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The Fairfield news and herald. (Winnsboro, S.C.) 1881-1900, October 12, 1881, Image 2

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rhc- Wiiii'r Ki.'rtC
fKi>,. >ii-:v." cuss >;:tn
-\ c?!'>r-'il !:iV. yer 1><?
I cuaS.rr. ?nrn?*(? Wiif?'ktr, addresses
^ *!u- nwlv i\ itli go?i?l vy<:iiT?.
Tr,F. S:.v &c5it?- tI>k'VCs have- Ivco:
Swdk-f^? ^><r in* Tv'tslwJiirto!!
?r:.'.T; ?? iiwK^HrHu^my (;?l I>or>.v/ ha
s^CKpri sBrcyi fir.
. ("JrrrSAS* jvwran wrtf. Trx
?-- 5 iUc.'oJsr-i:; ?:iu:
r^_ His. wasivj h;:s rw* ] :; ;
J .?>. ?br j?ri^5i^>>n. br.J try ;4*
p:<>r i;a 5fs arer]?.-. :asv^:?y Ix^icir t;-.
AErrscsric l^uraFsy hntcs
tzi&?kk?u<? him our. of i.^0- * ??
. 6?a-Hi?r.-?r -in urdrc* !o . srettre ui
5>s??r-: ?raix!?i?tratioi>.?r aiiit it is iv
> i u%i :h?< e*i?:?iicps- of Shertnan*
. a* so?rQ*t?i!y of the {n:.,^::
- .2 ar.'in Ac&nc's baud:-*- Wiiri be*
7* ul:*-r ?
"X53*-.Stf-\v >:;>^k iU*p:fii>ttcact con
iviuLot, *xj "??"*-irii>e~?ktyr the Stnhvart
T?-t^xWi>rksi IxMir^lli u rnaj?ri:y u
feas^red rwu**. Coiik.'iuir v.'a
^ ilcittgx&tr.. ;;rJ dia uotwsij'
v. ! oV
:? wore. Yet he Is mad all th
v ?:s?* it.
>:X2t is becoming as not"
tk !.?. >?* i:>rsiv$t in New York a? ho hr:
|| > ttjr V-f-.-r tst Caii?tl:ui. Ili
ft s-rr??r a few *?hy?&yo Srr ^jrirwsiiiiLT :
1' : . ilali, vi York, out of tweuf v
lias already Wen recount
ft v.. iyaby's Timtld ?nys th'at he ha
awo^iilzeil a* the V.wn v. h
H a *rtr-;iraor.^; z 2v?'W Jor?^
" <s*t c:SiLJrfy-Sve dollars
? jKTSimoiiEg a ?o:s.?? ./t&iss- iicyyjj
? ;>&< frr w.r of
j- .aIT;:>afr. Mr. Hall and tlieC'on
K *A>*uia:: will now possibly he abl
-u .uuietrtaml velar South Carolina wa
? rebellious" uurhig' ]?U>6C3-' term o
B C-5.-C.
? C. * ?
*:ie i'MsieiS Sr-tt*?e ew-S r
ft r vcrr rcssrfoit on Monday. iie;mb!ican
ft : *-i Democrats held cnumsses 01
5b*-iurilayr and appointed committee
t\ . i" *r; ?^svx*w *>?* wt ?#v J
1 - roweaitK-es iiivt the Democrat
& j'-.vt* jifrfioe tlsat tivy iiacl made ;i]
Hl i<,t-ir utLatU ti> vitct a president ps<
Ik um. :-j ?r.s>n?:ittee wftfc Jaw Jixifl pre
bat were- wiHintr to eyafcr a
j^Tr :''* rest of' the ojfg&alzjition. T!r
I JLvpabiieaus refused.,t+ygo on; claim
ibg iL^it Uu> jprc?xltrn<ry was the chhI
j-'Htt' involved. A protest, nnid bu
Bw"' -: ? rcmined, will be entered by th
W' I.. j.::WicRss?. bui they were not -ex
t- --i - ' -* " " TVTTKZ.
: -wretavy "before sweariiig hi the iiev
had uwi been decided at his
Wk s..uv.art;c?. St:?a!';r Bayard was th<
W i .:ui;daous d?Le- of the I)eiUoe;-ati<
jfe He wilt be the b?^ost ran;
H itiuf Iks* stood fCeOittS hi the Pres^d 7:1
Htt 3 :d; secession s:kj.~s ihc ar;?;??l old day.'
i&?Z?s??K>n:i. Arfbar doe.~:fl love
t ?2w and iiay&stS doesn't care fo 1
B -Amber... tkuf in a President ud nioi
Sajcuvl. would beat by :; mill:o:i votes
5.epndiatinir 3oss Kslly.
<?irof h huruhx'c! a:;?l twelve DemoB
Cil> paper? iii New York, out r,i* tlx
ri*T. r.jtfy six favor any ret:opiic?;>:i o!
hi the I>iT.)ocr:;t;e State
R5 4*\?u\'?utioxi. For vears Ta*ar?aisy ha?
2>a*tfl Sryr York City wi-h a n>u o!
stztx- and by virtu? of ilsis control ha>
to tin; Democrats of the Stat<
H &ias of the L mo::. 1 he Uuiii> a
H wrporuiioa, atiic rfs delegate* arc virHk
by irs bos? instead of by
B iW- f/r::iocnitI<j voters. AUempts a:
sgl ^ sr:<>:;s limes b:ive been made to &e
xivtv; Tauuuanv'ji ii.3i?wrrt\. but the
ir^iriiiers iiitve had their haiN
and adopted Tammany method^
tO-'if<?ates and c:ti!sHd'.i:o?.
i&cr,. u<)-,virver. a county I*>e::roc"atic
KL^has been farmed live to sill
farnf>> ami ii. Lui^eusufiaci a Uirire
Hlte*;- of :&>- ro&tvs.. h fhorvhl be
Sbytke- fonrenrion svs- the
Buvatic or<raai!2a?:<->n 2>i fhcr
Ban ma By and Irving Flail
e-reundiated. ,
Kelly ?j|o!iborate!}
HNfipc:-: to -?i?p himself.
Vw^* ^>?aTr?V f>*ar8
/^Jdled (liU^yTamfla
^tl:t VWW^rS Hi oUV
Bgt . v,^ bcijS jtfte year
te^^Mg^^wrv Jo the
^RSpUso jK?atIy in
Democratic candidate,
rank treason makes Tauimany
IS* ?>ouer it is ovp-rR
the Sesr the j>artt i? S?y,
BSssfae- tTnianw
Strikes and Strikers^
88 B fVikos Jisve tieewino von- sSnittiiigTv
i\t Southern A frw
ftrl> :iir<> 2S>?? 0r??vwis w.r;< put under
BBagtMil km a te-'a: day*1 in wiisoqtienee
fck^uc^ a:u? ?. en*rrndt:rod
for stv?i?jr!e?. ^^iisriKir later
8 beca:ae the scwac *'*T blood Sa
\vidc!^ fortiinaroK-tlsts oS'end^fcrs-the
snfierors; !U?;?:kva*
j|l Bpoa* of a labor strike in ?&$eU?.?>
atiW serious iJjst'.srtiftivc! (?::
B&auSvfi 5r.vc i>5:ui;at:??it'e. 'i:iiu<
SK*i::^r x-i city i- jrotv.7. Sutd
BP^-arc- !iixw::l)!c for a j-etiie8?u-r
in.the rko-iields ti?e sa:nc
Bj:<?~;::id arc reported
Mfisrbed.ihe of ihc>.t rc-irion
H \?&??*???C>r?i Lfr??r strikes and
P| Sstcc been ecus&ied to the
Rfld aiwi to the kiecrer cities e?;
Kt- \sici?* the Sot?it h::s trenthem
Iron*, u- d
|ses?-K&ule i:i this ?$??ctic!i by
H:> us. tJu- :.-s;st t v :;;o;ith>
fo the fiwok of order
B&ri: v.. li ai^rnus* b?*l state
|Bn.4 iun;U-!ls tifwS&fei ia tho
|Brf&22?acaiiL;?Y v> yeajt*
Br !>"
B fa
B aatiM-Br
B^^Waiiz:itioiiisl.*. .111<
SP^PrFb^v innts-Dir^re fu* iii
r*> psvtrxi tl--r vifjim-jisiof
C?i<-i * liberties. Thruvf in ;i
' ir\v mote (in; e !i> :tmi fisr imperial"
I?1 : ? r . : .. J
i-:s vr:w wttoism in>staer n: i-.-.nv <?.
l:>r a vfrs>::^ ?:?v?-7yMne!if.
" ii I hose rafco-.vrs sr.- ihey
' will im.se their violence. AM iry&mv.>ifrt
to ;i. har?l year alter ( hri-t..
::ia?. afEfi r??ry jar and j;?lt tlsar our
, K-5:it<-KT?{ rrsScws** "vcill ad*.! t?i
t xrr wl i;t
to 'war itw-i'caiH-d silt tins
.Hid a-IS als-> libor sJaoijil iiislit ibi'
- Ik'sI {sTJassSifj raw. tak?r wbaS they
' . ictrt anw that tkry art'
- no worse off? m wilier pyesWJttiis- to
' furi;:<li taints lor assassins nor Mirhitanners
tu he burnt out of house
. /jiitl !x?ue.
> .
:l Sfanzgement of Schools.
f> Ths P'et** rvwi J.'fr?itrr thinks We
have stated- its :irjr?rut;nrs wti?j*:rly.
Vv'c nover intentionally misrepresent
'- :>.5!>yoae> <fi?i**viully a frjtn^- Jfcwiour
- posftiou as
" nearly in its first as in its second arti
<rle it should have had no can so for
> complaint. U-'e consider otascivo
- \varnu&r?'?S irs st v. jih ?*?sti;i?;
> ?!nrs ;i?>t>n Stxltr ?iH"!n}e:?f.
"Flu- inxirr::c:v>t and the official ?re so
c'o^t!v" Mended in th^H; days, that
^' set: ire actimejj than we j?oss*?jfs is rcquired
to draw it<e i?ir. whik' *ea?lin.i;
stivii vew.arks a* t!**-c first ntnde by
(> (v;.vr contemporary. "We have-?>&:!! :
f to do vvitli ;?vr*oi?il ivhifjoi:-4. 1? watt
n ::ft?cia!. tCrr head of tin* educational
: <^v.<ieui that we defended from what wc
f considered improper chart's. ro
i- <??; >!inir the schotA Xswr, we omitted :i
s portion bceui^r we dreamed not for
> i liKii ?;*v one Would make
:i the point that the Superintendent miifi
. address the people only upon school
- | luaiuupumeiil. and save all ri'a>maitns
' thiFk?ns-as t?> ihfr iinyrovemrrrt of ?hr
: ) srliool fond iVrr the Legislature. A
v- i penal Karri:*- coiiJfi ir>i possibly he
:n<>re strictly construed tisvn tlx iVe.*
.. Uiml Jiutruer has coustrued this- law.
si A&fritifpy that the law does not com-;
pel him to speak about an increased
i* i fund*, it ceiiftvwly. does not forbid him.
* ; And he lias snfSFcFeirt TCammt,. ul t h-j
I ' spirit of the law, for mukinjr any sug-i
jrestion he may deem proper on any
' ?l.n Uki.1i .1 nnn.
; lCiU.U4.C VJl l?IV * *v \yv?.ti
>1 ruction as-i> given by the J*rc^ and
Bonner w?*eild eontluj; \h?. Srxperinii
, %*. . 5?.
ie::dcnt tu?'ie*3^? of telling ouly how
; many tunes u- day a dusicO;shouki bu
tbrashed, or wlfcit shouitj l?f tVw
1 when a wayfarer cries ;<SCh<?<>J> bv?M'"
: at a whmjU'y s?li?)i)i- lumse- rite i< coin'>
( ~ ,
: jx.'lkd <?> ks-tvre i improved. methods
^ of inst?m;tion, and t!?e?i- re>$?ire
[t: ii?i>?ey.jw.?3 vet we are told that in
i ;u:y mse- Lis auditor;? ask him to sagirest
a waits ?f raising that money., hi;
, is su(l*5ca?y Wcuiiie dumb as . an
; oyster. That construction won't d.>.
If the Stale Suj>erii?teiMltt?t w that
i nates the entire Xorth and through it
t the Union, ami -ftiwls ViiaVVi&f e^-C>Kv:hs
of t lie State#, if not more, have follow..
r-vl Xew England i?i this respect, and if
( : he himself believes local taxation to be
: the solution of our educational proWetn,
i he would be remiss if hr ?7K 7*>? en_
| desvor to enlighten the people on th!s
,' point, so that tl?iv may properly s? l?;c*t
. : (heir legislators. To avoid any subject
, because thi're are dilierenccs of- optn;
io:; about it \vf?o!?I be to i'!<>se one's
j mouth completely. ?u?? matoimiLv
cannot be secured on any important
>. topic whatever.
j. The Press end 2frt?s*tr bs&ls
|: that teachers slionlit mrwrt ffc-5? &?si\
ness and not endeavor to influence
legislation. Farmers meet in. die
irraiure and (liscit-w tie iieii: law and
: :
railnmds. ymFinjili'onists* meet in
t council to secure temperance legislu!
lion. Even sheriffs meet and (ret up n
i corner on han^injir, and yet teashw:;
mnst >it down ami s-srk tlicir p?t>rs
rill sstus* STctcuIcs comes* along: to lift
j the educational cart lrom the mire.
: The rijrhi of petition is sacred, and any
i iiidividusd-CM* any class can exercise
| that i%U wsarraf >rt orhSrHfeanec.
i We ?rtw n:?e?t happr to sgree with
ihe iVe.w o.irZ }?hri rn several
; points. 5rn?srr that the poor shall not
j. l?e werned the privileges of education;
j <econd, that the two mill tsx for education
should not he abolished; and
j third, that the Statu should kav*i
l-ni^dVuv.?j\s to the hanc of
local faxarrM}* that i-s :!
j local measure. and Abbcvilft
: have it unless it wishes* aithoajri^^B
opKMit&g? i? sinr>s not abreast oi the
.: times. Wake up. neijrhl>t>r.
, [ Fstekts and Fertilizers.
The question has been asked why
' i i!k? fertilizer companies are specially
1 beset for eoiiijvroiai^cs. It i? triw; tlkit
f iortriiswrs Uare doue* tk>gov*? in many
: parts ?? sJw- ?t?352iKyr owing: to the
j div)ttg&r but neither Itave the mtvh-s
j purchased nor the bread and ts^at or
; Kjrrieuliunil implements bhwIL Ajrain.
i the irreatrst. diversity e\'i?&s sii tinj
cr??p? mad* hy different pcrso-rrs p*?r?
: in thesanv uci^hborhood.. and n:> ?rei>
: era! yiactof sca&n" ? perfectly
eqr.wdWould it not be much better
??r C:trh individiwS to make the best
eompCTJCMx.? for him>olf Tn? can- Some
fanners- naxl r*> reduction; others- r.ai
. not possiWy saiy out.
We are irfeul :o->ee that all ll?e fwrt!
ers repnaJuite repudiation. Our dfsH"
, dr.twbach w-*W? \rant of eoswaaeraal'
confidence. '.Shi* is- wire inorwy b:i?iy?s.
twelve per it?_ in. the .Swfli.. when It
iroes Ix'^iiiirin the jforth at three antf
il>ur: not that the Se?th ha> lacked the
' inclination to pay^ ban tiiat, owiojf to
(Mir s> tin- abiiL'T has- soy??iiincsl?eeti
tia:_r. I Jut M Suf vncUnuti<m
Ik- incrxjtrovcrtibly show?r and capi
tuli-sts will risk tlu* o.'het: c^athuronry.
Proof ??f ?ki> is >eou iii the reduction
of interest rs. the- |>a.-?f fl-vr y?ars to
twelve per Icoul eighteen and
I twenty. Ov.fr >? two iwt>r? prosperous
yours will hrir^; tlie rat?- down .-till
fcstkw. The Stkotlj i> i-s&J&li>hin?r its
vvtrwk, *ii? the Xorth Ivs> her have
i j&aoncy. Ivtf ;tt Tie 1- ns hint of rcpu\
slktivi: yt.okoi-Sccki-iliTi: up
, . i
W&> tiiri-rl OK^f-ine- tt-r a c?f rt>::?'
CTMVn! COTifftlefHt"- ?: ?-;Ul lie (Ji^rryptSnjiIv
by'it tr,e:*!iiin of.'ooiiSsSrfifCev
.As tins hiW }.-: strotiin*/frying <-viE,
, ; THtZhiifg sEJorcM I.T- tU?s.rt f'? giva it ftir.
llnf r.iu>(- t(i Irrc. jforaii llrt'se
- sons \v?? :i;v *r!:id (:> set* tli?* f;irn:f*rs
. - rWS*'fc?..ai expsv-sj-fv t]ccl::!*!ji?r
' a^iuust And j-iua1 many
: of Jiifin :;rc .-ocv-Iy ^es>: ?I ilrrurKih
, i:i!c!*fiTci;rn n:??l nut frcsn
, ?nv i'miit of tl.?'ir>. wc iru>r l!:cy i?::y
, !>> to c<i'i:Uii)te alike
to :< Yt
WJjilr no r:?r?it \vl::st:-rtT fur
:kv* (K-^cwumIs fhv llstniz.'r
\v!:ljw ;Lr- I?tvc* u
f'.'.i'a I radii to iicf i/ry J:i>t forihinir.
. it wont! hrru u'?;i>riVrf ac-r. ar.d one
proJiraJ>h- kv t.V.r 1oiilt n>;:. for them to
:&:iJ!ioriv." tlis-ir ??> :rwr<
. i:i proper spirit .tiwj to
. ii> >*a:t iLusrvhluai fa><'>.
. (! < ' :!irM* tL**y u;.r an
, rnonnon* prolii on their ?:re?!if >aies:
1 and eventually profitable lncii'.w unless
M>ji;e!liii!<i" of I his sort i.-?t!ioy
, cnuuiot expect to uafce liitsiiy s:sies n.-xt
: year. Ili^iory >i.y v.v> that after :?
, ili>as:rotis sea forfiX-FS .a*- ^rslhout
, I t>rtil:xtT>. TiitUUwby the rmp of
ls7i? wa^ so pytJltaKi?-. ]Jat two jsoutl
rear> have h*<l to'ui i.-uormiirts 3:svesti
iiH'iit in fertilizers, which have proven
I altao-t a tuiai los*. Is it belter lo exj
art the irt>: price now with the certain
ty of Hit ure loss, or lo ^eale nvosent
t profit* aswi jjci'jjctuu.Sc titc lva?k*? This
i is a matter li>r the companies to eon;
sidt*r. Tin* >;tu.a^tt^^mands candor.
'j f:irnwss bolli
I sidt*.
Tin: LIES LA. If.
J[ ;&?*. ICslHors: I think I have
: read aiF that has <wcu published in
your paper fur and against the Lien
Luv?. This oiK'sfion, like most others,
has two sides: for we consular that to
' Ice a side . which hasj.tst enough of real
truth, or of the semblance and appearance
of tru:li. to rctuni'.vueiui i>. L>t?t
wo artist ia>l forget that it is a prineip!e
i:i logic that in all contradictories
one must !>l- (rue. and the other, as a
. necessary consequence, must be liaise
ft'l?li-h". p. Si.)
' Now the prosperity of a ])eo]>Ie turret
depend upon the amount of well directed
labor. 'This weil directed labor
iKipencts upon certain oon!hi?*<*m:iu*.
One of these contingencies is the
soundness of the principle from which
. it prtKve:!s. t-'or wuatever mav uc me
, temporary a^lvnutages secured Ijv acring
upon a su-roti^ principle, such adt
vantages can: never lead l&satr pmrrrt'
J wnJ prosperity. Now ! hold that the
: principle upon which the Lien Law
LpriH-cnULs unsound morally, socially
! and refr?r<*?*?y. a?d as such trau never
' j lead to any permanent prosperity.
J National wealth is not enriching one
, man by impoverishing another: hut it
, eonsi.-ts iuth*; auuuuii produced over
r ??it ..luifii l?v. 'imiiinU t*an<i).mt<sK t
know then- are th"?e \vb<->arw- not ae'<
customed t? regard. moral'principles in
. business tiuusisctions where dollars
i; ami cent?! anr-eoucerned,. ami thev eon
>ide~ themselves prepiurci. t*v explain
' away such pi'me'ilues. j?*4 jis Kohert
In^ersoil explains a way theevistenee ol"
a (ioil. IUtt there are others who do
, regard these principles.and I jiiyvefore
, thitjk. yoa will ajrree with iur?, f liat tU?*
view 1propose to etxitsidor should not
be left out o-t" tb* rftsenssiuti.
As i ;:&rm lite U?m i?av* as resting
, tipo? utv>i>ej:dpr iu ci p I es. and therefore
j txt- prosf>e?:ity,.l accept Ihe burden
of proof as resting upon myself,
and shall attempt at least to sustain
: the above-mentioned proposition. And
here it may he proper U> say twoI
things is* rmranee: l'Trst. Tshaii coti'jsider
the Lien Law ?ot as-it may be,
I but as it i> in ix* pni.cUcaL-mWftftTio'Iiw
ithinks r fail in
su.st;tini;:vg- sry view. I am open
; sider what lie has to say, insisting.
\ however, noon this proviso?that liolliiiiir
irrelevant be introduve*!. and also
j thai we make tlu.* isrjejral principles
i iiW'i >ir Wlttitdv's I,o?>ie the
' standard'of appeal in regard to tl>e vafdfty
or falsity of the arguments. I
mention this modestly, not that I know
po mu?*h; about lojric. hut that it may
save us from, heating tlu: air. or lighting
a n:au <vf srrnw-awd aWsave time
by a shorter route to some; conclusion.
:i>*>wweeh tor the prelude? the >ong
' week. 35. i'\ Co:;i.ky.
j tui: LJ-J-'KCIS (yroi'h i. oss.
Con~re?*vas>T7 and Stnte OfllcuiU Give their
I Vic?.? mi the Kxbting Political Sitiuitiou. ,
The Sew mid Conriw Eras reJ
ceived expressions of opinion from on
' Congressmen on the status of affairs.
: ('?> 1. Itidinrdsoii believes iliat the dead
President would have blotted ont seetionali*iiK.a.nd
the effect of his course
and of his dentil will be :i deathblow to
; sialwartism. Arthur will liar&lv at:
tempt any extreme t*rr*sr*nk.s. Should !
' he do so. lH-i?oera:ie vietory will rc|
suit in issi. ilr. Dibble looks on the
death as a national calamity. There
I will be three parties in Congress, and j
no extreme measures can he passed. if i
; attempt e4. ?Vwsocmti? party i.? ;
ti.^raUviri<if centre 1br the conservatism f
; of the country. (Nd. Aiken says the!
i >o;;th deplores a:i irreparable loss, j
I President Garfield would have done
j more for us than the Republicans have ;
, l'> VI UIMH* *?r Ui IIIITI II. x-^i-triK* i *il> ;
would do. If Arthur prove a stalwart
j the South wiLkbe?omemore solid than
; ever. It h?- &>; !;> , v fiarliidd. both par:
tics may he a:ifagonia;4? ser.tioiii
alism destroyed.
Col. Evins doesijiflfr^r^Jiehend .any.,
diieT^resuUi^s the stability of the;
not depend on any:
^^m;in. The eocwtry has spoken so j
loudly in behalf of reconciliation and;
i civil service reform that Arthur will I
h:irt3>r u&r,* himself to be rnided by i
those whose istrce warfare against >
these sentiments compassed the death '
ot his predecessor. Mr- Tillman be-:
j Jieves that (Jarfis'l^s .eler.tion to tiio 1
i presidency broack?ned his views and '
? nT;ult? hiln li.'lisiliril. KnM'Vfiihl" to I
[ be fcacctMrom Arthur by -friends- ot'j
i civil liberty even in tlie North- ?n tins j
! stise the Democrats nuty the key j
f t<> the situation by making David i
| Davis Presides*.' r,-f the Senate: while [
) by its strength in Congress it can :
! thwart hostile mvstsiwrr*,, in any event ;
: the am-L )!?* ?K*;i*?Ki] Democra-!
i t?y vri?I gain. fcy the- association, as
j neither is vows-nisibfe ft>r it. ami !?< -;
! swuss ;f vvn'l efface Sftvtibnul lines, anil '
1 tliiiwi, bcrau.-e it vva* brought a-ixnti l>y
f-Lv inherent vice an.*l r*?5ftmn<'?s of the
KepttbSea:: p:;rty wii4-ci* has *o long
; abtt>*e?! power that the?- smutty musi;
sec she inexorable necessity for a
i A shorter vi>it?'(l !fe? State oflseers>.
(Sovermw Hagootl \v:;s too busy t?> b*
intervreweil. Lieutenant-Governor
?eune<!v 'jhwRght the-Senate was stvt'e.
that Arf iiunr ^'onhl make no attempt,
against hsr. General ttratton t!u>B-gUl .
, Aptlwur & vo>>ol to <r? aoy ;
tuinik. CoLTliiKH-jVson hohl Arthur's
(-Section \v*?r?l<? make? him a
fcciKu^Ki* man. ami that ho \yonhl l:-t.
Ihc South aioiic. Col. iriins yk-wci!
t!sn vvi'nt as a calamity- The worst
?>f !l?- Ilr-jusUs-an parry will
fco s->rt;i!ir5i* lorwa-w?!?_ Col. lireharc&on
h<rS*'Ycii tlrtit the vivirt'of I he tr. renin*
vfiH th'tcr Aa-tiiJW from atNMiiptras ?uy :
?iviionaL .-diotuvs-.. (iood mi?i'u vt-soit
to rfrr* f)(->ni(>?:f:u-A" this :
tioij. lieu. ifciavi^n-R*! saifi \v<* havo;
the Pv<*>I<}fiit wefei'yp ha<l si net* fcnr;
\ ar. IT?? wokU? nog predict t!ic etttvi
of Ariaur's admimstnilion.
?Ladies choulrt know* iha.t Ayev>
Hair T?ps.r i> a superior audi rconomira!
IJ lias become an iistiispe?ist.^k
luS the tuilu-t- A
' s"
w <in
; Cnafi'Awa of tb*- S
I Tiir Nciv York/aSH
u alt mic?;r rajs
(*Hife:?n. l\v ?>};< ?- ui>U :in il^^O
!?ry i:l:;ijj|rr. ?:i wliii:!? hi; s;usjM
iftinlc ol'^rciMTal ('arta-iil's ' ? fly
;?> a rfii??v;il :i:ul i:?>; as ?n
My K jTT^y i.:k*i!. \v:^M
reim?rt y> c:i-;!v as possible Mr.
A. f?;triSeM. :i ?|rf?r?. amSiCw.q untudfl
riltiarii of Ohio. who tomjMirarjIy trr^H
?'kf!: sin* position of I'iV'-Kidit ol* wil
t"irir?-f! S'.aU'-. :u:u >!:!:-jili:re in hi<
;iMr. CiA. \srh;:r. of Xcw
York. :t iVi<!;rrji.n;>lK*ii an:l v.?
li:;iai)h? !i''irrlfr:::Hi. ."^r. I int<?
fKU'tJv n?!IloVe to Paradi^(wlsh-h
is a irrcat r;5jt/r:>vt".:H'i!r on this
w->7hi\. w hi;v Mr. Arthur tl.c
- iJs.'jHiWijr." An'Mic suit!"!: "Nut. : sotil
?si tl:<* swivrrse knew of my purpose to
PMiuirc ill'* PrrNi.ii'!if. My mojjvi' was
ptuviy :isnt }?itrio:ic. sind I
un?l:-r hiviiu' pr-.'s>ure. li \v::s
llit' saim* tCisitl csf ] ;o-HtiV that Irrt!
Abraham to sarrifirv sits ls;Ui'.'.
Thf K?*:sh::*:>?'s :vniti>;.-;Jiu:t r.a< an art
of (mm}; lsi> <rU-?-?}??:i was an act of
(ioii: !ii<mn?>v:?J is ::rj wr < /" (?<>?}.
ni?-se j-pi'ciii-.* arl> of the I>t-ity
may <r'.vc the a fxt."
says his tissue is j.rosionncod
1 !t? was lx?va its Illinois in
1NH. itvesi rlu.' !>rsl tivi: year- of his
nisnfxxu? rrhh the Oneida Frre f-inv '
Community. liic.i c:'t:sic to New York !
ami siartfu a religions paper which
foiled. after Tsicn: he huii* around tii;>
cr?ty ar;t? attended J'iviaotfth rhnrrh.'
. Me iyf^wc.-n New York,j
(Jhirapv and S?n Frnr.'.-i?; .), tliH3?r*r a!
In w. :i> a relh^iisiss kvtur/r and .*to?k1
' advenrjst.ami: at fast \va; put m the
! ToikIi* as a hotel dead heat. 5u JSSU i
he lunifi" around Deirtjx-rsitic Itexd'juar"
ter.s in !>?ew York, u.u-lil ordered oil' as ;
' a spy. ami tln:i! he sought Work frosjj;
; the ISep^lte'an* a*'a. stump speaker,:
. ~b;if havmg"o?ty idenssuwl no rc|>ui?i turn"
!sr wa? rtjeeneil. after beiotr;
allowed to make one speech to a color-:
ed meeting.
J After the Indiana eh-eMou he asked
: (iarJii-Id t*.?r rhe Austrian Mioion: and
in Noi^uiliey wrote to the I're-ii'iem:
* We have cU'iiMfd out as I ex-'
- Tiijnk <;--,L vYrv tmlw ;
i_*tiarle> Gtniran." When >*ij:rlj>s via?
a;>poi*itt*J Min>.-tw to Austria., (isiteuu .
appfied ft>r the (*%?rt<crf-h:i? so;
juT^istcntly ill-it }v was refused :iu interview
at last. This wa< during the
^ itiT.'ihn-Jc. ill- t\!2iriiii!i*s:
Mi-. CuukJiii" resist K?d oir Mo^iway.
, May t<J, rssi. Oil the i*tsil-?\viii?? Wedne>dav
I was in bed. i ii.lnk I retired
. about ci^iil oViii^k. I t'eit depressed^
ami itiT'ilrx'.-ii on ncvount o>f t'w iv.?!iti-"
1 trul situation.and ! re* red irsnch earlier
than wsrcaL t f-'it wearied in wind
aii-1 body, and I wa< in my b<?d about;
nine o'riock and 1 was thiivkini: over flio
political situation. ?nd the idea :
Habited through tuy brain that if the
fwervthinjj would ;j*d by' ter. At first.
tiiis was n mere impression. If. startled j
t me. but the next morniiiir it came toi
mt* with wiif-rtrc:) fores-. awl 1 bejjan *
t-j rend the papers with my eye on the
possibility that (he President would
have to go. and the more I read, the
i more I >a\v the complication of public i
affairs, the more was I impressed with 1
the necessity of removing him. This j
thin?f eo:;tiu;ted for about two weeks, ji
1 kt-j>? ren?lhi?r the papers and kept be-1
; ing impressed.and tiie idea kept bear
ing ami bearing and bearing down
i upon me that, the <?dy way to unite i
I the two fartfe/ars of tlm-Kepublican par- !
! ty and sa-ve the RepriMic fvom going:
; into the hands of the rebels and .Demo
erats was to (juietlv remove tiie Presi-.
dent. Two weeks later he had made .
: up his mind to the dec-d. lie then got :
i !ii> ho.4c '-'IIvk1 Truth, a (.'onsjwmun to:
the I?ible,~:?rci revised irr becat*<e lw :
f tliottidst i? would ,hsiv?* x great sale]
' a revolver ami
' went to chureluand saw the President '
) sittinir near a window. ~E tluou^ht to j
; myself (hat would be a good diynee to j
' got him. I intended to sh> him
throujrh the b:u:!c of the head and lot ;
the ball pas? fbrwagi* tiro reiiit^v in
j order that no one else,should ?/e. injur-.
! cel. An<1 tliere could not }> ?ssibly be'.
! n bolter place to remove a man th in ar
fiil xfrniVmTfie" lex'rSunclay. 'iJut. on
; Thursday he went to the depot, when j
i Garfield was s<?in:r to Lon.ir IJraneh. t
! "Aby-nt tvomty-live minutes after!
' nine the President. came up. 1 stood i
! in the ladies* room, about the middle '
| of the room. w:ite,hin?r liim. Mrs.U;?r-(
j lield irot out and thvy walked Jhrou^h j
j the ladies'r>om. and" (lie pre-ence c>f -:
j Mrs. Garfield deterred me from tirin?r
; on him. 1 wasali ready: my mi..d
i was all mado up: I had all my papers
| with me; I liadaJ-k the amusements '
i made to shoot bur/ <i.nd to jump into a I
j earriajrc and drive over to the jail.;
Mrs. Gartiehl looked so thin and she I
j clunir eo tenderly to the- Pre>ident's
arm that I did not have the heart to j
lire on him. lie passed riirht through ;
.< t? ?t* HAAr.i IWJ I
| lliu liiuiro jr.umi k im'iii % u.iwu^ii u iv
main entrance, and took tl:c cars."
[ ''The follo w in# Monday was-a terri-j
f Wy hot. sullrv day. I remember I
| stifle red jrreaily from the heat, hut i
: notwithstanding thai I prepared my- !
self again ami I went to the depot
ajjfain on Monday with my revolver!
and my papers, Inst I did not feel like
lirinii* on hini. I /imply went to the
; depot. I sit. in I he L&dieK* waitinir
' room. P w;;iieir and ttSMi^ht il ail-over i
and made up my mind tliat I wv>a!d i
not tire on him that. day. I did not!
feel like it.. The train cair.c and he ;
came, and Mr. Jair.es. die Postmaster
{ enera!, was there and Mr. Hunt, the i:
Secretary of the Navy, and their lady i
frienris. ?&*v all walked together to j
the President's cwviajre ami Ihcy all :1
jrot in and drove oil"."'
"Wei:. I was watching for tho-Presi1
dent r?I? thur week. ? ?rot up true morn- (
insr sit halt-past live. luniKuitr tnar. i ;*
mi.trht ?ct the President when ho :
<>:ii horseback riding, but he c^rfiot <r<> I
out that morning. I Sat therein She J
\)*sk &>v two for !:it:i f
wijji n?^ftr? ami revolver, thinkinir1
that J iiiiuflit jret a chance at him. but j
he diil not Lr?> out that morning. so I |
went back to my room, look breakfast. j
;.paf d;> r.-r\ prtj-rt-rs ami itiy revolver a,:id ;
let the matter <lro]> unril nurftt. In the i
evening, after dinner at five o'clock, 1 :
went up to my room and jrot my re- j
volver out and'earried it in my pocket. j
Ho went out riding that nijrhf. L as.-ss f
in Lafayette Park oppt~4*e r?rr: White |
House wa.1 rliin^.for T.iru,. and ' about i
haA^pwHsix the White House carriage
dioveupto the White Houseand waited
a few moments, and the Pra-uteirt atnTi
some gentlemen,. wMi ? younir man!
eighteen or twc?tv years oM, whom I.;
presume was the President's sonr jrot j
mtotl:<? carriage. Twy drore down |
by the Arlington and out on Vermont
aveaw_ I hun^ around (he park about
ha-Mfun hour or so, ami they did not return
ami it was very wars:, and I enu- j
cimlejt to, let tbft. iTKdter drop for tli?t j
nurht. so after sittinir i" the park j
far some Jhwe. 1 went as usual to my j
Immt* wrnt to be?r>. On Frit'fclV ;
niii'Uf a Star I grot my <II:u:or at rkc j
M'wso ! \v(Mil i!j) lo my room:
anst? took on! my revolver *r.d 1 put
;4 my hip pocket ami I h:wc wry p&pers r
a'irii me, and I tlio'Tiirki P pwfwhly j1
na:a?*Iit tu-et a chans? ?t him Friday ;
niiihr. I wtnvl Latayytte .'rpiarc ;
and >at thfnv. oi/jj-.x-rct* White House.
ix TTUvStJAumv <>f i>::at;l
';I had n?>t I>wn there a inline be-;
tore I saw tlic President wai'< out. of(
dm White H us;; -Now..' F rkoR^lu to
u).y.^-T/r 'T have ?ot a f^jieiwii'V srS-sMict;'
ul liim; lie is all alone:. t!:ere isn't any
wne Ki'oiuKl liiin/ !I? went into Mr.
lifeline'* house. on Fifteenth street. I
followed him ami 1 w:?s ahont
half way on the oysfcwre Hxw of the
street, when he ( ps;eve4. '.J1** Isouse- I
went into the :u1*y zzi(l one my re?U?AUM*
:ti?d li>oK"t*c r.t it ami wiped it!
t&'niid put it. hat& into my poekcr. I i
waited hail'an Lwur tor the President
t?> rmm our. llv cams- (n:t_ and Mr,"
Jjlaine with L-lrs. s.w} I waited at WonnleyV
iwitf! they ?tt>svd Sty me <>%,
the <>ppo>ite side. Tlii-y walked ;
II >1 reel au*l into ihv White H?--rse.
Mr. Blaine and the I'yesidm.-t >eei::edwvj
V. IwJ. *llx* CT > l'
;! i '.* V:
iii Miu'tirr l isssxy lutvc ic?iitf?:ctl
in the j.virk ]jt?r!i:ijiJ half or
llirci'-if.Krti'is of un Jhjsv. ;i:i:1 tixMi I
wt'l'.l i:0\vit r?> my rtins -t fin: K'i^s
!ion*;*. My mnii) \va? prrfeftly clvar
in regard to si-Moving the President:
I !i:::i not. the slightest-doubt about niy
duty to tli:' Lord and to the Aiwrn-an
v>c:)j)ie in trying to remove tis<? President.
i b'-JieYtsf l!mt 1 was m;ti!i?r itn'V'.r
a -ivceiat .-.u'-inu-iry t? ivrnovi'
i:*ii;r. h u ;rs nuW by nervi::g
myselfto U:e utmost tlut I diditat
and I never had the sliirh'.est doubt :i>
to I!?t- i*fSp;r-jtion of the net,
and iluir if was for flic best interest. of
the American people.
On Friday. T?6?vVi:i^ that the President
was to leave i??r Lony JJranch.
tjuifeau rc^irrcKo n.'move" Jiiin a!
thy depot. Iict.iOk breakfast. I*!:u*k- ,
oil his boors, put his papers in his
porket. \visU I us revolver, and took a :
hack for rTrf d*"pot. Ik* left his jxijvers
\vil-!i the newsbov. and vrrrtl into the
ladies :i]>:irtiii{.\!it and examined his revolver.
" W'jy soon the TYcsiiVnt np.
He was in company with a tmnflenntn ; i
who. I uiMle+'stutyl.'- "was Mr. lihiine.::
and I anj s-Att>liecL. that he was Mr. fUlaine.
a [though" I did not reco^tiize ;
.fftr:uearviairc I should'
say some two minutes: they had. not ;
completed 'their conversation when 1
they n Niched the rStfwf; and during
the interview of t .vo minute* t,f?ry.
finished their conversation. I>ir:*ii:ir |
this time they were c.n?ra^ed fn very ,
earnest and private conversation, as ip
have s:;k>. "-'J-Ji!! .President got out on :
the pavement side and Mr. Blaine on i
the other side.-Titev entem! ti;eSadies'
- . . .
room; J tfootf tlK-n? waieJniig tim*
IVesident anc'. tlioy passed by r:ie. He-;
lore fhey rear-hcd ll:e depot 1 liu.-i heei;;
promenauiii* -uu-rtwl clown the;
room between tho tieket <>li?ve door anil
the news-^and tioor.-a space of saim*
ten or twelve I'vtt. I walked up antl:
down {here J should s.iv two or fhnv
timo vo-rkinjr myself up, as 1 knew
I lie fconr was :it imnd. The President
and Mr. IJlyine eajne into lliw ladies"!
room ami Walked* rijfht by nnr; they!
tliil tx>C nortec me-a* there were quite
:i number of Indies ami children in the
room. ' .
' There Wilis quite .1 h?r#e crowd of;
ticket purchasers at the jrentfemen's
ticket office iu tlie adjomi:??r room: the .
depot Hirttietl'ttk Ue quite tttll of people.
There- was. .quite :i crowd ami :
commotion aroniid. and tiro l're.-ide.nt. 1
was in the act of purine- from the ;
ladies rwom Uv tke mailt cut ranee j
through the.dooi,v I should say he;
was about four orftve feet from the.
floor nearest (lie ticket ofriite, in the:
act of passing through 11 .?* dour* to ?et i:
through I he ilep<>t to the cars. He was !
about three w four feet from tl*e door. j.
I stood tive or six. feet behind hrm. >
rijrht iii the middle of the room, and as :
lie wa.s in tite act of walkinir awa\ ;
from me t polled out the revolver and ;
tired, lit? stvisightened up and threw'1
his head hark a; i<? see hied to be per- !fecily
hewi!;icmL lie did not seem j
to know- w.hat s.rttek him. I looked at j
him: lie'did not. drop; I thereupon:*
rxAMit. Ho iFrobLt-ed his head. 1
seemed lo rwl.'iultl ft.'iJ owr. I do not .
know where the-fifstshot hit; 1 Mimed i
at the ho J low of his kick; I d'.d not i
aim for any paFts??k*r p!nee. lmt I
knew if ! got thofflj two bullete In his
bn-:k iic vu>ak? eel'latnly <ro. I was in
a diagonal eUreeiiosi I'm in the l'residenr^to
the n<urfhvt&st,. iud supposed
both shots' stntffcr^'i:
The assassin was Immediately seized ;
ttaf/'not the police lmrri-1:
ed him off to iKuidipiarU'rs.
Gilitea? adds .f^D he. himself. has
dreamed of the rvt;s?de:?rr. ;iud that |1
lie would make an jwu'.epfahfc ..official. | 1
The whole narrative jerks with eon- i
ceil a- d \ an ty. Thai sudi?V*ivelin?r. !
niiserahle eur siiould have taken the j j
life of the President, is one of the un- : 1
scrutuble deerees^V ProvicTmiee.
rllli Cf}TT<>\ c-JtOJ'. j (
FaHlti" off Ksf iniat;*! to Awrac* Tbirty- i
OnePfprOmt. j|
XKW YOI:K, ^epfeitiber 30.?SjM-i-in! ,
reports i?> Jisfniftr&rft'rom live hnn-'
iirei.1 cotton-grow in^r counties by live i '
hundred ami tli:rfy-uii:c correspond- i '
cuts, as to the condition and prospects !
of the gruwin.* cotton crop, to bo pul>lisheu
to-morrow, arc as follows:
The condition and prospevt of the
crop. kkK-ti on TH-J^anr s4)??rn more !
forcibly in the follow injr table. This |1
gives t he actual average condition of j'
the cotton crop, as o^tnpared with fh.tr [
of last year at the same time, as nidi-[
cainl bv onr reports from each ?t:ste, ' j
and the average ot'the whole country:
" ' "* L ist ye.tr. 1
XortbCarolinaand Virginia.,percent....31 a-lii j
S iuriv Carolina s U> j \
CJ:.-f rjd:> ontf Florida , .2^ S-m f
Alah.Wfta .24 T-1i> _
Ut?s:.:s;4ipl ; ,~S 'i-IU j
LU?!HLUM au S Ii. J j
Toxjh : ?) :-! ?!
Arkansss 51 1: t51
iVr.tt?r>-W. ;... 4t> 2-l? ! .<=
Atcvajjefo: eorioub^lc. a 5-io . i
Our last month's report, indicator! a j i
condition ? per ecu1:.. tow that of last j
year, no aI}ovr;tne? baring hcon ^trrtren j i
i?f increased acreage uUjM^rr I tence. [
[luring the ui'jttdirTKiding September ; t
I'K the cr<iVi seem? to. have been iujur- >
^JirsoThe "'i per cent. .Jt U very posst- i
ble that tinder the, depressuv*: influence ; i
ol"the damage actnajly ib>fvr- -to lhe'(;
crop, s:>?i(? correspondents have over- f |
estimated it, and.that, tlie actual- ocrf-,
;urn of the cyop will he somewhat 0
> " ?? it i
iar<;rr 111:111 UHc.-v-ejiu-**;."* iiu;u<nv. n n
is evident. liov/ovcr.^liiii tiic crop has i $
been very, seriously. injured. and- inu-t; <
fall a>n>i<leryl>!y sjiort-uf that. -< >? las! ; t
year, even with t?ve most favorst-le fall yu
weaiher,, and full allowance being',
made for tl'ic |ncre;iscU ncrcage plan*-: \
od. .... . ->
I' fhould be aiidcrstivxl that-we are
not prepared ?o "We an- C?tim:itc.of I lit*
filial outt-urn of tjiecm}). -/W;c^h(>l:W-.t? >
beVoK.flo do VSis lie&tiia'ijiffiiy k<
niptfrt." ^iYr1'?p&rts- Trnficme" that'a ; 1
favorable fall alid 13to 'trust will itn- i J
prove the present eon.di! jon ,nud_ pros- i 1
pert of plants in each fctafc as follows:
In North Carolina aiuV Virginia, 'I per
cent..; Soulh Caroling 3' ])er cent.-;
Georgia and Fluntidy'- %2 6 per'cc'Ht.; *
Ahilnina. '1 psr vf-at.Mi?>is>ippi. 1-i
per-cent.; Louisiana* >>? -per rent-:
Texas, 4.4 percent.; Arkansas,' | .per
iwt.j.ajid Tennessee,-2 3 per cent. <"
T!ic ?rrade of the crop, as far as it is . c
gathered, is tv'pr>F ed to be very p?cd> j f
tliouiih froxs WHHe localities there are ? ^
eoMjphshirs of the staple bein<r pour.
Pkatiw jx'Aikkx.-?Oi: Friday. Jttsfr *
atojfct one o'clock, two.while.men en- j
sr^ed in a difficulty, when John Green v
struck James !leu<fcrson on the- hciul; t
with a large. .Hi kk. from whirl 1 he- *-cicci c
9V. Sum lav morning, at four o'clock, [rs
fli-i-iMi was arrested unmediafelv after ' t
the difri . ?!{ >" and is now in jaik. tfcn-; r
iUtmmi made no pfiurt to sisrike :l
lircciramt w:i> unarmed. O.r Moortay > c
z party ofyonuju ladies, conHst.wgj of!
Mrs. M. II. Woodward.... her -^e;>-' .
daughter, Miss .Sallie K. 'Woodward, i
her d;u;srl?fotl'. Miss faeiiia Wot-x5wa rd.'!;
sjf'.I Mrs. Corhrni:^. started iu. :t two- |
horse carriage. driv.en.ljy au <^v.w-ri*Mu> <.
cd tailored man. to attend tla* JEdisto c
Association at I'xJkTnarle 1
Chtincrt. twenty-two miles Sva> Aiken. >
Aboisr 12 m. the horse tooS iVfrta, ran 1
away. up-ct tlio carmire and injured 1
;4i/!>s bailie WoodwaWS ?*7jrwi?ly !
SUM she expired at live o-Vk>ck.t.!ie-3amc ^
afternoon. MNs - Woodward was a ,
most estimable lady, aiwl her deal?1/ has [
cast a "loom over our lown.. i>!:e kid .,
been suflerin? Trosrs esr?oM?inpt!<>?> lor <
three wars, but notif tis-uurht her iate i
WGiil-.l b!l i?a aid- ~ : '
PPP from llie hriekPP^nnc
i>'.Mihr;:ii;iry late Su::itlflrer
^uiiifCit short
nSancJ'. <!: >.* of I In: prisoners stooped
clown us it'lo :;?iji!.-t !ii< s!iof\
o::e of t!:v ?;T.;i"{.iS :.> IiMk! Iii;:i :i knife
to rut otl" :i ]):? <. <" of leather. T!it'
guard u ;t<id Utt* act nf complying wiili
n.i> request wkvu ;iio convict turned
upon I;i::i unit sfi/.cu ms
\v:is lilt- I'stfnmvi.Tirtl ] lor the
nth: y- to assault 1 in* oilier :r:iar<i ami
him oi lii.s ?run.
tjurir ii'i.-nthms Jrt? endeavored to lire
n;->on tlieni. but. bet'i.-re in* could pull
tri^jor. was ju ih:*ir clRtrlies and tiuuble
to either cMricatr himself or u>e
his jritn. Thv -ix iirsj>er::t?* liavi::tr
obtuiiwd t!*funs> atle-mpicfl to
shout the ^v~ii*>ls/ !>iit tortimaudy weiv
m:;.i>i-j to manipulate tho complicated
ioi-ivS ;ukI rrhirer. ami I lit* Jirriis would
not fire. 1 hoy then ran oil". eamiii?the
ifisns ;vixl (hi; L'iiMt'ds" hat*. As
soon as possible the alarm was ?:iven
;iiid parlies started oi:i to scour the
c.?ti:itry in search of the fugitive convicts.
The following are the nam.0? of those
who escaped: Mack (JritIi:i, from
E<!?reSiei<?y Serving out a ten years' sei?tcme
for irramt larceny. t'harles
Canipbell :mi<1 John (.'utupbellr broth
its, lnwu Yorkviile. serving oat a lite
seuteiire lor arson. iMvanson Thompson,
(ttias Jordoi: JSwnuson. lVoiii
LJw'UvikK*- stlsiloncrd to }]?; kuprisonjnont
tbr arson. Win. White, from
('h;trl<!stwu sentenced P.?r lite tor commuting
si Cwiririary in tho niirht time.
Shed Xa>h. from Charleston serving
out the s:nne siMiii'iuv ibr the.'s-uwe
till'cuse. At last accounts ntHie of the
escaped cmviets had hesu captured.
How to Prepare for Hiwnl Time* "Svxt Voar.
jN<".v U-Mo-jnit.]
This is the reason of the year when
"the lower iiHiidred thousand^ L-euin
?!wv??* t/v w'lWk f.
lij iu?/h (Ihmuiu I;I\ ./? u- ?? n?io ????.
the pospcets unci onrtoos for thy waiter.
Somehow or other there is never
any anxiety about the s;?nimcr, X<r\v
Orleans' earnings during the hot season
are small, mud? less tkiu those of
the winter, an;] yet we seem fo get
through July. Angnsr and Sept^mhvr
much more than satisfactorily. Our
people are not cxac-lv chaniethms, living"
on the air and sunshine, but summer
briirgs in this southern clime-many
things, sudi u'-; fruits and vegetables,
Lliat make Living cheap. Aiwi then,
there is ih? ?juestion ofeoals to worry
one. of thick clothing, blankets and
similar expeii>ive articles ti::U come
only with rbe e.ldfty winds of November.
It is this season of the year,
therefore, that is the lirld wherein the
tlu; annual battle of life is fought by
so many families.
Wlwit i-< the outlook of our people for
the rapidly approaching winter? In
all w^mi>iU'ty Xcv* Orleans will take
ia a.*iutt*:h> ius*iicy as usual this-sewonTherw
ma>" Fw ? facing off in lioili the
.iiwl cnmr itoik. !ITI^ UP- ImVf.
of late .developed a numbyi: of minor
industries?t 1j<! true foundation of ;i
uitv's ~ve:tfnrss?tlxit will more tli-'Ui
r.liWt 'tl iese losses, The busing of
New Orleans has varied but ill tic f >r
several years; and is huilt on too s?ihi
;i foti>i?b:ion t.O'b? iwwa:h atle<:tcd />y a*
short wop. I5;ii earnings of our
;>eople arc- no witeruni hy which to
test the mas.Hi'f. winter. The purrhasinj;
pw<*" *s of money is always
inutuidiuif. There have . been time?
when you i-uultE buy a sheep for o pen?
!sy, and v."h??t a ]|):Miij)hJet cost a Iuhi
uved tUHhirs- \Y hat then is the pttrehnsinj*
value o$-nu>neyr to-dsvy'i w- the
and clerk.
The working man.. who makes $GC
per month, will sjwrswl- from &tU to G
dii what mijrlit ho ealkc-i- the-necessities
i>1*life; load. rent. ck>tlKii?. fuel, eler.
The remainder of hi* wajres jjoes tinluxuries,
such IH occasional tri#
to llie lake, a <rlass oc 5s?er.. or perhaps
some extras in t he way of dress for his
women folk. The closS, with a salary
will spend 8~(V on household
?r necessary expense^, kra.vin?i- ?*>0 for
luxuries, a few cigars, a ?!?jus or two
;>fwinc with liis friends, tiasatre tickets
l)ut mainly on his wife's wardrobe.
These ? 1 ') and *.'}<>. which r^.uTSont tin1
ivorki n^man's and elerk's luxuries, wv
Lhe limits to which they can economize
cii/i 11 K i ifiv.wu \ viiicm.vThere
is but Ji:tics increase i? rent?
ibis year. Some may have jsmic up.
ml they only repre.*ent certain iui;>rovcmcut$
made. Groceries. market:i<r
and fuel are tlie important kerns
d'ihe household. and all of these, unurtunately.
show a heavy increase
>\vr last year. Takiujr some ot" tlis
>rii:cipal articles needed >m a- small
amily. the following is the percent aire :
>f increase over September, : i
Lard 18 percent.; flour72 percent.: ,
ire 21 per cent.; corn meat 50 peri
;ent.: lri>h potatoes !<> perwmt.: pork !
14 per cent.: baiter 1" per roui-rwood ;
5 per cent, and coal 50 percent. Scnirticles.
such as chicken?, remaiiv the j
wine. wl.ih: euflee shows a slight <\s 'j
rease. The average cwse is about i
8 JUT corrr:
The workingman. therefore* win find
lie cost ofufliving to which- ke hrvs
accustomed &> *>. 10 per mottiii this j
siouth jns.end of $4*?: and the- clerk
<y-2J.it> instead of ?70. 'i'liis vtsi-L .leava
)ic margin for luxuries very low,.only
*7 in one instance and 817.10 in the
>thci\ about half of what it vsa* late
ast year.
A moral might be very easilv tasked>:i
hrre, bill itisscarcely necessary to
five it. ^\'e need only point to the
act that the cost of nearly all t!is neessi
lies of life are much higher now
!>an they were at this time l~-5 yes:*
nd that a reasonable amount oif economy
must be adopted or many famines
viil faii behind ihis winter.
Messrs. Williams & Untledfre-. Gcccnriilc.
S. < 1 .'ear The p^no rev?t!ypurchased
of you is a great dyhgbf
to my family, and a source of
>nti.<oworthv'comment from all tlic
awskal critics who have cxattR-a-sd-it..Yours
\\\ K. .
Greenwood, S. C.. Feb. 7r :
tioleers 1 ilotber3 ! ! Mothers. f.l I
Are you disturbed at -lipjT.t wu?" broken-;
>f jdiir r^st by ? >irk child snil'er'ng And
trying with th? fNcrucia:ing pain <>f cht i
ingt*eth? If so. go j:t ?iicc s n<\ !
> ,f fl? oi Mils Vv IN'SL!>YTS S(D0TH1N'Ci |
It wiU r<-Ii.ive the j-a-.r lirtie :
nriVrt-r iii'inrdi.iMy - dcpcrarl m>r*? >K;i
h-re is no mistake ubnuS The sis i
of n. mother on earth wbo has ever irs ct '
who will not te'i yon nt once thic it I
fill regulate the Ij,v.vi?is, givfi ry-st to
'lomolhtr, and re'i t ;id<* !o the
bild. operating magic. St ix ]*. r-lo-tiy
.itV to use in ; 11 crises. and vltaisnnr to
li? taste. nnd i* t!ic pres?v:j>t;on of oar !
>f the oMist r.ii'i b<-sr physki-ius
.nil ii 11 vsi's in the Unir-.-t states. JSuId :
vc-ryvhere. cents a bottle.
dec lo-xy
_ ;
V /V.iin.li .11. Sin?s>Th wv.5 f
.n ^ V ''iUVi . "I'v m
>o ?fop]ttsl. N--S'l"ct *Yv -tuntiy rfsn-ts
n i'.D JlJ.CHl :'Ml' Luiili* :3|KC;:S" Or C'iHS- I
P-rowifs iiir? T
coif:ii:i ro?rivv '/-sr:;-!
::n Branch it i>. <'?>! ?&*_('atarrls, Couai'.d
Tim>?h: leases. For
hirty yenrs 111'1 inch'.-', h been rcc '.m
iK-Siied liv pli>sioist?ls. r:i-i-I al\v:tys pvo :
eri'ect sutisf iotion. '21:c*y are i:<>i now !
ir un'rit-'l. b::t : Wrn tis.'c<l by
ri:l<; ami const.ait xn? lor mwiy nn t-nfiiv
;rjic-ni'.ioii. tbr-y i-rtvo j-ita:ne<l well-mer ,
r<-rsl rink aiswr^'i 'lc few st:ij-Ie remedies
?f th? tijjo. slurr'J^
tts? ihfin to It: ;< itU'i >:!r-.Tr^5l?*r tin
i'ajrft1. S ?iil. : l.xfs i-very- ,
srcii .\x
lemonades vv.&
ti:y t:;k celkkiiatiid
tfil rfte VB -* U?? C-^ ??Tv =? t C-Vr W' *2^3
j. c l j : xn i x i x a.
i may.?, Next, door to W. l.\ Dcty ? Co.
i'kai'i: SX.STITtXS
TOATOWfl TT >V\"7T"?fl
mi yousw mhiss,
HKV. K. linnVKLL f . .
JOIIX r,. liL'KWKLL. J 1
rrliE ninth .uiinui ?*<lon c>m manors v.'ertI
l?'>(!;iv. All;T. ?.l. JSM. fliisfs .Mine 7.
;ss>. Ir.stnu-.i'in jfivrn in nil I'lasn-mrs usually
t;siu:Jit In Urst-'-lriNj :?*3t:i!e r>ls. Artvanra-/rt?
for V'H-rtl and in-trniaontal i)ii!.-ic ua.*urp.issecl.
Kr.ilflliJi* IwaT*! .isrf^s'lwUi bys'.fum,
Lrvaiion r-qu.-i'. m ; r>v the rfiimiry fin' htvtSiiiMl:u?ss:?lift
u<:f,.ssi!jlh:r. For riicuhcs and
catalogue. :Kl-ire:>s
iCrlV. J{. Bl'UWEM. <t SOX,
lCtlcigh, N. C.
\ KEFEUFXCES-I'.rv. .Tis. Pou&ass. White
r Oak. s. C.; I>r. 31. A. viLi-Ioch. CliaiifHton. S. CV.
Cot J. It Hifir., Vitiuslxiro. S. C.: Ilr. I. V?.
JU-Ka.v. CLfn?\r. s C.: Mrs N.tt. Withcrsoonn.
MavsviJlc.-S. v.: 1,'r.T. F. McDcw, Liberty" IIII1.
S. ,C.; Capt. K. F. Mn$rii-f?rv. Mars Willi, 5-- C.;
; Brown AicCallum, Mineral Spring, S. C.
July f-xan
; Sosscf appetito,3f ansea, bowels coctire,
Pa:p in thsHead/w;)t.'ia dull sensation in
the bftck~part, AraiL>'under the'shou'Iderb
!<i<3 e. fml no s s_af R?rjfra ting,\r i th a disinflation
to exertkmjDl^bocly orjmindj
Irritability of tamper. I<ow spirits. I-ibxa
! of memory, with a fc-el'i^g of navlng neglectad
some duty. weariness. Dizziness,
i'luttering dftlioH edrt,' Dota before'the
; eyes, V~el)o~w ^kin," .Headache, h est! ess
ness at nigfit, hi?ily colored Urine.
i TTTTTTS PILLS hvo ??spo<>jal]y a?l:ipli'<l to
! *u<-!i cjitti.one dorie cfffcl* sncli:t<-lianj;?:
of feelhiK as to astcsi.-th the sufiVwr.
f TtMry Inrrnmr III^ an<lcnii.M? tbo
Sfv'y to T?ke 011 FUim. thus tli?* *y.?t*m !s
notirNhcd. anii by tlj^lcTonleAcllotton the
| Ifi^'ttivrOr^itna, K(CTlartl'to!*?rf proj
duceti. l'fi'*e 2> Cfiita. g Tnrinr St., Y.
* - ? r- , ?.
i Okay iiai :t or wkkickiia mangru mmiumi
j BrjWK by a eittjrle application of lliis Dyk. It
imjmns k naturttl'color, acts Install uvueoux!}-.
.*< ! ! by iJrujrsi-U, or sent by txjir^ss on rt-ciipt nffl.
Office, 35 Murray St., fiew York.
: g Dr. TCTXS5 JUNTA!. aiTalnahle fnr-rpo'lon end
Rrfript* will J>c :.-a5rd !'??? on npp2?*alivn?jr
r/3 rv
8- .... p| ; f
K 3 w k-~ r
o ? ? p .:
:? Jl. >4 W
\ > g i-y ^ ^
pj ?2* M E?3
i ; B* w ^ ? <?
c6 < w ?*. & r? g-j
w <2 is$ ? A gr
-< hi ?? > H p
S= X 5 K B V
a 2 f g 3 a ??*
Z > ^ ? a-' ?
: y , i ^ u [H
'-I '"N hj /"*? rA h? f |
?j o ^ ~ ^ 'Q 6?*"
- a S 3 s S 1 <r*a
> ?- S o ? ?3*
? > S? ^ u3
w S ar M H M
hrl ._. # T I l
1" o ^ ? c* 1 &?
^ S ? * M H Z-*
m tjj ??j ^4 5?i
S 3 ? X ? i-; M
g p- ^ ^ H"
i w.s ? i a? k ?
n ^ P - ^ H fa _ ,
i u s ? . ? ^ I hi
b? 2 SJ H G ? "T"
^ " B '5 5 a ?
; v g s - ^ ? 9 fZ
! rr\ H ^ a - ? 57%
} ^ ^ B3 <5 S Z, ^
W o ?-g 3 ?3
^ M ? o C M
1 * H ^ S* g.
i1^ ~ -?t s ^
3M S 5 5 u
?r* s - s'" 5
> if <? el
" f ? -
The Most BeneficialTea Imported
The Groat Atlantic awl Pacific Tea Company
,--Av-* ' *? a ? > +/\ o Tao. t)iot.
miw i'JU-i ijioruo iu a, KV ?. *v-w VMM?
~?uid suit all tastes. They feci tin? utmost confidence
that they have fully accomplished that result
iu the production of TUea-Mcctar. It is tho
5'iaest Flavo/edand most UeneficSf I Pure
Kaiu:-al Leaf Tea ever offered to the public.
It is cured uunn porcelain Li the same manner as
if prepared for naiirtsijorsumplion.
This tea has been subjected to the most searching
chemical and popular tesrs. and lias been proaoTr.eet
2nd ECONOMICAL. It is recommended to sv~.
aiht.istes, whether accustomed to the Green or
2fiack vaRCtitKj -lsciciC'CC.re. It is wan-anted toj.ve
perfect satisfaction or tho monr-y will berefunded
ia every case, by thr> party selling itCusnnaicrs
run ;vo ri*k in giving Sri a
tifnl 0:1 ihese terms. Buy & Caddy o?
'i'l t f AOJbO JL Alb rV22.CZ CKJoy U ui
G<3*>EJ TRA.
I?. B.? None unless packed in One
PcmiJcJ Air-Tight Trade-Mark Caddies.
Fsr Sals Everywhere. Ask yccr Grccer for It.'
Tire Great Atlantis & Pacific Tea Co.
impprirrs, Ceficcjittiters and Flickers,
3o-x^-i>3. Nrw York.
T'f?hei< by pivr-y that application will be
J. j;iadc to the T.^isUit'.ir;1 at the ensninatsession,
fur the- incorporation of a
Narrow Gauge lisilresid bciwen Winn?
!><???> aii'l >'helton rr.?i.-ton, or home point
bc^wt-tn the last two plrces.
a ilg: -i-xli.vv.'Jra
X()T^E F0li Y1Z.KL inSf'lJAKGE.
T W15L~r.pply to ths J of Probate
J. of bnii IIc-if 1 Cor.rrty for a discharges*
Guardian oC&e estate <;-f Annie
D:.co-X on Fri?l;.v,. October "J-*; Av I).
SSI. ~ G. C- UACeif.
S*r.t ?0-txlt
^ Hr
j HATING aetermined to "CLOSE |
j OUT'' our stock of Spring Dress |
I Goods, we offer you from this date |
' unusual bargains in same. TVe have :
a complete Ifne of these <roods, r.nd j
pp.i ties will do well to call, examine ;
and pi ice these before purchasing.;
; We would also call your attention to ;
oar line of Fancy 31nslin and Linen !
Lawns. In white <?ccds we are "Full i
! C |
: Up." Our Ike of these goods con - j
sists of Linen Lawns, Victoria!
Lawns, Bishop Lawns. Plain, Piaic.
: and Striped 2iainsooisT Jaconcts, :
Cambrics, Piques, Plahi and Plaid :
. Sv i.ss, &c.. &s. Laces, Lares,!
! I
( Laces. E%intfs, Edgings, Edg-;
! ings. j
| maJ7 [
Free to EiorfMj!
| ? :
I ?
| I5r r.pplvxng ppr?ojn?Bv at th* r.osrf^t {
s*r\ _ ?,.7 ;?r a /IJc. |
i?M.T I'U. ^Ol* I?V VUJLVJ 11 ?v ? > #.'
f-nnce; any ADITiLT *v?rt-ca "cr?n be presented
with .1 beanfohlly illustrated copy
of a Now Book entitled
?t-K nrc?
i containing a ?.2:u7son>e nnd costly s-tt r 1
! ec;_:riiV:nt( frontispiece. also. 'AS Mnclv <?r?- !
graved vood cuts, mid lior.ad in r.n i
i urate tine and goid lithrgrapltr-d cover. ;
' No Ci'arce whalftvei- is mr-clc fortius band- j
sotae book, which can be obtained otly ;
i by application r.f. tlif brunch nm' snlwirdi- (
I mx(c offices- of 'Jfise imager ilanufuctui-injj
Principal 0&ccrZi Union Sqnarfr j
iu_y 17 -1 y Now Yorfc.
| HairVigorf
! It is a most agreeable dressing, whicl*
; is at once harmless and effectual,, for |
; preserving the hair*- It restores,-with
j tbe gloss and freshness of youthrfaded '
or gray, light, and red liairr tcr- a rich
! brown, or deep black, as inay be desircdi:
By its use thiivhair fs thickened, and
| baldness often though not always cured.It
checks falling of the hair iinmcdi>
ately, and causes- a new* growth all _ :
j cases where the glands are not dec ?yed'; t
; while to brashy, weak, or otherwise
diseased hair, it imparts- Vitality, antfc- 1
otrcu^tli, and renders it pliable.
The Vigor cleanses the scalp, cures'
1. ? 3 4-v. Jt -A? ? _e ,ii 're.
ana prevents me xonuauyn ui uunuruii j j
and, by its cooling, stimulating, and- j
soothing properties, it heals most if-.not j
: all of the humors and diseases peculiar j
! to the scalp, keeping ic cod, clean,'-aad. !
I soft, under which conditions diseases7" i
j of the scalp and hair are impossible.
J 1
As a Dressing for Ladies' Hair
The Vigor is incomparable.- It is colors- 'I
j loss, contains neither oil nor dye, and
i will not soirwhFte-cambric. It imparts
i an agreeable and lasting perfume, and
| as an article for the toilet it is economi-!
cal and unsurpassed in its exceHfcitso-.
Practical and Analytical Cliemiste> 1
Lowdl, NTass.
row ~ I
A VTT.TV supply of mackerel
VB* H. Doniy.
j oxe
two IiOTTS'fi.
i i'OL'Ji norrsE..
i i
A frill nssnjimont of wngnmc Vi?h IRON 1
: AMjE TiiLMI>LE SKEII?*, a.o\v in;
store. PiUCIiH !il ont the saaie :x last i
I swfca.. ifrc-ry vngcn Tv;?rro sited f>v \
,1 twelve mor-t'is. I Live mi band two open
; and :vrc t< p buggies. in which I offer a ;
! barg- in One extra buggy l*de, with j
; M.-ck yoke; f->r jwh? cheap.. l>uggy- an<l
! wa^nu harness. Jersey wagon harness. '
' single wagon, harness (saddle, tugs and!
j breed inj?)
<5? II. -Cr3fi32SX aL- !
i jesg 23
j Xl'l'LIC AT 1 ON FOE. ?iLVirrra.- I
IVT'^TICE is hereby given apysrrcaLV
txn 7?iH be lua.le tiV r?e xTt^istature
of 11.*? State of ^oi.ih Oaroiirw. :?t its j
in xt jmoe, for a carter ti> construct i
:i r.iiii^od itoa-sciiie jirt on tin; Charlotte.
iVdrmlriii nnd .\rgK* a K.-ii-rond. :
hetwef-O" <"o?c;.rt?i-? and W;r.nst?>r.\ ii
pT-'ii.t . :tst o4 C:ilSideJi, S. C., by T.av
: of C:;2i'h n\ S. (J.*
! A'lo. "tt*. A. ANCRUM,
K. W. VATiK?Ii, ;
Jv X.-UAX.
\ut&j~m' *{ir^L ti^B
IgSSr ',/zfl
' ' * * J" /
' st^ 3 A* WliUiF^). .
if * iij
?IN AT? |
F. E L B E E ' S- j
MY STOCK of goods fcr the peasen
is now in store :>.nd open foF
public inspection. Is tbe' I
TVi]] be found Dress Good", Cali-.
cues, Ginghams, Linseys. Flannels/
Bleachcd ar*i itfrown Shpetinjrs aikfc
Shirtragp*. Drills, Qotton Flannels,
Jennp. Cottonades,-^assirneres. lie** 1
pelinnf, Brown. Bleached and Turkey
Red T:'.ble Damask, Doylies anifc
? I
TV fho f^rr?/v?rr Dpnartmfinfc \rt H
be found S?&ars, Coffees, Syrnpf S
Tea and other necessaries.
?ALSO? tj
Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Salmfl
Tomatoes, Corn Beef, Sardinfl
Pickles. Cheese. Etc. A lot of fresm
Cakes ana ?saeWs.- ''V
In half asd quarter barrels an<fl
kits, Mackei el in five pound tins.- fl
IN FACT jcu can get almo?
anything yon want in either the DiB
Goodsvir Grdewyime.
ALL persons knowing thornselrB
indebted "to either F. ELDER
CO., or to F. ELLER, are hereb^B
notified to come up and fettle, as nfl
claims net T>aid b\ the FIRST 5>A,"5
of NOVEMBER, after date, will bfl
placed in the hands of my Attorn JB
for collection. JB
Sept '27
Always on hand a au.&fl
stosk cf *iw>ceries and'llanhvafl
J-vF. Me&A?XE? sM I
sept $ . ' .M
T'H-Esa aiiocEfjHil
AEF constantly being rrceiv^M
a synopsis of wiiiefa Igpirs
, aV
t O'fl
StTC07??U, Sfcaas-aadW.
t ?r??A rrr-fTf? V7**?7*'s.*rfT^M_ ? : : u I
i ?*i n X VJ-VL--V *? c
CJiro rr.c a cai'Srcad ex^B
Articles too Duiaeronsto jfl
All kinds ol .)()!
s* Lot tor ftrtnls i-ifl
Sv... icc.. <1cm:o in )fl
t iiK.M', at Tiu> }fl

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