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The sound principles u:
utation of responsibility
chandise we sell you repr
can 'buy.
E Well, fellows, this hot NN
comfortable than a stiff <
one of our cool pongee sh
cuffs are cut straight and
collars are buttoned dowi
are all right. Priced at S
Again we say white tv
ducks are just the thing
melting while Old Sol is
heat records. You will f
a pair when you know thi
- -We'll say these are ve
in for their share of mak
ter, while old Mr. Vest is
. lal wearing low collars, n
We have them. The neN
t' e call. Co ne inspect o
If -you don't want you:
the tennis courts. No, th
a racquet won't do. All
our men's department a
Son special to your grip.
The News and Herald.
Editor and Publisher
Entered in the post office at Winns
boro, S. C., as second class mail mat
The time Is near when sueh crops
as crimson clover, hairy vetch, al
falfa, rye, etc., should be planted.
See your county agent before buy
ing your seed, as he may be able to
save you some money. Let's plant I
plenty of winter legume for soil
building and grazing. Winter le
gume seed is cheaper now than
they have been for a long time.
When it comes to growing hayI
and forage crops Fairfield county has
quite a number of hay crops tnat1
can be grown successfully. MIr.
James McClintock has just harvested
5,800 pounds of German millet and
early cow peas from three-fourths of
an acre. Mr. S. U. Robinson has two
acres of land that he has gotten two
cuttings of Abruzzi rye from andl
has on this land now a crop of sor
ghum that will yield around four
tons per acre,
There is no question but that the
boll weevil is going to be bad enough
in Fairfield county to make the
growing of cotton a rather uncertain
crop and for that reason we are
going to have to make a great change
in our farming system. It is not
too early to commence to plan for
the growing of some other crop in
addition to cotton as a cash erop.
This is a qluestion that every farmer
is going to have to help solve for
himself. For a crop that can be.
grown successfully on one farm can
not be grown successfully on another
farm, This is as question that you
should be giving serious considera-i
tion. Your county agent will be glad
to talk with you along this line,
If -you have any pigs for saie
write to the following: Mr. H, G.
Boyleston, Barnvell, S. C.: Mr. J.
P. Quinnerly, Bishopville. S. C.. and
Mr. P. H. Sanders, Chamber of Com.r
Imerce Building, Atlanta, Ga., wants t
to buy some pigs. But I believe, if I
pon which we maintain our rep
is your assurance that the mer
esents the highest value money
'eather calls for something more
:ollar. Take a tip, and get into
irts with attached collars. The
fasten with two buttons. The
i so they won't curl up. They
ill pants for your legs. These
to keep your good nature from
running away with all past
orget the small price of $2.50
comfort of your investment.
stless days. Your cravats come
ing your appearance pass mus
on the rack. The fellows are
aturally -they need narrow ties.
v knits in narrow widths have
urs. Priced 81 to S1.50.
r bones to get rusty get out on
at old excuse about not having
you have to do is to drop into
nd we will fit a Wright & Dit
Yes, we have tennis balls also.
better to grow your pigs to 100 to
150 pounds and then put them on the
m;i iket.
Real estate sales (luring recent
iLonths have shown a marked dif
erence from those of the past few
rears. Previously the main drift has
een of people who were moving
rom the country towns into the cit
es. Now the drift is the other way.
A big real estate firm which han
les property all over the country
eports that usually two-thirds of
ts sales come from farmers who are
iovj~ng elsewhere. This year two
hirds of their purchases have come
rom city men who were going into
he country. These purchases were
ot 'thought to be city men who
now nothing of country life. Most
if them seem to be fellows who
riginally came from rural districts,
ut after trying city life and its ups
ndl dlowns, have concluded that the
-ountry chance is better.
Every office, every store, every
ractory and farm is a place where
lifferent workers are being tried out.
The etnployee may not always realize
that he is taking part in a competi
tive race or that his performance is
being closely observed. But he is
Linder a more carefnl inspection than
he realizes.
Some people succeed in doiry
things more speedily andl effectively
than' others. Two men in a factory
will be given a chance to operate a
:-ertain tool or machine. Their per
formance will be carefully watched
ad the one that seems to take hld
easier will be the one who gets the
The one who loses the chance may
:hink the other has luck or favorit
sm. This is not the usual thingr.
rhe other's success commonly han
>ens because by long effort andl prae
ice acquire:? skill in working with
is hands, So that he takes up any
iOw proposition with readineess. So
.11 through the business world, the
ri:'es are going to thcose who by pa
ent~ effort have developed their
owevrs andl can take adlvantage of
Few girls lock their lips a
A vampire is a book of rid
the back.
The En'glish people are suf
Irish wakes are to blame.
Woman kind is constantl2
Her latest scoop is the pern
The ancient alchemist hat
w1he1n it comes to turning bi
A little carelessness is .al
Say, you fellows that ma
ycar "hops" from Mr. Frog.
Headline asks "What Do IV
ir asking? It's unconstitutii
We like to measure the gi
the number of men to t]
number of square men to th
Store You HeE
A good rural organization should
include some plan for giving young
people a better physical development.
The old theory was that country
young people neededi no physical cul- C
ture. They are out doors a great
deal, so it was felt that their phys
ical development will take care of 1
itself, on a go as you please basis.t
One result has been that a great
many country young people grow up s
with a slouchy posture. Tziis is as
fault found both in city and country
life. There is a tendency for young 0
Ipeople to slump down in a position t
which cramps the vital organs and
prevents a complete physical devel- b
opment. This tendency is very
marked in many country boys. The a
rural youngster is usually more bash
fu hnthe city b:>y, and his feel
ing of awkwardness often leads him
to slouch along with his head downt
in a way that fails to do justice *to
his splendid qualities. Also it is in-t
jurious to health.
Every country town needs somes
organization like the Boy Scouts, a
that shall provide military drill fort
boys, teaching thenm to walk withe
head up and shoulders straight, and t
to look the wor1ld in the eye.
The great difficulty in country
towns is to find competent leaders
for this form of work. In sonme comn
munities clergymen do it, and the '
minister of the future will be taught ~
less theology and more 'physical cul
ture. Every rural teacher should be I
able to dlirect young people in the el
ementary principles of physical t
Instruction by a competent (lanc
ing teacher gives young people a bet
ter~ self command, and tends to cor
rect a slouchy gait or posture.
Every country town can't afford r
elaborate equipment for physical d.
velopment. But every such commn
nity should have its gymnastic class -
es. Those who art , take positions
of rural leadership need such train
ing that they can conduct the sim- t
pler form of this work.,
Rub-My-Tism is a powerful anti
septic. Cures infected cuts, old sores.
IST 12th, 1921.
V Says
fter the kiss is stolen.
dleg without any answers at
fering from insomnia. Those
r scoring on Dame Nature.
ianent wave.
[ nothing on our politicians
-ass into gold.
one needs to invite great
ke home brew, do you get
[en Want ?" What's the use
ma, now.
eatness of our town not by
1e square mile-but by the
ir So Much Al
Queer old superstitions as to pres
rvation of health and treatment of
isease are held by many old fash
>ned people. Many of these notions
an be found even in intelligent comn
iunities. There are always ignor
nt folks who derive their physilog
~al ideas from the ancient tradi-'
ons of their native locality.
Here are some notions existing in
)me parts of the country, as de
:ribed by a publis health nurse:
Carrying a leaden ring, a potato,
r a horse chestnut cures rheuma
Putting a pan of water under the
ed cures chills and fever.
Chop a chijeken in half while alive
nd binding it on the soles of the
~et cures typhoid fever.
An onion poultice cures pneumo-nia.
Bag of assafoetida suspended from
2e neck drives away disease.
Weak eyes are cured by using
dem, etc., etc.
Many parents holi that children
bould choose their own food. Pigs
nd chickens choose their own diet,
Wey say, andl are healthful. So if
bildren selected their own food,
bey too would be rugged.
A mother whose baby was suffering
rom inflammation of the colon, beg
ed a district nurse for medicine,
rhile the child w~as eating a green
pple. When this nurse tried to
pnge off a child that had a temn
erature of 105, the father inter
osedl, saying. "'No, sir, you dlon't
ive my child a bath,'' and he quoted
be old saying that "A bath menns
burial robe."
Every shipload of immigrants
rings in people trained in such con
eptions. When their children get
antagious diseases andl are not
roperly. treated, the infection
preadls into the most careful family.
:oards of health have a great work
f popular. education to perform.~
The A mericaniz~ation campaizns
houldl include health talks showing
1e falsity of these old notions.
Imnportedl Flower of the Jenemnies'
Raider, at C. K. Turner's farm. 5
miles west of Winnsboro. Fee.
85.00, $3.00 cash.
Ten Irc)
So says Paris in speaking
Well, Paris has her say-bu
the women of America spel
short skirt is splendidly adf
country. The present style
treme-is sane and healthfi
of movement, which is esse
Our hosiery buyer secure(
hosiery for August sales. T1
Buster Brown brand. The
goodness begins at the doubl
the ravel stop tops. Pretty
Buster Brown lace effect s
at .......................
Buster Brown lace stripe a]
at .......................
Buster Brown double lace
special at ...............
Buster Brown all black in
quality t ................
We have silk hose priced at
Fleishers Germantown we
the world. We sell this goo(
t.t 39c. The color range is vi
the brightest sport shades tc
ing black and white.
Vacation time middies-v
that good Tech-Style middy.
in navy twill. Cut roomy a:
friendly middy-let us introd
based on the new level-only
The State of South Carolina,
Paul Rabb, Plaintic,
Etta Smith, Earline Martin, James
Martin, Gracie Martin, Sam Martin,
Sumter Martin, Florie Martin, Al
fred T. Martin, Rosenle Martin and
Parr Shoals Power Company, De
Copy Summons for Relief.
(Complaint Served.)
To the Defendants above named:
You are hereby summoned and re
quired 'to answer the complaint in
this action of which a copy is here
with served upon you, and to serve a
opy of your answer to the said
omplaint on the subscribers at their
1fices, Winnsboro Bank Bldg., at
Winnsboro, S. C., within twenty
days after the service hereof, exclu
sive of the day of such service; and
if you fail to answer the complaint
within the' time aforesaid, the plain
tic in this action will apply to the
Court for the relief demanded in the
Dated at Winnsboro, S. C., January
22, 1920.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
To the ~absent defendants, James
Martin and Sumter or Willie %r
tin, you will please take notice that
the summors in this action, of which
the foregoing is a copy, together
with the complaint herein, were filed
in the office of the Clerk of Court
for Fairfield county on the 26th d:ay
f July, 1921, and said defendants.,
Willie or Sumter Martin will take
further notice that unless you pro
ure the appointment of a guardiaii
ad litem to represent you herein
that the plaintiff will apply for an
order appointing a guardian ad litem
for said defendant before the Clerk
of Court on the 15th (day of Septem
ber, 1921.
Plaintiff's Attorneys.
State of South Carolina.
Fairfield Cunty.
Notice is hereby given that pur
suant to the powers contained in the
Ieedl of C. L. Wray to the under
signed, said Adeed dated the 21st
a of .Tanuar 190,0 andl ecor-edr
VOL. 1. NO- 17
i Limits
of the skirt lengths for fall.
t the real test comes when
k. Frankly, we think the
Lpted to the women of our
-when not carried to an ex
21, and permits of freedom
ntial to wofnen who enjoy
I some special offreings in
iese hose are the wellknown
quality is woven in-their
e woven toe and extends to
soft luster silks.
tripe in solid white all sizes
ll'self color in black full size
effect, very pretty, black,
.. . ...............$1.50
grain silk, special heavy
50c to $3.00 the pair.
ol yarn is the standard of
I yarn in regular size balls
ery complete, ranging from
the more subdued, includ
ehave them. You know
It's tailored-the material
nd doesn't shrink. It's a
uce it to you. The price is
$1.95 and worth more.
in the office of the Clerk of the Court
of Common Pleas for Fairfield coun
ty ufn the 23rd day of January, 1920,.
in Book "BH" at page 555, having:
failed to effect a sale of the said land.
at private sale according 'to the
terms of said deed, the undersigned
will sell the tract of land below de- -
scribed at public auction in the pub
lic square at Ridgeway, S. C., to the
highest bidder; terms of sale one
thirA of purchase price to be paid in~
cash at the time of the sale and thea
balance secured by a bond of the.
purchaser with mortgage of the pre-. '
mises to be paid in two equal an
nual 'instalments with interest from..t
the date of sale at the rate of 7 per
cent per annum payable annually
uintil paid in full, said sale to take
place on the 17th day of August,.
1i'21, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. -I
The tract is described in said deed.
as follows:
"All that piece, parcel, or tract of
land, lying, being and situate in the
County and State aforesaid, and'
containing two 'hundred acres, more-'
or less, known as the S.''ders place,.
and bounded as follows:
"On the north by. lan'ds of South
ern Power Company, or Kayler Tex
as Place; east by lands of Southern
Power Company, or P B. Cornwelr
place; south by lands of Southern.
Power Company, or P. B. Cornwell
place, and west by lands of Witty
Bros., being the satne tract of land
conveyed to the grantor herein by
Major Bush by deed, dated January
4, 1914, and recorded in the office
of Register of Mesne Conveyance on
Jan. 26, 1914, in Book BD., page 366,
for Fairfield County.
,Wmn. H. Lyles, Trustee.
Cause of Appendicitis.
When thebowels are constipated
the lower bowels or large intestines
become packed with refuse matter,
that is made up largely of germs.
These germs enter the vermiform
appendix and set up inflammation,
which is commonly known as ap
pendicitis. Take Chamberlain's
Tablets when needed and keep your
bowels regular and you have little

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