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ther Stewart.
Miss Jennie Stewart is visiting her
sister, Mrs. W. H. Wylie.
White Oak baseball team defeated
the second Winnsboro Mill team here
Saturday by a score of 18 to 13. It
was a rather "fussy" game.
Miss Dorothy Moffatt, of Colum
bia, is spending a few days with her
sister, Mrs. W. W. Parkinson.
Mr. J. T. Hedgepath is out of town
for a few days doing railroad work.
We are glad to have with us our
college young people, Misses Mary
Patrick and Mabel Gibson, of Due
West Women's College, and Mr. Rob
ert Patrick, from Erskine.
Mr. J. H. Patrick spent Tuesday
~ Winnsboro.
Mr. and Ms. Grady Smarr, of
Great Falls, spent the week-end with
his brother, Mr. J. M. Smarr.
Mrs. Harvey Ford spent Saturday
with Mrs. Glass.
Mrs. W. B. Lumpkin spent Sunday
with her mother, Mrs. J. S. Glass.
' Mr. and Mrs. Scott and little son,
of Great Falls, spent Sunday with
her mother, Mrs. Katie Jackson.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Nichols and
children spent Sunday afternoon with
his people.
Messrs Cecil Jordan, Rufus Keist
ler and Heath Nichols motored to
Chester Monday on business.
We are very sorry to learn that
Mrs. J. W. Isenhower is in bed with
Mr. J. S. Glass spent the night
with his daughter, Mrs. B. F.- Ford,
of Great Falls.
I have just read Mr. John W.
Lyles' compliments to Winnsboro,
printed in pamphlet form.
Away back before the Confederate
War we had a man named Jonah,
who warned the Ninehvites of a pend
ing curse and they repented in sack
cloth and ashes; and contrary to the
wishes of the fish-man, Jonah, the
doomed city was saved.
Now for the sake of Winnsboro's
glorious history of the past and the
plesaant recollections of Matilda
Roseborough and her long ginger
cakes and beer, can there not be
something done to divert the awinl
doom that is hanging over the old
town and threatti to hurl her in
of the lost. If only
a few righteous can be found within
her gats who have not bowed the
knee to Baal, may not the 'awful de
cree be altered.
Oh, my brethren, get busy if you
would save Winnsboro! I would sug
gest that the first thing to do is to
find the cause for her downward trend
-which cause I am sure will be found
in the fact that too many darned!
country crackers have moved to town
for the purpose of holding public of
fice or just doing anything to keep
from plowing. Separate the sheep
from the goats and old Winnsboro
will show up again as the salt of the
Vv. 1R. A shfordl's children reported
to their father the find of a still just
back of the Ashtford home ong~
branch. 01 man Bill was hatless
when he received the news, but he
didn't wait to get one-only took time
to grab a bucket. He could be seen
riding the undergrowth in his wild
dash for the spot-but, alas, the bird
had flow:n, and all that was left, he
said, was a mighty "pretty" smelL
Miss Mae Allen, a bride of the
v eek, w'as complimented last XXednes
H. W. HA
Columbia Lumber Ma'
Manuf act
Sash, Doors and Blinds, I'
press and Oak, Flooring
ing, Moulding' Door and ~
day afternoon with a miscellaneous
shower given by Mrs. J. F. Beam.
Refreshing iced tea and sandw iches
were served.
Mrs. M. D. Ogburn entertained
with a kitchen shower Friday after
:'oon in honor of Miss Mae Allen.
Delicious sherbert and cake was
Mr. Earl Wright, of Franklin, Va.,
came home for the Allen-Wright
wedding on Wednesday.
Miss Mae Allen had as her house
guests this week her sister, Mrs. Et
ta Finnstrom of Augusta, Miiss Va
rina McDaniel of Belton, Miss Eunice
White of Walhalla, Miss Della Wright
Palmer of Greenville.
Mrs. J. F. Edmunds, Jr., and two
liLle girls of Abbeville ,are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wolling.
Mr. Fitzgerald Rutherford, of New
berry, came over for the Allen
Wrig.ht wedding.
Mr. W. B. McDowell left Wednes
day for Carlisle, Pa.
Mrs. J. J. Welch and little Mary
Welch, of Carlisle, attende([ the Al
len-Wright wedding on Wednesday.
Misses Kathleen, Mary Bess and
Nancy Coleman gave a rook party
Monday morning in honor of Mis,
1h e Allen. Three tables wsre -
ranged on the cool porch and after
the cardz were la(d iway a .al:el
course with tea was served.
Messrs J. F. Coleman and A. M.
Faucette, of Columbia, attended the
Allen-Wright wedding.
Mrs. A. F. Blair, of Blairs, spent
the past week with her father, Dr.
J. R. Coleman.
Miss Maggie Crowder, of Salem, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. A. F. Cole
Mrs. D. P. Crosby entertained the
Allen-Wright wxed.-og part: T' lay
evening after the rehearsal. After
the game of hearts was plae i, the
guests found much fun in cutting the
fated cake, after which block cream
and cake were served.
The boys of the neighborhood gave
a dance at the hall on Monday night
in honor of the visiting girls.
We wish to thank everybody who
has so willingly helped us since our
home was destroyed by fire on April
13th. Some have offered rooms in
their homes, which was greatly ap
preciated of the good people at White
Oak, and we wish them to know that
this kind offer will ever be remem
bered. We want to thank Mr. T. D.
More at White Oak esciaja;4e
Awring'work that he has done in
presenting us with a neat sum of
money that he had raised for the
purpose of furnishing another home
n the near future. May the richest
lessings rest on everybddy when
heir, way seems dark.
J. J. Sanders and family.
WANTED-I want school teachers
and high schol graduates to write
me about our summer school and
easy payment plan. We offer 25
cents for good cotton in exchange
for tuition. M. H. Bowen, Presi
ident ,Bowen's Business College,
Columbia, S. C., Phone 6810. . 13
Bruce Furniture
OR SALE-Millions Porto Rico,
Nancy Hall and Early Triumph po
tato plants 7'5c per 1,000 FOB Val
dosta. Dorris Plant Co., Valdosta,
afacturing Company
arers of
iterior Finish, Pine, Cy
eiling, Weatherboard
Aindow Frames.
South Carolina
Annual Gathering Held on Farm of
James L. McIntosh. Near Doves
ville, Darlington County.
Darlington.-The annual convention
of the South Carolina Dairymen's as
sociation was held on the farm of
James L. McIntosh, near Dovesville,
in Darlington county, and was attend
ed by a large number of dairymen and
farmers from all parts of the state.
More than 200 were present, represent
Ing 15 counties. The surroundings
were ideal for a dairy convention, for
*he highly developed dairy cows owned
by M1r. NiIntosh. owner of Clover farm,
then those interested in dairying.
The meeting was called to order by
R. "M. Cooper, Jr.. of Wisacky. pres
ident of the association. James L.
McIntosh. owner of Clover Farm, then
welcomed the visitors to his farm. He
said this was the largest attendance
for an annual conventon since the
state association had been. organized.
Few speeches were made, but those
which were made so impressed the
-isitors that they will go home witn
more inspraton and better equipped
'or intelligent dairy work.
J. C. McDowell of the dairy divis
Ion. Washington. gave a very intel
ligent -discussion of the "Factors
Leading to Success in Dairying." Ac
cording to Mr. 'McDowell, South Caro
lina Is a great field for the develop
ment of the dairying industry. "High
producers are the only cows which
give profits," said 'Mr. McDowell. He
was very emphatic in his declaraton
that to make progress as a dairy
state, dairymen must eleminate the
scvub cows and padicularly the scrub
hulls. It not only pays to keep good
cows. but it pays to feed them, said
Mr. McDoNgell. He paid % splendid
tribute to dairying in Soutn Carolina.
saying that this state was second to
Pennsylvania in the number of bull
Dr. Edward R Teigs of Beltsville.
Md.. then gave a very instructive
lecture on the mineral requirements
of cows. According to Dr. Meigs, a
great many cows suffer as a result of
a detiiency of lime. All of the vis
itors were then called to' the dinner
tables. where a picnic dinner was
served by the women in attendace.
Dr. J. F. Devine. noted speciall3t
from Goshen, N. Y., then enlightened
the visitors and gave much valuable
information on the dreaded disease of
abortion so prevalent in cows. Dr.
Devine doubtless knows more about
ths subject than any other veteri
narian in the country and in an inter
it gertments
and of m. thods of cont o1.
After the addresses, the association
held a business session. A. L. James,
one of the leading darymniei of Dar
lIngton. was elected president of the
association for the ensuing year, and
C. A. Onisrud of Sumter was elected
vice pres'dent. J P. Lamaster of
Clemson college is secretary.
A demonstration In cow Judging was
given by W. W. Fitzpatrick of the
Guernsey Cattle club. -
To Regulate Sale of Milk =
Spartaniburg.-City council has pass
ed an ordinance regulating the sale of
milk and milk products on the local
market. The ordinance has caused
considerable comment and in some
cases uneasiness. The ordinance re
quires, those who run dairies to handle
the milk in a sanitary manner, re
quiring that the milking be done In a
building with concrete floor, away
from the feed, etc. All animals are
required to stand the test for tuber
culosis. It was thought that the ordi
nance would prevent those who keep
cows for their own use from disposing
of their surplus milk and butter.
Farmers who sell milk and butter
in the city are up i the air. as it
were. for until they comply with the
regulations they can not dispose of
their -dairy products.
Books to Cost More.
Chester.--3. E. Brockman. superin
tendent of the Chester city schools.
~aid the price of school books in South
Carolina next school year would he
rom 50 per cent to 100 per cent higher
than they have heen hitherto. Mir.
Brokman in discussing the conditions
which have brought about this situa
ton remarked that the last contract
for text books was made five years ago.
at a time when everything was cheap
Inasmuch as the publishers were tied
ip in a five year contract. they were
comelled to maintain the contract
prices which during the past thre'
rears have not even covered the cost
of printing. The contract expires thie
spring and new contracts have been
made. Books have sold in this state
for one-fourth to one-half the prices
naid in other states for sev-eral years
To Be Guee+e of Rotary Club.
Greenville-E- 'r- hov within the
city limits of Greenwood between the
iges of 10 to 18 yoerr will he given an
opportunity to attend a summner camp'
for about one week at least by the
Greenwood Rotatry (einb. neordinr: to
rans announed at the luncheon. A
farrochino nlan of boy-s' work w"e
Not even USCO ever touched
this value before
30 x3/2-$10.90
HEN you look at a Since last fal when LSCO
30 x 31/2 USCO at established the $10.90
$10.90 think back price range they have rec
for a minute as far ognized it as a value
as you canrememberUSCO. cpso. 30 v
The truth is that men have A still greater
always found- USCO an out an
standing money's worth no hrc
C USC itself c
matter what its price.
Today at $10.90 USCO before.
maintains its established
standaad of quality.
And bcause of the new
price, it sets a new index of
tire value.
Men who have used
USCO have never been
inclined to measure its
value by the general ne
rt Sa vaee.
runo Stres.
United Stats Tires -
1922 War-Txj
United States Tires
Unied States -0 Rubber Company
. Where Yo~s T. W. BRICE & CO., Woodward, S. C.
Can Buy T. G. PATRICK & CO., White Oak, S. C.
U. S. Tires: J. J. McEACHERN, Longtown, S. C.
The goed-will and reputation fo
making dependab epioducts
e which tls company hlift
the great motorg ublic ]
taken years to bul p anid is to-.
day its greatest asset.
There's No Mystery
About Gasoline
I F two refiners had the same equipment and ac
cess to the same supply of crude oil they could
both make good gasoline IF they both had the
same amount of skill. But the fact remains that
*there are wide variations in the gasoline sold to
day, just ns there are good, had and indifferent
clothes, ba.kers' pies and automobile tires.
Your motor will run on most any g::soli:wc. It hias been
demonstrated that a balanced flwmrtr it better and
more economically than gasoline that is h:pbazard. AO
"Standard" is carefdlly refined to give a balaned, well.
rounded performance in your motor. It has light, inter
mediate and heavy constituents that always insure quick
starting, full power and maximum mileage.
To get the best results from "Standard" Gasoline use
Polarine Oil-a right grade for every car.
The Balaned Gasoline! .

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