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. J. W. Bankhead and Janie and
S. Bankhead spent Wednesday with
Mr. and Mrs. Sumter Brown, of Black
Mrs. Irene McDonald and children
spent Wednesday with Mrs. D. Mc
Mr. J. T. McDonald, Sr., W. M.
Bankhead, T. M. Black, Sr., and T.
M. Black. Jr., attended court at
Winnsboro the past week.
Misses Mary and Sallie Black and
Miss Louisa McDonald spent Monday
with Mrs. T. M. Black.
Mr. J. W. and Miis Martha Mc
Donald spent Monday with Mr. and
Mrs. Sam McDonald, of Blackstock.
Misses Mary and Sallie Black and
Miss Louisa McDonald spent Wed
nesday with Mrs. D. McDonald.
Little Mr. O'Neal Mobley, of Rock
Hi, is visiting his aunt, Miss Bell
Mr. Daniel Bankhead, of Ridgeway,
is visiting his grand-pwrents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. W. Bankhead.
Mr and Mrs. David Smith, of Long
wn, and the latter's mother, Mrs.
Stewart, of Longtown, spent the day
with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bankhead,
Miss Naomi McEachern expects to
go to Columbia this week to enter
Chicora College.
A series of revival services were
held at the Longtown Presbyterian
church during the past week. The
services were conducted by the Rev.
Albert E. S. McMahon, 'of London,
England and the Rev. W. R, Blake,
of Rock Hll.
Mesats. W. A. Reeves, Ben Mayer,
T H.pas, D. P. Stewart, Dr. Curry,
.& 4 udson and Judge A. W. Math
Swe business visitors in Winns
bo6s the past week.
Ss. Nancy Dawkins and little Miss
Miss na Io who has chmi9
of the Keowee graded school near
Central, is expected home this week.
- Mrs. Weir, of Columbia, has been
spending some time here as the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wilds.
tMiss Cooper Walkup and Mrs. Stitt
who havg been guests of Mrs. George
E. Moore have returned to their home
in Winnsboro.
Captain W. J. Johnson, of Ridge
way, was in the community recently.
Mrs. R. A. Rabon, Miss Annie Ra
bon and Miss Ella Rabon have been
guests of Brs. John Dixon.
Mr. Daniel Hall, candidate for
County Treasurer was in thi ssection
Thursday. He was accompanied by
Mrs. Bratton Hall, of Winnsboro.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wilds have beer
visiting the Rev. J. E. Jones and
other relatives in Chester.
Mrs. Mattie Jackson and Mr. Cald
well Jackson, of Columbia, were re
cent guests of Mr. and Mrs. James
C. Stewar't.
Miss Bessie Jones has been spend
ing a while with her sister, Mrs. D
W. Ruff, Jr., in Ridgeway.
Miss Louise Harrison left Saturda:
for Great Falls. where she will havy
charge of one of the Intermediati
grades in the Great Falls grade
* Messrs George. E. Moore, John. ~
Stewart, Harry Haynes, Ernest Bran
ham and E. H. Dixon were amoni
those who served as members of ths
Petit Jury in Winnsboro last weell
Mr. David Bankhead has returne<
from Stover where he has been visit
ing his grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs
E. H. D.
Mr. R. M- Brice, of Bamberg,i
spending a few days with his pa
ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Brice.
Miss Johnie Timms leaves Tue:
day to take up ner studies in Nort
Mr. E. U. Brice motored to Colur
bia Thursday.
Mr. R. MI. Brice and Miss Eul
Brice left Tuesday for a short ti
to Chester, Rock Hill gnd Fort Mil
The ladies W. M. U. Society mi
at the home of Mrs. Sam Timmxs la
Tuesday afternoon. A very interes
ing program was carried out. D
licious refreshments were served af
er the meeting.
A party of young people enjoy
a straw ride last Thursday nig]
chaperoned by Mr. and Mrs. E.
Brice and Mrs. L. D. Young.
Mr. Archie Park entertained a nu:
he .,r eung neople last Friday eve
ing at his home. Ice cream was serv
ed during the evening.
Misses Margaret and Janie Turner
are visiting relatives in Rodman.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O'Donnell and
children, of Chester, spent the week
end with Mr. and Mrs. -J. W. Pope.
Mr. J. B. Turner left last week for
Mrs. Julia Long and Miss Rae
Stevenson spent the week-end with
Mrs. D. L. Stevenson.
Misses Dorothy and Beth Turner
leave this week for Greenville to take
up their work at the Greenville Wom
an's College.
Mr. Waugh Turner, Jr., leaves for
Furman University this week.
Mr. Earle Turner, who is teaching
at Ridge Spring, came home Tues
day to vote.
Miss Maggie B. Turner, who has
been spending the summer with rel
atives in Kentucky, returned home
Mr. and Mrs. Walter May, of Co
lumbia, spent several days last week
with Mrs. J. C. Stone.
Miss Bessie Turner has gone to
Estill where she will teach this year.
Miss Pauline Turner has gone to
Iva to teach.
Miss Wilma Turner has gone to
McConnellsville where'she will teach
this year.
Misses Helen Hood and Margaret
Brice, of Chester, spent the week-end
with Miss Magie B. Turner.
Miss Eleanor Henry has returned
to, her home at Rodman.
Misses Etta Lee Scruggs and Kath
erine Turner have been visiting Miss
Bertha Turner.
Mrs. Jesse Clayton, Viggil, Aleen
and Chrly . and' Miss Nell
ohson, of YR1 spS0 a
iz days -Alen ofd(;9
Mr. and"Mrs. ra
lumbla4 are visiting Mr. and Mrs. J.
R. Shelton.
Mr. John B. Wright left last week
to enter Clemson College.
Mr. Joe Farr Scott went to Jones
ville last week to resume his studies
in the High School, where he is a
member of 'the senior class.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Coleman and
family of Badham and Mr. and Mrs.
Coleman Colvin and family, of Caro
line, N. C., have been visiting Mr
and Mrs. M. D. C. Colvin.
Mrs. D. P. -Crosby and little girh
have returned from a visit to Mrs
Crosby's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S
Q. Myers, in Lenior, N. C. Mr. Cros
by went up and accornpanied then
Mr. Charlie Beam has accepted
position with the Cash and Carr:
company in Chester.
Miss Rebecca Coleman visite<
friends in Columbia last week.
Mr. Sam Coleman, Jr., will atten
-the Chester High School this tern
- Mrs. W. Y. Coleman and Mis
Nancy Coleman returned Monda
from a visit to Mrs. C. B. Shellhous
Sin Montmovenlci.
* Messrs Feaster and Billy Dye spen
a part of last week in Columbia.
Mr. Reggie Coleman, of Columbii
spent last week with relatives.
- Mr. and Mrs. M. 'D. Ogburn an
i little M. D., Jr., were the guests
* Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Ogburn in Tri
last week.
d Mr. Phillip Coleman has accepte
-a position with the Chester Machii
- and Lumber company.
Mr. Robert C. Coleman, has give
up his position with the Fairfiel
Motor Company and has taken charg
of the farm at his home. We ai
glad to welcome him in our commui
sity and wish him success.
-Mr. D. Roe Coleman .came hon
Tuesday from Spartanburg where I
had been two weeks for treatmer'
h After leaving the hospital he wa'st
guest of his dai ghter, Mrs. Pa
SWest, before he c~ehome.
Mr. A. M. Faucette, of Columb:
a came up on Monday in order to ca
P his ballot at his home box.
II- Mr. William Wolling is taking
e business course in Columbia.
st Mr. A. F. Blair, of Blairs, spe
t the week-end with Mrs. A. F. Bla
e- at the home of Miss Clyde Colema~
' The series of meetings that ha
F. been conducted at Concord Chiurch f
eight days by Dr. W. H. Miley, sy
.(montinued on pagre three)
Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Pritchard and
Miss Sibyl Pritchard have returned
home from a two weeks vacation in
the mountains of North Carolina.
While away they visited Asheville,
Hendersonville and Brevard, N. C.
Mr. 0. C. Killian, overseer of weav
ing is spending his vacation in Gas
tonia and other North Carolina
Mrs. E. W. Roberts has returned
home aftre a visit of several months
wiTh relatives and friends in Atlanta
Rev. and Mrs. G. C. Gibson and
children and Mrs. Ida Cook, Mrs.
Gibson's mother, returned Tuesday
from. Brevard, N. C., where they
spent several days sight-seeing.
Mr. Jimmie Smith has returned
again in the service department.
Jimmie says that our piediction last
week that he would return "doubled
up" was rash, and a mark* of poor
judgement. He opines that it takes
all available resources to make his
single career self sustaining. Just
for that Jimmie we hope that the
high cost of living will soon be re
Mr. Roberts says that he hopes to
be in the new store the first ot" rext
week. The new place of business is
very attractive and will be a fitting
home for the high class personnel of
the store and also for the splendid
line of goods carried in stoel.
School opens Monday. - There will
be alarge attendance. The facilities
are as good as can be bad anywhere.
: splendid staff of teachers will be
thereMonday to welcome Abe happy
*Jgren. -
e4 from Clinton,# C., where 1 -ey
spetit several weeks with their grand
Messrs. G. H. Lokey and John Iri
gle motored to Clinton, S. C., one day
last week.
The new office building will soon
be completed. It will be a beautiful
blessing to the office force who have
been subjected to the noise and in
convience of the present offices.
engineers, at Atlanta, Georgia, was
. charge of Lockwood Greene and Co.
Engineers at Atlanta, Georgia was
a visitor Wednesday and Thursday
of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Mims have de
parted from ourvillage to cast theih
lot elsewhere.
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Rymner ant
family are leaving our village this
Mr. Abel Starnes and family, o:
Gastonia. moved into our village Wed
nesday of this week. They are a
141iA. Mr. Starnes will ,be in Nev
Mill spinning -room.
Mr. and Mrs. E . E. Goodwin art
the proud parents of a bouncing bab:
eboy, born last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Hatchels ar
the proud parents of a young Amer
ican boy, born Wednesday e'*moni
of this week.
Miss Daisy Ferguson has -e he
dguests, Miss Vera Furguson and Mis'
SIda Kay,. of Abbeville.
At oe o'clock this mornin
just as we were going to press, ti
'ifire alarm sounded. The voluntef
fire company quickly assembled' ar
hastened to the residence of Rev. V
T. Bruton, colored insurance agers
which was apparently on fire all ove
iebecause of - everybody being aslee
ieand the fire having gaines. .gauch hea
t. way before the alarm was turned
ie Several of the houses in this secti
ul of the town, just back of the re:
dence of Mr. T. H. Ketchin were:
a, danger. After a slight cooling of t
st burning building efforts were almc
entirely directed toward saving t
a adjacent building as there was
hope of saving the one in flam
nt The fire pumps were quickly sta
rx and although only the charred fra
Ln ing is standing the -flames were sc
entirely extinguished.
Mrs. A. W. Brown has retud~
ye from a several weeks visit in
'or mountains of North Carolina.
Miss Maggie B. Turner spent W
1 nesd. a -r ,dav in Winnsb4
On my return home, after a weeks'
o bsence :and after the last primary,
I was-in formed that previous to the
second primary election, a report was
circulated to the effect that Mr. J.
B. Burley, a candidate for County
Auditor, had secured the tickets of
the Winnsboro box, voted in the first
Primary election, and had ascertained
how'the voters at the Winnsboro box
had voted in that election.
In justice to Mr. Burley, I deem
it my duty to make the following
statement, as there was no founda
tion in fact justifying such rumor.
Through an error, the tickets at the
first Primary election had the number
of the tickets printed Gn the ballot,
as well as the coupon, and bence if a
peton secured the ballots ad the
Poll list which under the Rules showed
the number of the ticket givea to
e.tch voter, he could easily i.seert-an
for Whdm each voter cast his ball t.
The error was not discover,.1 in rime
to prirt new tickets and uD'i in -Luir
by the managers of the Winnsboro
box4 or some one at the Polls, before
the ?.polls were opened, I recommend
ed hat the managers clip off and
de y the number on each ballot'
kefore it was put in the box. For
*me reason or other this was not
done, although many voters did so
themselves. My attention was call
ed to this by several pegsons -during
t rogress of the electian and I w2s
to se that no one, through
ca ty or otherwise, should obtain
tion as to how any person
I therefore, emane4 at the
X- -iti ot 'the
the o=+
ls Thereupon, the boxes were in~]
mediately placed in our office, where
tie;: remained until the merring the
Executive Committee met, and J-ar
ing that time the seals of the boxes
remained intact. The boxes were
opened before the Executive Com
mittee and the returns of the various.
boxes were tabulated. Immediately
after the adjournment of the Execu
tive Committee, I secured the various
Pot lists of the Clubs, including
Winnsboro, and other papers per
taining to the election, placed the
box with the ballots in one of the
Jury rooms and covered it so that,
it night not be discovered and then
lwcked the door of the Court House.
After returning from dinner, I 'filed
be poll lists and other papers per
sining to the Primary elezsion wi' h
he Clerk of Court, as ?epure I by
- he Rules of the 'party, an i then imi
:'iediately went into thie Court House,
r ecured the Ballots of the Winnsboro
box iLnd have retained them in my
)ossession from that time until the
resent. On the same afternoon, I
:alled the attention of W. D. Doug
las Esq. and J. E. McDonald, Jr., to
.what I had done. No one in our of
fice knew where I had niaced the
tickets, andl upon my return home a
-day or two ago, and after the second
priiary, I clipped the numnba-s from
each ticket sand burnt th imn up, so
that no one need have any fear that
the secrecy of his ballot had been
I took this action at the suggestion
,f several parties who called my at
toition to the fact that it might be,
pssible for some one, by referr'n
to the poll list and examining the
h'llots, to ascertain for wh-,m each
v.ler cast his ballot, and thus create
friction or unpleasant feelings in t'he
community. I am able, therefore, to
sste of my own personal knowledg~e,
that neither Mr. Burley nor any oth'gr
person has had any oppo)rtunity . of
reing the ballots of the W'nnsix,!o
!ox, after adjournment of the E.xecu
tive Committee.
As the report in question was a
grave injustice to Mr. Burley, I am
glad to make this public statement,
in order, to exonerate him from the
unjust and unfounded rumor in ques
If I had knowrt of it previous to
the second primary election, I would
have deemed it a privile'e to have
promptly corrected the rumor, as it
was not only an injustice to Mr. Buir
ey, but had not the shado~v of foun
dationt in fact, as it -.'as not possible
for him or any other person to have
told how nyone voted, without see-t
To Th'e People of Fairfield County:
I desire to express my most grate
ful thanks for .the confidence and
esteem which you have reposed in
me, as shown by my election and re
election to the office of County Treas
urer, for many consecutive terms,
covering a period of 18 years. I
have endeavored to discharge the
duties of the office faithfully, and I
feel that my services have been duly
appreciated by- the people. My de
feat in the last election, I accept
most cheerfully. To the loyal friends
who supported me, "I cannot find
words to sufficiently express myx
gratitude; for those who deemed it
best to give their support to my suc
cessful opponent, I feel no resent
ment at all; on the contrary the kind
liest feelings 3f friendship and re
gard. I may add here, that ,unfor
tunately for me, an impression went
abroad, owing to a misconstruction
of the report of the Grand Jury, that
a shortage existed in my office, which
is certainly not correct. The cash1
items referred to in the report are
covered by checks many of which had
been paid before the filing of the re
port, and, all 'will certainly be paid
in full. It should be remembered
that bad checks do not pay debts or
taxes either, and the property re
mains just as much liable to execu
tion and gale for the taxes as though 1
no che had been given. I am glad
to be able to testify to the high
character of my successful opponent,
Mr. Daniel Hall. He is an honorable
man, and I commend him to the con
fidence and esteem of the people.
The cotton market recovered some
the latter part of last week, and ad
.vantd i frther, ly to-day.
rath edtion -re
p a, about 50, or a loss o
.Good rains fell in the West yester-'
day but it is believed that they came
too late to increase the yield. -Texas
reports that no late or top crop can
be made this season.'
Cloth markets continue strong and
the demand is steadily broadening..
Foreign news is mixed but we see
some improvement in trade conditions
The American Cotton Association
both in Europe and the East.
estimates the ave'rage cost of pr-Aup
tion as being 24.25c per pound. We
should be glad to have the -readers
of this paper~write us what it has
cost them to make cotton this- year.
f the figure mentioned above is cor
rect, we would advise against selling
otton for less than 25c. -
A prominent Northern adthdrity ont
otton writes us as follows:
the full import of the last Govern
"It is our judgment tliat, when
ment report is realized cotton prices
will show a decided advance. During
September it is our judgment that
otton prices should touch 25c, New
York, but believe that conditions of
supply and demand do not warrant
a much higher level than this, unless
the market becomes widely specula
This authority may not see 25c this
ronth, but we agree with him that
there will be a healthy advance, and
o doubt the October 1st Govern
ment reports will send the n'arket
up to his estimate.
September 11. 1922..
The Guild of St. Johr. Episcopal
hurch met with Mrs. Dora Rabb on
Monday afternoon with a full attend
nce. -After the business session was
ver, the hostess served a salad course
with iced tea. '
A revival meeting will begin at the
Fairfield Baptist church, Hickory
Ridge on Sunday, Sept. 17th. Rev.
Jones, of Columbia, will have charge
f the services.
ing the poll list, which was filed with
he Clerk of Court, and ealso'se'en the
allots with the corresponding rium
ers, which were in my custody, as
ot'nty Chairman. As no one in our
ffice knew where I had placed. the
ballots in the office, the latter con
ingency was not reasonably possi
.J. B. McDonald,
County Chairman.
Mt. Zion Institute wil open on
Monday morning, September 25, at
9 o'clock, ih the Community building.
The puWic are ,cordiallj i8e* .4
urged to attend the openir4 exercises
At the beginning of the new year,
I wish to call the attention of the
parents. to one maiiii of importance.
When I came here .hf'e9ea1g'*O,
I found the cust6iirrvailing of per
mitting pupils to make up studies
during the summer in which tl
failed the previous session. Mope
than this certificates from those under
whom they studied were accepted.n
lieu of examinations. The result, I
soon saw clearly, wAs to fill up grades
with unprepared pupils. This3 was
unfair, both to backward pupils them
selves and to those who had 'done
their work and fully ready for 'te
next grade. The custom was too fift
ly established to be broken up all at
once. The. first step, therefore, was
to require all back examinations" to
be taken under our regular teachu ,
the only way to secure uniformy
and standard. It is now time to t4
the final step Hereafter, no -spi
will be permitted to make up are
than one study in the summer.wIn
other words, -no pupil who failsson
more than one study in any one ydr,
will -be permitted to go into theunext
grade. He will be required to'%ke
the year over.
In the High School, especially, tlde
are two many' students with
work. I 'mean earnestly to try, to
remedy this situation, and I agg4he
co-operation of the parents tqhe
end. Many High School pupils .4re
not doing the work they ought to do
and can do and, hereafter, they must
pay the pealty-take work over that
they faI to.do at the prpoer time.
- make the regulation for'tiem not
less than for others for properly
speaking, no student who has faled
on.nlne months workin as many as
two- studies can mke up, thl*4f
Aiency .in three'Moth g
in the'next gradi
th ate anrytime dgring
wHen ' it becomes clearly Sa
aa'y )upil is not doing the of
his grade, he will, after fair die,
be demoted to &e next grade.,
Supt. of &hools.
Friday-Special, Tom Mix, 'in"Rid
in' Romeo." A .comedy Westei' pic
ture with thrills. See it and y'df will
want to see more of his piures.
Also Fox News.
Monday-A Rupert Hughes story,
"The Wall Flower,.starringfColleen
Moore and Richard Dix., A story
that abounds with laughable.,.scenes
and at the same time grips your en
tire attention. Whenever Rupert
Hughes writes the story, it's good.
Wednesday, 7:30-Katheries Mac
Donald in "The Infidel," a pictute of
thrills, action, mystery. A reb' story
backed by real acting. 10 arAf 20c.
We wish to thank our ?irdds for
attending the election reNtuis Tues
day night, and we are glad that we
could offer that added attr ton at
no extra cost to the public. The com
munity house is always open to the
people of Winnsboro. ..
I wish to thank the people'of Fair
field County for my electio'n to the
office of County Auditor~ dnd hope
to be able to prove myself w rthy
of the trust and 'confidence reposed e '
in me.
J. EStegenso.
W. W. Turner, of Winnsboro, has
been declared the wfinne'E the Fair
field county scholarship -in Furman
University. The scholarship, which
is provided by the trustees of Fur
man University,; is awarded in comn
petetive examination.
I wish -'to express .my warmest
thank to the voters of Fairfield
county for the handsome vote They
gave me on last '(nesday. In return
for the confidegce they have again
shown in me I pledge myself to do
the best I can for the good of all the

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