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Capt. H. A. Gaillard's body was
'-ought froin Charl's.on on Sunday
morning, accompanied by his two
-ephews, D. G. Dwight and C. S.
Dwight, and the funeral services
were held at 9:30 Sunday morning in
t-. John's Episcopal Church, and
torial services in the Episcopal
eemetery. The pall-bdarers were J.
W', ~Enahan, K. R. McMaster, Er
nest -Gladden, J. E. Coan, W. R.
D loty, Jr., and C. F. Elliott. A
sketch of Capt. Gaillard's life ap..
pe..s elsewhere.
State of South Carolinaa
County of Itirfield.
In the Co'art of Common Pleas:
Ang~ew C. Timmis, and W. S. Weir,
rarlk Harrison, and S. C. Cathcart,
an * D. C. Wylie, Copartners as
Ostbeart & Wylie, Defendants.
My virtue of a Decretal Order
tadir the above entitled cause, V
i:'offer for sale. before the court
- d door in Winnaboro, S. C., on~
.first Monday in November next,
between the usual hours of sale, the
frl1 iwing described premises, to wit:
A&l!that certain piece, parcel or
trac of land lying, being and situ
ste fin the County of - Fairfield and
State~ aforesaid, containing three
bunkfed' and sixty~two acres, more
*r lMss and bounded on the North by
tands of Pickett land W. R.' Doty;
en the last by lands of D. W. Ruff;
as .tie South by land3 of Bratton
Osvis and lands of DesPortes, and
,'nt thxe West by lands formierly of S.
<~ T athcart, and landli of Pickett.
Ter~ns of sale are as follows: One
'third of the purchase money to be
.maid; in aish, the balance in two
%ga, annual installments from th6
date of sale, with interest from the
date-- of sale at the rate eight per
cent. per annum, to be secured by
the- -bond of the purchaser and a
mortgage of the premises sold; or
all cash at the option of the
g*rrchaser; the purchaser to pay for
all necessary papers, stamps and re
cording. Ungathered crops not
C. C. C. P. F. C.
Dated, October 13, 1921. 29..'
* a
50 0
r Month
- agains
W. . uff J.,Defndat
Soetate Cout Haousedooai
Cuntyoo S o rfe rs Mn
lega heour of Commona Pulastcr
obt ihest Stder, heafollowin
AlI.h puruaceo parce orera ofth
Courty of Fairfield, Stae in Soth
Caboeina, ontilln tofe fonrsaed be
fffour he Cort-foust es doorei
Winnesb,S.g on the irstr Mieo
day pi Noer en frimthen te
legal hurchl, ad boude ocyd
.>o Roerhgt .iddero, Mrs. followin
esc rie thact: blcrad h
Yoelandsen andtute iandso the
Coty of RobrilStto Stsn
'caolin, contaiing wsundre sape,
fityork and one-fdrs acre more
oruleslyiprsne on Westr ser
;e, pulicod leaing fromte res-h
i2dc of December 1895.lstoNe
shlpayhurc-thid bounde blandsh
mfRent payableontan two. years
aft ierdthe sa, repblcively, wth
nens romdt ohe lande of the
eate of Revnber Miltntevansn,
matrkst adableia a rnalte creit
oortiherof mh uade riceM oube
secre Suvyor berandaotge ofth
Teprse of sa Thed purche
conditipayone-thAliddersh and thei
alae in dpt wt eqerk anua Cort
ets payb ofne aundre twolyears
($100) davne of repctvey faith,
aree rom beartred oae the sc
erestulbe anuas to the scredit
'ure bydet bn anpid monrtae ofr
hae prcaer on said land, hipcr
haser otay the usal ncenanry ad
perios, a ll de rstc.h si
the su fth O1e H1ndre Dol-21
lpe ial B(
Are you in need, of a s
mite for t abed roor
1ndsome su of daint)
>ng cons Iction at a
arily hav to pay for
me. It will make a syl;
:e in your 6ed .room.
Ont Thury tenoo bev. roo
Cordsomeok 1 isur ofiS dary
hong gost itio nJ ati a
artl efaort to pais.t1 uy fi
n campai, ae sp h
-ces isou sendin 'ekro ev
Ond beends amish~o e. ndsu
estedter of RokolAdrev.niz atinye
nanedi fo fu rte ad re s e
hecngeady~ i Suffere Epis
rai~ide Car pidni.- he5 Dio-l
s c.pig, a-- ther1shath
acs i edin Heak. nt v
Bryprighieo are.-thy bchuc to s
s respIonsldihadlystan Mr. Mcndrd
tresed he neidownheachuschnd
shes o felfl' her anie"ss while
Mr .Becwiholiam, whatad awel-knw
eat een handompih and avig
esedin the rofbe ornzon de-c
mf adre oe etig for fuhramne.
"I saw adftereingi Sare
..Trhed Iu waLSarovi . erat
its Surpig."-fet liager
d eatlta.ra-on
Sridntfed Me.-M ack, was se
were Iol dysand up usand sid
wasn well t any tme" aysi wrs.
he di. Witiasrtes wie . . wel-kow
fgroo healthy 6,ndtis pl'ae
epetnhandah amn havi tofen
got ed"cntne Mrs. Williams dsrbs ni
eobned relief trog the use of
Bishat h as helpevg he anyu7
she?d not rot eitt nto r asinE
erveled cith wMy uan aid
h- ..1. ge ...me . 188anu, h
lds Room Suite $1493
iite or part of It comes in four finishes, mahogany,
n? Here is a walnut, ivory or oak, just exactly like
design and the picture. Every piece of the suite is
pric you or
Price dress- carefully made and beautifully finish
the dresser
ndid appear- ed. Send in your order today, it will
receive our prompt- attention.
To any out of town person who pur
chases one of these bed room suites we
will give a beautiful 40 piece 'gold band
dinner set. This stock is limited. Do
not postpone the matter. Mail your or
- Columbia, S. C. der today.
We Especially
Invite All Lovers
Of good things to eat to visit our storet
and see what we have for this week
Fresh Oysters, Steaks of all kfnds,
Pork of all kinds, Sausage of all kinds,
Breakfast Bacon, Ham, Celery, Lettuce,
Grapefruit, Oranges. A pples, BananaR.
Confectioner's Sugar, Crackers and
Cikes i
-W. B. Porter
Cah Grocery

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