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The News and Herald.
Editor and Publisher
entered in the post ffice at Winns
*oro, S. C., as second class mail mat
ptain. Corps Engineers C. S. A
Staff Maj. Gen. J. B. Kershaw
A knightly soul has passed. Cap
tain Dwight was a gentle man
a gentleman in the old, the trut
sense of that-in the later days
much abused word. He was a gen
tleman, in thought and deed. He
was brave-with a courage that knew
no fear in war or peace. He met
the problems of his long life, looke.
them straight in the face, and in
domitably sdtved them.
There was something in the state
ly Episcopal burial service that ac
corded well with t4e splendid life
that was gone. That life had Been
nobly lived. It, too, had been splen
did and stately. It, too, inspired al,
who knew it to higher and bette.
things. No man could know Cap
tain D*ight and be quite the same
as h, was before.. "Noblesse oblige"
took on a new meaning and a great
er urge. Delicate honor became a
sturdier plant in his presence;
kindness and courtesy became more
worth striving for-and more easily
attainable. He never forgot to do
the considerate things that make
life worth while, and others seeing
his unfailing thoughtfulness were
moved by ts simple beauty, and in
spired to imitate it. "Blessed are
the pure in hea'rt for they shall see
SS tory
Our States !
San atmos- i
phcere of ro
mance envel
oping the I
early history 4
of California +
which even
encircles the origin of the name.
About 1520 a Spanish love story y
wis published in which there *
P' "i. was an imaginary island in the *
Far East called California. SomeI
.fifteen years later a party of I
Spanish adventurers came upon
the peninsula which we now call
Lower California. Believing that
they had discovered a romantic
island similar to the one in the a
novel, they called it California.
Later on, the -territory to the
north became known as Alta :
California or High California I
and when it became a state, it i
was .accordingly -called Call
fornia. The first settlers were i
the Franciscan monks who esme
up from Mexico and established
missions, and many are the leg
ends woven around these pioneer'
Padres. There shortly grew up a
Mexican settlements around the
missions which the wonderful
climate and fertile soil pros
The government, while under
Mexican control, was more or
less Independent, anid at the out
break of the Mexican war, Fre
mont, who was later defeated1
for the presidency, occupied Cal
ifornia. When peace was made
In 1918, California became Uni
ted States territory. That same
year gold was discovered in the 4
.Sacramento Valley and the rush I
of peopile to California began.
The population grew so rapidly
that In 1850 Cgiifornia was ad -
mitted as the thirty-first state
of the Union. With ks 158,297
square miles, it Is the largest
state except Texas. Politically,
its power has been rapidly grow
Ing. California now has thirteen
presIdential electors.t
(0 by McClure Newspaper syndicate.)
How a man does hate another man
who uses perfume.
We are proud of the con~dence
doctors, druggists and the publie
lave in $66 Chill and Fever Tonic.
The Le3ic-n Has For Some Time Been
Working on Unemplo'ment Prob
lem of the Ex-Service Men.
Washington. - The Americ4n Le
gion demands represensasion at the
international conference on disarma
ment and the national conference on
John Thomas Taylor, vi::e-chair
man of the legislative commiLnCee Ot
the legion, announced that he has
nage personal representations to
Presid'ent Hai'ding concerning the le
gion's desire to have a part in the
disarmament conference.
Taylor inforined the President that
the American Legion, with an active
membership of over a million vete
rans of the world's war, is most vi
tally interested in the problems of
peace and war, and felt that it was
entitled to have something to say on
the question of disarmament. Thus
far the President has not indicated
his stand in the matter, but it is the
hope of legion leaders here that he
will see fit to name as a member of
the American delegation to the dis
armament conference either a legion
member or someone who can be count
d upon to voice the views of the le
gion membership.
The American Legion has been
orktng on the problem of- the unem
>loyment of ex-service men for some
:ime and it is the desire of leaders
here to use the results of their efforts
n- co-operating with the government
n the general movement to reduce
Truce Hangs by SlenderThread.
London.-There is little fresh to re
port from Ireland except the fighting
Ln Belfast.
Sinn Fein spokesmen 'are provoca
ive and Belfast is disappointing.
Eamonn de Vlera's deliverances
have little practical bearing on the
situation and Sir James Craig's ut
terances are not hopeful.
Meantime, public opinion here is
impatient and getting angry.
The truce hangs by a slender thread.
$408,729,560 For Candy.
Washngton.-It cost the nation $54,
000,000 less to fill its sweet tooth dur
ing the last fiscal year than in the
revious year, according to prelimi
Itary annual statistics of the internal
evenue bureau, $408,729,560 being
spent for candy in the year, as com
pared with $462,840,660 In 1920.
Four Aviators Burn to Death.
Charleston, W. Vo.-Four army a,
iators are reported to have been
urned to death when an army air
,lane crashed near Poe, In Nicholas
~ounty. Three other planes have
~rahed without loss of life.
Troops go to West Virginia.
Washngton.-Federal troops to the
umber of more than 2,000 took up p0
tions In the West Virginia coal
lelds and were reported by Comn
ander Brig. Gen. HI. H. Bandhorts
o have the situation 'well in hand.
Not to Dismantle Camp Bragg.
Washington. -Secretary Weeks of
icially announced that Camp -Bragg
will not be sold. All of the troops are
:o be taken away, but the camp, build
ngs, roads, streets, etc., will be held'
uact for future war thse.
Increase in Public 'Debt -
Washington.-Anl increase of $151,
)92,658 in the public debt during the
noth of August was announced by
ie treasury.
Something New Under the Law,
New York. - Charlie Chaplin was
ed for $10,000 by the attorney of his
ormer wife, Mildred Harris, for ser
rices rendered her while she was in
~alifornia getting the divorce,.
Damages Awarded Kenilworth.
Asheville. - The Kenilworth De
relopment company has been awarded
~125,000 by the government for phys
cal and material damages to J~enIl
rorth hotel, which has been operated
s an army hospital.
Mill Workers Return to Jobs.
Raleigh. N. C.-All cotton mill work
rs in Charlotte, Concord and Kan
iapolis returned to their jobs, thereby
riing to a termination the strike
~hich has been in progress for three
Mlllerand Taking Vacation.
Rambouillet, France. - President
tilllerand of France has been spending
is vacation In the mediaeval *castle
here built by the kings of France In
he fifteenth century. It is surround
d' by a wide moat.
Constantine Suff'ers Relapse.
Athens-King Constantine, who was
itricken with illness while visiting
be GreeK front in Anatolia, has suf
ered :a reapse.
The Greeks have penetrated Priluk,
n tia from Angora.
From Every Section of the Two Caro.
linas Come Reports of a Steady
Increase In Public Interest.
Oharlotte, N. C.-The Made-in-Caro
linas Exposition 1a rapidly assuming
the phys.ical form it will have on
opening -day, September 12. More
than 200 exhibitors now are busily en
gaged in placing their exhibits, which
will show for the first time under one
roof more than 3,000 different arti
cies of merchandise made by North
Carolina and South Carolina plants.
The interior of the great building,
now beautifully decorated in black,
yellow an white, is a scene of intense
and varied' acthity. Scores of work
men employed by the .exhibitors are
engaged in uncrating exhibit mate
rial, ranging from sqw mills to tiny
jewels of great value. ,Many other
workmen, members of Building Man
ager Bryant's staff, are mingling with
the others in the discharge of their
duties of co-operation and assistance.
While these scenes are re-enacted
daily at the building, the up-town of
fices of the exposition are crowded
with exhibitors and business men
who come to discuss the multitude of
matters pertaining to so great an un
dertaking. From every section of the
two Carolinas come daily reports of
a steady increase in public interest,
and it is now estimat'ed that the at
tendance will approach the 100,000 to
tal. -
Reorganize Air Service.
Washington.-Reorganization of the
army air service at reduced strength
was announced by the war depart
iment. Twenty-one detagchments, in
cluding heavier-than-air units, supply
and school' organizations, were order
ed" demobilized.
Hickson Made Moderator.
Spartanburg, S. C.-Rev. FC. Hick
son, of Gaffney, S. C., who was /con
victed in the federal court in 1918 of
violation of the espionage act and
sentenced to six months Imprison
ment, was elected moderator of the
Broad River Baptist association.
Unemployment Assembly Sept. 15.
Washington-Assembly of President
Harding's unemployment conference
in Washington by September 15-or
by'- the 20th at the latest-is plan
ned by the administration, Secretary
Hoover said.
Sealed IndIctment Returned.
New York.-The federal grand jury
has returned a sealed ind- :ment
against 62 alleged violators 'of the
Sherman anti-trust law in the build
ing trades, Col. William Hayward,
United States attorney, announced.
-Pan-American Postal Rates.
Buenos Aires. - Argentina's propo
sition granting various countries free
lom of action regarding postal rates
between American nations has been
approved by the commission of the
Pan-American postal congress.
Greeks Condemn Spy to Death.
Smyrna, Asia Minor. - An Italian
merchant named Alberto Penzo, has
been cotlemned to death by aAGreek'
ourt martial for acting as a spy for
the Turks.
Hardings Will Attend.
Washington. - President and Mrs.
Harding will attend'memorial services
for the late King Peter, of the Serbs,
roats and Slovenes, to be held here
t St. Alban's Church.
General Wood Accepts Post.
.Manilla. - Major General Leonard
Wootl annduuced his acceptance of
the post of Governor Gehieral of the
Philippines ,tendered to him by Presi
ent Harding.
Nine Ships Offered for Sale.
Washington.-The nine shipl1 tem
porarly allocated to the Unlted
States Mail Steamship company were
ffered for sale or charter in one lot
as "a going goncern," it was egtid at
Eight CommmUst Leaders'Killed.
Riga. - Eight Russian communigt
leaders at Petrograd have geen ad
sassiated within the last two montths,.
n connection with the "white terror
1st" plot, It was revealed by Leon
Trotzky in a speech.
_- Obregon Opposed to Treaty. -
Mexico City. - The signing of a
treaty with the United States is con
trary to Mexican ,constitutional pre
epts in that it creates special privi
leges for America, according to Ob
regon's message to congress.
Weeks Studying Ford's Offer.
Washington.-Re~ports by experts as
to the operation of the Muscle Shoals,
Alabama, !Iitrate plant and dams un
der ie ;,roposal submitted by Henry
Ford were placed before Secretary
Weeks for study.
Ule business world abounds in b
winners. But it is conspicuous
short in winners who can boast of 2
errorless record in their playing ti
the game of life. A'sk any one 4
those who have won to the top, ar
it is almost a certainty you will I
"Mistakes? Of course I have ma<
mistakes. My career is peppern
v ith them. Every ntan is bound 1
i - ke mistakes who keeps tryir
hard to get on."
Or you may be infornied moi
elaborately, after the manner <
"Show me the man who nev4
makes a mistake and I will show y<
cr.e who never makes anything. TI
capacity for ocasional blunkleing
inseparable from the capacity 1
bring things to pass.
For0the matter of that, wise <
foolish we all of us are sure to mal
mistakes some time or other. T1
only people who make no mistak
are'dead people.
"I saw a man last week who hg
not made a mistake for 4,000 year
He was a mummy in the Egyptia
department of the museum."
There is, however, this great di
ference .between the mistake makir
of theowise and of the foolish:
The foolish do not appreciate ti
mistakes they make, hence many g
on making the samt mistakes to t]
end of their .days. The wise recol
nize the;-: mistakes, profit from ti
recognition, and are careful not I
repeat. them.
It is, for example, a serious mi
take to give way to anger in one
dealings. Anger not merely bree
hostility and antagonism in other
but because of its damaging eff-c
on mind and body it impairs the e
ficiency of the one who indulg<
in it.
The wise man, noting the ev
products of anger, irriig.bility, su
lenness, and the like, will not lor
remain a slave to ill temper. He wi
control his feelings, if only to saf<
guard his bread and butter interest
"Keep cool" is his constant ac
ncihition and by so doing losi
nothing and may lose a great des
by' flying into a passion. So wh
The foolish man, on tihe lopposit
will let his feelings koVernaim yel
after year. He may even feel prov
of his hair trigger r' diness to ri
act wrathfully to -. hatever di
pleases him.
"Nobody can bulldoze me," h
boasts. "Nobody can tread on ir
toes and get away with it. I'll shoe
'em what's what."'
He does show them, all too plait
ly. And though he thereby huri
himself far more than he does tho:
who give him offense, he. continu<
through life an ill-natured boor sin
ply because 1he-is too foolish to i
quire into the cause of the painfi
conseqences hisiineessant irratibil
ty brings ,upon him.
So with other failures invitir
The wise, however prone to mal
them, quickly learn the lesson's the
teach. The foolish n ar learn, y
wonder why they flounder all the
days in the morasses of adversity.
The new sU0
chewing gi
which everybody
likes-YOU wlL
n Cotton In
ie Yt'
i. I am in position I
ance on cott(
d either in seed, i
in storage.
-e Lowest rates posf
Prompt delivery
u U
3 "Some Agencies insurE
"My Companies insure
Le* D. A. CrB
Next door to Wo
Have yo
;Car was
It pays to have ai
and oiled up at a
sionally. Ask
only costs $1.00.
We also polish
H. W. H
Columbia Lumber Man
jSash, Doors and Blinds, Ini
-I press and Oak, Flooring C
ging, Moulding, Door and MA
ir coated
that will aid
.-.- if00. PoiIsb voi
- your throat.
surance 1
:o write insur
)n anywhere,
n ginnery, or
of policy
here and there,.
stern Union
1 auto washed
garage occa
us why? It
your car for
afacturing Company
ers of
;erior Finish, Pine, Cy
eiling, Weatherboard
!indow Frames.
South Carolina
4 delclous 9ePPrmnint
rdsugariacket around
it flavored cbewing gues
iar appetite and diges
ir teeth and mioistes

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