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Mis Margaret Neil Social Editor.
Mrs. Holloday, of Marion, is visit
-ing Mrs. H. E. Caldwell.
Mrs. Douglas John, of Bennetts
ville, is visiting Miss Lucy Doty.
Miss Etta Lee Scruggs spent the
past week-end at home.
Mr. Jack Lackowitz was a busine
visitor in Columbia Tuesday.
Mis Gerry, of New Y'ork, was the
k-end guest of Mrs. Patton.
'ss Daisy Brockington, of Riun.
spent last week end with Miss Flo
ride Martin.
P. M. Brice and, E. D. Sloan, -r..
of Columbia, spent the week-en.
Mrs. Thomas SmiLh, o: C.ncord, N.
C., is visiting her daughter, Mi.
G. DesPortes.
Mrs. W. C. Doyd, of Charlotte,
visiing her parents, Capt. and Mrs.
John .Lyles.
Misses Alice Carter and Hallie
Haynes spent the week-end at Win
throp college.
Mrs. J. J. Campbell, of Bronxville.
N. Y., was the guest of Mrs. G. F.
Patton this week.
Miss Ruth Doty, of Converse col
lege spent the Thanksgiving holidays
at her home here.
Miss Matle Martin of Columbia,
spent the week-end here with her
mother, Mrs. S. G. Martin.
Miss Margaret Ketchin, who has
been at home for the last few days,
with a sprained knee, is improving.
David G. Ellison, Jr., of Columbia,
spent the week-end here with his
grandmother, Mrs. R. E. Ellison.
Misses Elizabeth Sloan, Emelyn
Macfie, Priscilla KetcluS and Virginia
Owens spent the week-end in Rock
Hill. 1
Messrs. Ernest Crawford, Kennett
and errick attended the Clemson
Furman game in Greenville last Sat
Mrs. Evans Wylie and Miss Louise
Wylie, of Lancatser, and Miss Minnie
Macfeat of Winthrop college spent
.....aturday in town.
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Caldwell are
being congratulated on the arrival
of a new daughter, Avera Holloda-.
on Friday of last week.
Miss Hallie Haynes entertain'ed at
bridge on last Tuesday evening.
Three tables of players were present.
Candy and stuffed dates were served.
Mrs. R. E. Ellison, Miss Louise
Ellison, Mr. and Mrs. Pressly Burck
meyer and Mrs. George Mend. spent
the Thanksgiving holidays in Char
lotte with Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ellis
Miss Lucy Doty entertained on
Monday afternoon in honor of her
guest, Mrs. Douglas Johns, of Ben
netsville. The guests brought their
sewing and a pleasant social hour
was sent. Sandwiches and tea were
4Mr. D. J. Weir is ill at the home .f
s. G. R. Robertson. His friends
wish for him a speedy recovery.
There will be union Thanksgiving
service; at the A. R. P. church this
morning at 11 o'clock.
The Mount Zion girls high sch ol
basket ball team was dlefeated Tue+.
day by Chester, the score being 43
3.The game was played in Chest
Mount Zion defeated Rock Hill
high last Friday in Rock Hill by the
score of 10 'to 8.
Mrs. John D. Blair and Miss Helen
Gue, of Strother, spent Monday in
Mrs. K. R. McMaster was hostess
to the Round Dozen Book Club on
Tuesday afternoon. - The roll call was
answered by naming a role which
either Julia Marlowrs or Maud Adams
had played.' The program was as fol
lows: "Julia Marlowe's Stage Car
eer, alone and with E. H. Sothern",
by Mrs. J. F. McMaster; "Maude
Adam's Personality as Barrie's Hero
ine", by Mrs. K. R. McMaster; "Some
thing from Edith Wynne Matthison's
School", by Mrs. U. G. Des.Portes.
Mrs. J. P. Matthews acted as leader
for the afternoon. The guests of Hie
club were: Mesdames Thomas Smith,
Douglas Johns, J.- B. Doty and S. R.
McMaster. Creamed chicke'n, stuffed
tcnmatoes, nutbread sandwiches and
coffee were served.
No trespassing on The Youngr Placc.
Radadvertsement in this issue.
Next week is "American Education
Week." The President and. the Go-.?
ernor of the various states have issu
ed proclamations setting aside the
week of December 3 to 9 as Education
Everywhere the Education needs
will be gat before the people and their
cooperation will be sought in improv
ing the schools.
On Saturday December 9th, a mass
meeting vill be held at the Crmmun
ity House, where some of the lead
ing Educators of the State will ad
dress the people. The Educationai
problems of the county will be dis
An effort will be made to secure
a speaker to address the people of
each community at their respective
school houses during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Wolling cele
ibrated their golden wedding on Mon
Sda eveiing b: giving a large recep
tion. The puests were met at the
door b% .,ir.a,! Mrs. George Clow
stin; Mr. and Mrs. Wolling
in reCei'"vin in the drawing room,
hichwas beautifuly decorated in yet
low chrysanthemums and evergreens.
were: Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Clowney,
Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Wolling, Mr. and
Mrs. J. P. Fletcher, of Savannah;
Mrs. Galloway Fletcher, of McColl;
Mr. J. T. Wolling, of McColl; Mr. and
Mrs. H. D. Coleman, of Columbia:
Mr. J. G. Wolling, Jr., of Shelton.
The bride's register was kept by Miss
Gene Smith and W. G. Ragsdale. In
the dining room the color scheme was
white and yellow. The centerpiece
was a vase of yellow chrysanthemums
on a handsome lace cover over yel
low. Mrs. A. Lee Scruggs and Miss
Maggie B. Turner cut the block
cream, which was white with yel
low he.rts in the center. At a pretti
ly appointed table, Mrs. John Beam,
of Shelton, poured coffee. Yellow
and white mints were served. Assist
in.g'in serving were little Misses Em
ma Gene Clowney, Emma Louise
Clowney and Louise Allen Fletcher,
I greatlgrandchildren of Mr. and Mrs.
Wolling, also Marcie Bess Wolling,
Lula Wolling Coleman and Julia Kate
Wolling. There were altogether 45
children, grandchildren and great
grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Woll
ing present. Souvenirs of the occas
sion were little wedding bells, which
were pinned on each guest by Miss
Frances Clowney and Sam Wolling.
Two hundred dollars in gold and many
beautiful presents were received. A
bout a hundred guests called during
the evening.
On Thursday December the 9th,
commencing promptly at 4 o'clock,
the ladies of St. John's Episcopal
church will open their Christmas Ba.
zaar in the Community Building, to
the public.
Fancy articles of all kinds will be
found here. There will be an attract
ive doll booth to please and interest
the children-a candy booth with de
licious home made candies for all.
And every department will be com
plete. There will also be a cake table
from which the choicest housekeeper
will be able to select her favorite
Refreshments will be served, con
sisting of a regular oyster supper,
and salads, also hot chocolate, cake
and sandwiches.
The bazaar will be held from 4 0'
clock until 9:30-and this will give
time for all to come in at least for
a short time and inspect the many
beautiful' and useful hand made Xmas
gifts and select for themselves some
choice menu, offered by the ladies on
the refreshment committee.
A grab bag full of nice things will
be an attraction offered for the child
r-en at 5 cents a grab. Come and see.
Mrs. J. H. McMaster entertained
the Book Club on last Friday after
noon. The program was on Thanks
giving and Armistice Day, and the
roll call was answered with an item
on one of these two subjects. The
program was as follows: "Armistice
Da-y", by Mrs. W. H. Willingham:
'Thanksgiving Poem", by Mrs. S. C.
Cathcart; The Netherlands", by Mrs.
J. L. Bryson. Mrs. D. V. Walker, Jr.,
Mrs. W. P. Peyton and Mrs. L. D.
Wells were, welcomed as new mem
bers into the club. Mrs. J. E. Coani
assisted the hostess in serving a salad
course with coffee.
All sorts of useful and pretty
Christmas articles can be found at
the Community Building, THURS
from 4 to 9:80 o'clock.
TRAYED-Two male hounds, about
8 months old, both red, white feet
and white strip in face. Finder
please notify J. D. Park, Route 1,
The ladies of Winnsboro will give
an oyster supper to the Ex-service
men on Tuesday evening, December
5th at 7:30 in the Community House
Every ex-service man is invited to be
Housekeepers who wish to contri
bute to the oyster supper should noti
fy Mrs. John H. Cathcart.
The Rt. Rev. K. G. Finley, bishop
of the diocese of Upper South Caro
lina visited the churches at Ridgeway
and Winnsboro Monday, and on Mon
(lay evening made a most interesting
talk at Saint John's Episcopal church
Ihere in behalf of the Nation Wide
Campaign. He also outlined the pro
gram of work for the upper diocese
for the next two years.
A number of intimate friends gave
Mrs. Mary C. McCreight a 'surprise
shower on last Wednesday afternoon,
it being her eighty-third birthday.
During- the afternoon her friends
called informally each, presenting her
with some small token of their love
and esteem. Mrs. McC-eight holds
a very warm place in the hearts of
both young and old. She presented
a picture of beautiful old age, as seat
ed by her table, laden with gifts, she
entertained her friends with old time
Buy your Christmas presents at
ING next Thursday afternoon at I
Thursday and Friday-Our Thanks
giving holiday special picture Ro
dolph Valentino and Gloria Swason in,
"Beyond the Rocks". Its a wonder
ful picture and we are glad to show
it as a holiday special. These two
stars are the leading stars of today
and they have certainly acted at their
best in this production. See it, tell
your friends, bring the kids and en
joy our Thanksgiving holiday. 15 and
30 cents.
Wednesday, December 6th-Tom
Mix in"Trailing". A big action pic
ture with the smiling star. The last
time we had him the audience nearly
went wild over his acting. Also Mutt
and Jeff in cartoons as"Bony Part".
Be sure and remember the date. We
are showing some Fox pictures and
if you liked "Conneticut Yankee", you
will like the others.
Coming Christmas, Wallace Reid
and Elsie Furguson in "Forever",
Betty Blythe in, "The Queen of She
ba". Mary Carr in "Over the Hills".
See them all.
Remember the Christmas Bazaar
at the Community Building next
Thursday afternoon, December 7th,
from 4 to 9:30 o'clock.
IThe Book Shower, which was given
to the Winnsboro Public Library, in
the library on, Saturday afternoon by
the Civic League was greatly enjoy
ed. .The. room, which was prettily
decorated with vases of' chrysanthe
mums, presented a ,most attractive
appearance with its shelves of books
and tables of leading periodicals. A
bout seventy five books we're receiv
ed. A number of the members of the
league acted as hostesses, and refresh
ing tea and sandwiches were served.
Between seventy and eighty guests
called during the afternoon. Winns
boro has every reason to be proud
of its library. We venture to say
that very few towns of this size in
the state can boast of such attract
ive quarters for its public library and
reading room. What Winnsboro needs
is just a little more boosting and civic
pride to make this library a perma
nent feature in Winnsboro. One menm
ber at least out of each family in
Winnsboro should become a subscrib
ing member. Join the library now!
Let's make the library Winnsboro 's
civic center.
On last Friday afternoon at four
o'clock the Boosters' Club at the
Winnsbor~o Mills gave a dinner by and:
for themselves. There were about
seventy plates laid for the agent, sup
erintendents, overseers, office forc-3
and others in executive'-positions ir
the mill. The banquet was prepareri
by the members of The Woman' s
It would seem that an effort is
made at each one of these spreads
to outdo all preceeding ones, and this
was no exception to the rule. It was
in keeping with the Thanksgiving
season-a turkey dinner, with cran
berries, mashed Irish potatoes, can
died yams, giblet gravy, coffee, de
sert, n'everything. After the innei
man was taken care of, there cam(
cigars, and the air was soon fillec
with smoke, and several distinct sigh
of contentment were heard from the
Mr. Gordon A. Johnstone, presided
"ver the board; and after the dish s
were cleared away, arose and stated
the dinner was held in connection with
the organization of a class in better
methods of administration on the
Ipart of employees. He stated that
the efficiency record in the Winnsboro
Mills was high, so far as the actual
material production is concerned, but
that these classes would be held for
those who wished to improve them
sflves in the theories of proper ad
ministration. He then introduced
the principal speaker of the occasion,
Mr. B. M. Nussbaum, president of
Business Training Corporation, of
New York.
Mr. Nussbaum opened his address
with some pleasing remarks appro
priate to his visit here, and then be
-an to talk seriously on the subjects
of efficiency, business relations and
co-operation. "Co-operative work re
cuires a desire or wish in a person's
heart to co-operate, the will in hi:;
mind to co-operate, and then the ii
telligence to apply both the wish and
will to make one's work fit in wilh
anothers", he said. Therefore thi.
course is not for those whose work
is bad, but for those whose record is
already good. The course is made up
of six units under the following heads:
Yeam Leadership, Handling Men,
Organizati i, Handling Equipment.,
Production Records, and Principles of
Management. Two studies are tak
en up each month and on the comple
tion of each text book, a class leader
is sent by the school to lead the dis
cussion of the past month's work.
The speaker emphasized the fact
that the results of any industry is
not dependent on the head, or the
workers, but the overseers or super
intendents-they are like the neck of
a bottle, is the way he illustrated
the point, no more can come out than
the capacity of the neck allows. The
object, therefore, is to train those in
authority to meet the demands of
modernized plants and new economic
conditions. The textile business is
not the same as it was, and there is
no more exacting industry in the
world. Together with the study of ad
ministrative problems there is a
phase of self analysis, which is to be
applied by the students to themselves
We am
The B]
in the
lage in
Be one of fi:
visitors and
a present
to see if they are getting from them
selves what they expect of others.
At the conclusion of his address, o
class of sixty members was enrolled.
Instrumental and vocal music w.
rendered during the evening.
Mrs. Preston Rion was compliment
ed with a little Thanksgiving shower
at the home of Mrs. Gordon Johnstone
on Tuesday afternoon. Only a few
intimate friends were present. After
a graceful presentation speech by
Mrs. M. W. Doty, delicious pound
cake, coffee and whipped cream was
served by the hostess.
On Monday morning the former
home of Mr. J. H. Catheart at Adgers,
wa - burned. The house was occupie-d
by Mr. Thomas Boulware and family
at the time of the fire. The fire had
gained too much headway to be put
out when discovered. Some furnituie
on the first floor was saved. For a
Two Expe
Work= C
Yoar Patronas
orth's .
ounce the op<
ood worth Pt
Wintnsboro M~i
building form
by -the cor
mnd Carry Stoi
~hone 19
st 1001
- time it was feared that one of -r.
Boulware's children had been burn
ed as she could not be found, but was
finally located in a farm house a
considerable distance from the burn
ing building.
It is understood that Mr. Catheait
had some insurance on the house but
Mr. Boulware did not have any on i's
Coughs, Colds. Croup
One thing to feel thankful for: You
don't owe as much money as Germ
rt Barbers
re Is Solicited
ning of
ills vil=.
erly oc
P~rescripti ons
soft Drinks

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