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The Fairfield county Sunday chool
.:ssociati:.n met at the Fairfield Bap
tist church on Sunday last. We had
a very interesting meeting and a
splendid dinner. I think that meeting
will help this church wonerfully.
J. H* Timm's young son was bitten
by a snake last Wednesday, but we
are grad to say that he is getting
over it nicely.
Mr. M. C. Harrison is erecting a
large stone house on his plantation.
tiful home in the community.
Mr. A. A. Young is building a
beautiful home in the community.
Mr. G. R. Brice and Archie Park
motored to Columbia Saturday on
Miss Elizabeth Cooper, of Colum
bia, is spending a while with Miss
Rugs Are
Wh y not take this oppor
cleaned and prolong the
the most modern methoi
teed and the price is rea
see us. located in'Thespi
Modern Rug Ch
The W(
K. R. N
Mint leaf, pep
clous Juicy fr
flavor Is a tre
sweet tooth.
And all are equa
you. Teeth. ai
digestion all bel
Your nerves will
you," your vim i
WRIGEY'3is Ill
It~ does as well at
value at the smnaI
The Flauc
Eula Brice.
Mr. R. M. Paull spent a few days
in the community recently.
E. U. Brice, who has been in
Winnsboro for the last few months,
is now spending his vacation at
Miss Ada Morrison' of Great Falls.
is spending a few days with Miss
Pauline Roberts.
A Splendid Medicine for the Stomach
and Liver.
.."Chamberlain's Tablets. for. the
stomach and liver are splendid.. I
never tire of telling my friends and I
neighbors :>f their qualities," writes
Mrs. William VAliner, Easc.ood. N.
Y. When billious, constipated or
troubled with indigestion, give them
a trial. They will do you good.
tunity- to have your rugs
life of them. We use
3. Our work is guaran
sonable. Come in and
an Hall,
aning Company
nderful F
m nd RAKES .1<
innt or las-i
it eite
t for your
1" good for
~petite andt
sa' "hankc
~iI reSond..
t s
ed for what
for its BIG
Icost of 5c.
(Continued frm page one)
The ball club' journeyed to Chester
ast Sat'urday and hooked up %th the
-ureka Mills team. The gani was
Ost 8 to 7. but not until nine inings
)f hard fought baseball had been T
On Saturday the mill team m ets qi
he Wateree mills team from Cam- a(
len, on the local diamond. The game ti
vill be called at 4 o'clock. This bids f
air to be the best game of the sea
;on. The local team is tired of los- a
ng and is determined to capture this s1
rame from an ancient rival. Every- b<
)ody come out and whoop up the t1
,ame. d,
On last Sunday evening at the hall tC
Rev. Lennard, presiding elder of this ti
listrict, preached A strong sermon to ai
in appreciative audience. Quarterly r(
:onference was held after the service
Messrs. Will, Ralph and Ben Pcn- 161
:ell motored to flartsviile :at Friday
:o spend a few days vacation with
Mr. W. E. Sentell has reeontly K
urchased a new Ford Lourin r -' t
We understand the editor f the g
Cews and Herald has been crit-cised r<
or the articles appearing in this col- 1o
imn. The honorable editor did not 'C
0l us this. Neither do we know the I'61
iames of those who did the criticis
ng. For this we are thankful, for
t enables us to say a few thingy -
vithout having anyone think that we
vere dealing in particular person- d
tlities. Ih
First of all, let us say, that we -
elieve in Mr. Dees, the editor of T
['he News and Herald, as a Chris
;ian gentleman, with a fair, broad
nind and a big warm heart. A man 6
)ossessed of qualities and interests A
hat are worthy of the high position
hich he holds. We have always
>elieved in the power of the press
or good and even f r 2vil. We be
ieve that we know the editor of S
rhe News and Herald well enough
:o assert unhesitatingly that his I
vhole hoart is set on doing good.
e tendered us certain space in his
aluable paper for weekly contribu
ions of news or editorial matter. S
e have contributed the best we p.
ould rake and scrape. We have
ccepted all the news that ethers S
ave tendered and then spoke a few
hings out of our own heart and
ind. Yes, we have dared to put
ome religious hinking in this ki
olumn. We, and not the editor, R
re responsible for what went
this column and we are willing to
tand behind every word we have
aid. If we'have lied, come and tell
s. If we have told the truth and it
urnt under your shirt, take it like
man. We dare say that if instead
f giving some sound religious ad
ioritions, we had advertised where
0o(d corn liquor could be bought fori
15 per guart, that instead of being
iticised for running a religious
ewspaper, MIr. Editor would have
een applauded for making such a
onderful discovery for duch a
famished comnmunity?) 31r. Edi
>r could do worse things for Fair
eld county than print a few relig
us items. I dare say, ~r. Critic,
hoever you are, that if you have any
eal ground for your criticism that'
Ir Editor will gladly give you
pace to air youself. We are not
oking for any d~ntrovers9. We
on't believe much in religious de
ate, but we do believe that our
ood friend, Mr. Dees, will give you
oom in his paper for any sound ex
ressions of your honest convictions.
Vhy try to insinuate to my friend
tees that he ought to cut out the
ontributiorns in the column because
hey found you wanting? Why in
inuate that he isn~t loyal to his
hurch and his faith because he
'ranted to this humble correspond
nt a column thru which he might
peak to his community ? Is it fair
o him to do it? Does it show us
p in the proper light? This is just.
little food for your think tank.
'ruth is truth whether found in the
ecular or religious world. One
reat trouble with a big part of the
rorld to day is that they speak in
sneering way of a jesting Pilate.
'hey .are afraid of the truth. They
could rather stay in bondage to a
i, than to let the truth make them
ree. Our only escape from a sting
ng conscience is truth. Our only
ope of peace is truth. Our only
ope of peace and unity here or here
fter is truth. My God, if we could
et rid of the lying and deception in
he wrld, what a beautiful place it
would be. The devil's lies are the
rise serpents that beguile men to
ell God's truths, religious truths
f you please, are the steps in the
:ilded stairway to eternal glory.
Again, we say, if there was any
hing wrong ~with oum4 articles
el us and let a truth loving edit')r
Geo. C. Gibson.
ie State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
>urt of Common Pleas.
J. E. MIcDonald. Plaintiff,
J. A. Knight, Defendant.
(Complaint not Served.
a the Defendant above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
fired to answer the complaint in this
:tion, which is filed in the office of
e Clerk -of Court of Common Plens
r the County of Fairfield in ai
tate, and to serve a copy of .>I.
iswer to the said complaint on .h:
ibscribers at their offices, at Winis
ro, S. C., within twenty days after
ie service hereof, exclusive of the
iy of such service; and if you fail
answer the complaint within the
me aforesaid, he plaintiff in this
tion will apply to the Court for the
lief dmanded in the Complaint.
Dated at Winnsbboro, S. C., April
h, A. D., 1921.
J. E. McDonald, Jr.,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
To the absent defennant, J. A.
night: You will please take notice
iat the summons, of which the fore
Ding is a copy, together with the
)mplaint herein, were filed in he
fice of the Clesk of Coult for the
ounty and State aforesaid on the
;h day of A . 1 21.
J. E. McDonald, Jr.,
Plaintiff's Attorney.
We -,are proud of the confiden;
ctors, druggists and the publi<
ave in 366 Chill and Fever Tonic.
2 Broad st.. Charleston. S. C.
legins its session Septnember
7, 1921. Historic- Institution,
ituated in a healthy location.
Advantages of city life, with
igee Colege yard for outdoor
A Well Planned Course of
tudies in a homelike atmos
A Business Caurse open to
enior and Elective Courses
) Juniors and Seniors.
Rub-My-Tism is a great pain
iller. Relieves pain and soreness,
heumatism, Neuralgia, Sprains, etc.
R. J. RE
'The Tractor will
work fewer hours
more time to enjoy
tor will make farmi
-the most pleasal
the most profitabb
This tractor has dot
in bringing trfe Mr
it is a machine whic
the most dependab
economical sources 4
a machine that saN
per cent df the farn
which many farme
or drils as much gi
as four, six or even
-a machine that ta
job on the farm.
Call and let's talk
drop us a card and we
ing forq
Why, just buy Camels a
It's the best packing scie1
cigarettes fresh and full
Heavy-paper outside-,eec1
and the revenue stamp ovei
age and keep it air-tight.
And note this! There's
Camel package. No extra
improve Zhe smoke. Not a
that must come out pf the
Camels wonderful and e.
merit alone.
Because, men smoke
taste and fragrance of the
blended. M~en smoke Car
refreshing mildness and t:
retty aftertaste.
Camels are made for ni
W Was Right
He Said:
enable the farmer to
in the day, giving him
life. I believe the trac
ng what it ought to be
ui the most healthful,
business on earth'."
ke much-very much
Ford's prophecy; for in
h has harnessed one of
le, efficient, adaptable,
)f power in the world
,es from thirty to fifty
wer's time - a machine
s claim plows, harrows
ound in the same time
eight horses. And more
kes care of every power
it over, or telephone or
win bring the facts to yo.
Motor Co.
DEA in making
uality Cigarette.
nd look at the package!
ice has devised to keep
favored for your taste.
ire foil wrapping inside
the end to seal the pack
nothing flashy about the
wrappings that do not
cent of needless expense
quality of the tobacco.
clusive Quality wins on
Camels who want the
finest tobaccos, expertly
aels for Camels smooth,
~eir freedom from ciga
en who think for them

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