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"Only Through Ever Expending Facil
itles Can We Turn Out a Product
of Disciplined Minds."
Wiliamsburg. Va. - Declatrin~ the
nation confronts an "educatiotal cri
sis" through lack of tetachers ard pt; -
lic school facilities President Hard
ing appealed in an addre-, here for
patriotic support of an educational
system commensurate with national
Mr. Harding spoke before a gather- I
ing of students and alumni of the
College of William and Mary.
"It is no exaggeration," said Presi
dent Harding, "to say the natiqn con
.fronts an educational crisis. From
every corner of the land, from country,
town and city, comes the same report
that the "ousing capacity for our pub
lic schouls is inadequate; that tens
of thousands of pupils have no place
for thel- studies; that teacher =ha
not be listed..in sufgfect numbers,
and that school revenues are insuffi
cient. t may be said that, in this
of education, we have been
drawing on our capital, instead of
spending the annual increment only;
we have been taking the teachers
away from the schools, and leaving
a constantly increasing deficit in our
capacity to tnrn out that product of
disciplined minds which only can be
Insured through ever expanding facil
Bandit Rifles Express.
Moose Jaw, Sask.-A lone bandit
held up the Dominion express mes
senger on the Vancouver-Toronto ex
press between Swift Current and
Moose Jaw, rifled the safe and drop
ped from the moving cars.
Six Nurses Are Poisoned.
Chicago. -- An exhaustive search
for the sender of a box of poisoned
candy, responsible for the critical ill
ness of six nurses at the West End
hospital, was being conducted by the
postoffice inspectors.
insurance Companies Fined.
Jackson, Mi.. - Chancellor V. J.
Stricker issued a decree in the Hinds
county chancery court imposing -fines
on the fire insurance companies for
merly doing business in this state
aggregating~ nearly $9,500,000.
Statue to Jackson Unveiled.
Charlottesville. Va. - Confederate
veterans of Virginia, gathered here
for their annual convention, were the
principal partie'poxs at the unveil
ing of a bronze statue to G'neral
"Stonewall" Jackson.
Herrick Suffers Bomb Outrage.
Paris. - A bomb exploded in the
house of Myron T. Herrick, the Am
erican ambassador, seriously injur
ing the valet who opened the pack
age containing it. The room in which
the explosion occurred was wrecked.
Ex-King Appeals to Enemy.
Sofia.-Former King Ferdinand of
Bulgaria, now in Bavaria, has ap
pealed for aid to the Bulgarian pre
mier, Stamboulisky, a man whom
,Ferdinand. when King, persecuted
and kept in prison for two years.
Pullman Declares Dividend.
Chicago. - The Pullman company
declared the usual dividend of $2 a
quarter for the periods ending No
vember 15 to February 15.
Taught That Earth is Flat.
Zion, llls,-Zion schools, of which
Wilbur Glenn Voliva, the overseer of
the colony, is president, have adopt- i
.d his new theories of a fiat world.
For Peace 66 to 20.
Washington.-The administration's
peace treaties with Germany, Austria
and Hungary were ratified by the sen
ate, the vote in the first two being 66
to 20.
Brian~d is Peremptory.
Paris-Premier Briand went before
the chamber of deputies and made it
clear that his policy must have the
support-the strong approval-of the1
deputies if he was to represent France
at the Washington conference on lim
itation of armanients.
Trainmen Not to Strike.
.-.Philadelphia.--C. F. Musser, chair
man of the Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen of the Pennsylvania rail
road, said that 15.000 L.nfmen would
refuse to obey the order for a gen
eral railroad strike.
President on Short Vacation.
President and Mrs. Harding left
Washington on the yacht Mayflower
for Yorktown. where the President
. will speak at the celebration of the
140th anniversary of the surrender ofj|
State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
In the Court of' Common Pleas:
T. H. White and M. S. Lewis, Plain
Jesse Young, Maggie Pearson, Ma
mie Young, Thomas Pearson, Vic
tora Pearson, Carolina ' Pearson,
Beatrice Pearson, Ben Pearson,
Lula Pearson, Defendants.
In pursuance of an order of the
Court of Common Pleas made in the
above stated case, I will offer for
e before the court house door in
~innsboro, S. C., on the first Mon
day in November -next, within the
(,al hours of sale, at public outcry
* the highest bidder, the following
described tracts, to wit:
1. All that tract or plantation of
land, containing ninety-four acres,
more or less, lying, being and situ
'in the County of Fairfield, State
South Carolina, about fourteen
miles west of Winnsboro, facing the
Monticello and Alston road, end also
ang the road leading from Mon
ticello to Kincaid's bridge, being the
ract of land conveyed by D. M. Wil
)n to T. H. White, Jr., and by the
id T. H. White, Jr., to us by his
deed, bearing date the 2nd of Oc
tober, 1919, and being the tract of
'and for which we basehia AV ex
cue' and eilvered our joint no.
2. All 'that tract of land lying, be
-ig and situate in the County of
Fairfield, about fourteen miles west
Winnsboro containing forty acres,
re or less, bounded by lands for
merly owned by Ben Yarborough,
but now owned by the said Jesse Y.
Young, being the tract of land pur
chased by said Jesse Young from P.
B. Holley, and facing the Winnsboro
Terms of Sale: Purchaser to pay
one-third of the purchase money in
cash and the balance on' a credit, of.
one and two years, to be secured by
*he bond of the purchaser and a
iortgage of the premises sold, or
all cash, at the option cf the pur
-ser, the purchaser to pay for all
:ecessary papers, stamps, etc. As
in evidence of his good faith, the
iurchaser shall deposit with the
rk one hundred dollars immedi
.ely upon the closing of the bids,
i upon failure to do so, the said
-emises may be resold on the same
:-ms on the same day.
- C.C.C.P.F. C.
Dated, October 13, 1921. 29-31
State of South Car/olina,
Fairfield County.
In the Court of Common Pleas.
The S. M. Jonies Company, Plaintiff,
Eli Perry, Defendant.
Pursuant to decretal order of sale
made in the case of The S. M. Jones
Co. against Eli Perry, I will offer
for sale before the Court House door
in Winnsboro, to the highest bidder,
on the First Monday in November,
next, all that tract or parcel of land
lying, being and situate in the
County of Fairfield, State of South
Carelina, ccntaining twenty-seven
and two-thirds acres (27 2-3), more
or less; bounded on the North by
lands of Rob Perry, East by landp
of R. A. Patrick; and on the South
r~nd West by lands of Louis Harri
son, and being the tract of land set
apart in the division of the lands of
or belonging to the Estate of Char
Lotte Perry.
Terms of sale: Gash. Purchaser
to pay for all papers and recording
and stamps.
C. C. C. P. F. e.
Dated, October 13, 1921. 29-31
'tate of South Caroline,
County of Fairfield.
In the Court of Common Pleas:
Dixon H. Robertson, et al., Plaintiff.
'4rs. Willie Jordan, et al, Defendant.!
Pursuant to Decretal Order of sale
made in the case of Dixon H. Rob
artson,, et al. against Mrs. Willie
lordan, et al., I will offer for sale
efore the court house door in
Vinnsboro, S. C., to the highe~st bid-.
ler on the first Monday in Novem
er, all that certain tract of land
ying, being and situate in the
County of Fairleld, State of South
Carolina, containing 550 acres,
'ncre or lcss, bounded on the
orth by the Starke place, now
-ied by Robertson, East by lands
-Henry Harrison and William W.
TIlliams, South by lands of G. W.'
Ragsdale, and West by lands of T.
I. Ketchin, or the Matchett plrce.
Terms of sale: One-third of the
urchase money to be paid in cash;
'd the baancepayabntw 0eu
nual installments with purchase moneyto be secured by
m day of sale at sevenper ebondof th purchaser anda
annum, Payable annually ge of the premises sold.
d; or all cash at the optio JOHN W. LYLES
'haser. Puchaser to pay C. C. C. P. F. C.
necessary papers and revenue stam Dated, October 13, 1921. 29-31
The fI ..centers of
the world ave con
tributed ttr best for
your se here this
"Store of C o s Attention"
1513 Street
Columbia, S. C.
The Best Gas
D URING our many years' experience
in producing gasoline we have dis
/covered that the proper blending
of basic crudes is necessary for a well
- balanced fuel. And our access to prac
tically every developed oil field has in
sured full uplization of the various types
and grades of crude in exactly the pro
portions needed.
The improved "'Standard" Motor Gaso
line is produced through the efforts of
our Development Department experts.
*These men have devoted their lives to the
study of oil refining and the relation be
tween the properties of oils and the uses
to which they are adapted. "Standard"
Motor Gasoline r'epresents the fruit ofs
~.~ ~>K>,
Tnat's what we mean,
all the word service im
If your battery is giving
trouble see Mr. Coleman
If not, let Mr. Coleman
prevent trouble by caro>
ing for it.
Fuirfield Motor Co.
~osts no More
their years of painstaking experimenta
lion. It is uniform in quality, quick
firing, clean-burning. It is the best gaso
line obtainable, and costs no more than
any other.
The consistent use of "Standard" Motor
Gasoline will go far towards correcting
many of the more common diffieul
ties of motoring. If your engine over
heats or gives off vile exhaust gases, if
your cylinders miss or carbonize quickly,
if the oil in your crankcase becomes
diluted, it is probable that you have been
using the wrong gasoline.
Fill up with the improved "Standard". On
sale wherever you see the familiar "S.O."
sign. Remember-it costs no more.

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