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rnt ST.m ASf) ItKUA 1,1).
S^DCCSSIMT, (Motw J<>. : r : tan v.
/:.. *rir.t.xs 7>.t rrs. editor.
. *o. a. JJKr.Y?/J),<. issnnyrs 2i>rrou.
nnnerr- r.rv hrww <:<it tr:va?ii?w;r
aJevudy- Tli'.-y ale |4u;rjrii?g tbeir
it'UTT-nfv-r.ny ue? wu;^:1" w?
'A.- r ?sr?*:l oUitt-s Senate onlr *kJt wu?
i\; >:uki ! > i:;tv<? national
""iiH Atlanta trighJeni'il by
t .-lanior flrosj. abroad. h:;ve jju! dou ti
t-z :: avccui T>rice*i2aia:I?ir the*
. 5 vpotifokx*.
IJwi.List*. formerly otTitor
?r is t. As Timothy
Titr.r:ia>*~Inr wrutf muHt. for ilii?
ii?\ YTkluuet h:."si:ajvtcy he aclucvcrl
Es . ): * .^::?::riiy. An exchmure cullLit;:.
Je ??i' i".>in:noii?>5r?ce.
viia M;iW>iie.
x tvoitifio:i the oi':i?T <T:?y sv?*
frtrn^w* I>uvi< for Uuyan: a*
fz-z-xkiti pro trm. Bayard an-l Tuvi?
j-?i wili^tUe rc-fvittliua \tas caaried
fc.v Ji. ?u:.>?li>v ni tyftr>)K<rvr?
the ad\ice ui* iii> pkv.-k'Kir*sp^ie
iie^wriuiiy in tire
a^iiKirKifir His articulation
iw-Utf. little i?m>airet!. Ken Hill, with
aiiii'a:is more than a. m.-licit for
' ^*6?"" 'ai-jil lae*-wiiVs '
iX-sjocrals eiccted Bayard
Jri-Miii-nt pfj ttru. of the Senate by a
5-^4- k? hzuxiv-Lius to thirty-two?
lti.1 kf ifciT* tint TOtnur s??d 3tule?><'
*id:JUf with the Republicans. Q:i the
V(j.:*ihAiL of electing the pte?ide?4 1mv?
?re sw^iTfisr- ia the new Senator*,
votccf wiLh ilse I.VjJuWieans.
TjfrpsrugTjijjlj is gwxg ! be ro?iia>
zh:C: Senators bltterify
??>. : D:i\ii] Davis until th'-y v?er<'
2?*rp.?!u8e?i'thsA '.w at I<':w4 loyal
iMtrinsr tlx* W:ir. while i?:'iysitl> loyalty
vus s-u>;>cc'.fd. :::ul they e!;o<e thr
t??pa^r from pafrioiic r.u?iive*. TUs>
i--of course, n ihl^-ehotxl, j ure ?nd
'Kla Republicans selects]
- *v "*? in??;n lotl^ur Imi'f
nhybodv iu the chair tban a Democrat.
T!i<*y \yo!i!u have swallowed so viru>?j
^."'rc.'u ]** us Mahone even wort
r?;uiLLv lineiu Ibv areepUnl Davis.
Wi: l>elieve J lie talk t here will
]?_ :? .-oven million bale crop ot cotton
L idl liivsh. Ifthe frol hnids olF till
7hr first of November more vriil Ik
suuue than was expected; but in am
event a six million crop is way beyond
Vvimil If ilnvn nl
rirc uiuli?i.s, or a niiilion ami t
h.\lf less than lust year. The uverngt
i> i-ivea from Washington as tollowc
N^rth Carolina. &> per mit.; Soutl
Carolina, C>; Geo:#:*. 73; Florida
Alatama, 7*?; Mis.?issi]>?>?, 6?
75; Texas. 50; Arkansas
iv; Tonuossee. "8. This is based o:
Tf.-irtkkJ rc;cri.s.
"r st?-.*s that the? Smth Carolin:
EafliKwaS is destined to remain in
rfbtiniiety in the courts. Judge Bom
Cv?itiirin<r?i ihe sale of the road thcothei
dii.yr na iias been taken t<
thv Uaited States Courts. In th<
' * J -
Jitig*? com jin:u ions _urc n
jf ?, -?; f . ^ 7 'arrr
iler capitalists and railroad mei
L kuve gotten tvsquabbling among them
F W'Utrsy and \\ ill therefore be responsi
U*- for i he" damage done to (he city bj
the delay in patting the railroad on ai
independent basis. Charleston is th<
aaJaml business heart of the State
and should no a large business will
the interior, but until better manage
xnr:?t prevail", she w:H lose all that lie!
iiuumi iulvmihiges should secure foi
* 9m
iTATK elect iu us were cm Tucs
<lt?y in Iowa and Ohio, hi the fortnn
b'-ule tha have an a.Tfcrr>?r?
rtrj:Jo:Tty of lri'ty thousand", and th?
k* iViuoert; s vote evidently tin* the fin
<?f the thin.<-. 'In Ohio Charlie Fosin
* ? s rhe Republican candidate for re
. t "Ction. lie has spent a hundroi
thousand dollars in CBHIMCO H5<
opponent, Book waiter, was a IJcpubli'
?ik.i tiuui luen a Liberal ami recently
n Democrat. He has an euor
Iinoir-j p^efcor-book, 'lx;injr the oww-i
uTthe Lclfel Turbine wltcel^.uitcnt anc
t.i<. laanufocturer of the Iiuokwaltei
engine aial other mcchaukal implements.
The canvas it: Ohio has Iangrr;V?K.*?l
from the begianinjr. Imlicalions
are that Foster has received n
majority of lea or fifteen thousand
a Republican majority for Garib-M
last November of thirty-five ihou
B s&iul.
^roi.QXKt. 1?ani>au. writes to thf
i'tirouirlc that ihe Repuhil
jravc scarcely an\thi?ij? to the
V ^nrjsoldffi::^. A lc:i<:in<r Kopuhlieat!
?|L brought the paper to Mr. (rarrett, who
sd;<l: ~i am a I>emo?n:t: go to your
H licpuiilKau lirk'iids first.*' This childElles.
K:iCto".i:i;ro returned in a few da\>
Hbi'h a beggarly lu.-> own coxitji
^^^^wtiung?" "He
HPHRsnriug his name in the
At this ill*. Uzneii fitkly
MT siloctedf aiHi retorted: ~Th? ts an
V in isa-crz- exrtise. ?.I r. S. was very
1-roaipt to seutl hu Ahlerney cow to
B Mr. (iarlieki. ami equally prompt in
I ' Ic4Jn?r the press fcno-w if. liwa&pnbiished
everywhere." After t5rii> sibiger
Hr. Oaimrtt gave five thousand dollar*.
Of and ai>ciher i)?!aoccat followed with
B tvro thousand iuore. TJjerC Radical
millionaires made their money daring
& the war by contracts, and tow howl
aboat the r^bcUSuM. tbut enrkheit tfcrtn.
"Yet when it coast** to money for pure
M charily and not for election expenses,
tWv become vcrv sen>itive. Sacfc is
R lite'?'
-^3- O:*H
VKi?;x?.\ is the hotie>{ pbee i? the
^Fxroriti jttst a?nv. &ue!s are of almost
H ueekiy occarrence, aud are
[ still score tVc<?m.iit. (*e:. tai Early
Let* >re. il is said. ''backed
wrI*' Jiaaoue. denouiicw?. that stafe?Htitm
a it ?r uklits ;:iro, in a speech. as
BE Za?r axiitl a eourartl. S>me one made
JYar* uj&lavu in \\';:shin^(#>p, and hatJ
arrested on il.e charge of
1:1;^ a challenge tVonj Early, but'
Brnater u:isrc>v;isvd on di-nyins
6*^. Wi>e puM s'u d I
UMeignr ; s a
on Saturday1
Hfeged four
1111*111 1 u
1 dnco?'a letter j?ur|Kirrit:^ to have hreii
w rittcn in IXZ6 !>y III sir. (>?:?: <.f the
: 15r:idf?i>*tcr in \vUi?-h th:i?
! worthy spofcc most r?:?n>-p>-<-:fu!?v t>f
; his mlnml brethren. This
\ jjreat excitement. On Friday the
! Whig pnbii?he<] a letter ir->rn Wil^oi
; acknowledging the letters as turmeric-.
t and oa Saturday the l)hj?'trli publish
! od an article from Wilson (tiMtvnur wiai
i ^
j tre hrtrf rrcrr aeknow led^d tl:af ttwi}'
; were forced,, or had ever written a
- Ietfe*. Democrats chum that Ififirtie
bcrirrr of YViteon, made Ti::n
t "beastly dnmk," promised him a tln-u'
>an<] dollar* and a position, and ir??i
him to write the retraction that was
published in the \Vh'<j. Ti:i> *;:%* <
some idea of the heat of the r:>nvas?,
f tin- i?>ue of wtoch i.s extremely doubt;
I The Atlanta Exposition.
The 3Cx position n??\v Jfoinjf on n
Atlanta i* .-aid t? Im: by far the bi^o-i
tiling that li.is yet been ?een in tin;
South. The city has displayed *rreat
; activity and ability* in securing s<>
; favorable ?:? openinjr. Loud com1
plaints have bee-H lm-uIo of llic extor
tion.s of innkeeper*; bat the executive
j committee f.unounre thtit they have
: secured eoinf?>rtahle accommodations
j CTOtuvd tlc<- fiiir grounds ju?t <>ut of tho
city, for twenty-tfvc thousand person?,
at from one to three dollars a day. It
would be a grave mistake to fleecc
' " ** ?1 ...>..1,1 CMA nil iimn.
| ;i> iUi> k> "uju iii^Miv un I^I.w
tz?mo*t* fatten on t!io part?6fan efcter!
prise that has oi?ened most auspicious|
Iv. We hope that as many of our
j i?eople u? pt*s>il?y go will attend for at
J least a few days. They will never
j have a better opportunity of beholding
j the resources of the .Souih. The Kxj
{>osition will be open till December.
A Hundrsil Years Ajto.
On Wednesday the 19th instant will
be celebrated the centennial anniversa1
ry of the surrender of Cormvallis at
{ Yorktown, the cvtii.t which put an
i end to a long and wearisome war,
j gave the stars and st ripes an honored
' i place amid the tiags of nations. Three
' j generations of people have lived since
. that event, and the present inhabitant*
i of America. e^fjeciaiJy sin:-es the stiri
ring times of our great civil war, have
" i almost ceased to think of the scores ol
!i incidents which culminated in thi!
crowning triumph for American bravI
[ ery and perseverance- it will not be
, ! anvbs ou the eve of the departure ol
I i ~nr boys ti> participate in this pageant.
. j to review, briefly that jjortioii of out
. j revolutionary history.
I The year 1781 opened disastrous]v
1 ' < Ttw
I i TO IJ1C Cause i) iiiu<-|icnuvh> ? ? *..v
( first of January v. a* marked by a niuti4
tiy of the Pennsylvania troops, owinjj
. to arrears of pay ami ^cncril disco up
! agement. Tins meeting was qnellet
; by jKirtial concessions. but the entirt
. j aru;y was much demoralized. In tin
'! South the army had been practiraHj
J i annihilated by previous disasters. Tht
{ firitish overran the whole country
On the 17th of January at Cowjjens
i Morgan defeated Tarleton, and pavct
- the way ft/r the recovery of this- terri
II ton*. Step by step the British wen
r driven northward to Virginia am
> southward to Charleston. Cornwall!
p joined Arnold at Petersburg ami the:
i I went to York town, where he had th<
> | meantime Count de Grassc had sailec
- j with a French fleet from tlje West In
-; dies, fur Chesapeake bay, hearing: o
>' j which, "Washington ordered Coun
1 j Kochainbeati from Newport to join ii
- a general attack on CVytoWs-Lli.*,. a:
; Clinton was too strongly ent rented1 ii
? I New York to be tlisM*j?ril. A demon
- i strat ion was made airainst Cli-nton t(
I ^
r: conceal the real tfesigns ??. Lhe ?4l*et
r | forces, mo^t of whirl) remlezvousctl a
| Williamsburg. On the of Angus
: Count de (irasse, with twenlv-foni
. i
| ?hip* and t hcetr Jhowsawf men appear
r| ed within the capes, and a little lalei
i liochainbcan succeeded in passing th<
British fleet ott'sidtvind took hi* plact
with the rest of atUwrkin^r force.
Clinton, learning the trne purpose ol
Washington, cudeavored to divert hirr
by ravaging New England. Anioli
lilia WJIMC CUIUS illlll W? 1I!?, aim |>ui
one or two garrisons to the sword
j This :ostt<r\nvre was unsuccessful in its
purpose. "Washington pressed straight
on, and opened the j?i,?e or the 20th o]
September. with seven thousand
i French and nine thousand Americans,
Corn wall is having about eight Ihousand.
The siege was pro-ecu led witli
rrcat eucrgv. Two redoubts won
t . ^
I : Minultanw>usl\* carried, tornwalhatteiupted
toeunds way through and
join Clinton. One detachment crossed
i the river on the night of the lGth ol
; October, hut a furious f-torm drove
. j backjcltt rest, and compelled tiie first
. detachment to reeross. half frozen ami
. benumbed. Nothing" now could he
i done, and on the 10th of (^ohtr.
,:' Cornwaliis awl mtvcm thousajgfl&fflps^
. tecn'meu laid dowj^^Mgmjp^^""
i out
j)f the disaster met him on the way; he
j'returned to New York. and the war
. was over. Desultory hostilities continued
in the 5*outh for some time.
The crazy old king of KngiantI refused
to iiiakc terms, but the }>?Sd*e senti
[mom ol Junyiaw*cJ-u?ore*lagwnst his
obstinacy. The city of London entreated
the to terminate "this unj
natural and. nnfortnnate war.**" Corni
motis resolved not to press I he matter
j fuit'ier, and Lord North's ministry rcj
signed after baring beJd p>ccr for
1 twelveyears. Altera kwg series of
j negotiations, peace was definitely conj
cludret at Paris <ln September 17.?^.
{ England 1.m\ it? a hundred thousand
men and added three han?#re*i and fifty
i million dollars to the public debt- The
| Colonics had .-pent $17l>,OW,000, and
j i*-r ?Tisiie? wtie unpaid. Bo*.h
I sides were ready far peace.
j In the pa<t cent an- *a>t strides have
: been made. The popntetta* of the
United Stages t!r*-n was about three
i million, now it is vrzrr fifty. A debt
two hundred miiluwH*swamped her
Dnrinir the >o>t war the
! tosw*> avd expenditures nv.cUett xsxmt
lour thousand ?>:? both
?ijrl<>>. and yet the <xrui?Uy is re*.mp?rwonderful
This iniglrty empire i.> the result of
YorkWwn. For it mast the people
thank Washington and his patriotic
to 11 rWrr<. t?>^i'Cli?r with thrir bruve
allies. Jt i> ?i*h!:>:;able to sneer at the :
Revolution andxt Washington. Con-1
Ajfcrir.i: the resources and the ponnlaffikha-.
time- Ik- did winders. Uc
Jhr nnxt JM?\V<M IUI oil ; n
the <rlob<*, ami he left a c?Mnfii*y thnt in ;t
:i hundred years has hwome the
; stronger on the face of the earth. This ]
is why thy people should give him 'I
;>ntise. I J
THE I.IKS J..lir. j j
I Jt* Wora). S?K-inJ and I^liRlons Aapfct. j
j 1. The Lien Law in its j>rsicli?*al |
i worthies innkes the giver of the li?-n j t
* pay at the rate ot Irani lifty to tlirt"! !
i han;he<l jht cent. per annum nhove;(
: the market value of >upplie* purchas-' j
eu. For, if supplies be funiinheri for ' j
>i\ itiotilsay from the 1st of April; <
untii tin* ]?t of October, a JioSe for $100 '
is u-ualiy jiven to procure eijfhty do]- j
Jars* worth of supplies at cash market . .
prices. Then puichase* marie on the:
; i.?t of April are at the rate of ;/) per .
: cent, per annum. Purchases made on
the I."t of .July are UH) per cent, per ?
annum, ami purchases marie on the 1st
of September are ~S'?) per cent.?for ~Ji>
- - * 4- ? - 'illfl rtAl* #.Ahl :
j?Ci' ceili. i?M uiii; niuiuit (-v.
for Ivvelvo months. Xnw ii equal :
i amount# k* ptiaha-ed a I each of tin:;
dates above mentioned, (so as to ag
grenate '?&") the average pT rent, is at:
| Hit; rate <>1 t>l? per annum. I? money !
| worth this? Who wouht borrow it at J
: >ueh interest? Who ever did? Would >
not such interest keep away every cent j
of clear gain made on forty-nine plan-j
j tations out of fifty ? Where is the plan-'
j tat ion that makes 90 jht cent clear j
! gain? The truth in its simplest form, j
4 is the seli^ reecivefcUO per ?c#nt j
! orffire wbucv; and tJ?c buyer pays' 90 !
j per cent, more than tin; supplier are}
j worth, i. e., market prices. To say j
i 11 Kit the merchant m ? lnnsooro pays j
yu per cent. per annum in Charleston j
t or elsewhere has nothing to do witlij
j the question so far as itsruinouseffects
i upon the tanners is concerned. For
' ii?e mercirtnt ?.a:i easily pay oUU per
cent, lor supplies it' he gets it back
j out ol llie consumer. iJut can this
] ever lighten or mitgate the evil in re
slicet to the farmer? .Now I ask it any j
j man. who hasnoju3t claim to a place \
i in ilns asylum speak seriou>lv) :
* would pronounce this a sound or sale !
i business principle? is it morally just I
! and right that one man should pay i)i' j
{ per cent, above cash prices and another?
] gels i-'o per cent lor his money? li i
makes no di tie re nee whether he who j
J receives the per cent, lives in j
| Winnsboro, Charleston or Mew York |
j ?tnis has nothing' to do with it. 'J'he i
i cll'ect on the consumer is aii the same, i
j u'he *ho(|ld live in the moon. iSoine j
j one may reply by saying Son /to bet tic- t
| ccwV(ts Ifjtin, and that a man will do '
' j anything ociore iie will starve. 1 re-j
ii.lv tliis v(M*v m?c?'ssitv is created bv !
7 ine Lien Law itself. Stop the licit and j
the necessity lor it will erase, and the !
j longer it continues the greater will be !
' 1 the necessity. This: last thought has j
been overlooked, i think, by your eor!
respondents- 1 will not now stop to
j expand it, but mav tio so hereafter
t should it be contr>vertcd. This closes
my Jirst asgiunent. .More next week.
' * li. F. Coicli:v.
I !
! A Gniiihlrbctcrlplioii oftlie Recent Fair? i
> i
' J AVliwi Our 1-'hi nuTB lavu Done, and What
1 I Can I>o.
From ;sn ?<vastonalCorrespondent.
| J/e?ix Editors: Allow me to jrive j
.! you and the farmers of Fuirfickl a short ]
. | account of the ?rreat Fair at Chester
1 which came off last week. I was sorry
- j to see so few of our FaTrlield farmers
; I in attendance. Xot many, 1 presume,
1 j are aware that Fairfield is part of this
?i Association, since, as I am still more
* .
11 jtorry to say, a ?;reat many *jood farm:
I ers and .good mcir^n - our cottr*t,y do;
2 i they /had reatl Tils Xkws and IIkrai.d
11 they wonitl hare* been postcu. .\ow i i
- < hope all who take yowr jiaper will |
{ liaiKl she number containing this uct
count to those of their nehjhbors who
i * depend on borrowing, so that they.!
?| t<?o. may H-,-e what some of the Farirfield
i pe pie did at the Chester Fair.
Your neighbor, Mr. I>. J{. Flenni?
ken, made a splendid exhibit, ;uid bc11
.sides carrying1 tit? iuone>' juvinium>.
was the recipient oi compliments irom
almost ali persons present for his in r
| lereMinj: exJiibit of blooded cows and
- Hue horses, tx'swles Iming flit* finest
r poultry ever>iK.>wn*in tliis .State,and?
what was :t great show to young and
; oWl.?a handsome buck a;id doc ami
two bemitrful young fawns,
r Another citizen of Fairfield, well!
, known to all Ids n? ijrhbors as u most j
I Mtccessfu! farmer, Mr. Moses Clowncy.'
mad-: the finest exhibit of a family of
^ ; eolis headed by the mother, a fine i
. i brood mare. I don't know how many |
; i greenbacks he brought home with him J
k I in premiums, but 1 think [ saw him i
M get over half a hut died dollars. The!
f latnily*' consisted of the old dam, and
I eight colts, five mules, i think, ami
three colts from biooded horses. He:
': took first prize for the family, firs:
pr ze for brood mares, :d>(? lor all the
1 coIn, against others of similar ages.
ditto for some of the . mules... Mr.
. Clownev deserves all the premiums
* i i 1 TI
i illiu prizes iiu ?:a'i?ui. hv iiiuji- imtv
felt proud of his success.
' i must tcil you about tlic exhibit of j
f cattle made bv another Fairfield
, (Jen. John liralfon sent up
Ayrshire* as could In; Win
world. I sm?:>'>se. i
^llure,wl;u hu^hu snvs) ?,irLV I
lie li;nl never M-cn u better j
* herd of Ayrshire* on exhibition in any j
country. he was astonished at all he
saw in the stock and cattle line. There ;
i were ojks hundred and thirty-six!
hordes, marcs and eo?'s tm exhibition ? ;
ino>t of them of pure blood. 1 have j
never seen half such fine stock or half!
the number exhibited at any other fair.;
The cattle exhibit Was equally good
! and about the same in number
Besides the great show of stock, cattle,
farm products,hogs, poultry, fan-;
cy work, from the ladies, wine preserves,
jellies, pickles. ef<\, etc., there
! \va? the great speech from Dr. George
I>. Jjt^rin^. United States Commission,
er of Agriculture, which was practical
and plain and forcible that all who j
j heard it must have been pleased and j:
x improved in his estimate of the noble j :
] pursuit of agriculture. All young
i farmers who listened to this great I
; orator, must have felt proud of their i
1 occupation. I thought i could see by {i
i the smile of satisfaction, expressed, i <
I ami tiie hearty cheers that were given, i
| tli^i the farmer had beirun to appreci- I
ate the fact, that tln\v were?what thee
really are?the Sower of the bind. 1 '
i thought they showed olf their young ! ;
I horses witil more pride and vim, and i i
I rode wiih mure irrace after Jjeariii!!! 1
; what the groat head of Agriculture t <
thorght of them?and they won't for-11
; tret u? appreciate the position they ; <
: occupy. j1
Another interesting part of tbc fair ; 1
: was the horsemanship J?y tlie ladies, j 1
i litile ?:rls and boys, as wciJ as the i 3
grtM&n up bows. Miss Johnston, froni ' s
North Carolina, was hard to bent, bnt = f
Mine in second best?Miss So sic Jor- J
thin, of <Jbe>fer, ?ak:iig the first pro mi- j
win. Miss Nannie Agurs. took first' |
premium for ijirls. and-Master William
t.'aldwel! rh'sir.ikcn. Mr. I">. ]?. Flenni- .
ken's son. first l<?r litile ho vs. The
con;e>t of grown np boys was splendid
and <V\iiii?g. U would have been
hard Jo beat i:i ;he <5a>.s- <;f chivalry, T
1 ho <,!d knights would have been stir- ,
priscJ if tl**y coo'd have coi?e from j 1'
the spirit land to tsse a view of thejp
spk'nuid porTb<n?uKrc.. After a closcj n
canvass by the judges it was finally |
;:irreed to irivt^fce i>h:e vibbo-i t.-. Ifv. j
Su-^i-icr L?^
>nr Fairlirhl ladies and voting kmuhts" "
uiUtiIji* i*iuir ih*x? time?
J should like to <Xi' on ami jrive a
iiilitVC account of all the exhibits. ImcI j ('!
liavi* already taken loo much space.; \l
n.c list of premiums given will lw !
>ui Wished in t! ?* <Jl?'.-trr papers. ami I ! *lj
iavc iio (ioiiht Ti:k Xkwsand Ukkw.ij j
. ;n ..t tin!?iisli \vii?L Fairfield ha*
,.11. ... ..... - r..?
:ik?'ii ill.
Now, ean't mine more of the Fair-!0
farmers attend tIm* fair noxI fall. : *
imi take soinetliinjr luii*r for exhih:-.("
ion. The Assiteiaiioii oilers a liberal j c
ist of prizes, and. hroiher fanner*, i
*ven if y?m take nothing it will do von j *
r )o(J t<> see how tiling U?k ahottt old . N
Chester. What Chester has done. can :i
h; done here. Ami even if otir farm- \
rs will not jret np their own Assoeia-' ^
:?o>i ami haw their own exhibition in i <J
Winn>horo. let them. as t!:<* next best; ,
rhinjr. enter the joint Association and j '
?how what can he done there by "
Funni-n.:*. j
i t
Tin: T.A II* OF SELF-n: ICSEJt r.lTIOX. \ 11
Jack William* T;?k<i> front .Tail anil J.viich j
mI "Our M'ivfS, ."Vlofh'-rs, Sifters and (
Daughter* Shall lie I'rol^clcd, th? . [
ion of an Oran??i?l>urjj Jury lo the Contrary
Xolwitli*lar?rfii?;~." >
.. .... .. ... ,i.? v.-w. nn.W<Miri?r-1
OrivxnKisrwi, October (
.Jri'.k Williams, f ho negro who wasron- ?
victed on Saturci?y !: >! of:ui outrage- a
(?!?< a>??tttt upon iiule Linnie Hughes.
:t wliife triri a^ed clever. years, the ac- (
count of whieii trial appeared in your
columns a low days ago. ami who was j
recommended by the jurv to the mer- j
ev of tlie eourl, and in accordance with .
Mich recommendation was pcutfiiecd
on yesterday afternoon to imprison- f
ment for life in I he State penitentiary, j (
was taken from the j.?i! by a large j
crowd of citizens at about 2 o'clock
this niormngv and ^Mgjpd tg Ijie sul>urdsoftlie
tofrn, oinne roaP* leading ^
across the Edisto river, and there }
handed. j(
The crime was such a dreadful one |
in all it? details, and ilic ijuilt. ol' the ,
prisoner was so clearly established. J
that there was a general feeling of mi- ,
easiness in the community when ihe j
verdict of the jur\ was announced: l(
and now that the ]>erpctrator of this j
tiendish crime ha? met with what even
one fe?.l> i* just retribution, there are
none found to condemn what would j
under other circumstances have been ; (
strongly disapproved ?>f. ] ,
i.i tli.it U'illvims rntifos's- !
1 lilltU'l XillMI IMUl ,
Oil the deed after his trial, and also last i.
niirlit wlitrn lie was taken from the jail, j '
The following was found fastened J
acro.es the breast of th(? ilai!<rtin?r body i
of Williams printed in larire letters on j
a piece cf white homespun: ''Our;
wives, mothers, sisters and daughters "
shall ho projected, the decision of an
Oran^ebur;; jury to the contrary notwithstanding.*'
The body was taken ;
down about 12 o'clock to-day. There!*1
is little or no excitement over the affair, j
As explaining the action of the jury j j
before whom Williams was tried it i
should be known that, on "Wednesday ',
afternoon, just before the business ofj
the Court of General Sessions had been j
n lui'i * 1 ir* ini'iii't v.VTH !
L'CIICHIUUU Iimi Iiin.il iuv
about being dismissed, a paper was
bunded to Judge Hudson signed by
ten of" the twelve juror* in the Williams
case. In this paper the jurors stated
that, in rendering their verdict with a
recommendation to merer. they had
acted under a misunderstanding as to j
the effect of such recommendation. ]
their belief being that the court could j
in its discretions, punish the prisoner
either with death or imprisonment for
life. Finding now that by t heir verdict
they had placed it beyond the power
of the Judge to inflict the deatli pen-{
alty. they asked that their explanation
might, be recorded in the journals of
the court. The paper was not road
and up to this time lias not been acted i
upon by the court. Hkkhe*.
?o- ?
JittlXIf TO It A rjs HER.
flow a I'crslHtont rnpir??hmin Won an g
IiweiNfnacm aninnrau i
A Boston letter tells. th? romantic
tferv: TJb^ vtHui**Jn?Tv rimo in
slure. She was a good specimen of the ;
country girl, in rol>u>t health, and j.
formed alter the English model in i
frame?or after what has been snppos- j
ed to Ixf tUe EnjrHsh model, for I oh- i
<erve tJn?f Mr. Kichard White denies;
that the English girl is of htixom build. j
This girl made no pretensions to |
-styic.*' .She was well educated, and j
first got some copying work to do, i
lat??r rcceiviii.tr employment In thepuo-;
lie library. There h?*r Knjjlish lover
saw her. lie was the younger sou of a I
distinguished and noble family, and he !
h;id very large wealth in his own :
right. jfe was here partially in the J
hope that change of air would cure a i
defect. ol' hearing with which Jie wa? j
affected. ile used to visit Ihe public j
library, and <:?ik mostly in a business :
way about books with this young lady.;
Hy-and-bve, lie asked permission to !
call on her at her boarding-house?one 1
of the respectable but far l'totu preten-j
tio is places in the city at which board-1
ers are taken. She declined to accord j
hf: permission. He then one night j,
1 l the library with her, ami waited :,
upon her to her buarding-honsc door.],
There her brother, who boarded with j (
her, saw him and objected to this be- (
ing continued, until she knew more j,
about him. The gentleman then went. |
to some tViemis in the city and procur- j
ed letters setting foilh wlio he was. j.
\/J I llin lll\> l???Kjr wmo\.hixu * ?'v |
>hould rail. lie came regularly after-I,
ward, and soon formally offered hitn-j,
'. clfto ln'i* in marriage. She refused i
him outright. She reminded him of j (
the (iillerence in their conditions, and j ,
declared she would never agree to a j i
marriage which must be so distasteful j ,
to his familv.
teJiat he ? ! j- p- i.^Tv7<")ic the next I
England and in a few
^W?ks appeared with, a collection of
the most cordial letters from nil his
near relations, promising . the lady a
warm welcome into, the family, and ;
accompanied hv a rraJly dazzling array j I
of presents. She refused to touch I
them, and again declared that she ]
would not marry him?this time he- '
causc her parents would object. The i <
lover in t!ie same quf-t way started j i
for Hie New I!nmpshi>c.yfarm. He [ t
came upon the parents unheralded, and j i
introduced himself. They, toor refuser! i f
him! l*?t tjKW .were i&~uck with his j i
manliness au?.<4?;ftfiv-iw and agreed j <.
final iv to leave the decision with their ! c
daughter. His devotion had its effoct. f
on her at la&t. She vwlded, fcut, with I
genuine American independence, she v
would he under no obligation to him j
till thev were married. She would [
not even newj)t an en/rttgrment rin<r. I
She made her own trousseau,. ?nd if i j
was very sijaplc-- They were married. | c
awl at once' wrtdVal.-w.ad. She says j (
thc'sefcejfest- ordfial' *<>f:'ber life was
when she'first jnct her husband's reli- j
tions. To show Jiow/.'snijpie her lift: i c
[tad been, it 1 s'ft-fivt" that at the reoep- j ti
tioi'i tlier<J-madi* for.her she put on an J t
STreninjr partv dress J?*r.th.o first time d
in heriitiv ller'lVuVbaiid'had tiro -tact ii
to take teerrcry early to the continent. j b
t'hey spent a year of travel there, and i o
when fho came houie she understood
ill about what was required in her | h
ic.v life. One of her sister- vras with ) o
ver during this year, hut after it wa< F
vver came Kack to America and wi n
o work to earn her livinjr airain. The b
;ouple visit America occasionally. a
fhev have spent one year in Califoriia.
Tlie marriage has proved a very
>;:ppy one. In these days of Daisv s:
Hiilcrs Yra?:i t the story *orrn tewinjr . tc
oas fatty to brin^ oat its better; I)
>oiuts? j F
??-? L
?Ladies' sfemjid know that Aver'* jj,
Vi/ror is 2 superior ami ecownmi- i
;il if k*< bceonw! a'.i iiidis-'
ensabJe article tor th* toilet. * j ^
aa ?.? j m
Messrs. William? & Huiiedire. Kreeu
-S. <?.. 1'car Sirs: Tin- piano re-; li/
oaliy Mircha.>ed of yon i> :i irreot do . oi.
ight to my family. ;w;?l s sowee of , hi
r:u-e\vorfhy coroner* frvtn j:I1 tlit? j
njj-icai critics who have examined it. j. co
Ynavs trtov.
W. Tv. Th-vs::. j if
. Feb. j ih
nth s i utTK r.z ir rs trrjtn yrrr.J>.'
]Jr-j?ro^iifn;ivr.5<?rivv'otlioui::ui(l vo!-; n
:*< UK't. il! E<Wrftv!tJ ht>l wrck lo prt'>> j
law 1'oi* lltfit c.'?lil:tv l<*{illfrilii? tl:c!
. iiciug of stock. The Allowing pre- ! p
inhle and resolutions were ofienni hy j K
apt. L. Carlton,-and were unanimous-j ],
.'adopted: j ti
Whermi> . A majority of the voters I 0
f Kdg'efield 'e?iunty. as appear; from j
ie petitions filed, are iriTavor of t he ^ p
uactment of ihc 5*toe-k Law for this j p
ounty, therefore 6e it ! I
Jirjtnlv('d. That wc tiie people of I p
^Ijfetirld roimty. In inn*.- m?*etin?f as- J c
L'inl?led.eariHj?tly request our Senators ; j(
ml Kepreseiitutivesin the Legislature to ' j,
upport and unje'tho enactment of the ]':i
-f??ck Liff in accordance with tiie will \
f the peoy?le." , j
On motion of Oapf. Markert it was i
hen resolved that the chairman of this *
iieetiny apjxniri one man from each [ j
!>wn.sliip in the county as a committee ' (
o visit Columbia. when the Legislature a
rieet.s and present' the petitions and ' j
% j
tr*re the passage or tne law. , ^
It was furfluT resolved that tlio gen- j |
lemon appointed iVom 1 ho dillercnl! j
ownshjps In* re?jn<-?t(r{l to.jn-.-ef at. the
ourl-!?ousc on the lirst Monday in
November.' * (]
A resolution was then adopted that;,
;ol. If. 1>. Ilwjh'rf ami (.'apt. M. A.; ^
darken be added to the coinmittoo to j
r?> to Columbia.' : r
The meeting then adjourned sine j <
"* .... L;
Ax Imiwuknt Ji/uym\n.?An Ar-jJ
cansas correspondent of the Xc-v Or-;1
eans Picayune gives.thc following us ;
lu-theutie. . I <.
You are nil fond of cracking jokes at i '
lie expense of Arkansas: now here is j '
)neon your-own Slate, absolutely true. ]1
I ?ot it from an eye witness: v |*
The DistrieC pottvt in one of our.!(
S>rthern was in session^] tJ\J
ivas the first'dfiy of the court'; time, jf
titer dinner- -Lawyers and others had ! 1
lined and were sitting out before tlie !'
lofel talking when.ajcu?r, lank, un-|'
>opl i i st i ca t c dco u 111 ryn m n cyme up and j'
mceivrnonious)): made him.-eTf oue of I 1
hem, and remarked:
"(omtlemc'u. l wish you would <ro |
>n with this court, torI want to go
liome?I kit ftetsy a looking out.'' j *
**Ah!" said one of the kiwyers, "and | '
prav. sir, what detains you at court?" j 1
"Why, sir," said tlie countryman.! '
;iI'm fotehed here :u> a jury, and t.V. y ! ,
say if 1 go hoin'e. they will have to li d
me. and they inouirnt do that as I li c 1
x good piece/' j 1
m.rt c/in nil''" Slikftfl :i I '
M Hit! Jill tfci v ^ vw v.? # v.-v.. ? |
lawyer. |
What jury ?"
"Yes, what jury. Grand or traverse
Grand or r fa vis jury? dad fetched
if I know/'
' Well," said t.be lawyer, "did the;
pidge charge yon?"
4i Well, srjtiire."' said ho, "the little |
fallow that silrt up in the pulpit audi
kinder bosses it over the crowd, gave
lis a talk, but I don't know whether lie
charged anything or not."
T!ie crowd broke up in a roar of
laughter, and tlvo sheriff called court. \
Stopping tor auijj.V or two at a vil- j
luge a short way from Boston, Jecnis i'
went to a barbershop to get shaved, j
On entering. jnitLcasting his eyes about i
rlie room, he perceived thai the barber !
drove a double'"-trade, of tonsor and!
small grocer.
"Shave, sir?" said the barber to the J
r.w.n ci.ffi,.i(Miltr itiiU. :
??nvc?. Ii??' ,
cated the objuct':of his visit.
Jcems made no rcj*Ip, but drawing i
himself uptotfdolly height, proceeded
in his attorney-fashion to interrogate
the harbor as'ibHows:
"Sir, are you tl c barber?*'
1 Yes, sir: hafee a shavc?"
<\Ynd do yo?- also keep Ibis oyster
''Vc-, sirhasre-any oysters?"'
"Well, sir; this occupation of "yours '
gives rise to the most horrible' suspicions.
It isAStevious thing, sir, to sub-1
(uiit one's head-the manipulation of i
a stranger; but if you can answer a j
conpta of questions Yo inv. satisfaction, !
I should-like:ft> ))g.t4^ved>
*""\i.?rr. sfflti.. irccuia, solemnly,
"do vou skive witii' -v'our ovster
knife?" I, ' *T
. ''So, sir," s#i(l tlie barber. smiling.
''One question more," eontiuiicd the !
interrogator, "and remember Hiat you j
arc. under oath'i or rather recollect that
this is a serious business? (the barber
started)?one question more: do^voti
ever open oysters with your razor?"'
' Xo sir," exclaimed the barber indignantly,
amid a roar of laughter from
the bystanders.
' Then shatfc me,*' said Jccmes,
throwing himself into-the chair, and
untying his ncqk cloth with the air of
a man wno has unshaken confidence in
human nature.
A CJhkat?The New
York Weekly ti.cprcsx, established in
IS ?.r?, is not only one of the oldest and
(tliejipcst, but b*-st of* the New York
weekly family newspapers. It is now
making' a great and successful effort to
reach a larger and more general circulaiion
than any weekly newspaper in
the United States, and t-? this end is
offered an attractive list of substantial
mid valuable premiums to siuglc and
L-lub subscribers. TheJoiwr established
reputation and responsibility of the <
nubli-hers who not only pubiish the
Weekly Express, the New York daily
rent no J'J.rnress is a sufficient guar-1
mtec of the character of ike premiums
jficrcd and the ?;ood faith tliaat will
govern their distribution. tl?o '
many other attractions of the Weekly 1
Kx/h'Css it publishes rejrnlarly, hy au- !
thoritv, the JJrooklyu Tabernacle Ser- ,
mens ol'.the lJc?. T. De Witt Talmjjgc.
[). I). 11 ic subscription!***^ one
i..Up^- -jj}i111i11 the
teifot all. The office of the New
York Weekly Express is 23 Park itovv,
New York. *
Okxekai. G*wsr.?He" is warlike. (
Me has wanted Blaine and Robertson, j
IMil JaUICS OOUUceil (O OegWl Willi; 1
;?nt the policy of the President is to i
tea! the dissensioas of the Kcpublican
>arty, autl make, not \tar, but peace ]
riie tacs that General Grant is a man ?
>f war may interfere with his influence'
ipott the new Administration. Next 1
o his railroad interest.*, the Genera! is
aost t?neOf-ucaJ;m<tlie -great question?
>f our relations with the Asiatics?that
$ to sav. lhe iahabiUints.i>fthc Kac-jfifj;'
oastrrjf Am.oWtr fcs-futt of 'Oriental
beams, and would he especially gratir
iudjil" he could substantially dictate
he men and measwes in our relations' t
vitli (Jiiinajiud jjiparV.-iv We may ex- 1
>ect to sec him fully satisfied in tin*
tarticular, ami there is no-reitton why J
ie should not be- We sliall sec ail s
>hecs of official dignih^gconsidorabk* c
inolunreni in China tn??P with Gen.
Grant's friends.
The tnrk Mahometan Sntrrr.?a
ertain good natirred old Vermont fariicr.
preserved his constant good na- tire,
let what would turn up. One
ay, while the black te>ngi?e prevailed
it that State, one of his men came in.
ringing tlte news that oue of his red ?
xen was dead. ..
"Is he Yf said the old man; "well, A
e alwavs was a?brcectoy cuss. Take
fl'fois hide and carry it down to .
'letclicr'e. it.wiH bring the cash/' .
An hour afterwords, ihc man ramc ^
aek wilh the news that "fiite back'' j j
itri his mate were both dead.
4Are they?"' said the old man;|
well, I took them from JJ to j 'j
lve a bad debt, that I never exacted.I if
> got . It is lucky that it ai:.rt the f ^
rimUes. Take the hides down to1 j'*
ieleher*?, theywili bring the cash." ; I-'
After the lapse of an honr, the man j
<me Jiaok a?rain, to inform him that
10 nigh brindle was dead.
'*1^ he?" said ihc old roan, "well, ho
as an old ox. Takn offhis hide, and
!<p it down to Fletcocrs'?; it is worth ' >;/
ore than any two of the other." I Si
Herccpon. his wife, taking upon j ^
n?>Hf i lie olri :c of XUphaz, rcprimandl
her husband .severely .and ask?-d : m
ii'iic w.a?aware4i.at his toss w-wa .
dement from heaven, tij.on his wick- ;
Inrss. ' * j J
*:Is it?" sard fellow; '-'wrj; j \y
I hey lake in rsttic. it is e
easiest v ay l ean I
. _ ^
y Obstruction of J lie Act to b? Allowed.
Prnux, Octolvt-r 13.?Mr. Charles S.
arnell was arrested tliis morning* at
, in:r-hri<Ure Railway station, while on
is way to attend the Kihlare C'onvcn<>n.
It is not yet known with what
Or lire he is charged.
A later urcomit represents that Mr.
'arnell was arrested by Detective Suerintendent
Mailing at Morrison's
Intel on two wai rants finned by Mr.
'orster, Chief Secretary for Ireland.
!i:ir<rh?r bim with inciting the people
i in!iintdatc* others from paying their
ist. rent, and with intimidating tcnnts
from taking the benefit of the
.and acts. Mr. Panic 11 was* taken to
[ilmainham jail in a cab
London, October 1:5.?It is undertood
that the determination to arrest
'arnell was only reached ut yesterday's
'abfnet council. The warrant for his
rrest was issued to the detectives of
)ublin on 1 iio arrival there of the
'hirf Secretary for Ireland. Mr. Forser.
who left London imiuediaiely after
he close oft lie Cabinet council.
Tuk Unholy Coalition.?Some <-f
>nr contemporaries express astonishnent
at a recent editorial of ours in
vhich we call attention to tJie iniqul
' " --- 1 - !..l tl.rt atimila j\t*
OII.S IJ]Jlill JOII \\ Hi' II Iiiu i u?v "<
uin*' party is trying to elleet with the
olored people. Some of them want
"trfs. If any editor of a i ewspaperin the
j.ate cannot read the signs of the times
ii the late exaltation of tlie negro and
lander of the white farmers of the
>tate he should retire from the bnsiiess.
There are facts and plenty of
hem whieb we will give to the puhlie
is the spirit develops itself. If these
jditoiv, who are still in the dark, wiii
tarefully vrateh the course .of events
uyd read the.Jfyflnim, they will get all
icecssary information. The question
s. will they stand by us when they get
iiiht or will thev be found supporting
.1? i.. ?.n: ^ u-,.
.IIU U1IIIU!\ illlllUIVCi lib It gMV
;hem nil the necessary facts in due
Di:skuyin<; Sympathy.?A white
woman named Josie. Campbell, ab-.mt
me month ago left a little l>ov between
hree and- four years old in care of Maria
Chalmers and Leah Kiehardson,
while she went to Greenville, since
which time she has not been heard of.
The child in the meantime ha* suffered
terrible neglect and has been almost
starved to death. One dav last week
the two colored women left it to jro
[ otton picking and it strayed into the
hands of Irelia . Suber, colored, who
fed it and took if to Dr. Fant for treatment.
The doctor gave the woman
medicine and advice, and says he nev>aw
a child in a worse condition and
.1 . ]m- o>h1
won: iu;j \n .*? iiijmm) ? nvi|>.
Wo trust the town authorities will
look into the mutter ami provide lot
the care of this poor child.?Xeicbemj
Eaki.y Nominations.?The Aiken
Journal and Ilevictr of last week eontain?
two communications-, one nomilining
G. W. Croft, of Aiken, foi
judge of the third circuit, and John J
Hemphill. Esq., as judge of the sixtl
circuit. The other nominates the lbl
lowing State ticket: For Governor
Gen. John I). Kennedy, of Kershaw:
for Lieutenant-Governor, Hon- Join
C. Sheppard. of Edgefield; for Attor
nev-General, lion. James Aldrieh, o
Aiken: for Adjutant and Jnspcctoi
Gi>iioi'id. (,'aut. Wilev Jones, of J'ich
land; for Comptroller-General, Hon
J. Walter Gray, of Greenville; foi
State Treasurer. Hon. C. R. Mile;?, o
Charleston; for Secretary of State
George Johnstone, of Newberry.
True Taxation* of B *.xks.?Commis
sioner Katun, in a letter to a bankim
journal, says that he docs not intend t<
have the law relating to the taxatiot
of banks cnlorced in a handi or hast;
manner. Bankers, unlike other tax
payers, arc allowed to make up the re
turns of their taxes for themselves
and consequently there has not bcci
uiiiibaait \: jaU Vcjjtfjtfwd of
lie thinks that in most cases the banks
when shown their liability, will pa>
up rhe amount in arrears without liti
gation.. Some, however, have cvei
declined to allow their books to be ex
Mothers ! Mothers ! 1 Mothers ! 11
Are you disturbed nt night nnd broker
of >onr r' st by a sick child suffering anc
crying with the excruciating pain of cut
tinj,' teetli? If so. go at <nce and get i
8Y11UP. It will relieve the pocr little
sufferer in.mocliato]y? depend upon it
there is no mistake about it. There if
not a mother on earth who has ever us^rl
it,, who will not tell you at once that it
will regulate the bowels, and give resttc
the mother, and reli.if and health to tin
child, oporiiting magic. It is perfectly
safe to use in all cases, and pleasant to
tiift taste, and is the prescription of oaf
of the oldest :;ud best teicale puyjsjcinis*
nod nurses in the United States. Sold
everywhere. 25 cents a bottle.
.1IV ^ 1
uvu * J?Jk. ' j
A Coujrh, Cold or Sore Throat should
b<i stopjx-d. Noylect frequently results
in nn incurable Lune Disease or Consumption.
Brown's Bronchial Troches
are certain to give reliel'in Asthma
Bronchitis. Coughs. Catarrh, Consumptive
and Throat Diseases. For
thirty years the Troches have been recommended
by physicians, and always give
perfect satisfaction. They are cot new
or untried, but bavin},' been tested by
wido and constant use tor nearly an entire
generation, they have attained well-merited
rank:-muobi: the few staple Teraedies
:>f tiunujo. Public fakers and si Hirers
use them to clear and stvengVhef. ih?
voice. -"Sold at '25 cents a box everywhere.
dec 13-ily*
BY virtue of a warrant on Hen to me
directed, I will offer tor side before the
L.'ouit House door in Winnsboro, S. C., at
U o'clok, on the first Monday in
S'ov/inber to the highest bidder, for Cash,
he following described property, to wit:
Four bales eotlon--levied upon as the
l>rnporty of Aquilla Harrison, at the suit
if The John R Cat heart Co.
Sheriffs Office, ?>. F. C.
iVinnsboro. S. C.
October 4th, iPSl.
let 4 -x 112
NOTICE is horeby gjvpn that replication
will he made to Ibe Legislainrfl
of the State of Sorlb Carolina, at it*
icxt srKMon, for a charter to construct
, railroad lrora some jioiut on the t'fcar(?tto,
Colnmbi* and Augus.'a linilroad,
>etwren Colombia and Winnsboro, to
onie point rawt of Camden, S. C., l>y way
?f CrtJudfA. S- C.
Aug. 3, 1881. V,*. A. ANCEUM,
F. L. ZEMP. .
li. W. T'ARKJEK,
J. T. HAY." " i
ancr G- t-xSin
(TTTr r? T?TTI?WirT T )
OIIXB. BUKWELL, > rd?ciPale. j
pHE ninth annual session commences WedL
ncsd:>j% 81. iss). and elox?*s June 7,'
^ 2. In^tmnto??rlrf?f? in all brant-lies usu.ih., j
lUgbr ill ftst-cfccB i(?uiaip reboot. A.lvant- .
res for rn?;al aud ln-trt:niental icu.-lc viiMir-1
wsed. Tiulirlln* heated throi^hrnri b~ steam, !
V-aUoocfi'i-il to any jn the - ountry torbcalfhilness
and accesslMllty. For circulars and !
Ltaloguc. a&iivs*
Jlirv. H. BURWKLL ? SON.
v n !
V. I
REFEHESCES?Nov J.ts. PfT^Jn-s. Whitej
tk. X C : Dr. A. Klr.lm :; Cii.'n ie>;ori. S. C.:
>1 n Kl?n. Wiin:?i>oro. J* P : I)r. J. W. |
cK.iv, citeniTT, .s c.: Mr.% N.Ji. witiirr.iDooa. 1
:iysvi1ic*. Jvl)r. T. F. >MV.?v.\ Ul.vrty'LIil!, !
. K. F. Mr^lri.jry. ."4;irsl>H:fT, J>. C.;
:t.'A*n .VcOslIum, Jliuera] Sprttj;;, S.C.
July ti-xim
\ L UJOE lot of ilie cheapest Tnikt
"V >Vap lor tli* price evrr brought to !
itiosboro. (!a!l ;iij.1 'on convinced. . .
MrM^TES. BlICc ? KET^IIiy. |
ayri 3 j'
six n as
j -LJ^VIU.NAJJJ:^ ana
.J. V L E XD IXI A' G.
I may.3 Next door to W. K. Doty <? Co.
< I'BI l!?
loss of appettte.yaosea. bowels costl^a.
F&in in theHeatytrith a"3ull sensation in
the bScS~par? Fain under theiHouIdert&3e?
ft2lncM after eatuy. witB * dliin*
oEnatioa_to_e*ertiqn of~Pody or mia3^
Irrita6iirty of tomperTLowspirits, JJon
ofgaemrory, with a foeling of baying neg?
Iected some duty, weariness, Dizziness,
V V "* ~ / -* * X-VC?'m VvAfArA t.hft
J'lUtienng OI moncai , w?vv.v.
eyei. Y ellovr Skin, ITeada^e, fteatlea*ness
at night, Highly colorecTUrine.
TUTTS PILLS especially adapted to
unch rases,one do*e effects suchnchange
of feelinir a? to Hutoninli the sufferer.
They InrrrMr the Appetite, und otn>.e the
body to Take on Flewh. thus th?* system Is
! uuiitlird.Aml by thelrTnnle Aelionon the
Sljntiv Oreani, Kfenlju- ft tool* are progac^d.
l'rioc Sj crnts. 35 MiirwygL ft.YTIITT'S
Okay Hair or Whiskers rli&nged lo rO lossy
Black by a single application of this Dyk. It
impart* a natural cvlor, acts IusUnt*neocsiy.
Sold by Dr;ij:;i?l?,or 6?nt by express on receipt of fl.
Office, 35 Murray St., Mew York.
<Dr. Tirrs XASTAL of TsIsskW ImtnrmUUm tod |r
Cwful Utrr'rfff wiU br osUrd IUEK mm Application.#
tTTiTjr nmnfiTr unii]
I a
MY STOCK of goods for the sea
; son is bow in store and open fo
i public inspection. In the
' Will be found Dress Goods Cali
. cues, Ginghams, Linseys. Flanneb
r Bleached and Brown Sheetings an
f Shirtings, Drills, Cotton Flannel;
? Jeans, Cottonades, Cassimeres. Re
peliant, Brown, Bleached and Turke
. i Red Table Damask, Doylies an
r | Napkins.
IN the Grocery Department wi
! be fonrid Sugars, Coffees, Syrupi
Tea and other necessaries.
; ?ALSO?
i Peaches, Pears, Pineapple, Salmor
' i Tomatoes, Corn Beef, Sardines
j Pickles. Cheese. Etc. A lot of fres
) Cakes and Crackers.
I .
In half and quarter barrels am
! kits. Madcei el in five pound tins.
I .
> IN FACT jou can pet almos
anvtliinjf vou want in either the Dr
Goods ox Grocery line.
ALL persons knowing themselvc!
indebted to either F. ELDER &
CO., or to F. ELDER, are hereby
notified to come up and settle, as al
claims not paid by the FIRST DAI
of NOVEMBER, after date, will b<
placed in the hands of my Attorney
for collection.
Septal ^ _
FrPD tn Worvhnfa I
inuu iu iiiuijuuuj;
By applying personally at the nearest
CO. (or.by. postal card if at a distance)
any ADULT pen-on will .be present*"!
with a beautifully illustraied copj
of a New-JBoolt entitled,.
containing s handsome and costly steel
engraving frontispiece. also. '-'8 linely ennroraii
waa/? r.ntc orwl ^AtiTi/1 in nrt
orato blue and gojd lithographed cover.
No charge whatever is :unde for this handsome
boofc. which can be obtained only
by application at the branch ant? subordinate
offices of The Singer Manufactnring
Principal Office, 34 Union Square,
may 17-1 y New York.
rsrm:* * - - ? i
Running fensions
V/wifeA - MACHJNECO. f\^lpJ
I/04U6U *64. stm CHARLES^T.I "32EBB.
mmJ ?"T"i^'"" - 1
I?. W PitJL LI"' ?, .A^cit. "Wir.r.s
bovo, S. C. uCf
IS hcr>by pivm that srplic'iiitjn "k-iH be
sin fie io this Lt&i?.!-?ti:re at the cum;io?for
the iticorpw.i fon oi' a
Narr(?">v Gauge Biiihrari fcvtv. ja V.'innr.- I
b'-.vo and or Alston, or?osne j.oint i
h?tv. t'<t the l&st iv<j i:l. COS. j
' i-slawoia
\ X"
! staetlSG-!'
?w? .
i i
. .. I
Oct 11
d M O
J? t I $
l> ' tp* . m r
i - i" 2 p
5. P- P" <} . M S
!T w % ? * 5
n"~M 4 ? 5? > ft ^
f *2 ?; g g s g1
g ?" js ^
^ o 5 ?21 HJ
, 5 w s K a | r>
?' fe ^ 55 O ? S3*
s' r- ^ y m J
hi H
*? cs ? J g
8 2 ^ M M M \~Zt
td H S ?v! #-?
L u 1 2 ^ a s s.
J W -K I ? 5 ? w 0
* f E is 5 S i w
* S S SI?* j 2
y ffl p. 1! <? 3 ? w
1 S o ?> 5 i ?
3ft 1 8 ? s n
~ I I 2 fcrf ?- rm ?
p t" Zl H
<? 2 lLi
U I" ? *
'' s ? *
The Most Beneficial Tea Imported
The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company
harn lonir madft It n. Kt.nriv to furnish a Tpa that
would suit all tastes. They feci the utmost confidence
that they hare fully accomplished .that
wilt in the proeractfeM of Th??>9ecUr. It is the
Finest Flavored and most B?neMtl Pure
Natural L?if Tea ever offered to the public.
It is cr.irod upon porcelain in the samo manner a?
! if preperert so? native consumption. ^
I This tea has been subjected to the most search|
fng chemical and popular tests, and has been pro,
and ECONOMICAL. Jtwrecossmended to suit
aiJtastos, whether accustomed to the Green or
Black varieties heretofore. It is warranted to j
give perfect satisfaction or the money will be i
reforwted in every case, by the party selling: it. ' |
Con mm era run no risk In gt7inK it n j
trial on these terms. Bay a Caddy of i
THEA-IOECTAR and enjoy m cup of '
N. B.?None Genuine unless packed in On*
Poavd Arr-Tfcht Trade-Jfark Caddies
: Fcr Safo Everywhere. Ask your Grocer for It. ^
The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co,
fimforttrt, Cqffnjloattert and. Pr.ckert,
i P. O. Box 4233. New Yors.
? o
j State from the 18th of this month to abont
i the 1st of November. Those indebted to j
| rue vilj fjjxl their notes in the fenrrcls of
j B. C. 0 CODING, who is authorized to j
; c-ollcci for me. j
I Lcve on liaiiil ono open tuggy, ono i
six sosi fhiiform spiitg wagon, sr.il an ;
i assortment cf the Oil Hickory Farm j
; Wagons.
A full 1'ac of Baggy I horn res and Wagon j
Harness. ]
oct12 |;
-Subscribe to The Xhhs . sn]
laiaiASi?. . J
Pill & CEffil
Special Snsiser Offer
??2r . " ?
' During the
tember, we offeiW^^mR
Lowest Cash Eat^B
and the balance iSI
Zd-vtxt. This" o?ufl|
n??xt. Buy now, tfl
can next Fall wiihH
gained by waiiingjM
Another bc*>st? JB
| factnrers wiH not H
j the demand. an
! sriiirce und hich. ?
: Sow, with a mac.nific^H
1 old find standard niflH
i 7 ivc-st IVrms tbe
IoKtrnmeiits to select fnH
only. Onr very Cheapen
perfectly reliable. PiaH
sent on fifteen days test fl
! ask. Give us the privildH
t happy. Send for l?t?s^ X
I ? ' .-.i- M
oun^e, vuuis uui;,
Ludden & I
The Great Piano and Organ BeM H
South. n
.. - CD. fl|
? ?endfl
?AT : 1
o?& Jfl
' ' Af
AT ..." M
n*TT ?vn
W. H. Don!
nu- 4
ALL I'JStiSQXS ii tic"-ted
. gi>nc'.s bor^'bt in i-*81 o:u1 9
years, sre curnestiy rqsot?d D
;s mv.jj as Jro?Fil>le. .\Vt: invi-t^B
noriov to j\".v those vVom ? r- <v^H
Me** ASTEX, DKICli i
SOpt'ii v- . I

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