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gggag MLL,
ftem Page One)
Ge.t tie -babit affoing to church
y. are Ceating yourself ut of
ife's richest pleasure, and life's on
tue happineu-. a, a. sphial:
Get * 4f Your careless, indif
* riej hopeless, helpless,
Undhapy lifa by getting
r'gM with God.
Serg are two churches in the
00munity to welcome you each Sun
Each pastor and congregation
Will give you a warm welcome at
eek and every service. You are
"t 4iving yoursel, your community,
yor State, your nation or your God
a square deal if you refuse to sup
port the ntitution that gave you a
eat free homeland. Think it over
at one and act quickly. The churches
wil lok for you next Sunday.
ate of South Carolina,
County of 1sirneid.
In the Court of Common Pleas:
Arew C. Timms, and W. S. Weir,
Eank Harrison, and S. C. Cathcart,
ed D. C. Wylie, . Copartners as
-tbert- & Wylie, Defendants.
By virtue of a Decretal Order
wad, in the above entitled cause, I
-U - fer for sl before the court
house door in Winnsboro, S. C-, on
N, rat Konsy in Namber next,
between the usual hours of sale, the
jpnowing described premises, to wit:
Al that certain piece, parcel or
tract of land lying, being and situ
- dai he County of Faire&d mad
State aforesaid, containing three
hundred and sixty-two acres, more
r less and bounded on the North by
lands of Pickett and W. '. Doty;
em the East by lands of D. W. Ruff;
em the South by lands of Bratton
DUvis and lands of DesPortes, and
em the West by lands formerly of S.
C. Cthewart, and landa of Pickett.
Terms of sale are as follows: One
Vird of the purchase money to be
paid in assh, the balance in two
equal, annual installments from thi
date of sale, with interest from the
-ato of sale at the rate eight per
- ent. per annum, to be secured by
the bond of the purchaser and a
mortgage of the premises sold; or
.)r all cash at the option of. the
- -ame ; the purchaser to pay for
aft necessary 'p'ers, stamps and re
eerding. Urgathered crops not
C. C. C, P. F. C.
.Dated, October 18, 1921. 29-31
* State of South Carolina,
County of Fairfield.
In the Court of Common Pleas.
* W. B. Wright, Plaintiff
Kate Wolling and Julius H. Weil &
Company, Defendants.
Gout of Common Pleas for Fairfield
-Pursuant to an order of the
County, in the above entitled cause,
dated November 6th, 1914, I will sell
at public -outcry, to the highest bid
der, before the Court House door in
Wlansboro, South Carolina, .on the
First Monday in November, 1921, the
following described land:
Ag that tract or plantation of
land containing one hundred thirty
Tso agres, more or less, lying, be
- ng and situate in the County and
* State aforesaid, near Feasterville, S.
C., on McClure's Creek,'and bounded
wow nr formerly as follows: North
By lands of John Cockrell; -East by
lands of Peter Feaster; South by
lands of estate of Dennis Legg, de
reased;. and west by lands of estate
i Denis Legg.
Terms of Sale: Cash, The pur-,
dhaser to comply with sale promptly
and pay for all papers and the re
-cording of same.
C. C. C. P. F. C.
- October 1g, 1921. 29-31
Bo Gain a Good Reputation.
"The way to gain a good reputa
1tioja Ia to endeavor to be what you!
-appear. That is precisely the man
-mer ja which Chamberlain's Cough
emedy has gained its reputation-as
- .6 ece (9r coughs, colds, croup and
.ghooping .cOUgh. Every bottle that
baa- ever been put out by the manu
bacturers has been fully up to theh
hih standa4 of etecellence claimed
for it. People have found that it
ftis pleasanzt and safe~ take. 1
FOR SALE-Coker's pae stai
Fuigum oats bright a: 'clean ati
$1.00 per -bushl, in nea 5-busheil
sacks- MEa.v. Doty. H
In aecoedanc to law, th f
boos will open on October 15th for
collection of taxms and remain open
to December 31st without penalty,
and for the month of January one
per cent on delinquents; -for the
month of Febrary one per cent ad
ditional on delinquents; and for 15
days in March,. 1st to 15th, fve per
cent additional on delinquents; on
11 real and piedenal preperty:
State purposes .12,
Ordinary county .......... 41-2.
Special county .. -'......... 3
Highway Commission .... .
Constitu'tional school ........ 3
Spcial Tax for Scboos:
District No. 1.. ...------ - 4
District No. 2 .............. 8
District No. 3 ...... ......... 6
District No. 4........ .-.- 4
pistrict No. 5............... 0
District No. 6............... 8
District No. 7...............-- - 9
District No. 8..---...- --- -.. (
District No. 9..............-- -- 9
District No. 10.................. 6
District No. 11.............. 9
r)istrict No. 12..............
District No. 13...............6
District No 14.............
District No. 15.............
District No. 10..............i
District No. 17..............
Distrc No.1 ............8
Di No.19 . . 2
Di trict No. 20............... I
District No. .21...............
District No. 22...............I
District No. 23........... .... 4
District No. 24.......6
District No. 25............... 12
Distric 1 No. ............. 2
District No. 27............. 10
District No.28............... 2
District 6. 29............... 2
District No. 30.............- ..
District No. 3 ......... ..
District No. 32................. 2
District No. 33..............
District No. 6.................. 2
Also one ($1.00) dollar poll tax or
all'male citizens from the age of 21
to 60 years old, and a capitation ta
of $1.25 on all dogs; also..a commu
tation road tax of all citi
zens between ages of 8 a d 5
y ears o, ex a aduly rned c inistes
I and o hers actually en1aged i
I school work, and payable frm Oct
15th. 1921, to March 31st, 1
Office will be kept open d le
gal hours for the collection of me
Treasurer of Fairfield County.
To raise supplies for the fiscal year
commeneing January the 1st, 1921,
and ending December 31st, 1921,
and to provide for Electric Lights,
Water and Sewerage Bonds.
Stasate of South Caredaa,
Town of Winnsboro.
Be it ordained by the Mayor and
Aldermen of the Town of Winnsborc
in council met, and by authority of
the same.
Section .1. That for the purpose
of raising supolies for the year com
mencing January 1st, 1921, and end
ng December 31st, 1921, and to pay
nterest on $10,000.00 Electric Bonds,
~50,000.90 Water Works bonds, $20,.
000.00 Sewerage bonds and $10,000.
3 additional Electric Light bonds of
the Town of Winnsboro, and to cre
ate a sinking fund to pay the one
fortieth part of the principal of said
bonds, a tax for the same and in the
malner hereindfter mentioned is
hereby- levied and shall be raised and
paid into the treasury of the Town
or the use and service thereof, that
is to say: Seventeen (17)i mills ad
valorum on every dollar of the value
of all property, real and personal,
within the ecorporate limits of the
Town of- Winnsboro, to be distribut
ed as follows, to wit:
Three dollars to be pa~id by every
male inhabitant of the Town of
Winnsboro between the ages of six.'
teen and fifty years in lieu of work
ig the streets of the said town of
Winnsboro, except college students
and other exceptions as provided for
y: State law.
Section 2. All taxes assessed and
payabl6 under this ordinance shall be~
pa~yable between the 1st day of No
vember, 1921, and tlie 1st day of Jan
uary, 1922, and all taxes and penal
ties remaining on the 1st day of
anuary, 1922 shall be collected by
listress or otherwise, as now pnevid
d by law, togetber with all legal
Seetion 3. When taxes ssessed
md charged against any property
hall not be paid on or before the
Est day of January, 1922, a penalty
f 15 per cent thereon shall be ad
led to the amount so assessed and
arged on taxes by the Town Treas
irer, and if the said taxes and pen
Ities shall not be bald at once, the
ame -shall, be treated as delinquent
axes of and upon the property of
le upon anM "
or otherwise, as
Done in CouncB
October, A. D.h
corporate sea' o the
C. A'
Attest: H. E.
Hoffman ing
Machines protec health
of the presser, as the
customer. They gar
ments with 1iv seam
and eliminate a[ of
infection .from
clothing or ti
rying pressng
it is im -
burn or shine a
the Hoffman p
are heated byf
steam and ov
erheated. This ves
many dollars w
paid out in)
and keeps 6d
The paddin~
saturation of"
yet during the
atibn, it
enough to
ment from.
pressure, and
pressure Is
head is ralse&
is quickly drie
"set" . by a
uum. Give us
J S. G
When you want.
mild and gentleln
take and certain to
berlain's Tablets.
How Better Th
The question he
what way are
superior to thi d
and liver pills?
to take and- tdr e6 -
that one hardly xelfs
produced by a M.e&im.L
not only move time wk
prove the appetite -
the digestion. -
All persons. are
trespass in .any nup
oi A. C.-Timma and.
er by hunting, fisbiu
straw or allowg Ce~~ on
said lands. Vipstts rU~ ose
cuted to the fulls t the
law. S.
31-33. "
J. H. Gibson e ld!
ocunty, wa derulla
by H. P. Rootsm to}
hold. an inghest im
Goley, who u& some.
Goley lived alone~, seen -
about '11 daysag. found'
dead in his bed on hisf
sie with ti~hf heed
hsef.handand to theI
of a double barrele ~ lodiding
Shotgun. He had o l cote
with the e~rceptionshe
vieh were by the be~$his over-i
coat. The most: Jo act in then
case was that the ghas in an
upright .position leainst the
bureau, Dr. J. E ~a~,Jr.,,
who examined the m~an, .said
that he rhad been deia least 11i
days. The coroner's~ brought in'
a verdict that Jim h ad comef
to his death by gnhtwounds at
his own han~ds.
Goley was 57 yeas old. and un-i
married. He is sure ed by ot
brother, Ed Goley, @1olahnnha.
- Notes is hereby glNoa that oiIg
inal certificate an=bess . (2) ene
share, of the Fairfield -grIesItural
Society, dated January3, 19 , Is
sued to D. R. Coleman hasn lost
or destroyed andiuir uner
igned wfil apply to said #etfor
s new eertifieate s day of
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