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Wrt 1*81
the Senate
Hffii it adjourned.
BR-.ifif when it re
Valk enough.
Hp wicl to be proarevs me
last, operation for
Hfi be on hand at the
^FSennte. ^
Boj^l^erfriirfivlt? te reaeh^H^^PI^^^TOuire:u3y.
wiiile only SiWUKK)
l.uvo l?fg!i ^ulwcrihml t?> the- gyn thon
fi:tu I h??!trdcs^ people of Miclt 15011.
- 1 9*>
"7hi. Augusta Chronicle ant? Contntio*ttli*t
predicts that Mahout?
v !:! exm'rietice u defeat in tin* coniitiif
May our contemporary prove
*? imp pr?phet.
IB ?
Thf Philadelphia Times thinks that
t!t- Democrats may now carry Ohio,
v vh* not bit# but political suicide can
them In New* York. The Times
3- a shrewd observer.
Tax; New York Star jsays the a?.?asof
a President does not moke
K-iur* of ftll politician!*, and it refers to
V*- iu*?i?ry of the srovemment after
2 Ve<ii!eiit Lincoln's death as proof of
2'.- a>?ertion. ^
- *Sr
^ >
i*hkx CJovertior Sprty?ue wa? in the
3-<~-4i*y of fcis ?r]ory. he "rave Id* wile a
* liTznrhe for rc'fiiting thiir inan* "!?.
expecting the bill to be- fifty
f-M!ji>?nd dollars. He paid over six
1. udred thon>aud dollar) before he
} -T rf?ma<rh. Then was the proper
1 *ne lor his little yhoipnn..
hl (*>lniala? Iinjixler believes that
wvemor Tfagrood will call an extra
y v'on of the Legislature to consider
r amendments to the wn>
: It is geter-illy conceded
7 r the work this winter will occupy
> :?-h more time thau usual; and $t i*
7 iou whether the work should
7 'in slower, or he prolonged until
: vr the Christmas holidays.
. isssvmxtA U in a political fcrB
y-nt. Slate Senator Wolf, a Republi|
ihe leader of the anti-Cameron
.? v. ,<r of the party, has announced himi
iZ an Independent Republican can
iuj-treasurer, lie i* determined
t ->?rroy the Cameroninfluence at th<*
r. k o: giving- a temporary advantage
*> the I>emocrrtt*. in consequence 01
v there is <pitea scramble for the
I' :n<v-ratie nomination.
I 'ft;: 0?r?rticld ceremony in Atlanta
y . ? disgraced by a riot between the
V } r.-ra! troops aud the neifro*?<, which
Bk i * t? some time, involving the police
y -i a unmber ?>f private citizens. A
& 3* T''. unable to press hi* way through
S& t crowd at the Opera House, kicked
t ?r a >tack of arms, whereupon a
M r :dier knocked him dtrtvir and this
Mr~ * rrfeu the row, No one was killed.
I a numtier of persons \yere hurt,
|"* Jn jre or less ?eriously / '
' tic conijuif % inter will not be a
j. ..jV.tious time for.clianges inour im$-?r:?uit
biws- Wheu a. country is
k ft f*-rinjr. fxperiajenrs may be freely
*. J *.?tr: bat in ?ime of Jjtsirj^ty; it is
l>f'en fkSTto -? ? bow .a
]ftW3TQV.Id work,"for
^.laace! we?a?bot- see -the
WL -'ituvof mf&ii^^chiujgtt -?ow. "^ We
B vv-come to tkii? canciaaum tiller
j livitture dc-libpratipn, and a careful
gL ? >:.iiderati<?n \of both sides of the
H c4-tc?=;ion.
j^B ' Ui.aine is expected to retire from
hh i-< vuiMKii m a lew flays. lie will
: ? i. be out of it job tor the lirvr time in
v-i; u-aiu* years. Couklin^ was defeated a
M i'iv days a#o at a ward primary u>
MB delegates to the ^tate t'wuve?t3t>?.
| V W would have believed mt?:ths
r.jo tlrnt these greatest Rt^ublicsu
BHfi 1-aders wocM be laid ;>:t the sTjeJf so
UB s "We predicted hist November
H t:*at the Dezuocsatfs gwrty v.as not
m ?-*ad. and that it would soon be stronjrra
t-r rhattever. but we could not see that
^^yeftdsBuicntof tlat prophecy w#sld
Wm'MH ?
I^jbbinu trains is the favorite
ftrfiiacof outlaws at present. T'. e
Hinges of a similar nature, the last
Hrurro# only a few days ago In
|fctw;.<ai<^ have opened the eyes ot
Hjcst wayfarers who- hare heretofore
Hereda raiiSray train to be the
Rin$t ^1m? against rei&ery that
K&l i*e fotJuiiL It is- almost suerettible
Ht three \ohths should be able to
Bmwe a whole car full of people and
KetneKi stiuui and deliver. There
Kt be some coHnsJou somewhere.
Kthe railroad authorities should look
Mke Athuita Exposition will l>e forEhr
epenni next month. The manKiucut
has been euers>ctic iu the exBsc,
and only tJie strfn$rw??v of tiie
Kiev market will
Brtplcte .*uece??^dH
do iu)t
Wi? very insfly on :i bi?j di?ga?'. If:
BKQjflKfiHBifcl01* the uienntwe* wftftnmn
nn*. ?? UMinl. during r
Dr. Garfield** olwquies. Sota* of the 1
tfrctit dry ?roods tu>n?et 4oonn?red* on '
mourning jrood* f r d'TorstinK p?r-;
po*e>>. A. T. Stewart & Co. ami |
JufiVny & Co. were exception?. The :
j New York Star say*: 'It wan Kcarcely j
expected, however, that ilalsted.;
j Haines & ("r>.. IJ>?te.-?. l{evri ?% <\m?1??y.
H. fi. ClaflitJ & Co.. and other firms of
*ueh <;reat pretension* to ultra loyalty.:
would take the lead in the contempt!
j bit business of making a turner on
j national grief, and yet, if tlieir sale?- j
iiien thev were '
t? the price ;
j three or four cents ji yard aMfiftvJ^iiue.j
j Some of these (iniw were among th?3^ ^
i which e.\pressed such grave apprehen- ;
; at the jkmwWc election of (Jeneral ;
j Hancock that thev forced their clerks j
; to turn ?>ut in the sjreat llepublieau '
| torchlight pn>ce**ion.'''
! Ax office-seeker** lot is not a happy !
i one these days. On the late President's \
| inauguration the hungry swarm Sock- j
I ed to Washington and l>e?eigcd him i
! day and night until it needed only j
| Guitcau's bullet to put an end to his }
life, just as the ?wartn had comfortably j
Settled down. Now they have all their j
work do over again; the ins to keep;
their places and the outs to make a j
fresh attack on Arthur. The uncer- i
| tainty of the political situation ba?. for j
{ the past year or two, added to the t
I jiii-a??rv ??f tin* hn?n<? mid hiittrr }?ri<rAiifv j
1 Last $earthey couldn't fjp the life of
i them fell whether to shoot for Hancock
i or Garfield. This spriiur they were
| kept on the tenter-hooks by the Gar- j
! field-Conkling controversy, and just as ;
They h:ul settled down into vociferous j
abu<-e of the latter, his rijrht hand uian. i
Arthur. snddenly-takes all their official ]
lives in his hands. The Stalwarts say j
there is to be* a grand bounce of Demo- ,
eratP and half-breeds. But this i* m t;
assured. The Senate i* too close for
Arthur to afiord to affront anybody, j
He has a difiu-ult path to pursue at j
i best, and a "grand bounce" on his part/j
might lead to disastrous revolt* to him-I
| tfli* in the breaking down of hia ad-!
: ministration. The fur will begin to \
J fly about th*? 10th of October. j
An Alleged Diabolical Plot.
Our alert contemporary, the Abbei
vilie SMivvij which behold* a ring in j
every bush, now alarm* the mind with j
revelations of a diabolical plot formed i
by certain "negrophilisU'' to fu>e with j
! the blacks next year and wrest the j
| State from the hand* of the Pemocra- j
j cy. If there be any such plot it in high j
j time the people were knowing some- j
j thing about it. WVjoin the Greenville
j ^Vfirjr iu axking for the fact". It is due !
j the public that the Jfed turn give the
reasons for it* l>elief.
Editorial Notes.
Secretary Windom is sorrv now ho
' 1
j left the Senate for the Cabinet, and he
J will canvass for a re-election by the
' Minnesota Legislature.
| Now that the Republicans see the
j Democrats will control the Senate,
| they are very urgent in pressing the
j clwiiT!? of David Davis.
ha* his headquarters st
. ' Senator'Jones* house in Washington.
| Jones ha^i las! had a prolonged, conferj
ence'with l\>nkling. GrahVan^ Jonrs
are bosom friend*; The Stalwarts will
;{ make things lively.
{-burnett district, in Mieidgtfn is tlie
j of the Uth ilfcluggji. iiegiment
' {that destroyed ??o. much Sw&liern
4 erty during the war. Tbey know how
j It i? theinwlvcK i??w.
-Timk jw.hs wJiei: the Senators of the
; United States were known to all who
.'keep u{iwirh,thc j)?)lHic?f of the day.
J>So in.nny; scrubs ' haye" Intently been
ejected tbere, one lias . to consult, the
1 Ongressiouui Directory to know who
j they are.
i T;se colored ]>eople of Cleveland
I wrsvpjven no part in the procession
> attending the President's funeral serf
vires. This is the hotbed of Republij
canixiu, yet tlie colored brother is
| crowded out at the funeral of the man
' whom thev made President by carry
(ing the vote of Ohio in his favor. The
j Republicans care for theiU only abottt
j election time.
Mks. Cxaufikli>*s bereavement sngge?t>
the inquiry, what Congress did
for Mrs. Lincoln. Jn 1865 it gave her
twenty-five thou-and dollars, the salary
: of one year. In IS66- it permitted all
i letters and packet* sent hv and to Mrs.
; Lincoln to pa>> free- through the mails
dutriu? tl>e rest, of her Ufc. and in 1^70
: it g?re her an annual pension of three
I thousand dollars.
| Nkw Y?>kk ]Iq>sb!ic?Hfi arc not hari
monizing So any great extent. At
? L'tiea the Conk ling delegates were de|
feated by a vote of one in a conven!
tion of eighteen, whereupon they boltI
ed and sent a et>nJesSing delegation
j with Omfcling at it? head. At a pteeCj
j called Whitesboro. twopers^^^laimj
ed the,chair and a Hgh^flRicd, the
j Conklingchairi^M^^P^ed off, had
: his clones tonjJl^P^ and was oth!
cmife Disturbances
i though. less' in
Hi liand in the
? and".Ohio
H fccj'islatUre
. the
roftoji as ft king-. That monarch wa<
certainly a powerful oik? ii? the-days of
slavery, nnd. if lias neve** be^n denied,
atfrcted our pK>Iitic>* and lu?fory and
did much to frame onr legislation. The"
war is over now; but cotton is a kin/
agraiiti. hp powerful, twy more powerful.
than he waa in the good times. If
the South, by virtue of the production
of a crop worth S-'OO.OOo.OOO, was then
jrrcnt in the councils of the nation and
the markets of the world, how much
more powerful imi't it b? to-day with
a crop worth $.**M).0<K>,<MX). which it
will make worth $1.0* >0,000,000 when
it shall have been obtained, as it certainly
will, a monopoly of tho manufacture
of cotton good*.
. A representative of h Nortliern paper.
in the very heart of that district
now railing in wealth, gained hy tnnstormina
the jrreat Southern staple into
cloth, the Boston l'ost, after, a tonr
through only a small |>ortion of tinbelt,
and by no means it<= most promising
wtion, is tilled with wonder at
what he ha* s?'Cn, at. the facts and
ftjfureK shown hitn, and U almost ready
t?? bow in worship ot the supposed dethroned
king. There are fortunes,
immense fortune, to be made in cotton,
he asserts; there is no tield offering
such promise to the man of energy
as the white fields of our Southern
land; there is no uch opening in the
uMiln nvctoiiwA tho I'tiiAM ns tlnv
thorough and sensible cultivation <>!
this staple and its manufacture into
cotton goods on Souther:; soil. The
Post correspondent is as earnest on
this?lat<er pewit?.^ the UtotfiGa ut. Me
scouts the weak suggestions of some
wonUl-be political economists that Jlie
Southern people are not adapted to
fact.?rv work: and cites one irrefutable
and overwhelming argument in favor
of Southern cotton mil]*, the argument
t f profit, that the 250 cottoii factories'
?outh of tlie Potomac yield average
dividends of 22? per cent. A Massachusetts
man himself, he confesses that
the glory of his own Stare, that which
makes its rock* richer than the best
ijuartz of Nevada's bonanza, must soon
pas* away t<> the South. This has been
long threatened; what will bring it
about effectually and quickly will be
A PrtuuIliAn If tnnif K?
hilt; Aiiuuia i^A^/wPiiivii. it, uiu.^i w
conceded that the Southern j>eop!e arc
a little old-fashioned in the cultivation
of cotton.
There i* 110 need for seeking explanation*
for thw, they an; so numerous;
the carelessness of the negro, the inter,
ryption* of the war, the cheapness of
land*?all the*e have made cotton
| planting loose, earelcsa and improvident.
While the West has a hundred
different cultivators, mower* and harvesters
to aid it* iarmers, so that on
| the great wheat farms, like that of the
| Dalrymples in Minnesota, two-thirds
ol the work is done by steam, cotton
is cultivated in the most simple manner,
with muscle and hoe and plow,
showing but little improvement Miice
the da\ s of Abraham, if we except only
the cotton gin.
j -Vcwr.f. Editors: The cost of all
j monkey *1k>\yk fail* on the shoulder*
J of the humblest laboring class, liar!
tuun and John Kobinsou have collected
| millions from the hard earnings of the
poor man, and yet he has made his
| money bv the sweat of his brow. The
] humblest of lal>orcrs pays his 7?r> cents
?one and a half to two days toil?and
f of his labor and to spend hi* hard
i earned penny as he pleases? It lia*
I Ik'oh rlnMiioil tlmf cttmn of fhr?wr> I'iIV
! euses were moral and iin"trnctive. Per!
haps so?but very doubtful. No matj
tor what kind of a monkey show
j comes along?a circus, a hanging or a
! big meeting?we have one part of our
j population that are sure to take stock
i extensively. Now, suppose one hun|
dred men for one day nttend either one
j of the three. Lei*? count one part of
{the cost:
i Fir?t? Feed 1 day for 100 men
at 10 cents each $10 00
second?100 dav* work lout at
50 cents per day 60 00
$60 00
Sixty dollars for a bit of a monkey
| show for one hundred men one day.
i Hut (hi* is not all; entrance fees to the
circus, drinks at the same, or at the
I hanging, or paying the preaclier, and
| extra gntb and drinks at the big meetj
ing. will amount to about as much
j more?so every monkey show coste on
; an average of over one dullar for a
day's attendance of a single ]>erson.
But to revert to a case at hand, the
j Almighty who is all-powerful,
i claimed the one-seventh of our time as
| a Sabbath for worship, rest, &c. We
! generally see his devout followers coni
tent to render homa*je to him on his
own holy day, the 5\ibbath. Yet we
see some that are more pious or more
pitiful who, not wti>tied with a good
thing, carry on extensively Sunday,
i and then preach and ranN^f-ig ami
i howl the other six nightadBThe week,
t'romdjV'1-' t'TLl">,>irl!|^||Hr Not to be
mkffffifteretood, wc^^JNK a certain
^'Koifty 1 !rll" not a dozen miles from
your city where the colored "man and
ino'her'' lias !>ecn nightly r'ps.;ml linjr
for the past tlirce weeks, and bv his
bowlings "made night hideous." The
consequence is a poor crop,
poorly picked, and waiting in the
fields, one-third of the active labor
being withdrawn from the fields in
harvest time. These j>eople are to be
pitied rather than abused, and these;
ranting hells are jmt theomgrowrh of
the 1001 preachers and e.xhorter* this
race afTbtifc, very many of whom deserve
the halter or the whi p'pingpost?
and are arrant scamps in nheep** clothing.
What a pity these poor crcatures
ever learned any religion, sarc Romanism.
They would then have been supplied
with educated priests who would
have given them religious instruction
in one-seventh of the time it now
takes. Some of the ovc:-pious may
> turn np their noses at this, but we
ftoulu say the Protestant religion is
Kdit\c.<rd to the "heart and umlerHKidimr":
thr Catholic to the "rye
Hkcar", and CtiflVe could more readiftdirace
and understand the latter,
if these over good j?eoplc Iiv?ui
n>>, near one of these Noisy
|||^y would a^ree with us. It
HLihat *omc of these noisy
Hkt be brought to the attcuH^nd
jury a* nuisance*,
^kand outsiders ought to
Bfch ?certainly a'ri^ht to"
Wkov? it>eide fheir Awn
?kf?te distance of two
4'action. As to
Hk we an* an
1&-1 'r^K?ucit
Utis l>ec;?
^lis&nfc the
what i>
One half of our planters have ?m land*"
to mortage. McMr?. Editor^ 1 rhtrrtr
of all time* tlii* is the worse time Jo
change. A great many of our planters
say that it will enable t:? to control
bbor, but I.lhhik tht?r have* it in their
own hand* r?? do that. If they would
refnae to rent land to be w<>rkcd with
calve* and oxen, they would not get
these liens, as the merchant* will not
sell without security. 1 think our rej>rc
sentatives should consider the interest
of the people and not the few independent
planter* of ih?* land. K.
Another Artlcl*' txprr#?ijix: Oppotltlou to
inf Arpi Bi.
! sai.km, s. c.t .svjrtvinlmt i?:j, 1881.?
M<-*srs. Editors: It <rive* me much
pleasure to congratulate you on the
(improvement of Tiik.Nkws axi> Uki:i
ai.i>, both in it# reading matter ami if*
' enlargement. The' latter gives i
j think, plenty of rooin.f?u" the discussion
of the Lien Law ami all it# hearings?
! in a v.onl, it is the paper. It ?five.s the
lien-landowner a chance as well to cx!
j>ress himself, and i am one, not wit if
j standing llot 5>h??t to the. contrary,
j Now, tf mr. Hot ?hot ran pTove to me
| that 1 have not got the rtitue right* to
! look out for mysell'and family as the
j landowner. i should like for him to do
: *o. 1 think this* too grave a question
i at thik time to make it a one-sided inat!
ter. This i# a struggle lbr meat and
! bread with hnndred? of poor souk that
! don't own a foot of land, and without
i means for another year. Is Hot .Shot
willing to reduce the .mit of land?
| hence giving the poor man a chance* to
jlive out of reach of the Lien Lr.v?a
t chance to catch up?. Fortunately the
i law* ofthis country giye _every i khIv
| alike free s)>ee<;h.'tfiid r.bave.as much
j claim to hYy opinion tt? Mr.. JU>t 5?hot
; hafUuhis or aify _otTx'.rfi of luii stripe,
j a?i<l what 1 liavefo snv relative, to the
; Lien Law. trill, 1 know, meet favora!
blv'the mind* of all faijr-tlunking hujdj
owner*. Il l mistake not, it was a law
; enacted to help the one as well as the
j other. 1 have been fretting liens be|
canse I conld hot help himself. I run
j two ploughs, live on rented land,
, work my own lal><?rt pay six heavy
! bale* of cotton rent, and pay my lieu,
i Without the benefit of this law, I could
not have farmed, and I can't run a
i farm next year without, the help of the
j Lien Law, unless Mr'. Hot i*hot can
I sf*e (what J can't) a better way for me.
I Will he help me to a side or so of bai
con, some meal, and hor.*e food for
! another ye?r without a lien?
J Mes?r>?. Editor*, don't understand
! me to approve of this law, no, no. Ke!
peal i.t, ye.*, I say do away with it, but
i not now,. It has been a jjood and a
curse. too. and take it up one side and
j down the other, it has done us as much
t 1 . . i " ?.i. . 1 . a... .
| goou a* nami in me last nvu year*.
j Let in; not throw out the dirty water
| until we ?ot in the clean. A j<ot>d
: jreneral *tudjes carefully his plans be
'! fore entering into buttle, and ifhunger
i is not antiiieuiv I don't know it; and
I now, it liK?ks to ine as if he was 6tnrin^
j soine of us in tlie face. I had rather
I rink my chance* with the merchants
! another year than with Hot Shot and
| hi* kind, for it hasn't rained any more
| in his section than in mine. In the
j next place, such an argument id not
! democratic in the way I take it. We
I went arm and arm together to the bali
lot-box with the same intention to
] stand up to our rights, enlisinjr our
j names together on the same banner
j which waves over the jioof'as well as
< the rich man, and why should yon
i want a separation now on the meat
j and meal business at a crisis" of direst
i need with the poor man? Suppose
Legislature repeals the Lien . haw,
what i* a man of ?ny condition to do?
i And there are hundreds of my kind.
' Will Mr. Hot Shot send to the North
! for supplies and furnish the people on
! easier terms? i tVar nor. We would
| perish before he could establish credit
j there. Much wifer to hold on to the
i old merchant who has already a name
j I think it much botter.to .hold incct:
invalid let the Voice -of tin; people be
; heard, and let our Legislature know
i the popular fccntiinent of the tjcoule.
| i?r?mric fw/"?lIIUir CUllOII liHl
> i that we can spare a clay or so to tliir
! subject.. 1 cannot come up to Mr. Ilot
, Shot's prescribed form , of a petition
; with its numbers of acres of. land t<j
| present to present to the Legislature,
j but if the Lien law is abolished I can
. t l>eat him in number with a petition ol
j hungry children. If Mr. Ilot Shot ini
ten !?d to agitate something t>f benefit
! to all alike?a living for all?lie should
i have done it differentIv. 1 confess that
he can with all other landowners rule
i t*e cotmtry and mnke mattirs tnucli
| better if they would go hand in hand
t J together in the right way, but I (lis|
like his plan of jmrishmg a fellow to
j death at the start, and in bringing
) alxmt the change for the prosperity ol
| the country. It will have to start at the
j landowners, and in my humble opini
ion it will have to begin by not renting
land to free laborers. Work for stand*
, j ing wages or pnrt of the crop, but let
i the Lien Law go on another. year or
j two if necessary. All of the leading
j Radicals will not work for wages or
I tinrt nflho rrnn Tliic ij 1 ??i
j their fame as leaders, and the sequel is
i thev will pick up their teams and move
j away from amongst us. leaving us the
{ old field darkey whom wc can control
j and utilize to a telling: effect both a?
I voters with us and agricultural neigh|
bors. If Hot Shot and all other land'
; owners hold up to these suggestions,
| Messrs. Wallace, Taft- and-such like
j will not have so many hearers n.s formerly;
because the Hot Shot crowd
i will have control of the stock. If 1
I have at all touched on politics, let me
| say in time of peace prepare for war.
| Jamks G. IIkbon.
< Arrangement* For the Accommodation of
the Numerom Visitor* to the Vorktown
| Olebrstlon.
(nyTPlcgrtpb to the Chronicle.]
i Wasiiixotox, September 28.~Rui
mors liaving arisen regarding thu ini
ability of the managers of the YorkI
town Celebration to provide *nb?ist
enec tor the *ast crowd expected to
! attend, the commisioners desire to state
j that so far as the invited guests of: the
i commission, the visiting military and
i Masonic bodies are concerned, arrange!
inents have already been perfected by
I which they will be comfortably accom!
modatcd at Yorktown. They alone are
! expected to number twenty-five thouj
sand. In addition to this four hotel*
I (if good size are l>cing erected on the
[ ground*, of a capacity to feed from
t lit rwui f. V 1C-. flftf i Jil- Vtnitiav
iw*' i \-r?.
taurantsj" tJic town will accommodate
! fully one-half as many more. They
j will probably, be abb; to lodge ten
j thousand persons, The. Commissioners
say"besides this an "hourly terry service
has been arranged between Yorktown
and Fortress Monroe. Norfolk,
I Portsmouth. Richmond. West. Point
j and Williamsburg, all ol* which point*
j arc within a few hours sail. The (*oui{
mission is confident that there will be
i no difficulty in providing lodging, and
i subsistence for all who dwire to attend
! the celebration.
j Tt:\r\ IIobbkkt ix Auk\k?\5.?A
: t<perial to the Gazette, dated Little
' Rork. {September 23. from Arkadelph'a
' my*: "The tmin on the Tron Mountain
i and Somhern Raibrsy which !eft.
j Texarkana at eight o'clock last night
' was boarded at. Hope by three young
j men, who, after passing Preseott and
; when near Ken?ott, suddenly drew rej
volven* Miid ordered the conductor to
' stop the train, whi?-h he did. They
' then proceeded to ::::;ke the passengers
throw up their Inindsnnd robbed rhem.
! tfCUtli# *'<*??. i lit'V ttiWl Visirctl t!|0
; ??xjire>s ?"U\ ojKMirrt the wesson ir^r's
?:t{ :JJ!?: gfetX?; . vi;.:vrp !?:
; : : ' ::v.iv .' ''
.1 p . ::: '.. *
* .. . . f .
H-. - j
1 ?The t??It^iomV*y>?Tem1$ soon' to be ,
i in operation iir^irmu-r. " *' !
?Tlit' treasure rof 1 torn well -county;
.collected tlwmsrjid. tive hundred ;
( dollars taxes la*t week. ..
' .?Tlicre werehventy-iune lawyer?
; present at the last term* of tlie Court j
j of Session* for BarhweTT county.
' ?The Rev. Dr.'Lathan. of Yorkvifle, !
:is preparing a history of the Associate i
, Jletonned Pre.-byterian Church.
?Senator Hampton, who lias O?oji :
#pendin?r the summer Hf I hirer's;
: Spring. Virjritiia'. Iia* returned to Iii>
home in robust healih.
?James Coleman 13 Med bis ui cle, I
: Frank Avaut, in AVnhee-Township.;
Marion county, on .last Saturday. It"!
; in ?aid to hare been a. cold-blooded !
murder. ' '
| - In re-pert fo the memory of Presi-j
| deni (Jarlield. the flasr of Kind's Moun
I tain Military. School: at Yorkviib- lias i
been draped i?i mourning, by direction j
of the Commanding offieer.
! ?C. K. Ilrunet. ? frenchman, his !
wife and four cHil?lreii. living nearj
1 (ireenville. were poi??ned on Monday j
j last by rating canned beef. They aii j
j re?M?vered a tier baying; a narrow es- j
: cape. j
! ?On Monday night lost, the barn < f
Mr. Mitchell. living near Miller's mill,
in the Clay-Hill seetjoirof York county,
was struck by'lightiiing and burn*
i ed,-together withiHjuantity of forage
1 5' ? ' tit tli/?
I *111(1 Si illlliU ilfllt WH H UiVll "Ml IH IIIV
j stable; .
| -Al>oiU'two vrcf'k'R sifro' while! JJ>e
| family of Mr:'" Aiidtx'tf Sli?*:ily" iveVe
j-resting1 imder an ?hf V?,e i" cation
! field, near Holly's Ferry*. Lexinylon
| county, a dturcl limb -fell, upon the head
I of his little Ten-year-old daughter' and
>eni&hing the sktilt^nieiTiier. V - " ,
1 ,r -^Nl.u-eefc "Wie caVe
i of MurxSs^S^tkc*: jU'1h?5 ?(3n*rlotto,
cojrimfcta and Jit&ijsta I'nilroad'Ooin*"
; panywa* tried. 'The plajntiffdeinand- j
(ed ten thoxts'aifd tfelhirfi ' dUnia^es for
i the Company'* rettjsat fo stop a train
j at a certain station let-.her off. Tin? j
j train, it seenis. stopped only as certain
! stations, and the place where she wishj
ed to get' oil" Wit*-" -not among thc>e.
\ The jitrv gave her live dollars.'
| ?One day last, week while Mr. Joe
I Worthy. of Ohesita, county,, wa* work|
ing with a steam cotton srin, his sleeve
j wiif caugiit in among mem. uis arm
j drawn in among the saws, ami greatly
] bruised ami wangled. He received
j aUo some K*vere\'Rt*'and bruises about
: the face. Medical assistance was
! promptly rendered. It is feared that
! amputation of tfo arm will be rieces
Miry. **
?Near Bcthd'Church. Sumter cotin'
ty, on Safnrdav last, while plaving
: base ball. Messrs. W. M. Brown and
j Edward McKoy ran tocateh h ball on
i the fly. when they collided, causing
; serious injuries. The former had his.
! forehead cut oj?en. skull cracked, nose
I broken and was also badly ruptured for
life. The latter had his teeth knocked
! loose and his lip eut through, which
j had to be *ewcd up. ' ?The
School Coimnis.?ibner of An;
derson has furj&jfied the Allowing
| statement concerning the public schools
! of that county: Number of free
schools for white children. 7.5; for colored
children, total. 111.'- White
pupils In attendance, 2,794;. colored,
2,07'J; total. 4.8S3.'. Average number
of mOnths Wihools were open, (3 1-18.
Monev disbursed to' September 2Sth,
.$n;6w5'.\ " - ... , I
?Mr. C. K. Ilarrer, of Honea Path.
; came near having his gin-house dcj
?troved by tire on Friday afternoon
'last. TJie'cortoirtook fire from the
I press, aiul that lying loose in the
1 { house, six or eight bales, was badly
j injured. The whole damage amounts
j to about two hundred dollars. The
. house and its entire contents were
|^aved only by the hardest work.
I ?Captain" It. (r." Kleming has re
' ! SlifllCU lltS JKJMUOII
I of the Port Koyal and Augusfa Jtailj
way. and on}tbcv|oth;in$fcwt wil! take
! cl large of the Savannah", Florida and
i i Western Itadvnk&tHe niaiti line and
branches o^whit^^Usace' ov-er tour
initr.<* -'viv^td 11*'rttmrng *>
^one^fflic most.oiBpuiiit railroad, men
: lii- the South, aridy,yg arc. ' j^'ase'd to
' chronicle hia proi^otiqn. i' V*. *
' ?During the ifeshct in the Wateree
last \vcek thousands of-watermelons
and pumpkins \v6re seen floating down
I the .stream. They were taken tip lrom
1 the low lands along the river. - Immense
quantities of timber and brush were
also carried down. A great many
1 shingles and shingle blocks were carried
down by the swift current'..- The
1 damage done by the late rise is said to
1 be much greater than it was at first
rnou^iii ro ue.
t ?Berryiuan Whitney Tlicks was
. hanged at Spartanburg on Friday last,
at 11.2.Vo'clock, in the presence of very
lew f?{>cotators. Ilis neck was broken
and he died without much of.a struggle.
The hanging was very skillfuliy
l)crfonncd bv the deputy- sbcrttf c>f the
county, in the abso;.e? of the sheriff.
. The execution, produced considerable
. excitement. U-is body was taken
, charge of by his family, and will be
given a decent burial.
i ?At a recent meeting of the direc:
tors of the Fishing Creek Factory^
President Darber: stated that the brick
work was about, completed. The
roofing, of tin. wftl soon begin. The
completed building will be one" of the
best in the State." The machinery will
be shipped to i?ichburg as soon as the
house is finished. '"More tenant houses
will be built soon... As the company
owns two hundred and fifty acres of
iand. operatives will have ample room
for gardens and truck patches. There
are already several applications for the
position of superil t n.lent. '
?For some tinier'pa-st the people of
the tipper part of Camden and. Kirkwood
have been annoyed a good deal
at night from the loud cursing and
singing of obscene rongs by certain
lawless negroes. vQn last Friday Mr.
Win. M.Shannon had warrants issued
for XeNort" Simon'ds, ,'Iohn Collins.
Alfred Adams and .Tames "Marktfi
colored, for cursing and otherwise dis!
turbing the peace on Thursday eve
ii in jr. They \rerchroug!it before Trial
Justice I>cPass, who fined them each
ten hilars aud ?o,*tsr- . -.-'r ... *
?On Friday aipRfc last 'Mr: ('JiapjnanJ5-tncJgf:v'i1eiiartt
A-orkrftj>: land*
of Xil.eu. J.,-. 1$. -Erwin, iii Lancartcr
j vumjtiiftnMki fron\ j?fodj?'''W-';it
uoiso'gthiH xri" "some' <>rie
j tfvjng to effect an entrance. (Jetting
j nji/roin his Inxlhee opened the do<?r
i and .stepped- out-upon.'the ground,.
1 whou some one in the- yard *firoi upon
| liiui fr-orn a:~l)Hsli. - The ' bii^'prdzwl
! the body of Mr. i&tridge, the skin -Ijo!
inir cut for several'inches, lie called
j for assistance; hut bcfonv.it;arrived tlie
: would-be . imirderecMnade his-escape in
j the darkness. Mr.'#!*! ridge is an old
; man. a quiet, inoffensive citizen. "His
escape from death was a very narrow
!;one. He has 110 suspicions as to who
! fired the shot. .
?The meeting of fanners snjrcrested
| to have .been held''"at Vorkvil-ie. - last
j Motulay, for,the -purpose- of "seiti ii?*
! forth by wav of an addrc>^, or in such
I ?' -- >kt ftnf ?nt?!
j maum-i a* iiihi mvci dim |iiu|n i,
i the condition of the crops in tlie whole
, country, ami open up a cofrrt?ponden<-e
j with the guano companies, and mature
| Mich compromise with theni as may be
i found practicable.** as recommended
J by the meeting at Hickory Grove on
; the 10th, did not take place for the
j want of attendance. Persons from the
i amntrv who were approached on the
! subject, including one. who wtui^ioini.
nentiii tlv meeting' at Hickory Grove,
; >ta(cd that theyi-aincon other business.
The pm|fcjsed'l;iet'!iiig'V/-C?T over bv
j default. * ' :
j ?The Kcoir re Courier of last Week
r rt? f.f '
V --iV'
*1 r: <
i. . '.;u
. v ' \ 1
afternoon I?:i mey .i s? cimi pniiy wTtli'his
tjvo brol horsy ,Lo??4n. and-Tim. and
David Wauls, went to IHiririn.s* homo
and forced 21 ti entrance' into it. Dereased
and'Hrtririfts wvrv both armed
and tired at thewwne time. Uamey was
shot in the forehead, the ball passing
through his head and lodging behind
the brain. Iliggins was shot just above
the hips, the ball lodging in him.
where it now is. Uamey is dead and
Iliggins is now in jail. Trial Justice
Nielor, in tin.' au-ence 01 me coroner,
lirhl an inqn?*st over the body of
Iiamev. I)avid\Yaul?vT.ogan Harney,
and Tim Uatney wore held fur trial on
a charge of riot." , . . ?
During last Sunday it was thought
that nearly a thousand colored people
mu*t have gone from the east side ol"
the Wateree river to Smyrna Campmeeting
in Wot Wateree. They did
not .ctart on their return trip until iKf.r
sun down, and. when tjiey got- to ' the
river there were so many vehicles that
i he ferryman could nor put over but a
few loads before dark came. It is the
rule at the ferry that the boat shall not
run after sun dmvu. - However, the
ferryman continued to bring, them
over until nenr dark, when he suspended
bu>ine.ss for the night. At this
time there niiM have been four or tiye
hundred?persons lefton the-other side
to wait there until Monday, morning
before they could cross.
Completion of the Programme of Cevrfnonl?d
for tlie'Graud Opening on the Fifth.
[By Telegraph: to th^ Chrortlcle.]
. Atlanta, G vi, September'28.?Tlie
programme of cereinouicsAtthe opening
ol the Exposition on the oth, ha?
bVcii completed/ The ceremonies will
be exceedingly impressive.' A : large
number of rcpwwcirtati ve. citizens from
j nil.paV^iyfjhcJLJnitetl States have ae!
eepted invitations to participate. The
: ftittdetails wiilbc veil lb the" pres?
Km aultty ?r Ptret;- the Tmildr
j injrs are tuu?hwf ;.aml' exhibitor are
i rapidly putting tlieirdisplays in.shape.
The city isfast filling with visitors.
The prices, fbr. entertainment at the
hotels, boarding houses and private
| dwellings range rit about the same
rates as at Philadelphia during the
Centennial. Thursday. October 27 th,
has been decided upon ,tor, the.governors'
day, and all the Stales' - Executives
are expected at the conclusion of
the Yorktown Celebration to visit the
; Exposition here ..before returning to
' their homes. The First. Connecticut
riofis are expected to take part in J he
exercises of the occasion.
Mothers ! Mothers l-I Mothers 11 .L
Are yon disturbed at-aight and broken
of >onr r^t by a nick child sntferinj; and
trying with tli* rxcrucia'ing.pain of cat
ting t<eth? If so.-go ut '-nCf and get :i
SYRUl*. It will relieve the poor little
sufferer immediately-d?*p'en<l 'upon it:
there is no mistake about it.. There is
pot a mother on earth who has ever.us?rd
i.. Who will not tell yon at once that it
will regulate the bowels, and give rest to
the mother, and reli :f and health to'the
child, operating magic. It is perfectly
safe to use in all cases, and pleasant to
the taste, and is the prescription of one
of the oldest and best female physicians
and nurses in the United States. Sold
everywhere.' 23 cents a "bottle!
..dec 13-xly - - *. _
A Pmtnrli (!nlil ftp Tliriwt shnnlil
be stopped. NVglret frc^u< iltly results
in an Incurable Lun? Disease or Consumption.
Brown's Bronchial Troches
are certain to give relief in Asthma
Bronchitis. Coughs; Catarrh, Consumptive
and Throat Diseases. For
thirty years the Trocheslmve bwn recommended
by physicians, and always give
perfect satinfaction. They aTe not new
or untried, hilt having been tested by
wide and constant use tor nearly an entire
generation, they have attained well-merited
rank among the. few staple remedies
<>f the age.. Public speakers, and singers
nse them to clear and strengther. tii*
Voice. Sold at 25 cunts a box- everywhere.
. ...... * dec l^sly
A LL PERSONS indebted , to. na for
; XX goods bought in 1681 and all fr/riip
r jwrjr, are earnestly requested to pay jn'j
: a-; soon ns,possible.' We- nirat lav^'. thf
uionev to pav those whom we owe. f
... sept 21 . - . . V
I \ URGE lot of the cheapest Toilet
J7A_ Soap lor tho price ever brought tc
Winnsboro. Cnll an J bo convinced.
IS hereby giveu that application, will be
made to thtj Legiid <ture at the ensnI
ing session, f<T the incorporation of c
Narrow Gan'<e Eailroad lid ween Winn*
boro and Sjelton or Alston, or some poinl
between.fli? ln?t two plices.
Application for charter.
t ** ', >
"VTOTICE is hereby given that applica]_N
tion will be made to (he Legislature
of the State of South .''arolina, at. its
next Krssion, for a charter to construct
a milroad from some point pn the Charlotte,
Columbia and Augusta Eailroad,
between Columbia and "Wiunsboro,. to
some point east of Camden, S. C-, by way
of Camden. S. C. ;
Aug. 3, 18S1. %V. A. ANCBU3J,
K. W. I'AltKEK,
J. T. HAlV. '
aug 6- tx3m . PEAcrrSfiriTE
REV. R. BURWELI., ( PrinHmI<5 "
JOHN B. BUMVELL, 11 rinc,Palst*
T^IIE nlnth'annuaJ'H'^lon commences Wednesday.
Aujr. 31, issi, and-closes-June 7.
[ liSl. Instruction crivrn In all branches usually
j taught In llrst-claas female rcliools. Advant|
ajrcs for vocal and la-trutnenutf mu*lc unsur<
passed. Building heated throughout by steam.
Location equal u> any. in tlie -country for htialthfulnexs
and accessibility. For circulars and
catalogue, address'
. .* Kaleigb, >*. C.
HEFEKFNCES?Krv. j-is. Douglass, White
Oak*, s. C.; Dr. R. A. Klnlocb, Charleston, S.C.:
Col. J. n. Klon. Wlnnjboro, S. C.: Dr. J. W.
McKay. Cliww, S. O.; Mrs. X. K. Wttliorsooon.
M*ys*llle. S. C.: Dr. T. F. "M< Dow, Liberty" Hill,
8. C.: \C?pt. IJ..K Slnffleti(ry. JlHjyBInff, S. C.;
Brown MoCMlum, Mluoral.Spring,.S. C.
July f-x2m' ? '
! of appetito.yausea. bowels costire,
! Pain m toeHend.yithn dunVcnaation in
! the back partTPam unaer the shoulderi
clinaiion to <xertibn of body or" mindj
| Irritability of t?mperTLo W g'pTntn.Xbra
j ormemory, witE'a fueling offlaying neg;
lectecTsome duty, weariness, Dirainegu",
I Fluttering of tHeHeflrtTDbta before the
| eyei.Tcllow JtflcinT H eadache. Kesflris
ne?satm^btibisHjy coloredtTrine..
i PILLS especially ndaptMlt<?
xuch cum?*,one dose unch achn ngo
of feellnjjs^to astuninh-lhe suffere'ry
They twrrrmw (l?c .4pi?otMc, oriflrunw! th?
body to Take on Flnh. Ilms the .'j's^ror 1s
nonrlvtird.ati'l by tli<-lrToHlr.%rtlo??T ?)>
IH(Hthr<?rrtinft. H?olM*?<?oUMt TTrf(.
dm-iMl. I'ricg y Bnmty Tf.T.
Gjsa v"?r^r? f>r wni^'.cT.cj- f" tiUu
Ill-VK l?V a unpiicftuoil (>1 Jiu.- i)\ li.
ltnjiarlM A autr.rci roior. wtfc
>-'.C : > !)rn^*?' nr c:it i-.y ?xpr?3? oji^rca-p". oi
Ottlcc. SO "Murray Sr.. r'6v/ 'i'crk,
ir. ..fVjTi.iV. V
mm*-? ^
mrrni iTfinmiii i
The Most Beneficial Tea Imported j
i . .
i The Grwat Atlantic ami Pacific Tea Company I
have loujj mado it a study to furnish a Tea that j
vrould suit all tastes. They feel the utmost confl- :
| dt-nce that they have fully accomplished that re: i
, fult in the production of Th?a-N*ctAr. It is the I
I Fineit Fuvoreiloadiuoit BcaeflettlPark |
1 Sutartl Leaf Tr? ever offered to the public. !
j It is cured upon porcelain ia the same manner as '
if prepared lor native consumption. -i
i -This tea has been subjected to the most search- |
; ine chemical and popular tests, and has been pro- I
! fecTly healthy. VERY STRONG i
: and ECONOMICAL. It is recommended to suit j
i nil tastes, whether accustomed to the or |
' Black varieties heretofore. It is warranted to |
I give perfect satisfaction or the monev will be j
1 refunded in every case, by the party selling it. :
j Container* run *? > ri?k In giTln* Jt * j
! trial on these torno. Buy a Cndajr or .
| THKA-NECTAR and enjoy a cup of ;
i N. B.?None Oennlne unless packed in One |
j Found Air-Tight Trade-Mark Caddies.
I " For Sale Everywhere.' Ajk your Grocer for ItN ^ i
i The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co..
I V Importer*, CefeeJioasiersaHd Packtn,
I P. 0. BOX4233, ;; v NkwYqmc. ;
; \-ny - ^ :
g V
o ^ ^
ft >
I ~'a r Is .'Si"
51 W fij ^
8 i a ? . A H
u Cc # Ei *->
g; KJ g * w V ?/l
f 1 a " ?.? S?
?r g B k 1 ?-jj
g > ?. $S-o" * -'i
r.? ^ sr-^.-d m
? w 8 ? 2- n ' S
? *J cs d J- v
* 8 ? B ? 3 P
- g | h X g s 52 .
W g ? I" % ? g o
S STitH! J8 1 W
b? g . ? &-^ h ; o
Pi M B?: ?' = . fej A cS
a S S3 2 -d & C V~
S>2i a J o
J J Is " fi"
ia S" i E. Tij;
5,H !? ^ 2 - y
SK ? ' s ? 9
y J . ,?; ..., H
. p &>... .. g.
g 09
finnh tn Pt nwrlwH ir
: riDO IU ii\oijuuuj
, By applying personally at the nearest
. (or by postal card" if at a dixtanee)
ouy ADULT person will be presented
with.ft beautifully illustrated copy
of a New Book entitled
containing a handsome and costly steel
engraving frontispiece.-also. -28 linely engraved
wood cuts, arirl bound ia an elaborate
blue and gold lithographed cover.
No charge whatever is mode for this liand
some book, which can be obtained only
' by application at the branch and subordi:
nate offices of The Singer Manufacturing
Principal Office, 34 Union Sqtiare,
may 17-ly New York.
""g -1
' \ THE MOST > ' . iCHOICE
I .. * - SfCII AS ""
"?* *
i i r\T?c< "i . '
; JlliU - *"]
i 'f
?Ksemjaso m ol. |:
J. C L K X,D !XX X (>\... . I
r _ ilu.-; /.;>" ?*- Vv:.v xvv,
Till: Bttl.VSIVUH
Patented October and Kowmbfr, 1880, and ?
April. 1881. ]
"It is a new departnre in table delicacies,
and destined to become very
popular.''?J>< stm Daily Advertiser |
"Convenient for tbe cook>and <le \
licions to tbe epicure."?N. }' j 1
(Jout mercial A dvert iser.
"Soups of excellence."?X. |4
Y. Evening Post. , . ^
' The idea is a good one."-:-Juliet
Carson, Principal JV. Y. Cooking <
C?n bo highly recommended for
their excellent' quality, delicious flavor.
convenience and economy."?
Boston Traveller. \
"A maximum of excellence, with a
miniipnm of bulk, weight, and cost." ?
Seicark Advertiser."They
are realjv what thej represent
to be, palatable, nntritious and
economical fo63" * articles."?Food
arid Health. ' 'l'-'
"Nothing better cah be had for
family use, or for hunting or camp- <
ing parties."?Brooklyn Union- '
Argus. . I
These soups r.r? in powdered form and
contain a substantial meit body,'with all .
ingredients and seasoning* complete. Be
ing thoroughly desiccated they ar$ ,'pre^
served perfectly fresh, the water??hfe onlr
element lacking?not bring added till rc- ]
quired for consumption. A dish, of ex-j '
conn is nrrxlneed .witbont trouble I
or skill in fifteen minutes. The meat,
fish, vegetables and all ingredients, are^af. ?
the finest quality and identical with'thoxe
used by the best cooks. .They are .prepared under
direction of the foremost of New
.fork Caterers. The" very-'-hjgbest grade of
skill (and much, skill is required to: make.
a'really good soup) is thus made available
to every consumer.
There are several distinct varie- ]
ties, each COM PIJETE ix^. itself.
They require the addition of nothing' '
whatever, save water only. A .Child *
can prepare them in a few initiates; ^*
They are extremely "rich and!" nour? j'
ishing, and the m6st economical food (
in. the market. They will keep for J
any length of time and are aiways 1
fresh. A tin- may be opened and a
single plate of soup made, . without
in the least degree endangering the, i
the preservation. pf, the balapce, \
which can be ut*ed as. required* A
single trial will* convince every' i
housekeeper oTtheir . marked excels ,
lence. convenience and economy. (
FOB SALE BY . " .]
R. fl. HtEY. |
srpf 97 * * a
O ' !
c) '
.. ? ::
w .... ft....
t ^ ?L-, ,
0 I
W - c SM L
B E ! se1
M V w 5 H
B ^ E'? s 5 fe?'3
f1\ 8 W Q g I
y ^ w o'i B hrH
S i 3 3 i rp
J_J K >4-.yg.-,
S^l lltd,
li?S ijt'W
* ! l o
? 5 " 1
fij S r " '
H . ?.. , -: j
3 '
K o
. ?
Is a compound of the virtues of^fpxpKv
Sarilla, stillingia, 'mandrake, yellow
ock, with the iodide of potash ibd-iroit, ' :
a! I powerful blood-making, bIood-cleaav.:
ing, and life-sustaining elements." "R is
the purest, safest, aud .most effectual""
alterative available to the public. Tho
sciences of medicine and chemistry have
never produced a remedy so potent to '
cure "all diseases resulting from impure
blood. It cures Scrofula ' and all'
scrofulous diseases, ' Erysipelas, f .
Rose, or St. Anthony's Fire, Pimples
and Face^grnbs, Pustule*, !
-Blotches, Boils, Tomors, Tetter,
Humors, Salt Rheura, ^Scald?ljead, .7}
Ring-worm, UlCer*,' Sores, Rheumatism,
Mercurial Disease, Xen. {
ralgia, Female .Weaknesses and ...
- Irregular!tiesi Jaundice, Affections _ I
of the Liver, Dyspepsia,' Kmacia* ; J
inn nnd Rfln^rnI DAhilihr. Jj
- By its searching and cleansing quail- J.
..ties it purges out the foul corruptions ;
'which contaminate liie blood aml-racse j
derangement and decay; It stimulates j n
the vital; functions," restores and pre- ^
nerves health, and infuses new Jife and !
vfcjor throughout the wholes-stem. No ; T
sufferer from any disease of the Wood *}
need "despair who will give Arm's ( <
Sarsai*aiui.la a fair trial. ' "" " x
It is folly to experimeut-with the nu- - j
merous low-priced mixtures, without i L
medicinal virtues, offered as Wood-puri- :
liors, wliile disease boccrfnes more firmly ! \
' seated. Avfk'js sausai-aittlla fca-raedU *' [ "
cine of such, concentrated curative power.... i
tlinf ft'is- by far the Ifcst.
?rcnf .*JL< ' ^ *1
-I . l
* _> * -H
RTiiTnn a nnniii
fro* mmm
V* , . * . f"~
' .*?
special ann
1 Little Cash Now and the' Iftlahe
- -; CtfHtfa Ttraiesia;
> vwitt ?/ ?K
During the months of Aagncf ju*? S?f>We
'"Offrr ri^c^'aH^ ^Organs- st
[joarist Ca*h B atx?v
~ ?10 CA>if OX AS-OKOAX,
rnd the balance in "fbtee month* tc'thotdI
iHvest''*Thw oSvY- erpirfs' October Jat. I
lext Buy .no*, and bnv as ebe&paa i?d
?n next Fqll with ca*h in hand. N'otliinJ
gained Br vTAitiiig. Briers vill Ue
Another boom- i* ckm#. at band.-- Manfl
'actnr.Hr* sriH not b*;.ablt t? half xnj>r*
he 'demand* .and Instruments-.-will Hj
icarce'?ii<f high. "
Sow, trith a ma^nificfct stock?*11. frcH
>ld and standard makers. Price* tH
>*e*t. Term# the euiwt. Two hand^|
.nxtrumeLte. to sefe^t from. Ba4 Makfl
raly. Our very Cheapest Instruments*
perfectly reliable. Pianos 'and ' Orrafl
wnt on fifteen days test trial It's all^H
isk. Give TM.the.prinl.ege end we^illH
:appy. Send for latest price lixt, afl
)blifje, yoars truly,
Liudden & Bates
... -f .y. ^ ^
me Great Piano and Organ Dealers of fl
kjtuh. "
r i turawi
L . frvuxuiumvui in
' iAGZRT&tR I^.k)T^a|
SOBEOTPOB, r2*38& JV 9Jm
v .
; w:. ^TRATOHT. "Vv
, rM^diRTBED; I
..HTI&.13 ? ' J
' %,7i rF,ViRj"
-.-_ ^ ^ _r^_ ry " || |
ERMGNED, kxowijm
otSfall puegn tM
RE." ivUl)?:, TIKjJ

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