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PIgwed, Universal Nisanoe, Has
Se6n Known to DrIvp Amaewr
Gardenae to Profanity.
A pigweed is both an irresistible
force and an Immovable body, blend
ed into Ane and working overtime.
Pigweeds don't ask anything of any
body. They don't need to. Even
Dame Nature turned round and went
away as soon as she'd introduced him.
Books on gardening dismiss him with
a jaunty direction to "Keep the weeds
down." But you can't ostracize a pig
weed that way.
,, A pigweed begins making trouble
the minute he shows above ground.
I gver saw a pigweed that could look
more like more kindiof young plants.
You can't tell by pulling 'em up, for
the pigweed has a long, thin red root,
but pulling up little flower and vege
table plants by mistake discourages
'em, even if you admit your error and
apologize. And, on the other hand, it
does not hurt the plgweed. Just let
him lie on the ground, and his roots
curl into It and he goes on growing
as if nothing had happened. * If you
mash one into the ground with your
heel, you just give him a better start.
All they ask is to be near enough
the ground to see it. I brouget some
Into the house and put them on the
window-sill, where they could see out
by raising up a bit, and they all grew.
You could lock them up in a closet,
and if your hands were soiled when
you handled 'em, they'd get enough
nourishment to live on.
The only sure way to get rid of one
j to can him and burn the can.
Everybody's Magazine.
OCure" That Costs Nothing Is One of
the Attractions at Famous
Coney Island.
Mud packs, which cost $2 apiece at
beauty parlors, and which enjoy con
sterable fame as wrinkle eradicators
and skin beautifiers among the fair
sex, may be had for nothing at Coney
Island, writes a New York correspond
ent of the Pittsburgh Dispatch. Which
explains the amazing sight offered
visitors to the beach, when 800 bathers
appeared in mud masks,' their faces
coated with black and yellow clay.
The mud for the masks was obtained
where contractors are working on the
new Coney Island boardwalk. Sand
from sahd suckers is being pumped
to build the new beach, pipes a foot in
diameter throwing up clay, mud and
water. The'elay is caught as It comes
from the pipes and applied to the
face, where it hardens into a black
mass. The bathers then lie on the
sand in the sun, in order to get the
full effect of the "cure."
Lone Ranger Exercises Memory.
Alone as a forest ranger in a remote
section of-the Cascade mountains, in
the state of Washington, George Kil
gore, a former Universityef Washing-"
ton student, has memorized practically
all of tlye New Testament and three
books of poems. In addition to the
mental exercise he has completed an
entire dining room set of buffet, tea
table., dining table, six chairs and a
fern pedestal from hand split and
hewn fir and cednr wood. The furni
ture polished in its natural color is
worth more than his year's salary.
In three winter months Kilgore
trapped near his cabin -more than $500
worth of pelts.
Acce'nt on Scream.
All agreed that she was an exceed
ingly pretty girl. Her dresses were
in the latest mode. Men were irresist
ibly attracted to her. The only draw
back was her deafness, a serious handi
cap. One admirer after another
called, perhaps attended her to some
social affair,- but in the end they all
fell away. The news that she was en
gaged to be married naturally im-'
pressed her friends. Two old ad
mirers were discussing the news.
-"It must have been funp1y probosing
to a deaf girl like her," said one.
"Funny ! I'll say so," said the other.
"It must have been a scream."-New
York Times.
Wrong Impression.
"No, I never hunt for ideas," the
inent auffor assured her. "When I
in the mood for work, I climb to
-ne summit of a hill, and there, with
the cent of the mounfain pine in my
nost ils. I flrgl my inspiration."
"Julgt fancy !" gushed the girl. "And
then y' u descend and write it all down.
I supp se?"
"Indeed I don't. That would be a
sure way of losing it. I carry my lit
tle typebriter up with me."
"Oh, l)ow good of you! But does
she-er-'does she never turn giddy or
- Sure of His Job.'
"Solomon has a great reputation for
"How do you suppose he got that
"Maybe he had amy le leisure to cul
tivate his minid. Unlite modern rulers
he didn't have to keev his ear to the
ground all the rime to tind out whether
he'd die with his cr,.'a on or soon
be writing home for m,,ney."-Birmfing
ham Age-Herald.
Linguists in the Spirit Wcrid.
"How was the seance?'
"A great success. Mime. Hokus ma
terial ized Napol eon B-ona parte. Marie
Antoinette and JTulius Caesar."'
"Quite a ('st inl.,ukhedl entheying."
'Tes. and I was niot alware unltil after
the seance started that all three could
speak English fluently."-Birmingham
Prernhsau Has Deised Machin
Whlch Is Really a Malrve of
inventive Ingenuity.
Very remarkable indeed Is a ma
chine set up in France for making re
pairs to airplanes, remarks the Wash
ington Star. This machine is said to
be the only one of its kind, and is due
to the ingenuity of Gustave Rabin. It
may be described as a device for caus
ing "wounded steel" to "heal" itself in
something like the way that wounded
flesh heals.
The device is almost automatic, is
operated by electricity and Is based
upon the galvanic priaciple. It needs
only one or two men to watch it, they
being guided by a chart, showing in
many colors the piece of metal to be
repaired, the exact repairs necessary,
the composition of the galvanic bath,
the current needed, the diameter of
the conducting wires and the 'time of
immersion. All this Is worked out
mathematically to the minutest frac
The machine is employed to restore
worn or broken parts of delicate mo
tors, most of which are difficult to re
place. When an American observer
saw it there were lying on a table be
side it' parts it had just repaired
which would have cost $6,000 and
much time to replace. In the week
previous It had'tirned out 300 pieces,
all of great importance, for nothing
less is confided to it.
Jury Foreman's Remarkable Explana
tion for Declining to Credit De
fendant's Plea of Guilty.
Some years ago in a Western state,
then a territory, a por'ular citizen be
came involved with an influential and
overbearing character and killed him.
Public sentiment leaned toward the
defendant, but the law was against
him, and when the day of trial came
the defendant, his counsel and friends
held -consultation. and, fearful of the
consequences, they decided that the
defendant should plead guilty and beg
the court's mercy.
The jury was charged by the court
and retired. Presently it returned, and
the foreman said:
"We find the defendant not guilty."
The judge viewed the jury in sur
prise and said:
"Gentlemen of the jury, how be It?
This defendant pleads guilty, and you
find him not guilty?"
The foreman answered: -
"Well, your honor, the defendant is
such a liar we can't believe him un
der oath."-Progressive Grocer.
Beggars' Trade Union.
A new terror has been added to con
tinetal, traveling. A recent report
from Constantinople states that tbe
beggars of Stamboul have formed
themselves into a trade union, says
London Answers.
The members go to werk quite me
thodically. Each morning they hold a
meeting in the open space in front of
the Bayazid Mosque-they cannot
afford other offices, although some of
the members are said to be rich-and.
here they discuss the business of the
(ay. Then after the agenda has been
read and qpproved, the brothers in
beggary disperse, and set about the
business of collecting alms.
Just as other trade unions forbid
their members to work for less than
certain prescribed wages, so the beg
gars are not allowed to beg for any
sum less than one hundred paras. Any
smaller gift is spurned as detrimental
to their dignity.
Chew Chew, a health clown, makes
the rounds of New York city schools,
spreading the gospel of fresh &'r, prop
er food and cleanliness.
With him is his little dog. Creamo,'
whose stunts include pawing his face
as If washing when asked what he
does in the morning.
The school children are going wild
about Chew Chew and Creamo. They
are absorbing health facts, because
the presentation is made in an inter
esting way. And they will remember
the hea~lth clown and what he taught,
in their old age.
Making school Interesting is the
greatest problem of education. Peo
ple in this boresome civilization re
member interesting things, forget the
Fish Eradicates Scaiet Fever.
The Mexican version of "have you
a little fairy in your home"' is "have
you a little fish in your bomne?"
This arises from the use of a pecu
liar fish, of the' mammalian species,
that eats the mosquitoes and "wig
glers" in water. thus preventing the
spread of yellow fever. All bodies of
water in the city are stocked with the
fish, which are provided by health au
thorities. In this way the mosquitoes
are kept down and yellow fever 'al
most eradicated.
World's Largest Boiler. '
A boiler capable of heating 1,000
eight-room houses has just been
placed in operation in Detroit. It
measures 19 by 26 feet inside, .and the
height from the grate bars to the top
of the pip (Oils -is 35 feet. It can
turn 19O.000) poundls of water into
steam in' a single hour, requiring 12
tons of' coal to accomplish this feat.
Water Lilies as Food.
Frou the Iowa conservation board
omels the suggestior that we grow
vater lilies as a staple article of food,
It is climedl that the lily, when peeled
and boiled, is as farinaceouS and taste'
fu as the potato.
Mt. Zion showed old time form on
the foot-ball field last Friday. Out
weighed on an average of twenty
pounds to the man by Kershaw Hi,
she battled fiercely to a draw. With
gameness that would not fail, she
stopped rush after rush on the part
of her heavy opponents. And then,
not satisfied with merely defensive
tactics, at every opportunity she un
corked offensives that won ground
corsistently. Mt.Zion is proud of her
Last week was "full of tests". As
usual, some were found lacking.
What a pity that all of us do not do
o ) -.,j .& %,! Shculd. HOW ouch
trouble it would save! How many
explanations it would save! Those
who did their duty last month-and
there are many, we are glad to say
-fee' so much better than the few
who did not. Lets make next month
better than the last.
The new building is beginning to
take definite shape. Each day now,
adds to its attractive appearance.
Mount Zion is at last to have the
quarters she is entitled to.
The foot-ball squad goes to York
on Friday. The fellows have "blood
in their eyes", and mean to take that
game. Here's hoping they will not be
disappointed. If clean, hard fighting!
can do it, we will win.
The Board of trustees gives us two
holidays for the State Fair. We ap
preciate it, and we ought, when we
come back to work on Monday, show
our appreciation by increased effort.
The girls are beginnig to dream of
basket ball. This year we hope to put
out a winning team. Practice' Prac
tice! And obedience to the coach.will
turn the trick. We have the material.
Lets make up a real team.
Miss Leila Russell, representing the
Extension department of Winthrop
College, organized a Study Center,
last Saturday, for the teachers of
Fairfield county. About twenty
teachers met Miss Russell in the Com
munity house. There are about sev
enty teachers in the county, to every
one of whom a card announcing the
meeting was sent. Twenty out of
seventy was pretty poor attendance.
There should have been not less than
sixty present. Where were they?
If the taxpayers are to keep salaries
at the present level, teachers must
show they are worth them.
These Study centers are certainly
worth while-worth while, if for
nothing else, merely to get the at
titude of the teachers toward their
profession. A teacher who, without
good reasons, fails to meet with these
study centers, is a drag on the pro
The authorities who elect teacher:
should notice and doubtless will-the
attitude of applicants toward these
meetings. Wide awakes, earnest
teachers make good schools and good
schools make good communities.
The next meeting of the Study Cen
ter will be on Saturday, Novembe
the 4th at the Community House in~
Winnsboro at 11 o'clock. It was abour
decided at the first meetin~g th..t th1ere
would be rno meetings dluringth
months of January and February, the
roads in Fairfield being all hut im
pasable (during those months. Good
roads in this county would go far to
ward solving our school problems.
New Orleans, October-The roar of
speeding propellers, the steady purr
of countless high-power motors, the
noise and clamor of all types of air
craft used by the United States army,
navy and marine corps, will hold the
attention of New Orleans next week,
when some of the best aviators in the
military service stage daily sham bat
tles in the air as a part of the pro
gram attending the fourth annual
conventoin of the American Legion,
October 16th to 20th.
Twelve of the largest hydroplanes
owned by the United States navy will
participate in the battles. Night
flights will be made also during the
convention week. Headed by Major
Frank Brown, commanding officer of
the Montgomery intermediate air de
pot, who will pilot a big De Haviland
plane, six planes will come from the
22nd Aero Squadron for the maneu
vers. Five planes will be sent by the
.35 aerial observation squadron of
the Alabama National Guard. These
will be under the command of Major
J. A. Maissner, who is one of the
widely known American Ex pedlition
ary Force Aces, flying with him, will
be Captain William M. Robertson and
Lieutenant J. E. Kirgham.
From Kelly Field, Texas, undler the
direction of Commanding Officer J.
H. Howard, will come six DH-4B ma
chines equipped for battle action as
they were in France (luring the active
periodl of the war. These machines
will be parked at Fellman Field and
will be on exhibition at all times when
tions will be a feature to be staged
by the Kelly Field aviators.
Three machines will be sent to the'
convention from Nashville, Tenn., byI
the 136 Aerial Observation squadron,
the Tennessee National guard.
S..G. Irwin and "Daredevil" Mason,
two stunt fliers, will furnish the ex
hibition thrills.
Mason is to make a parachute drop
and is planning to land as near the
intersection of Canal and St. Charles
Street as possible. Leroy Carison,
of the Carlson Aerial Advertising Co.,
will be another stunt flyer here dur
ing the convention.
For the first time in history, ac
cording to those making arra ige
ments for the event, an aerial derby
is to be held in New Orleans, Thurs
day, October 19, on the next to the
last day of the Legion Convention.
All airplanes in the city are eligible
to enter the race which will be flown
over a triangular course of 18 miles.
The planes will fly the course five
times, starting from the center of
Fellman field, then to the grain ele
vator at Westwego, then to the flag
pole at the Southern Yacht club and
back to the %field, making five laps
over this course. The aviator com
pleting the five laps in the shortest
time will be awarded a loving cup to
be given by New Orleans legionnaire. .
The flights will start at 2 o'clock
on derby day, and the contesthnts
have agrreed to fly as low as possible.
just skimming house tops and tree
so that spectators may hav4 better
opportunity to view the race and dis
tinguish the pilots.
I am authorized to receive appli
cations for loans on farmin.- lan -U
for $1,000 and more. Terms 83 yeen
at 6 percent. Seven percent per uin
num pays the principle and interest
W. D. Douglas, Attorney.
An ugly cut ?
is antiseptic and
Oil katders
Notice is hereby given that all per
sons indebted to the estate of Dr. J.
R. Coleman, deceased, are required to
Chester 4
OCT. 31st t(
quick a
'when used in the
latest New Perfecti
K EROSENE is the first c
coal shortage and Alad
is the brand of kerosene to d4
now obtain an oil~range thai
meals a day for less than thre
and as quickly as you can co<
stove, or a portable Perfect
will give warmth when, whei
But do not delay purchasin
stove or heater. Look up ad
Don't go without heat enou
home comfortable and safe.
Heaters will provide abun<
ever you want it-instantly.
For greatest satisfaction and eco'
Security Oil in whatever oil stove
We recommend Aladdin Secur
Perfection ranges and heaters, ar
Iwith SU
make payment, and all persons hold
ing claims against said estate are re
quired to present them duly verified
to the undersigned.
R. C. Coleman,
>NOV. 3rd
Ioice to .meet a
dn Security Oil
~mand. You can'
:will cook three
e cents a meal
k them on a gas
ion Heater that,
e and as needed.
g if you need a
ealer today.
gh to keep your
- Perfection Oil
La heat wher
xomy use Aladdin
or heater you have.
ity Oil for use in
id in Rayo Lamps.
SlY (New Jersey)
PEPFEX Burners

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