde Coleman is spending a
while with Mrs. Will Blair.
Miss Maggie Crowder was in
Winnsboro last week with Mrs. Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Starnell motored
from Atlanta, Ga., and spent two
weeks with Mr. R. M. Aiken and re
turned Saturday.
Miss Mary Zealy and brothers are
visiting their aunt, Mrs. M. B. Mar
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Crowder, Mr.
and Mrs. M. B. Martin motored to
Columbia on Monday.
Mr. Will Crmwford spent last week
at home.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Ladd and
Mary Bess spent Monday in Co
Mr. Saunders7 of Chester, attend
ed the social at Salem.
Mr. Preston Roberts was a visitor
one afternoon of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Turner spent
Sunday with M1. and Mrs. J. W.
The Auxiliary of Salem church
will meet at the ' ne of Mrs. M. B.
Martin July 28.
Mr. andl Mrs. 0. C. Scarborough.
Jr., and little dlaughter, of Darling
ton. are visiting Mrs. Scarborough's
mother, Mrs. Maggie B. Turner.
Mr. andl Mrs. Walter May, of Co
lumbia, spent Sunday with the lat-.
ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C.
Messrs. Earle and John Turner
spent Sunday in Columbia.
Miss Louise Long. of Blair, isvs
iting Miss Louise Stevenson.
Mr. Hazel Pope, of Smith's, spent
its Pass Censor
rien and women have passed the
need them correct in style for
>rt. These suits are made and
VIilbury-Atlantic Knitting Mills.
ol jerseys in pretty colors that
support a person who weighs
sale in our Men's Dep't at 50c.
ieavy canvass and will not snag.
caps that will keep your hair
d from us at 95c. These caps
pretty colors.
your own bathing suit we have
: at 40c the yard. You may de
it a bit, if so we can show you
id green for trimmings at 45c.
a swim. Go down to the pond
the kids enjoy the water. We
ones in good worsted knit ma
I covering for your bathing suit
y after your dip. Let us fit you
coat. The prices are very reas
and Mrs. John Pope. r
Mr. Clyde O'Donnell, of Chester, c
is visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pope.
Miss Ziza Bruce is spending the s
week with Miss Dorothy Turner.
Miss Murrell Turner has returned
from Lancaster, where she has been s
visiting Mrs. J. R. Funderburke, l
Mr. D. A. Swicord spent the week
end with Mrs. Maggie B. Turner. a
Mr Harvey Weir spent the week
end with Mr. Earl Stevenson., r
Miss Wilmer Turner spent part of
last week in Winnsboro, with her
aunt, Mrs. Fern Lemmon.
Misses Isabelle and Virginia Brice,
of Rock Hill, are visiting Mrs. Mag- a
gie B. Turner.
Miss Bertha Turner is at home,
after attending a house party in ,
McColl t
The Woman's Auxiliary rtet last
Tuesday afternoon et the holne of
Mrs. Maggie B. Turner.,
A very interesting program on
missions was thoroughly enjoyed by
all present,
Misses Margaret Ketchin and Re
becca Macfie are visiting Miss Mer
rill Turner.
The Sewing Club met on Thursday
afternoon with Misses Bessie un:d
Wilma Turner. Quite an interesting
contest was enjoyed. The prize was
won by Mrs. 0. C. Scarborough, t
Jr., and Miss Louise Stevenson, De
licious refreshments of cream and
cake were served,
IOur little village is full of life since Ir
our girls andl boys have returnedc
from school.
About forty young people were en
tertained at the home of Mr. Gussie
McMeekin Saturday evening. Cream
aind' cake we~cre served and all en-5
joyedl themselves immensely.
Mrs M. E. Roberts and grandl
children. Marva Lee. Cl!arence and
Roddey Kissom, are visiting Mr. and
Mr. E. E. Roberts.
Mrs. Scott has returnedl from quite
an ertendled visit to relatives inI
Fl 3rida.
Mrs. Brice and children accompa
nied Mrs. Scott home.
Prof. Will Scott is visiting here.
Mrs. W m. Gist, of Garlisle, spent
last week with her brothers here, the
Messrs. McMeekin.
Mr, ,Joe Rabb and bride, and Mr. -
andMrs Sesom, o Tapa.Pa,
The only way to live withou
If a single man finds it har
becomes doubly hard when he
Why is it that fazy people
A woman never buries the
axe to grind.
The liar's punishment is not
believed-but that he cannot I
Our idea of a difficult propos
man to buy something from a
Jew at a profit.
Women are always looking
form of pets. The new fad wi
Success is not Luck nor Pu
Longest, Steadiest, Toughest
When Bill staged the world
Americans millionaires, but w
his prohibition that doesn't p
bootleggers millionaires than <
store You Hea
-cently visited their relatives in this
Mr. Andrew Rabb of Columbia,
pent the week-end with his mother,
[rs. Estelle Rabb.
Miss Roberta Rabb is with her
ister, Mrs. Nea.l Weimer, of Co
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Burley have
little son, Frank.
Miss Dorothy Muller, of Columbia,
eent.]y visited Miss Mary McGill.
Miss Dorothy McDowell is spend
sg the summer with Miss Cleone
Mr. John Gelson and family are
pending a few days with Mr. and
irs. E. E. Roberts.
Baseball is a very [email protected] game
with the nien and boys of this see..
ion. They frequently play Jenkins
ille and win occasionally.
There was5 no service at Bethel
unday past on account of the Sun
ay school association convention at
~airfieldi Baptist church.
A large crowd gathered there and
eld the session of the convention,
en churches of the county being
Bethel Sunday school was a.warded
he banner for the largest number
resent. The banner is the Cross
Mr. T. J. Perry suffered the loss of
is beautiful mare by lightning Sun
ay afternoon. The lightning struck
number of trees close by Mr. Per
's home. A negro neair the home
f Mr. J. P. Brooks last a fine milk
ow also by lightn'ng the same day.
itizens say that Lhis was the worst
lectric storm in years.
Miss Annie Robinson is somewhat
mproved at this time.
Rains have been good. No de
truction of crops as yet.
Misses Mary and Sarah Raines and
tuth andl Jo Miller Glass spent Mon
ay with Mrs. Joe Smith.
Misses Jelia andi Maggie Ligon
nd Mrs. Lem Ligon and family
pent Friday with Mr. J. R. Ligon,
f Rocky Creek.
Mrs. .Joe Smith gave a social Mon
ay evening, which was enjoyed by
(Continued from page three.
2, 1921. j
But the values t
dependable mercha
that when we sell a
will." It is always
our store.
,Palm Olive Soap
lather for toilet or
Says the cake.
t enemies is to die young. 100 Boxes, of un
match, of good clo1
I to live on his income it urday special at 25
are always anxious to do One lot of good
good elastic. The
Saturday special at
hatchet unless she has an
Pretty Esmond <
in the least that he is not in pretty designs o:
elieve anyone else. grounds. Saturday
ition would be for an Irish
Scotchman and sell it to a One lot of ladies
lace trimmings. T
size 52. Saturday
for something new in the
th them is Tea Hounds.
.500 pairs of ladi
1 nor a Soft Snap; but the ton hose. A very
Job you ever tackled. for Saturday at 15
war he made a great many
e believe Volstead through EXTRA! EXTR
rohibit will make more children's all whitE
lid Old Bill with his war. Big Special Value
r So Much About"
With Philco Ret
Ford Dodg
$27.50 $41.60
Exchange$ price. Govt.
These sizes can be use
nearly all m
Full Size and Philadelphia 4
Quarter Sawed Hiardxs
Hardwood Cases
A Quality Battery a
We recharge every n
Fairfield M
VOL. I, NO. 14
Is Uncertain
hat this store offers it's patrons is
adise. Our customers have learned
n article "It must make good-or we
a pleasure for us to have you call at
that good kind that makes a real
bath-very special Saturday at 10c
-uled writing paper with envelopes to
;h paper. This is a real value. Sat
e the box.
corgets with hose supporters of
material is heavy flesh color batiste,
otton blankets for the baby. Comes
Bunnys and Chicks on pink and blue
special $1.10.
extra size voile waists with -pretty
he waists are full cut and run up to
-pecial $1.25.
es' good weight black and white cot
nice smooth stocking. Extra Special
the pair.
A! We have arranged one table of
dresses in size 6 to 14 that will -be a
aturday at 98c.
excise- tax paid.
d in models of
One Year
Iuality Construction
rood Separators
t a Low Price
iake of battery
otor Co.

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