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1oh Jcn McMahan WINNSORO,B 21st, 1922
Fairfield Count;
.R portiis
Mr. Frank Mattox has moket. tc
his new home.' He has recetlM
bought the H. E. Dinkins place an(
t itbl$~ him a new store, which will
beL giat accommodation -to - the
gap Nelson is over at his
so* b_ ' ,butehering hogs for hi.
da~te and son-in-law, Mr. Ezell
Samuel Branham, Jr., is still
carpenter force in Columbia
jessie Branham is still on hi
j~'Wh nsoro.
kcia Neal is very low at
ollis has moved tc
Jeffers is planning a trip
to Wikitsboro where he expects ti
et his childr' o work in thi
Mr. SamueBranham-is-counting'ou
a good hog crop fr Dext year. He
is out-buyingshea -
We note* that .4VR hng
repairing )ikdold he
We. are pi&utt to
4imanda Fbn a
matism Very bld, .
Ki Mrs Loi RUh..ha
home from Mrs. A S. n's, where
she has been spending4 d
Anpther year with : el of its ser
rows an#oys, its misfortunes and it
a "hasgons, never to re
n the whole, things are
t -they usually are it
4' -
wars and
d4rs and sui
that h
)"hg de ini the wo$
than ear or nd -more
improved .d uptodats. Iiplements
of warfare. Sd ,when we check'.Ui
everything this Xmas. is -&inist tht
samess tb- pistfoifty or eighty that
it has been i.g pleasure .to observe
and celebrate, though the things that
made a boy happy fifty years ago will
not make a boy happy today. The
old cap pistol and the muzzle lo.,ding
gun were all a boy wanted then, but
now it would bankrupt Germary if
she had no war debts to pay to fu
nish enough fire-works to satisfy the
As we look back over the year that
is so fast slipping by we realize that
there are many things that we shouhi
b'e thankful for. As to myself, 4the
chief among them all is that I don't
live any closer to Beckham than I do.
I never have been ready for Xmas
when it comes, and this boy of mir'
.~ says that I will not be ready for the
Sjudgment when it comes. But thi:s
boy is no preacher. However, I do
not wish to test the matter now.
The Xmas wood has to be hauled
and the hogs have to be killed and
corn sent to the mill, and a stove
put up for the little grand-baby thai
is coming, and the kitchen has to be
covered to keep the custards fromr
'getting wet, and the old rooster thai
. is to impersonate a turkey has to e
fattened; andi I rekon that I will
have to divide my surplus money with'
my darned poor neighbors, and thai
will take some time.
Oh, I have lots to do before I car
sit down in the corner and hold our
baby and "chaw" my Red J tobacco.
I wish that there were no law
breakers in the world and that every
body lived in peace and gave their
neighbors no trouble. Then I would
not have to trudge through the rair
to keep cattle and hogs off my oats.
It is a pity for good people who never
break the laws have to be taxed to
pay the expenses of criminal courts
-to try people who are never satisfied
only when they are hanging around
the courts house being prosecuted or
I wish for everybody a Merry
Christmas, and especially our able
and much beloved Editor, and each
and every one of his correspondent;s
And Mr. Editor, when you go to your
Xmas dinner let prudence and moder
ation be your guide-for you kn~ow
that doctor's bills are hard to pay.
With best wishes for all of the
"Dees-es," I have the honor of sub
scribing myself your obedient servant.
Ali P. C.-I wish you would nsk .Toim
y News as
W. or Mr. Bryson if they know where
a fellow could get a little hellfire to
go with the eggnog.
Just a line to let Beckhams friends
know that Bull is dead and he him
I sely is.-latless:
There is deep and heartfelt sorrow
in the Beckham familY- to-night. Yes
Bull . is dead-s by a neighbr).
Bull had many noble traits of char
acter-but could not'be called a sud
cessful mqnkey fighter. - It -is said
that trouble ver comes single hand
ed-just thother day Beckham
bought a 'nice 49chat and about the
first day he had worn it. he was loaf
ing around CgInh4se and walked
under the *suction pipe and in 'a mo
ment his hat was, carried t the ginI
saws. The wonder is 'that his head
tiras, not -taen, it being so light And.
nowaBull-is gone. faithffdl helper
bj -day. and trusty prtbetor by night
.but Beckhams loss, will Ie my gain.
Thf Nl;-be -more Versimmons left
for7 tWe ind-children.
C. Miller an e
rI se4ADorothyand H
nWiiam Rileyand E
ob 3 rn aspent Su
i.and Mrs.
- - n ..Frank ..g.
aYoungnd Mis
oung motori to Coknl H'.
S aturday.
Mr. Smythe Lem
soMi time wit
nes Lemion..
G th..
lehinfa daughter, and also pt the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Robin
son leaving a son.
I -"Dr.: Johnson visited Union school
during Education Week and made an
address to the pupils and patrons.
Christmas is here again and people
seem to be getting the Christmas
spirit in their bones, especially the
children, who are eagerly looking for
ward to a visit from ,Santa Claus.
Unless he comes by airplane thru this
community, I am afraid he will not
get here, if he has any kind of a heavy
lead, for fhe will be sure to get stuck
in mud which at the present time is
something terrible. But we are hop
ing the weather will take up by the
time he makes his visit and the roads!
may be a little better.
There wvill be a Christmas tree at
Palmetto School house, Friday nighl,I
IDecember 22nd at 6:30 o'clock.
Hee wihn h correspondents!
a very merry Christmas and a pros
perous New year. Hope Santa will
be good to all ,of you.
Mr. Glenn McMeekin, of Columbia,
spent th2e past week-end at home.
Cadet Henry Glenn, of Clemson
College, came home last Saturday on
account of the death of his mother,
Mrs. D. L. Glenn, Sr. Miss Clara Jet
er, a grandaughter, arrived from
Winthrop College Sunday.
Mr. Hunter Glenn, of Chappells,
was at home for a few .days this week.
Tommy Glenn, who has been visit
ing his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. L.
Glenn, returned last week to Parris
Island, where he is now stationed.
Mr. C. A. Wilkie left last Tuesday
for North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hudlson, who
have been living in Chester, moved
cown last week. We are always glad
to see our folks come back home.
Mr. J. W. Clark leaves this weex
for Atlanta, to spend the winter vis
iting his sons.
Hugh Yarborough, of Mount Zion
Institute, spent the week-end at home.
Miss Bessie Yarborough, of Lime
stone College, is at home for the holi
Mrs. J. B. Hughey, of Gaffney, is
isiting her brother-in-law and sister,
Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Yarborough.
That this i
troubled j3*
bea year
lina, ti 1
weaknesses of
er' stat . em begin at home
by Winsistin _r w enforcement and
exercising the ballot on those who
stand for the same thing, especially on
those on the lower rungs of the ladder.
The so-called petty office-holders are
the real enforcers of the law.
"The women of South Carolina dan
do much to improve, the institutions
of the state. I want to see women on
the penitentiary board. There are
men in the penitentiary who ought not
to be there, they are not criminals at
heart, but what do you do for a man
when you put him in the penitentiary?
You punish him, but you don't reform,
and he comes out a hardened crimi
"Out in the so-called wild anel woolly
west, they have some regard for the
boys and girls. They put their hands
in their pockets..and take out money
for the education of their chidren.
Get busy, women of South Carolina,
and tell them that you demand a fair
chance for the boys and girls. It Is
time to put South Carolina where she
ought to be. We need a broad vision."
Governor and Mrs. Harvey were ten
dered a reception by the League of
Women Voters imme'diately after the
address Mrs. J. Richard Williams,
state president of the League of Wo
men Voters, was present and intro
Cluted the governor. Mrs. R. P. Blake,
president of the Greenwood chapter,
Notice of Appeal Stays Execution.
York.-Notce of appeal to the state
supreme court for a new trial for Wil
1am C. Farles, 60-year-old textile work
er, convIcted here recently of the mur
der of Newton Taylor, 13, and senten
ced to die in the electric chair Decem
ber 29, has been served on Selicitor J.
K. Henry, of Chester, by Thomas F.
McDow, of York, Farles' chief coun
The notice of appal automatically
stays the execution of the death pen-'
alty. As a further precaution for his
client, Mr. McDow mailed to C. L.
Blease, of Columbia, associate counsel
for Farnes, a copy of the appeal and,
tha will be served on Governor Har
vey and the superintendent of the state
penitentiary, thus leaving no chance
for a slip In the deferring of the exe
cution of the sentence.
Youth Dies From Wound.
Chester.-A peculiarly sad tragedy
was that of DePass Brewington, white
boy, aged about 14 years, who died at
the Pryor hospital in this city from'
the effect of a gunshot wound in the:
right leg just below the knee, inflicted
by Sam Kirkland, a negro. The shoot
ing took pI|ace just over the line in.
Fairfld county, in the Cool Branch
hurch neighborhood.
,season of un
hat 1923 will
will and
r hearty
Sfulte aris, Mich.-Twenty- o
a pen missing and art be-,
aid to hits wned-or AId froni
exposure follo g the dlsAt r
ovenook the tw Reliance a
th.rockoff ILsard island a fe
ago.- ' This was the fear expressgd 'by
offidals of -thiuperior Paper. en-I
pany, owner o e tug, who' fot' tf
Arst time, adm that In additIon to
the crew of 14, Reliance ca e4*
Seven uirvivors of the wreck have
rs~cd re. - Two othersr" .. and
*ris. n, cooks, 1ere suffer
I nrord eold and exposure that
faby iereleft aj a tation of the Algo-C
Central rali for mediealatten
t by other survi6rr.
-The last seen- of the missing 27 '
Vrsns was when .thq Reliance, bats
'tg through a bliuding snowstorm, .
aent on the rolks off - Lizard island, 'a
Ipped her kheel and sank almost
Pft1DL, A. Williams, of the city,
66 ohers whi. were forward, took
lifeboat, the nine others,
here U.Ms
The ahnouncement b the conpad*
stated that, In addjtion to the crew of
14, the Reliance carried 20 lumber
acks, an official of the company's for
estry department, and a fisheries tom
pany agent, who had been picked up
by the Reliance on the last trip to the
lumber camps.
The missing men, it is stated by
the survivors, left the wrecked tug in
a launch which was carried by the
Reliance in addition to Its two life
It is pointed out that If the missing a
men reached Lizard island in the
storm they were without food. If they
reached an island where there were
huts, the problem would not be so
great. Being without weapons their
chances of obtaining food were de-C
dlared slender. Tugs aie making a
search for them.
Harding to Support Bonus.
Cincinnati, Ohio. --Assurance that
President Harding would support a
bonus f~r ex-service men, providing
a feasible means of financing the bo
aus can be found, was given ex-ser
vice men by Col. C. R. Forbes, director
f the veterans bureau at Washington
before a joint conference of national
and state executives of the veterans
f foreign wars. '
In the coiference were the members 11I
,f the national council of administra
tion 'and the department commanders
f the veterans' organization.
Immediately following Forbes' ad
Irss and a discussion which resultedr
In strong approval of a sales tax, the
axecutves unanimously adopted a res
olution, endorsing a sales tax with
foodstuffs exempted, as a means of
raising the necessary revenue to fi- j
nance the bonus.
C. Hamilton Cook, Buffalo, N. Y., t
national commander of the Disabled
American Veterans 6f the World War, ib
who was attending the conference by r
Invitation, said his organization would je
take immediate steps to support the
The Amreican Legion, which is the
largest of the veterans' organizations,r
was not represented at the meeting.
This means that the bonus bill is t
liable to be passed at the coming ses- I
sion of Congress, Col. Tillinghast L.a
Huston, New York, national command-a
r of the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
said after the meeting.
Structural Steel Sales Fall Off.
Washington. - The usual seasonal
decline in sales of fabricated struc
tural steel was reported for November ~
in statistics issued by the department
f commerce, showing the total sales t
for the month to have been about 16.8 1
per cent of the shop capacity of the t
firms manufacturing that commodity.
October orders wc're about 57 per cent I
a the shop capacity.
Glee day is one for vWholesonliun,
or thankful hIearts that at as one;
br young and fair, for old ani gray,
Ln oasis-upon the way
lightil t shines throughett the
'o brighten hope and teffeai!"
The keepeg interest is being diA
layed usanthe parts of, the chil
zen -of Qur village in ll' thd plans
V.organigng our kindergirten. The
eivice department anounexes~ that
eequipment.and furnishings of the
*d rten-roon are now on order,
nd. -tIs hoped. that everything ,wfl
e here so we can open up the: second
,Ie4f January.;
- -Louise 'P.Wige of Lancater,
411 be in charge of the kindergarten.
Foreman's Training Course.
The second lecture in the Foremans
'raining Course was given last Fri
ay night. Mr. D'ves was again
rith us to give the., lecture. Eyeryv
iember of the course was presen;
rith the exception of one who was
ick. It is this sort of spirit that we
1he to see shown. The lecture lastel
bout an hour and was very interest
ag. It covered the work done in the
irst unit. At the close a discussion
ras held and those points that were
ot elear were thrashed out.
n- el end
SwRi gair
* Preacher. Gibson Returns
Preacher G. C. Gibson returned to
ur midst after a two weeks vacation
ri southern Georgia. Last we heard
ras that he had killed many birds
rhile away, and last night he proved
t by giving a "bird" dinner at his
ome. Mr. Cawley, Drs. Lindsay and
?uattlebaum, Mr. Pritchard and Mr.
toberts were -the guests. From all
ccounts they had their fill, Mr. Caw
y owning up to having eaten four
A demagogue is a politician whose
hief ambition is to stand on the grave
f a great dead industry and boast to
multitude of unemployed of his
loody deeds."
Free Picture Show
The Mill wishes to announce that
n Monday January 1st, 1923, a free
icture will be shown in the movie
all. The title is "From the Mange
o the Cross" and is a film version of
he life of our Savior. Outsiders as
rell as members of the mill commun
y are cordially invited.
Mr. Ingle's Accident
Returning from Columbia Saturday
ight Mr. John Ingle and his son, B.
L. Ingle had a close escape from
eath. While driving on the new pav
ag about eight miles from Columbia.
hey struck a log, which was lying
cross the' road, causing the machine
a swerve towards the deep embank
ient on the side of the road. The
rakes were applied but the car did
ot come to a stop until three quart
rs of it was over the edge. The
ack wheels stayed on the edge which
lone saved the day. Half a foot
iore and nothing could have pre
ented them from going down the
wenty foot drop. It took the Messrs.
ngle four hours to extricate the car
nd that with the combined effort of
truck and a Ford.
Boy's Club Meeting
Boys club meeting Wednesday of
his week. Everybody get ready to
ut the mitts on.
Last Friday we all had a good
ime having our picture "took". Mr.
[coker, the photographer, reports
hat his camera stoodl the strain 0. K.
On Monday we enjoyed a visit from
)r. Andrews. consulting physician~
or Lockwood Greene and Como?r:.
rumtyActiv iti
ro Mills VlI ge
Everett School Items
Ch ristmas eek - here and exam
inations are over. tthe time of
reading this -iLwill have,. laid -aside
our books to he great .oidtimes
of Christmas and all the'-good cheer
that this' eason brngs. Our.rst
erhester is ended. (San we lookli*
and say that we have fought aigood'
fight, we've. played the game square;
weve'given the best in us to our
ulearest kluty? If we can't. say this
can we not say that, after our rest
after Christmas, we are coming back
with renewed vigor, and a new d&er
mination to see the year through?
We are glad to see that reports
coming out this week show a good
healthy increase in the quality of the
work belg; done. May we ask that
the opp~a examine these reports
witbWeaeisM help us to correct those
faults .h1d :are most apparent.
On Frjdy .he 22n4 the school is
going to have their ,Ghistmas cele
bration. Jist a few carols nd a -0
recitatiop 'by the whole school of that
wonderflul passage from St. Lake,
which tells of. tj birth. of the Ohist
plae will tie.Baptist
ch and we will'begtad to see
any who would like to be wit
us on that occasion.
We are pfmiing to have a beauti
ful flag fly fronIfhe building in the
near future as Mr. Johnstone ha
very Indly p~asented us with a flag
of whch the ,Tohnkstone Literary So
ciety will be the custodihn.
Holidays are going to start .Fz
dy- 22nd of
ent~h ne a Jpp
Mill Closing For Umlie'
On acconit of te
ill delsd!6n
days the 4-:opening ~a'
7:00 Tuesday morning.
Night Sihool
On Tuesday January 9th, the nigha
school will be open to all persons i
the mill who want to attend.
Just in as few words as possib e
we are going to outline the plan t
that all who intend taking the course
may arrange their time to fit in. a
The classes will be in session thrce. -
nights a week and for two hours each
night, thus making a total of six
hours of class room work a week.
It is the intention to give every one
the instruction they are prepared .to
take. There will be classification as
to age, advancement, etc.
May we add that the teaching force
are to be chosen of those who are
vitally interested in this work andI
those who come can be assured of a
hearty and ready co-operation imany
thing that they will undertake.
This school is free as it is support
ed by the state and so there will be '
no expense incurred by those who en- i I
We are going to ask those who
want to come, give their namie to
their overseer or second hands this
week as we are anxious to get cur,4
enrollment complete before the holi
Opportunity come to all is the old
saying. Is this yours ? Nearly all
are agreed that even an Elementary
education is a great help in fighting
life's battles. Take this chance and
prepare yourselves for bigger things
when they come.
Mr. Kirkland Night Sept.
Mr. M. A. Kirkland, recently in
charge of the laboratory at the mill, -
has been tappointed night superinten
dent. :Mr. Kirkland has been with
us for two years, starting as PPpren1
tice, and it is with great pleasure that
we hear of his promotion. Mr. S. A.
Roane will now be in charge of the
Mr. Wylie Resigns.
It is with great regret that we hear
of the resignation of Mr. S. M. Wy
lie, of the supply room. Mr. Wylie
has been with us for over two years
and they have been pleasant year
We wish him the best of luck wh
ever he goes.
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