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*Airman Reaches Camp Johnston from
Kelly Field in Ten Hours,
and 47 M inutes.
Jacksonville. Fla.-Lieut. Jomes H.
Dolittle, ightieth aero squadron. ar
rived at Camp Johnston. near here,
after a non-stop flight from Kelly
Seld. Texas, preparatory to the be
gnning of an attempt to fly from
the Altantic to the Pacific ocean at
9an Diego. Calif., with one stop, and
in less than 24 hours.
The aviator left Kelly field at 6:30
. m., central time, and arrived at
Camp Johnston at 6:07 p. m.. con
suming ten, hours, 47 minutes, in no
gotiating the 1,050 miles. Head
winds were encountered most of the
The deputy DeHaviland cutter Do
:ittie piloted is the same machine
wrecked in the surf at Neptune last
month, when he attempted to take off
for the West. The plane struck a soft
spot on the beach. swerved towId
the surf and when t struck the water
turnd end over er d. The pilot was
"A ninjured, biat th pigne was badly
Samated and it had to be shipped to
Kelly field for repairs.
It is of the type of the standard
Do Haviland four, but about 1,900
pounds heavier, and has a fuel capac
ity of 285 gallois, enough to keep it
in the air thirteen and one-half hours.
In repairing the plane the emergency
fuel tank was enlarged to carry 30
instead of 20 gallons of gas and be
cause of the sacrif'.e of space for the
fuel tanks Lieutenant Dolittle is mak
ing the flight alone.
The route to be followed from Jack
sonville to San Antonio will carry the
plane over Tallahassee and across
Pesaoa bay, probably within sight
directly over
about five
see it will
a at esAatomIe
e the smbost theoath will be
"Mtis.MfteIen, manager let the
Wsinoad Dull compaay; left by air
pee to 'diet the- wdrk at drilling
b-hele- through the-sofd stone walla
of.Ah. Argonaut shag from the Ken
tuoky mine side, with a podwerful drill
wliich is already on the ground.
'The Diamond drill, will operate day
and night and will cut through at the
rate of 75 feet a day. As soon as
thie hole is drilled a pige will be pass
edl through and if the men are still
alive, food and even clothing can be
passed through to them to keep them
'alive until the shaft being cut through
is completed.
Seven Burn to Death in Bunkhouse.
Pittsburgh, Pa.-Seven car repair
men recently employed, were burned
Sto death: ten men' were injured, seu&
eral severely, and property loss of
$220,000 was wrought by fire which
started in a ' bunk house in the
Thirty-third Street yards of the Penn
sylvania railroad and swept through
the building with almost incredible
Nearly all of the bodies were char
ted beyong recognition.
The corpee of J. Fr. Carr, of Balti
,ro was positively identified, how
vyer. Railway officials made check
of all employee living in the bunk
house and gave out a list of six miss
Big Damage by Boll Weevil.
Washington-The, boll weevil, de
stryer of potential wealth in cotton,
and bugaboo of the cotton grower,
had a record year. and did itsell
proud in the fields of the South by
preventing the production of 6,277,000
bales of cotton, which, with the seed
that would have been ginned, was
worth $610,341,000, based on fars
prices of December 1, 1921.
A careful study of the damage tc
ootton, by the boll weevil antd other
causes has just been concludled by
the .department of -agriculture, whose
eot shows that during the 13 -years
1900-21, the hypothetical value of- the
prevented production of cotton froms
an oeunes totaled $11,473,599,000.
Charge Against Sawyer.
.Winston-Salem, N. C.-in a prelim
2nary hearing of C. M. Sawyer, promi
nont business man, charged with ar
son,. William E. Ch'itmon, 18, who has
been in prison sev'eral days in 'onl
section, with the case, asserted thai
he set fire to the Nissen buildini
where Sawyer's store was located be
eause of offers of money and threats
-which Sawyer made. Chatmon al
logos that Sawyer mapped out the
plans, told how the gasoline shuld
be poured pver in mm!ble material,
anA how Chatmnon was to escape.
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Miss Sara Roach, of Columbia, and
Misses Annie Black and Sara Mc
Donald spent a very pleasant day
with Miss Bell Dawkins Tuesday.
Misses Sara and Annie Black sent
Thursday with Misses Margaret and
Sallie Black.
Mrs. Irene McDonald and children
spent Saturday afternoon with Mrs.
T. M. Black.
Mr. Brice McDonald, of Blackstock,
spent Sunday with Mr. D. McDonald.
Mr. R. B. McDonald spent Wed
nesday in Chester.
Mrs. Joe Monahan, of Charlotte,
who is -the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Johnny Monaghan spent Friday and
Friday night with Mrs. T M. Black.
Mis% Eulalie Timms, of Hickory
Ridge, spent lust week with Miss
Rosa Park.
Prof. Oscar Lemmon left Tuesday
for Hamer where he will teach this
Mrs. Annie McNaul has returned
from Colu.mnoii.
Misses Elizabeth and Shiela Kerr,
of Avon, are visiting friends in the
Mr. Reambert Martin, who has been
spending the summer at the home
of Mr. W. D. Park, has returned to
his home in Columbia.
Miss Rena Wilson, of White Oak,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. D. Park.
Mr. T. L. Timms, of Hickory Ridge,
spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J.
M. Paik.
Misses M. E. and Helen Park are
with relaiives here this wee'.
Messrs W. D. and Yongue Park
spent Tuesday in Columbia.
Messrs J. M. and A. M. Park are
attending cou\t this week.
Mr. R. W. Park, who has been
preaching in Monroe, N. C., is spend
ing a while at his home befere taking
up his studies at the Presbyterian
The Ridgeway High School ope'n
ed on Monday morning with a splen
did enrollmeint. The opening exer
cises were in charge of A. R. Nich
olson, the newly elected Superinten
dent and were attended by a large
number of patrons and friends. Ap
propriate talks were made by Rev.
T mraux, of the Baptist
Qibrouh the efforts of a most ef
e1fent lan& progresive :Board of
iTustees, . Ridgeway ean now boast
of a centralized-High School giving
a four year course to the students
in -this community and also from
Centerville and Smnallwood schools.
This need has been felt for some time
and is a step forward greatly to the
advantage of those desiring college
Miss Lula Brown has gone to Ab
erdeen, N. C., where she will have
charge of the primary grades in the
graded schools.
Miss Sarah Thomas left on~ Wed
nesday for Queens' to resume her
course of study.
Mr. and Mrs. Bishop, of Philadel
phia, who have been guests of Mrs.
Bihop's mother, Mrs. H. WV. Des
Portes, are visiting friends in Rock
Mrs. William DesPortes is at home
from Orangeburg where she spent
several months with her mother.
Miss Annie Themas, who will teach
tin the Abbeville Graded School left
on Wednesday for her duties.
The Ladies Guild of the Episcopal
church held its first fall meeting with
Mrs. C. C. Thomas on Thursday after
(Received too late for last week.)
Miss Anna Baxter gave a delight
ful party to the children on Friday
afternoon in honor of her' nephew,
Baxter Jones, who celebrated that
day his fifth birthday. After enjoy
ing the romps and games out side,
ANYT~4itJ& M6.TAL.! - We4Y,
.G6T A ME56Ar&
YPe yoJR WAT~i
-guests.were-asked to the dining
room w~ich had been beautified for
the occasion, festoons of pink- crepe
paper reached from the chandelier
to the corners of the table whose een
ter decoration was a large birthday
cake with five burning tapers. Fav
ors of bonbons tied in pink paper were
given each guest.
Misses Marguerite and Dorothy
Ruff were hostesses on Tuesday after
noon at the regular meeting of the
Card Club. Three tables were prettily
marked with cards and held a bowl
of delicious pink and white mints.
Following the games iced tea and
sandwiches were served.
Miss Bessie Thomas, of Columbia,
on her return trip from Blowing
Rock stopped over for a visit to rel
atives here.
I Miss Annie Poozer is the guest of
Mrs. A. T. Moore.
Mrs. G. L. Rosborough is in Colum
bia a visitor of Mrs. J. A. Turner.
Miss Bell McCarrel is visiting
friends in Concord.
Mrs. Allan .Coleman and daughter
are at home from Little Switzerlapd
where they have spent the summer.
Miss Bessie Jones, of Longtown,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. D. W.
Ruff, Jr.
Miss Elizabeth Sterling who has
been visiting her aunt and uncle, Mr.
and Mrs. M. C, Sterling has return
ed to her home at Hopewell. MViss
Margaret Sterling her cousin, has
gone home with her for a few days,
Mr. G. I. Kerr entertained a num
ber of his friends on Tuesday evening
of last week. After an enjoyable
time spent it playing games, iced tea
and sandwiches were served.
I The Newhope A. M. P. Dewdrops
held their monthly /eeting at Mrs.
M. C. Sterling's on Saturday after
noon. -
Mrs. S. Dunbar after spending
some time in Chester has returned
to her home.
Mrs. D. McIlroy and Miss Ruth
McIlroy attended service at Concord
church and spent the day Sunday with
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McIlroy.
Quite a number of people from this
community attended the special E
vangelistic meeting! at Woodward
Miss Elizabeth and Shula Kerr are
spendingA few days at the home of
Mr. W.ID. Park in Winnsboro, before
taking up their duties as teachers in
that -seton.
4 meeting of the patrons of Avon
o was called by the teacher,
wer lak Thursday, when
S id ers -ed disuessed,
=aj.aproved, we hope it will be of
benefit'to all of us.
There is a false report being cir
dulated over this County, that I was
brought out by T. W. Ruff and if
elected I would take over the road
which the Southern Power Company
has built in this county, as an~in
ducement to me to make the -race
The Soutpern Power Company had
made me a' present of an automobile
and was paying my campaign ex
penses. This is absolutely false and
without foundation. T. W. Ruff nor
any one connected with the Southern
Power Company had anything to do
with my enteritig this race, nor has
Iever said a word to me about this
I enteredl this race clean, on iny
own manl and expect to make a clean
race to a finish. My record is be
fore the voters of this county and all
I ask is a square deal, which I feel
sure you will give me on the 12 of
this month. I thank you very much
for the vote you gave me in the first
pdmay, and promise i'f electedi
sv leave nothing undone that I
could possibly do for the best 'inter
est of the county.
You will find below a letter from
Mr. T. W. Ruff.
Yburs Sincerely,
-S. F. Castles.
Winnsboro, S. C., Sept. 6, 1922
Mr. S. F. Castles, Rion, S. C.
Dear Sir:
The report that the Wateree Pow
Iu, BEr You CAJr
or Co. or myself had anything to do
with your. making the race for the '
office of County Supervisor is ri
diculous. I would like to state most C
emphatically that there has not been
at any time anf conversation or com
munication with you in regard to
taking over the Power Company'sS
road in the event of your election, p
and I am at a loss to understand how J.
such a rumor originated. I am mak- r
under such circumstances attempt
ing this statement in sifple justice
bcth to yourself and to the Power
Company as the Company will not
to use any influence for or against
any candidate for any office.
Yours very truly,
T. W. Ruff. U
A special sensitized photographic
paper, which fits any camera without
special attachment, makes it possible
to print pictures directly on the paper
as the shutter of the camera opens
and closes. When the sensitized pa
per which is ready for development
as soon as the exposure is made, is
placed in developer for- about two
minutes the image appears. After
blanchite solution turns the paper atU
creamy yellow it is washed for 15
seconds. All this is done in a dark
room, but the remainder of the de
veloping process is done in a bright
light. A positive image is produced
by seepitone after the sheet has been
thoroughly washed for one minute
in a clearing solution. The paper is
then dried. Both enlargements and
duplicates are made from the original
by reflected light. This process of
photography is said to be both speedy
and inexpensive.
When various spring gtains are a
vailable the grasshoppers prefer oats
to any of the others, reports a United
States Department of Agriculture in
vestigator in Montana. However,
when food is scarce fhe hoppers will
not go far ott of the way to search
for the plants that please their pal
ates most..
olumbia Lumber Manufacturing Company
Manufacturers of
ash, Doors and Blinds, Interior Finish, Pine, Cy
ress and Oak, Flooring Ceiling, Weatherboard
tg, Moulding, Door and Window Frames.
o(lumbia South Carolina
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You can't beat this tire for all
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kP tres eieaeuCpn
Winnsboro, S. C.

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