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If 844WI . L
Mrs. W. F. McDlwain, of Lancaster,
has been visiting her mother, Mrs.
J. M. Higgins.
Mrs. Ned Yongue and three daugh
ters, Pixley, Jenny Lind and Mimmin
ger have returned home after visiting
relatives in Rock Hill.
Miss Lizzie Black is visiting her
brother, Mr. J. J. Black, of Rocky
Little Billie and Elizabeth McDon
ald of Chester have returned home
after visiting their aunt, Miss Martha
Mr. Douglas Varnadore and sister
Laura, of Fort Lawn, are spending the
week-end with their uncle and aunt,
Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Black.
Mrs. Harrison of Longtown and
Mrs. Cunningham of Liberty Hill are
visiting thefi brother, Mr. W. B. Dix
on, Sr.
We are sorry to report that Mrs.
T. M. Black is ill. We hope for her
a speedy recovery.
Miss Ruth Glass spent Wednesday
and Wednesday night with Miss Lois
Sherer, of Rock Hill.
Mr. Alex Glass spent Thursday in
the city of "Flopeye".
Master Jim Cherry and Master J.
W. Smarr spent Saturday with the
Master Harry McCormick spent
Saturday afternoon with Master J. B.
Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Ford spent Sun
day with Mrs. Katie Jackson.
Mr. and Mrs. Medberry, of Colum
bia, spent Sunday with Mrs. Katie
We are very glad to learn that our
friend Mr. Richard Jackson is able to
be out again.
Miss Isabell Glass spent the week
.,ud Wth her sister, Mrs. W. B., Lump-,
th tyworth League Sunday night
at the church July 30th, at 8:30 o'
clockall are invited.
Miss Marie Jones has been spend
ing some time with her aunt, Mrs. W.
B. Kennedy and her sister, Mrs. D. W.
Ruff, Jr., in Ridgeway.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bankhead, of
Columbia were recent guests of Mr.
and Mrs. John C. Stewart.
Miss Marie Mayer has returned
from Ridgeway where she has been
visiting her aunt, Mrs. A. T. Moore.
Mr. Frank Hinnant and Mr. Her
bert Hinnant, of iRidgeway, were in
Longtown Saturday.
Mr. D. G. Smith is staying a while
with his son, Mr. James Snith, in Co
Mrs. S. D. Harrison has been visit
ing her brother and sister-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs. William B. Dixon near
- * Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. Wilds visit
ed friends in Kershaw County recent
Mr. Robert A. Hudson motored to
Winnsboro last Monday.
Miss Kate Johnson of Charlotte, N.
C., has been the guest of her cousin,
Mrs. M. H. Stewart.
Mr. Rosser Baxter, of Ridgeway,
and Dr. Douglas attended the services
* at the Longtown Presbyterian church
last Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. John L. Dixon and Miss Doug
las Dixon have been guests of, Mrs.
R. A. Rabon.
Little Miss Lucile and Margaret
Clark ,of Andrews, are visiting their
cousins, Misses Estelle and Viola Mc
Miss Edna Dixon left Friday for
Pickens County where she will have
charge of the Keowee graded school
during the summer session. She was
accompanied by her cousin, Miss
Josephine Coleman, of Ridgeway, who
will have charge of the primary work
in the school. Miss Dixon stopped
over at College Place enroute -to her
school and spent Friday night with
her aunt, Mrs. R. B. Lewis.
Mrs. Robert. E. Stewart, of Ridge
way, visited her sister, Mrs. Robert.
B. Smith, during the past week.
Master Alva Clark, of Andrews, is
visiting his cousin, Master Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Boykin Sessions, of
Ridgeway, were guests of Mr. and
Mrs. E. A. Sessions, last Sunday.
Mr. J. R. Stewart. of Ridgeway,
wa in Longtown last Monday.
.Mr. and Mrs. John Dixon and child
-ren expect to spend Wednesday with
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Rabon and family.
Miss Naomi McEachern has ret::n
d from Andirews where sh6 has been
visiting her aunt, Mrs. D. M. Clark.
Miss Sara Kennedy, of Ridgeway,
spent a short while with relatives in
LbngtQwn this week.
E. H. D.
Mr. Lawrence Wicker, of Newberry,
visited his sister, Mrs. J. S. Swygert,
Sr., last week.
Miss Marie O'Shields and Messrs.
Olven O'Shields and Frank McLane,
of Campobello, were week-end guests
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. H.
Yarborough. They were accompanied
home Monday by Miss -Alyse Yarbor
Mr. T. R. McMeekin, of Columbia,
spent the week-end with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. L. McMeekin. He
had as his guest Prof. Crosland, of
the faculty of Clemson College.
Mr. Castles, candidate for County
Supervisor, was in our neighborhood
Tuesday renewing old acquaintances
and making new ones.
Miss Nettie Moore and Eugene
Frost, of Columbia. spent last week
with, Mrs. Austin Scott.
Mrs. Warlick has arrived from Ash
ville accompanied by her little grand
son. Mrs. Warlick's mother (lied
while she was in Ashville.
Mrs. Earle Reynolds, of Jackson
ville, Florida, with her children are
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.
B. Rabb.
Mr. George Shedd, who has been
taking a course in Atlanta reached
home Monday.
.Mr. and Mrs. S. U. Robinson motor
ed to Columbia recently to see Mrs.
Robinson's sister, Mrs. McCain, who
is very ill.
Several of our young people are
coming, hpm thIs week from summer
Miss EubTh Brice is in Camden for
a few days.
Miss Morrison who has been spend
ing a while with Miss Pauline Rob
erts returned to her home Sunday
near Great Falls.
On last Wednesday evening Miss
Annie Lee Young entertained the
young people at her home. Cake and
ice cream was served.
Messrs Martin, Campbell Hermon
and Davis of Columbia spent the week
end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Mrs. M. B. Clinton and children, of
Spartanburg, have been visiting Mrs.
H. S. Carroll.
Mr. William Wallace Lyons, of
Louisville, Kentucky, is visiting his
brother, Rev. J. S. Lyons.
Miss Alice Clinton spent a few days
with her sister, Mrs. H. S. Carroll,
enroute to Ashville.
Misses Nora and Evelyn Pressly
are spending awhile with Mr. and Mrs
Carroll Turner.
Miss Louise Stevenson is visiting
friends in Blackstock.
Mrs. M. B. Clarke has returned
from Columbia, where she has been
on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. J. L.
Dr. and Mrs. Ross Pope, of Union,
have been visiting Mr. J. N. Pope.
Mr. an#~ Mrs. T. C. O'donnell and
children, of Chester are visiting, Mr.
and Mrs. J. W. Pope.
Mr. W. K. Turner was a business
visitor in Columbia Monday.
The "Ladies Auxiliary" met on
Tuesday at the home of, Mrs. Sara
Belle Turner.
Messrs Alva Inabinett and J. D.
West, of Orangeburg, visited in the
community last week.
Miss Catherine Turner is visiting
Miss Bertha Turner.
Mr. White Brice is spending awhile
at Mrs. M. B. Turner's.
The community enjoyed a Christian
Endeavor Social Tuesday night on the
school grounds. The Social was giv
en in honor of the Salem Christian
Mrs. Paul West, of Spartanbur'g,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
D. Roe Coleman.
Masters Frances and William Scott
are visiting their aunt, Mrs. Helen
Free, at her summer home in Flat
Campaign is Expected to Become In
tensive the First Week in August
and Continue for Month.
Columbia.-Dr. Clarence Poe, editor
of The Progressive Farmer, has so
cepted an invitation to deliver several
addresses in this state during August
in the campaign to sign up 160,000 ad
ditional bales of cotton to the South
Carolina Cotton Growers' association
contract. Dr. Poe "will speak at Bish
opville and other places.
Officials of the association said that
from all over the state reports come
telling of enthusiasm for the associa
tion and of splendid prospects for a
heavy additional sign-up. The machin
ery for the new campaign is being
rapidly set up and the campaign is
expected to become intensive the first
week in August and continue so until
September 1.
Clarence J. Jackson, of Hagood,
Sumter county, a caller at the asso
ciation's headquarters, reported that
there was much enthusiasm for the
association in Sumter county. A., H.
Sanders, also of Hagood, was another
caller at the association's headquar
The association reported that It
was in receipt of inquiries from vari
ous sections of the state as to whether
it will accept cotton grown prior to
1922. Quite a number of mem8ers'are
anxious to turn cotton now on hand
over to the association to sell. The
directors have not yet determined
whether they will attempt the sale of
old cotton. Delivery of the old cotton
Is optional with the. members under
the terms of the contract. All cot
ton grown in 1922 and every year
thereafter through 1926 must be turn
ed over to the association.
. B. Fairey and W. G. Peterkin,
weli known Calhoun oqnty planters,
were among 'the cale at the asso
ciation headquarters and reported the
sentiment in Calhon county as being
streng for the association.
-ikw Warehouse
cdates are erecting on the site ot;
old burned Parnell building a
dious warehouse for the storing
sale of tobacco.
, The first floor wall of the b
bilding are being used as, the
and sides for the new warehouse,
ack wall has been demolished
the side walls extended for 100
back toward the Seaboard Air
depat. This will give ample.
space for all the tobacco brought
this market.
Clemson Hog Sale.
Clemson College.-Following out,
program of promoting the hog
dustry in the state by helping to a
sold 30 gilts and 15 pigs of Duroc
at reasonable prices, the animal
bandry division held its second be
of hogs on Wednesday at which werse
sold 30 gilts and 15 pibs of Duroc an
Poland China breeding. Though sol
at a nominal price, the material in the
sale consisted of well-bred animals, ot
a class that will tend to raise the
standard of hogs in the state.
FIve PulpIts Vaeantb
Greenwood.-Following several re
cent resignations, Greenwood will in
a short time be left with only three
city churches having regular pastors.
The resignation of the sRev, JohR .T.
Young from the pasterate of the As
escate Reformed Presbyteria'n einu-ch
will mnake five city churches witgout
regular pastors.
The First Baptist church was left
without a pastor by the resignation of
Dr. J1. R. Jester, who accepted a call
to Winston-Salem.' The First Presby
teian church has been without a pas
tor since the rcsignation of Dr. 3. B,
Green. Dr. A. 3. Bowers, pastor of
Immanuel Lutheran church, ezpects
to return to his for'nir hems in New
berry. The Christian church has bees I
without a pastor for several years.
ColumbIa Wen Bound and Besten.
Columba.-Attracted to the rear of
har home, 2121 College street, by a
rap on the back door, Mrs. Alethia'
Norman was caught by two unknown
men, gagged, bound and beaten. The
attack was made when she was alone
at the home and the alarm was given
about aui heur later when she was
found by her little daughter.
To Enlarge Hospital.
Greenwood.-Conltract for an addi
tion to the Greenwood hospital, doub
ling the capacity of th'e hospital. has
been let by the hospital association to
Steppe & Wilkinson. local contract
ors. Plans for the addition were
drawn by J. C. Hemphill. Approxi
mately $21.000 will be spent in im
p rovem ents.
When completed the hospital will
have 26 rooms for patients, two thors
oughly modeqrn opcrating rooms and
three large wards. The new building
will b e a w-er strneture.
Clarenos 0. Prest, Taking "Movies
of Nerd'When Engine Stopped;
Fered to Wit Trail Afoot.
Dawson, Y. T.-Like a chapter from
dresstic. Action reads ' the story of
the eperiences of Clarence 0. Prest
the iataor, while attempting a -fighl
acroe Yukon territory and Alaska
He Ae' with his moving picture ca
morn above a great heard of cariboi
an#!as forced to land in their midst
He tered one to - keep from
sta . The herd Is part of the
gremtfbody of caribou wbich annuall)
trek. * I the region near Dawson
an Eagle. Prest had Slown by a
ro bout way from San Bernadino
to the far north.
's own story of his experienci
is in the following dispatch fron
E to the Dawson Daily News:
' y minutes out of Eagle mi
e Mcked. I looked for a land
ing e and picked what looke<
like, 4 lvel spot. It was Niggerheat
Flat at the head of Deer creek, sigh
milea 4ith of Seventy-Mile river.
fixed Jbe engine and noticed a coupi
of cadlou. I set up my movie camer,
so a&.i get them. -More of then
were 4oming, so I began to see abou
taking fr. Turning, I noticed fiv
or six heindred caribou all around tb6
airshigi7ad camera, and rushed baci
expecdtig to find the camera ruined
but no.amage was done. I got read:
to ta off, but the ship went upoi
her n6oin the soft going and broki
the ler.
"I been debating about killini
a cari but the debate ended whei
the Iler broke, so I killed on
with MgK2 pistol and butchered hiu
with a et knife.
"I# rhauling the motor whei
a pu wind finished the job b:
turninr ship over on her bacl
and b the radiator. So I de
sorted ip, stripped off the in
strum d magneto and startei
to ps to the river. I go
down d and saw I wa
oing eit withthe grab,
e at the
startsd I t w
than I. dinho
e trail. a mW1s1i
stion. iista
d edif Uth1
Ott aI.
fra to 4~~
-4 or
j~i even Met
tou -'Oth
r rkers ~ v2
* ek to$l ts~~
wa njted co' aral $
rer't, tefs
ty ~our h4 lah~s*
ce :reer ed~edhi
a~aybefl itd
* rian declas~
rusnning apcong ht~t
udsola Ma post l
it AgfatM
Ga.-Johei S
llkinscn cous
defending Jim-Densq~
'i*tooklbth6 eo-fW
a" ton several
or 2$0,000 damsges t1
here. The adeput#s
- -- rt'een Williamson
Falls From Train~.
Va. - Whilesa
ion traingin
mles an hour. was ~i
e Beach, Va.,. thh
son W. WoodarttO
*of Mr. and Mr.,9 CI3
,d, of -this city. o t
window as he reachede-a
.The train was jbd
ursionists became~lmost
en- A few minutes'late!
found the little Woodard
ring along the rnilroad
ha4Ionn in his hand.
The State.
Marion, July 25.-Candidates for
state offices aroused considerable in
terest here today, particularly those
in the race for governor. Chief in
terest centered about the charges by
State Senator George K. Laney of
Chesterfield that machine politicians
were attempting to elect the govern
or of South Carolina and the reply by
Thomas G. McLeod of Bishopville
that the only ring behind him was
that composed of the men and women
of the state, a ring into which the
other candidates were attempting to
break. He believed that ring was
composed of the majority of the peo
Mr. Laney was the third of the
candidates for governor to be heard.
After reviewing his consistent fight
for appropriations for Winthrop Col
lege through his 20 years of service
in the general assembly he told the
women they would have to wipe out
that record to scratch his name. He
hoped they would retain their individ
uality and not be herded by any ring.
LThere was no ring behind him and
if elected he would be the governor
t of all the people. Men and women
I who voted against him would have
I to wipe out his record for the white
boys and girls of the state. Would
they vote for a machine candidate,
he asked. "I'm no rhachine candidate.
Are you a machine people? There
are such people around. I've seen
some of them today, who are talking
about the best man to beat Blease
Mr. McLeod, who was next introduc
ed, said: "You've heard this talk about
rings: There's only one ring behind
me, and in it I believe are the ma
jority of the men and women of South
Carolina. It is into this ring that
other candidates are trying to break.
I 4m not going to swell up and say
that I am going to be elected gov.]
er~oe. I know aan
hit it any, berthse
I e L. 1 af
etio kP&ar didatpa
tioils of y
19,21,, compqmg the fo
different ,ees. He said econo
inxtitutionklof leariing milghtbe e
(ected by ~ g rid of assis
fessqs at: tiie. of stress.
There- been much talk
pardon -e k e:had beer
four years-id dnringthat
.no man's ili, Re me
people whil'gsyprnora eir this he
was proud. '," who didn't like it
=uid not help 'flemselves. Whey he
went into .iffice he found I tubercu
losis factory which he proceeded to
abolish. He had no apoligies to male
and when:-he stands before the judge
me~at thrdne he expects to see some
of~ those ,who criticised him turn to
the left, while he will plead for that
aify which he has shown to others.
time would come in South Caro.
he? predicted, when ministers
wo ud either have to quit preaching
the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. or
quit abusing Blease for "pardoning
.Jhn' Ducn who followed said
the~ fodner governor was the, first~
~man wfiom he had ever met who was
tryingdto barter with God Aiihty
ys1(14piflg pardons. He .hd .un
boundie.sympathy for the man who
had;-.Ben $overnor- two terms, came
hack anil asked for a third after'sev
rideeas n was now doomed for
he west hmmiliain ever meted out
to a (addidate in the state. lie had
.iet'alidf -forzmer Bleasites wrho said
~e~woird halve othing todowith a
?d~tetualer. ."Tbey- know when they
yegot enouigh of hini'as'a~ breeder
of strife" he "sai&
~etold the votersthat the former
ernor wouldM -i to ;their faces
abuse the aegrcessand then go
the uegroes Ril abe tl e whites,
* itidk the con asiopal: rgee by
sah. Blease made s j Q
f'th farmers aiil
whatie had aE ldinN
educatiogal pro e. gto
Ievery white boy-~r rn1in' the state
an, equal. chance. I.said. the news-.
apers w'ere not saying' mhudi about
The 2-mill extra tax for roads for
1921 was put up with the.ordinary
tax as collateral when the County
borrowed $40,000 for County expenses
for 1921.
Owing to the fact that a large a
mount of tax money for 1921 has not
been collected the County still owes
$7,000 of the amount borrowed.
The 2-mill extra levy for 1922 was
also mortgages with the ordinary tax
to secure the $40,000 loan for 1922.
Until the balance for 1921 is paid the
Board of County Commisioners can
not spend one dollar of this money.
The 2-mill extra for 1922 and all col
lections from this sourc6 must be ap
plied on the debt of the current year.
Every school district gets credit for
its commutation tax as it is reported
by the Treasurer.
M. C. Boulware,
..- Supervisor..
To the people of Winnsboro and,
Fairfield County;
I wish to extend my deep appreci
ation for the many kindnesses shown
to my family and me during the six
years I have been here. It is indeed
with ,regret that I leave, but even
though I can't be here in person my
kindest wishes will always be with
you. Wishing you much success in
the future.
Cordially Yours,
J. M. Williams.
Friday night-Cha:e
3-reel eoi Wy; "A.
also is a
SMontanand ot. Can
tglanudi9 malm
brain of a ermnnI
hat Me ever beens
picture and'the thills W
take your breath away and 20c.
Wednesdayi.--Norima nge In
"Love's Redemption," lo who
stars and his enouh v he
same ne C
about. 'Paede to pakedh e
three days. We believe you will see '
lt even if oh'ttake your neigh-2'
bors. -
Comning s o~The Old Nest," a
Goldwyn ~ e ofthe tree7Z
hisw eea fors o they-'
touchauion. folowigs dis
tepi t npiaetisrace~.
Mr. cLeod, in 'adtont e~
ing for constructi* thx-t r
form 1 2 ; today placed $h?
law ~ ~ ~ .4
Legalized sae ori
it andtheizn '.wants to
it." cod
onrts, ju
~fferts, to ab
nig eat~o
j a~ttendedbg.
~ntivel - el
n the hb~e'.S. McCaddlish4
dunty meeting tonor
-ow will- be in2D , while thursday
he canilidates~~l be heard ini Kings

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