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* One size-38 summel
men's blue serge suit,
out, $9.98.
One 34, one 38, one 4
Palm Beach suits, to
for $9.98.
One 37, one 40, men'i
suits, to close out, at 2
One 36 tan Panan
men's suit, to close o1
4 10 pairs men's $5.(
Beach pants, sizes 32
close out, at $3.69.
Miss Lois
after several
Mrs. HJ E.
egain, after a s
N. A Whte sentThurday ville, Ga.
Mr. Clifford G:
Mi. D. unn pen sevral ayswas the guest of
hi week in Great Falls. last Saturday.
*Miss Anna McCants is visiting Miss Eugeni
insin Greenville. home again after
Policman Wishard has returned in Mont at.
om his vacation in Chester. The Rev. G.
John Oalvert, of Abbeville, was a Francis, have re
diir in town this week, Montreat, N. C.
Miss Annie Doty returned on sat- Miss Hazel W~
a~y from New York City, guest -of Miss Na
turned to Rock:
Mr. Gordon A. Johnstone returned
a T rsay from Atlanta. S- C. Kennett
~ss bbieHenhan pentthe fiomn his vacati<
Abbi Hanhan penttheat Tybee Beach,
eek-end with relativ'es here.,
Miss George~
Miss Marian Seigler is attend- spent part of tl
ng a house party in Batesburg. Har~riet Coan.
Mrs. S. C. Cathcart and children Mr. and Mrs.,
eft Wednesday for a visit to Union. ily have return<
IMr. John Heustess visited his Murrell's Inlet.
Mr. J. A, Heustess last Mr. Otto Ray
- bia to work in1
Mrs. J. L. Cathcart and little that place for a
laughter have returned from Louis- Miss Jane Ket
ana. day for a visit
Mrs. Jas. M. Macfie, Jr., has re. in Waynesville,
urned from a visit to relatives in Mrs. M. L.
dgefield- Brown, of Conco:
Miss Hazel ilaynes accompanied .ing Mrs. A. E DJ
he Misses Hoy on their trip to Mrs. K. R. Me
tsheville. Elliott and W. A~
Mayor Robinson has returned from Great Falls on
sheville, where he spent a week's Mr. and Mrs.]
vaation. J. A, Kirkpatric
J. J. Neil and sons, of Columbia, iek spent last v
ere the meek-end guests of Mrs. J. jMiss Louise T
. Neil. mingham, Ala.,
Mrs. Hoy, Misses Isabel and Mar- be the guest of J
daret Hoy are spending a while in W. O. Brr
sheville- week in Columbi
Several of the masons in town at- was also a visit
ended the picnic Wednesday at Mrs. Huffmai
easterville. Williams, Mr. W
Mrs. Gloria Jordan and little rold Hufmran
rand-son returned this week to Gastonia this w<
affney. . on Thursday,
r weight 8 pairs men' dark
to close pants, to close oat
All of our ladies',
2, men's children's oxfords
close out, to close out, at low
We have reduced
a mohair away down on all
59.98. dies and voiles.
ia Cloth J. and. Coats threat
yard spools, at 6c.
ut, $9.98.
Men's good overall
10 Palm at $1.00.
to 38, to
Good work shirts,
)onald Senator and M. T. H. 4-etchin Th
seks - arethq week-end guests of MI.. S.
tMcMaster at Goodwill, Columbia. met
~etchin is at home C. H. Neil left on Thursday, after day
ht visit to Louis-a motathm, frHnlu, o
ladden, of Charlotte,ma
Mrs. A. W. Brown Ms eseLeCeta eto
a McMaster is atspnigawewihMsHrit ntc
-several weeks' stay Con2,a
G. Mayes and son,Prsy BukerinH dro
~turned from a trip tr
right, who was the fml n isMra ege e
mncy Seigler, has re- tre atFia rmacmig pa
ill.trpaMyteB ch
returned- Monday MN .Sihlf hswe re
mn, which he spentfo hi hoei Au st, aer am
Ott, of Abbeville,te.MsJ.L Brontia
is week with Miss MissEiaehadLceVr- i
J B. Doty and famn- Straatrasotvstt hi tt
ad from a trip to unlM.JE Ca ee
has gone to Colurm- Rde~,o ln iy l r pn
he freight office at rido vhudy to ist her ico
few days. ut rJo .Cegt ok
chin left on Thurs- Mr. PMD sha reund e
to the Misses Gwyn fo hse fe aighrtn hn
N. C. isrmvd e finswl eMM
Brown and Alicegldtknw seicovecng GS
rd, N. C., are visit- ncl ih
avisRvG.G Maehareund FM
Master, Miss Carrie frm temutisadwlhod al
.Elliott motored to terglrmrigsriea h kt
Monday. Pebtra hrh Sna t1 nw
W. L. Cathcar .,Mr. .adMsJ.LRoionRy Ct
k and Joe RoisoindMssLbllauret-rs
wo setsvralkeksnin Glennwon.
Villingham, of Fir- Srns~ dJnlsa ae r- te
trrives this week to tundhmsre
liss Lucy Doty, Rv onHle eundTus .F
spent part of this dyfo i aaina aeJn. u
a Hugh McMasterluk adwlcodc seies tnt0
or in Columbia. teMtoitcuc udymr- lvr
u, Miss Kathleenan
illiams an Mr. Har- Mr1.BBulywntoCaote psi
pent two days in latStra. MsBuly cc -sgg
~e mtoingovr ane mha home, after severlu, as on
spenth il ec in the hospitalithatun
gray $5.00 White h(
for $3.69. Good qw
men's and at 10c.
and pumps, Splendid
the prices Ladies m
our organ- at C.
Any size
1,in the 150 at 1Oc.
Men's dri
s, 32 to 44, ders, 25c
Ladies' b
at 75c. at 39c pa
e Guild and Woman's Auxili- not to mar or
with Mrs. W. D. Douglas Mon- of the town.
afternoon, _____
ss of weight, loss of appetite, THURSDAY
.own feeling, persistent cold or
or night sweats, any of these Mrs. Amos D
mean tuberculosis or other se- tess to the Th
trouble. They get well who last Thursday r
warning in time. Free exami- Her very attra
n, whites, Sept, 1; colored, Sept. usually chaining
the county health office, of Killarney ros
Four tables of i
Tuesday of this week Dr. Davis' hospitali
ge, a throat specialist of Ches- Traylor was the
ame down and performed a num- ping the other
f operations in Winnsboro, re- 300. Iced tea a
ig tonsils and adenoids. evd yMs
e last game of the series being olyn Macfie,
d here with Hickory Gi-ove will '_____
played this afternoon on the BIRTHD
Don't fail to attend this
; Pearson got a home run today Little Miss D
fou will miss some more sensa- her eleventh bi
plays if you stay away today' party to her fri
s Kathleen Williams and her ternoon. Eighte4
-, Mrs. Huffman gave a picnic present. The lii
e Rion quarry on Wednesday many gifts, Ice
ng in honor of their guest, Mr. were served.
Id Huffman, of Ohio. Six cou
motored out at twilight and COTTON SEED
a delightful evening. A de- are too high I
s lunch was served on the Buy Palmetto
your seed,
ssrs J. B, Burley, J. W. Han
P. M. Dees, J. H. Gibson, C. MISS KETCH
illen, Dunnom McCants and G. TUESDAY I
:eele and Dr, R. G. Hamilton_ .
led a supper given Wednesday Miss Lilla B,
by Coleman Lodge No, 97, A, to the Tuesday
(We hope that before long we week, There w
be able to print a historicil players present.
5 of the building in Feasterville for the afternoor
iich this lodge holds its meet- Miss Annie Ket
Neil . Besides ti
'zens of Winnsboro were dis- present the guesi
'd this week to learn that the Mrs. C. F. Ellioti
a vine which covered the dead ers, of Chester,
n the vacant lot racross the A salad dourse w
from the residence of Mr. W. were served,
enniken had been inadvertently
own This eine in bloom has NEW SCALES, ~
ily afforded pleasure to beauty- road siding, I
of the town for several years pay more for c4
as been a show place to visitors
wonder and joy to autoists
ig through Winnsboro. We REGISTERED G1
st to linemen removing limbs jImported FlowE
o others cleuning up premises Raider, at C,
they~x~~Tseevey pecauion mile wet o
>mespun, 5c.I
ility apron ginghams
dress ginghams, at 10c
rhite and black hose,
children's black hose,
ess and work suspen
lack and tan silk hose
isboro, S. C.
ossibly destroy en
BRIDGE CLUB. C.Toadcaeaerqreto
avis, Jr., was hos- euts;ad alpros hdig
irsday Bridge Club cam gis adett r oi
~ ldtoormetahg.m dl vn
ctive house was n
in its morning arrayR.CThms
es, double zinnias.S. .Thm ,
layers enjoyed Mrs. W *Duls
ty. Mrs. Horace At o h x
lucky scorer, top- euos
with a plural ofCapamoefrctnsedb
nd sandwiches were
Caus wrhomadeesed are squated o
visand iss mrack, pmtosithe unFdaersge ex-s
sctor; andal pEsn LdiS
craisgainresad esad Chre hots
iisy ell clebra ed toav nn pre nn s tock hogsvri
ndson Mndayaf- ount Far. tya. Thm a
s, ake an cadytevnson, mre Wfnorone, be
atpreentprcusie stokreus mssarked n iod
o us asfertliz rcoton. t T . F.wre WainsBos.
rsing ofr btddred Esays CHiave
[Nda ENTERTINS neMoter been taken frize bon Sterand
mdschin Moasyots 666 .Cuinty arliest Cear.Theyare
mr ithre taes ofr Hea-dache d tord Laciver
te higessoreewhtponsWieopoeR.C
s cae n bewenySeesnrWnsoo.C
~hiandMissFNa WATE-ll pre ottonsedyu.
at preuasebprics' hae. stowel maye ha inyood'
Set fMStddar'saEsayeiHav
thRcofEe n mints eis se toply eaeand Hea.
Cecinwsiotes 66 qicr relifo vte fCod.sTe,
Brdglu_ ti ighousnessoLosofktiges-n
ere _thre talso edahs u o opdLvr
Th- ihs sconree o av oddgs
hitn andedssrNan WANTED-Astithe crettena sed y
Se reua memes apet Hoanys avgne yo
netothboes o h lbwr . LLS
rn ofs the eNeil. u-yTimi owru s
Turers- ar. 5 tin. Curesnfecthe us god dies-,
Winnsdling. Fee. foodrt.Chmeai' Tbet -

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